Indoor antenna for digital television: selection criteria and best models

Антенна для цифрового телевидения Антенна

Since 2019, Russian television is switching to digital broadcasting. The image quality gets better, but it does not exclude glitches. In addition to a good
digital set-top box, you will need to purchase an antenna that will prevent problems from occurring. Residents of city apartments should choose an indoor digital TV antenna, which is mounted indoors.
Antenna for digital television

Types of indoor antennas for digital TV

The indoor TV signal receiver has only the feature that is mounted indoors. Different models have different power ratings: the lower this figure, the closer the antenna should be placed to the TV. There are several types of indoor signal receivers:

  1. Active. Indoor antenna for digital TV, equipped with a special signal amplifier. It is used in rooms located far from the tower, as well as in the case when the signal needs to be divided into several TVs. The advantage is that it is powered from an outlet rather than from a TV – hence, such an antenna can be placed anywhere.
  2. Passive. Conventional antenna without amplifier. Has an attractive design. Connects directly to the TV. The disadvantage is that the device does not adjust to the signal level, on the contrary, you will have to look for a place in the room where it is better, and install the TV with the antenna there.
  3. All-wave (hybrid). It receives both meter and decimeter broadcasting waves, which, if necessary, can be switched (from one to another).
  4. Meter. The simplest antenna with antennae for adjustment. Their design is simple, and the signal is picked up only at a close distance from the tower.
  5. Decimeter. Provides excellent signal transmission at a distance of 30 km.

Selection criteria – what to look for when choosing an indoor antenna for a “digit”

Indoor antennas for digital TV are inexpensive pleasure. Their cost does not exceed 1000 rubles. Most of the models are presented in an interesting external design, so some tend to focus on this factor first, and only then consider the technical characteristics. To choose a suitable model, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Antenna’s ability to receive decimeter waves (UHF, UHF) is the main parameter that should be taken into account. Digital broadcasting is carried out precisely in the decimeter range.
  2. Possibility of receiving DVB-T2 signal . This is an indicator of the standard by which Russian digital television broadcasts.
  3. Amplifier power . This criterion is selected taking into account the remoteness of the room in which the antenna will hang from the television center. The further you go, the more powerful the receiver should be. The minimum power indicator is 30-40 dB.
  4. Passive or active power supply . In the first case, the antenna will be connected directly to the TV and receive electricity from it. It is economical and aesthetically pleasing. The active signal receiver is powered from a separate socket.
  5. Ability to catch FM waves . Standard digital broadcasting provides 20 TV channels and 3 radio stations. Not all antennas are capable of picking up radio waves.
  6. Is there a signal amplifier included . This complementary element will be useful for those who live on the outskirts of a city or in a village where the signal strength is weak.

The selection criteria are simple, the most important thing is to correctly assess the remoteness of your apartment from the TV center.

Indoor antennas for digital television: TOP 10 best

If a year ago digital TV was a voluntary choice of only some users, then in 2019 the state obliged everyone to switch to it from the usual analogue. Therefore, the question of choosing antennas is more relevant than ever. Which indoor digital broadcast receivers should you choose?

REMO BAS-5310USB Horizon

The inexpensive and compact model not only has high-quality technical characteristics, but also complements them with a discreet modern design. An elongated rectangular black antenna is designed so that it can easily be positioned on the TV without attracting attention. Durable plastic reliably protects the “filling” from damage. If you tune the antenna correctly, it will pick up different channels from 21 to 69.
Antenna BAS-5310-USB HORIZONSpecifications:

  • weight – 230 grams;
  • included 5 volt adapter;
  • powered by USB;
  • cable length – 1.2 m;
  • dimensions: 21x4x2 cm;
  • amplification factor – up to 35 dB;
  • reception range – up to 20 km;
  • black colour.

The cost of the REMO BAS-5310USB Horizon indoor antenna is 890-900 rubles.

REMO BAS-5102 Wave-Digital

This model, in addition to its beautiful design, has all the necessary characteristics and is inexpensive. With its long cable and stand, it can be easily positioned on any flat surface of the room.
Antenna Wave DIGITALSpecifications:

  • White colour;
  • gain – 24 dB;
  • reception of HDTV signals – DVB-T, DVB-T2;
  • there is a signal amplifier;
  • VHF / MV range – 174-230 MHz;
  • gain – VHF 20 dB, UHF 25 dB;
  • resistance – 75 Ohm;
  • cable length – 1.8 m.

The cost of REMO BAS-5102 Wave-Digital is from 700 rubles.

Harper ADVB-2120

This indoor antenna attracts with its original ring design. The receiver is compact and easy to place near the TV or even hang on a hook. Although the Harper ADVB-2120 is currently used for digital TV, it is still capable of capturing analog TV. The range of frequencies caught is 87.5-862 MHz.
Antenna Harper ADVB-2120Technical equipment:

  • built-in amplifier;
  • dimensions: 21x18x7 cm;
  • frequency range within 470-862 MHz;
  • resistance at 75 ohms;
  • no power supply;
  • working range – VHF / UHF / FM.

The cost of the equipment will be from 550 to 2000 rubles (depending on the point of sale).

REMO Inter 2.0

Choosing an indoor REMO Inter 2.0 antenna, you will provide yourself with access to 20 digital channels. This signal receiver has decent functionality. The design of the presented model is modern, and a reliable mount will allow you to place it in any part of the room with a TV. True, the case is made of plastic of not the best quality, so the antenna must be protected from mechanical damage.
Antenna REMO Inter 2.0Technical indicators:

  • white body color;
  • there is an amplifier;
  • signal reception – all-wave;
  • gain – 42 dB;
  • frequency range – 470-862 MHz.

The cost of the device varies from 660 to 990 rubles.


This active type indoor antenna picks up digital TV broadcasts in DVB-T and DVB-T2 formats. Broadcast and analog TV is provided. HYUNDAI H-TAI320 can interact with both a digital set-top box and a TV. An interesting design in black will not harm the surrounding interior of the room.
Antenna HYUNDAI H-TAI320Specifications:

  • mains supply, power supply included;
  • frequency range – UHF 470-862 MHz and VHF 87.5-230 MHz;
  • gain – 30 dB;
  • noise figure less than 3 dB;
  • cable length – 1.8 m.

The cost of the model is from 570 rubles.

One For All SV9345

This indoor antenna is more expensive than others. It is attractive for its stylish elongated design and the presence of additional features in the form of a 4G filter, GSM filter, radio. Specifications:

  • weight – 180 grams;
  • dimensions: 11.3 x 3.3 x 20.0 cm;
  • frequency range – UHF (UHF), MV (VHF);
  • antenna type – active;
  • MV gain (VHF) 43 dB;
  • UHF gain (UHF) 43 dB;
  • cable length – 1.5 m;
  • output impedance – 75 ohms.

Antenna One For All SV9345

The price for the One For All SV9345 room receiver will start from 2000 rubles.

Delta K 132 A

The simple-to-look TV signal receiver is very reminiscent of the outdated analog antennas – those designed for outdoor placement. Room “Delta” is designed to receive programs in the DVM range. An indoor antenna for digital TV with an amplifier that recovers signal reception when the signal in the antenna cable drops. Specifications:

  • dimensions: 220 × 336 × 83 mm;
  • wave impedance – 75 Ohm;
  • operating frequencies – 470-790 MHz;
  • amplification factor – 25 dB;
  • power supply – 5 volts.

Antenna Delta K132A

The cost of the antenna will start at 450 rubles.

Blackmor DVB-T2-711C

This model can also be placed outside the premises. Receives both digital and analog TV. Mounts anywhere in the room and pivots for better signal reception. Made of durable black plastic. Specifications:

  • operating frequency range 87 – 230 MHz, 470 – 790 MHz;
  • gain in the range of MV – 30 dB;
  • gain in the UHF range – 36 dB;
  • wave impedance – 75 Ohm;
  • 3m cable included;
  • 12 volt power supply.

Antenna Blackmor DVB-T2-711C

The cost of the Blackmor DVB-T2-711C antenna is from 1300 rubles.

REMO BAS-5354-USB Azimuth

The all-wave type room fixture creates uninterrupted broadcasting of channels thanks to the built-in amplifier. It has an attractive and modern exterior design in the form of a black rectangle on a stand. Material – glossy plastic. Technical features:

  • VHF / MV range – 174-230 MHz;
  • UHF / UHF range – 470-860 MHz;
  • VHF gain – 23 dB;
  • UHF gain – 33 dB;
  • 2 meter cable;
  • wave impedance – 75 Ohm.

Antenna REMO BAS-5354-USB Azimuth

Cost – from 800 rubles.

DEXP Ellipse 25

The miniature room type device supports the DVB-T2 standard. Equipped with DEXP antenna amplifier, so the quality of signal reception does not decrease. Antenna view is oblong, rounded, black with the company logo on the front side. Specifications:

  • captured signals: FM, VHF (MV), UHF (UHF);
  • VHF / MV range – 40-230 MHz;
  • UHF / UHF range – 470-860 MHz;
  • gain – up to 25 dB;
  • USB cable included.

Antenna DEXP Ellipse 25

The cost of a room device is from 1000 rubles.

When choosing an indoor type antenna for digital TV, you need to make sure that your place of residence is in the digital TV broadcasting area and the signal level is sufficient for this. Even the most expensive antenna does not guarantee 100% signal transmission in remote areas. The models of room receivers discussed in the article are perfect for city apartments.

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