3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

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What is 3D Home Cinema and how does it work? Organizing home cinema viewing has long been no longer just a means of showing a movie with sound. Today it is the only home leisure center that combines modern multifunctional technologies (3D, Smart TV, and so on).
Home theater is a device known since the days of popularity of DVD-players.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupHome theater 3d [/ caption] The main advantage of such a complex of equipment is the achievement of high quality sound and images, in addition – the “effect of presence” as when watching a movie in a real cinema. Special effects, sporting events, concerts take on a completely different perception. Time and technology do not stand still, so today a home theater system is a modern system equipped with the latest technologies. 3D Home Cinema immerses you in a world of perfect video and detailed surround sound. The main thing is to make the right choice.

What the market offers at the end of 2021 – the best

3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupHome theater is a self-sufficient set of functional equipment that displays an image on a TV, monitor, using a projector, and also includes a powerful speaker system, amplifiers that allow you to get the clearest sound picture and high sound quality, the effect of presence even in a small room. You will create a relaxation area for the whole family. The main thing is the right choice according to your needs. Today, 3D Blu-Ray home theaters, as the best on the market, are represented by many well-known companies:
Sony ,
LG ,
Philips ,
Panasonic ,
Samsung and many others.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupThe leaders in the 3D Blu-Ray cinema segment as of early 2022 are still products manufactured by Philips, LG and Samsung. How to approach the right choice and not regret it? What are the criteria to determine if a home theater system is right for your room?

Pay attention to power

Depending on the power of the speaker system of such a device, the quality of the sound produced will also change. For this reason, when choosing a 3D home theater in terms of power, it is necessary to focus on the area of ​​the room in which the speaker system will be located. So, for a room with an area of ​​about 20 m², you should stop at the power of the speaker system 60-80 W, for 30 m² – 100 W, for a room over 30 m² – 150 W.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupIt is worth remembering that there are several values ​​for the power indicator of the device: CPO (rated power) and PMRO (peak maximum power). When choosing, you must rely on the rated power. But if the indicator is indicated by PMRO, then it is very easy to get the required value. You just need to divide the number by 12 and get the value already in the CPO. It is very important to place your speakers correctly: The
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
front speakers are the main source of sound, so place them directly next to the main screen. Floor-standing front speakers work on the principle of devices in a stereo system, and independently of it.
Center loudspeakers.They should be even closer, preferably next to the TV: on the sides, below, above, because they are the central channel and strongly influence the outcome.
Rear speakers . They are also placed above the viewer’s head on the sides or behind the back. They create a feeling of so-called “total immersion”, the sound completely fills the selected room, and contributes to the increase in the realism of the picture. There is an opportunity to deploy the speakers to the wall. Speakers placed in this way will diffuse the sound around the room, slightly reducing its power, but adding additional immersion functionality.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupPlacing the user and home theater elements in the room [/ caption]
Subwoofer… This is exactly the element that no home theater can do without. Its use in tandem with a satellite allows you to cover almost all the disadvantages associated with sound. Improving the overall quality index, as well as making the control with the cinema more comfortable.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupSubwoofer from home theater [/ caption]

Each speaker should be at the level of the viewer’s head, or even slightly higher. In addition, it is worth remembering that the quality and depth of sound can be changed due to foreign objects in the room or the shape of the room itself. For this reason, it is imperative to experiment with your home theater layout.

How to choose the type of player

A Blu-Ray player will help to achieve high-quality playback of music or motion pictures, or rather “will allow high-quality playback.” This point corresponds to 3D home theaters from world-famous manufacturers Philips and Samsung. Models from these brands are more than suitable for playing high quality video pictures. The capacity of the optical disc is high and can hold about 30-50 GB of video.

In what format to watch movies with a home theater

Depending on the model, home theaters can support the following formats:

  1. AVCHD – digital recording resolution in multichannel mode. This format bypasses MPEG2 quite strongly in characteristics, speeding up the work of the entire installation.
  2. BD (Blu-Ray Disc) – thanks to this resolution, it became possible to save large amounts of data, in particular high-resolution films.
  3. DLNA – thanks to this format, all suitable devices can be combined into one large local network (home). This will allow the exchange of various information between devices, simplifying the interaction and making it more convenient.
  4. MKV is an open classic, which makes it possible to save a large file, for example, a movie, in one file,
  5. MPEG4 is a resolution that allows you to parse a compressed video stream in more detail. Also, data compression increases, which means less space is required.

Apple devices allow you to listen to audio recordings from a portable player of the iPod family using your home theater. In addition, such a connection will allow you to control the player using the remote control. All this can be done by 3 D home theaters. But these are far from all possible supported formats.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

Completing and Connecting a 3D Cinema Component

The center of any home theater, or even its heart, is the player and its type of network connection. There are only two options:

  1. Wired – reliable, budget, however, convenience and comfort suffer.
  2. And, accordingly, the wireless type is a more convenient and compact, but expensive, sometimes unstable option.

https://gogosmart.pro/texnika/domashnij-kinoteatr/besprovodnoj.html The choice is yours, but remember that 3D home theater requires synergy of sound quality and picture quality. A correctly chosen device will definitely satisfy this requirement, just like a modern home theater Samsung Blur 3 D.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupSamsung HT-J5530K [/ caption]

Which AV-receiver to give preference

Sound quality is determined by the value of an indicator called “sampling rate”. The larger it is, the higher the quality and vice versa. An excellent model that fully meets this requirement is an AV receiver with a sampling rate of at least 256 kHz. If we talk about compliance with this criterion and quality, modern blu ray 3d home theaters will definitely be the best option.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

What connection interfaces do the best manufacturers of 3D cinemas offer?

Among others:

  1. HDMI is a standard digital connection that is used to transmit high-quality audio and video signals. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupHDMI cinema connectors [/ caption]
  2. S-Video is an analog connector, the main task of which is to transmit a video signal. It is used to connect a camcorder and a personal computer directly to a home theater.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  3. Coaxial (RCA connector) – digital audio interface. One of the main advantages can be safely called resistance to mechanical interference. The only significant disadvantage is the special sensitivity to interference. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupRCA (bells) [/ caption]
  4. Optical – digital interface, used for high quality sound transmission. The previously mentioned Component RCA connector is an analog connector for video signal only. It is the best among all analog video interfaces. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupHDMI_vs_Optical cable for connecting speakers to a TV via optical audio output [/ caption]
  5. Composite (RCA connector) – an analog connection, the main task of which is to transmit both audio and video signals. It is used most often in outdated devices and can give only an average level of the picture. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupRCA connector [/ caption]
  6. Linear or Aux (AUX) is an analog connection, the purpose of which is to transmit only an audio signal. Required to connect the player to the cinema.

3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupConnection diagram [/ caption]

Outputs and decoders

  • DVI is a digital interface for video signal transmission. Often used to connect devices to projectors and monitors. In different TV models, such connectors are found, but much less often.
  • SCART is designed to transmit analog video and audio signals. This type of interface is obsolete.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  • The decoder affects the entire “assembly” of the 3D home theater.
  • DTS performs tasks with sound in the usual 5.1 format for these devices. Compared to analogs, this method allows you to achieve a deeper immersion.
  • DTS HD is designed for 7.1 sound, it is not suitable for others. Dolby Digital gives sound in the already mentioned 5.1 format. Which is the most common.
  • Dolby Digital Plus – can be called an upgraded version of the previously mentioned decoders that are designed to work with high quality video files. Improved version of the previous decoder, designed to work with high quality video (Blu-Ray).
  • Dolby Pro Logic II converts audio from 2.0 to 5.1.
  • Dolby True HD is dedicated to providing 7.1 audio format, but can also support 14-channel audio. It is also used when working with high quality video recordings.

3D Blu-ray home theater HT-J5550K – overview, connection and setup: https://youtu.be/np1YWBqfGFw

Which speakers to choose

Plastic models are a budget option. This type has good acoustic properties in its price range. Plastic is used most often. The only drawback is the possibility of sound distortion through resonance. MDF. It is the optimal ratio of price and parameters. To create a loudspeaker housing, they are usually used in tandem with plastic. The tree, although it stands out with a high level of parameters, is much more expensive than other options. For this reason, wood is found only in products of the elite level. https://gogosmart.pro/texnika/domashnij-kinoteatr/elitnye.html

What a modern high-end 3d home theater system should contain

Elite recreation centers correspond to the following qualities:

  1. The built-in Internet module should be , which makes it possible to connect the cinema to the network, thereby removing all restrictions and not clogging the memory.
  2. Bluetooth is a wireless module that allows you to connect a home theater and other bluetooth devices. For example, a player or a smartphone. This allows you to increase the convenience and functionality of using the device. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupLocation of the central channel of the home theater [/ caption]
  3. The design should imply the presence of an equalizer . Although magnetic protection is not a mandatory item, it is highly desirable.
  4. Smart TV makes it possible to safely use the Internet and use other specialized services. For example, watch material on video hosting or listen to the radio.
  5. AirPlay support , which makes it possible to connect mobile devices from Apple to home theater, using wireless connections.
  6. The TV tuner makes it possible to receive TV programs. A great option if the TV itself does not have this.
  7. The NFC chip enables short-range wireless communication. Also, this device simplifies the ability to connect external devices via bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is only necessary to bring the device’s chip to the cinema’s nfs-chip.
  8. DLNA support allows you to combine a variety of devices into one network. That makes it possible to watch videos on TV from a personal computer, which is located in another room. Such communication can be wired or wireless.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  9. BD-Live allows you to interact with additional Blu-Ray features. Also, BD-Live allows you to download recordings that are not stored on disk.
  10. And, of course, parental control , which allows you to limit the range of possible films for viewing, thereby removing material that is unsuitable for children.

What is important, the presence of a special converter in modern home theaters allows converting 2D to 3D, that is, any image becomes three-dimensional, close to theatrical 3D. Samsung HT-E6730W / ZA 3D Blu-Ray Player: https://youtu.be/nhts7gj2mw4

How to choose a manufacturer and model

Among home theaters, it is worth noting the products of Samsung and Philips, LG. The hardware of these companies is of high quality, well assembled, and users can get excellent service support.

Top 10 best 3D home theater models for 2021-2022

As of 2021, they can be divided into 4 categories: Best home theaters:

  • 1st place in the ranking is taken by LG LHB655NK.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  • 2nd place Logitect Z-906.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  • 3rd place set of SVEN HT-210 acoustics.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

Description of LG LHB655 Home Theater: https://youtu.be/BHLbp7ZlP-8 Best Dolby Atmos, DTS X Home Theater Soundbars:

  1. Sonos Arc.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  2. Samsung HW-Q950T.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  3. LG SN11R. 3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupLG SN11R soundbar supports Smart TV and Meredian technology [/ caption]
  4. JBL Bar 9.1.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  5. LG SL10Y.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

Best Home Cinema AV Receivers:

  1. Onkyo HT-S9800THX.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  2. Onkyo HT-S7805.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup
  3. Onkyo HT-S5915.3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setup

The best home theater systems based on a soundbar with rear speakers:

  1. Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR.
  2. Sony HT-S700RF.
  3. Soundbar JBL Bar 5.1.
  4. LG SN5R.

Types of home theaters

Modern home theaters are represented by various complexes, the design of which implies the presence of many elements. It is worth considering what devices can be, as well as what features they have.

They boast a high sound parameter. Each structural element of such systems is installed in the room in a certain order. This is necessary to improve the technical characteristics, as well as the effect of the reflection of sound waves. Multi-link models take up a lot of space, but at the same time they are capable of producing a strong sound, which is quite an important nuance.


Devices of this type are a universal symbiosis of speakers and a subwoofer. Modern technological models are small in size, which greatly simplifies their operation and movement.
3D Blu-Ray home theater review, selection, connection, setupStandard TV soundbar [/ caption] Saudbard is one of the best solutions in terms of home theaters for small rooms. It should be borne in mind that the use of such devices reduces the volume of sound, which is generally not so noticeable during use.

So-called monoblock systems

Monoblocks are considered a fairly modern solution, so that their popularity is not as great as among other representatives of devices of a similar subject. This option is a great solution for people who value aesthetics and style. The surround sound effect is achieved through virtual display, so the effects will look more realistic than ever.

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