Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 – Top Models Review

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Elite home theaters differ from budget models with better acoustic and video equipment, and, accordingly, sound and “picture”. The presence of premium technology makes it possible to watch films in good quality without leaving your own apartment / house. Below you can find the basic parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a device.

What parameters should modern home theaters of elite premium class have?

Going to the store, it is important not to get confused among the variety of DC models, but to thoroughly study the functional characteristics of each device you like. The premium home theater is equipped with a HI-FI / HI-End acoustic ensemble. High quality images are displayed on the screen of an elite home theater. The presence of a built-in equalizer allows video adjustment and adjustment by a qualified installer. When choosing the most suitable home theater model, experts recommend paying attention to:

  1. Acoustic power . It is important to take into account the features and area of ​​the room in which the equipment will be installed. For a medium-sized room, 1000 watts is considered the optimal power indicator.
  2. The degree of sensitivity of the equipment . It is necessary to take into account the ratio of the sensitivity of the acoustics and the power of the receiver. Better to give preference to a receiver with a frequency of 192 or 256 kHz.
  3. Material . Functional parts and body parts must be resistant to external damage.
  4. Availability of external interfaces (Wifi / Bluetooth) .

Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models ReviewElite models of home theaters should have wide functionality, high-quality audio and video equipment [/ caption] A premium home theater package should include such elements as:

  • 3D video projector with 4K resolution support;
  • a screen with a diagonal of more than 60 inches;
  • amplifier;
  • AV receiver;
  • acoustics system: 5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1.

It is very important that the DK speakers are durable, and the subwoofer with low frequencies provides surround sound. The speakers can be either floor-standing or ceiling-mounted. The composition of the acoustics system can be judged by two numbers (the first number indicates the number of speakers, and the second the number of subwoofers). 5.1 is the standard option. 7.2 is an extended version, and 9.2 is considered the maximum package. For the quality of the reproduced audio clips to be high, you should purchase the complete set.

Note! Premium models are equipped with additional features such as wireless headphones /
karaoke .

Choosing the top elite home theater system of 2021 – TOP-10 best models according to the editorial board

Today the stores offer a wide range of home theaters, both budget and premium. Below you can find the description and characteristics of the best elite DK models.

Samsung HT-F9750W

The manufacturer has developed a speaker system using DTS Neo: Fusion technology, taking care of the implementation of modern features and options. Samsung HT-F9750W reproduces three-dimensional sound, so that home theater owners are fully immersed in the atmosphere of the film. The speaker system of this model is 7.1. The acoustics were supplemented with upper channels located in the front speakers. Power Samsung HT-F9750W – 1330 W. Thanks to the support of Smart Hub, Samsung Smart TV applications are available to users
. You can listen to music via Bluetooth. Among the additional functions of this model, it is worth highlighting: 3D, Blu-Ray and DVD video.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review Samsung HT-F9750W [/ caption] The main advantages of the Samsung HT-F9750W home theater include:

  • lack of wires;
  • the presence of a remote control with backlight;
  • equipment with modern options;
  • functionality.

Among the disadvantages of the model, it is worth highlighting the impossibility of hanging speakers, high cost and the presence of one USB output. You can buy a Samsung HT-F9750W home theater for 120,000-140,000 rubles.

Onkyo HT-S7805

The equipment produced by Onkyo is multifunctional, practical and of high quality. The manufacturer has equipped this model with a modern AV receiver, automatic room calibration. Height speakers are built into the front speakers. Model configuration – 5.1.2. The main advantages of Onkyo HT-S7805 include:

  • high power of the AV-receiver, amounting to 160 watts per channel;
  • support for innovative DTS: X formats;
  • special FireConnect technology, which allows synchronizing wireless acoustics;
  • availability of a wired Internet connection / wireless connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models ReviewOnkyo HT-S7805 [/ caption] The only disadvantage of a home theater is the high cost. Onkyo HT-S7805 can be purchased for 90,000-110,000 rubles.

Onkyo HT-S5805

The Onkyo HT-S5805 is compact and includes Dolby Atmos (DTS: X) support. The manufacturer equipped the subwoofer with a speaker (20 cm) facing the floor and provided for the AccuEQ auto-calibration. The main advantages of the popular model include:

  • reasonable cost (taking into account the configuration 5.1);
  • the presence of a built-in AM and FM tuner;
  • the ability to wirelessly connect Bluetooth Audio Streaming;
  • the presence of the Advanced Music Optimizer mode, which allows you to improve the quality of files.

The disadvantage of Onkyo HT-S5805 is the lack of a USB connector and network functions. The average cost of a model is 65,000-75,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Bose 3-2-1 Series II

The ergonomic system is compact in size and delivers powerful sound. This allows home theater owners to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the film, feeling the realism of the moment. The control is simple, the interface is accessible. Built-in decoder – DTS, Dolby Digital. The main advantages of the Bose 3-2-1 Series II include:

  • the presence of a built-in hard drive;
  • the location of the weights at the base of the satellites;
  • the ability to play online content;
  • the presence of a preset timer and wireless remote control.

Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models ReviewThe lack of digital audio outputs is the main drawback of the Bose 3-2-1 Series II. The cost of this model is in the range of 80,000-90,000 rubles.

Samsung HT-J5530K

Samsung HT-J5530K pleases with high-quality sound. The power of the speakers is 1000 watts. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a functional equalizer, thanks to which the owner of the equipment will be able to independently adjust the sound. The model can reproduce Full HD and 3D. The presence of support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DLNA protocols allows you to quickly display files from various devices. The home theater has a built-in karaoke mix option that allows you to evaluate the performance. The main advantages of the technique include:

  • Power Bass function;
  • built-in digital sound amplification technology;
  • the presence of a reverse sound channel;
  • the ability to quickly launch.

The disadvantage of Samsung HT-J5530K is thin plastic. The equipment can be purchased for 70,000-80,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Yamaha BD-Pack 498

The speaker system includes an AV receiver and a Blu-ray player. Yamaha BD-Pack 498 delivers high quality, clear and rich sound. The power of this model is 675 W. This is quite enough for a country cottage, however, in cases where a huge room is allocated for the cinema, you will need to take care of purchasing additional speakers. The presence of a large number of connectors allows you to connect game consoles / camcorders / vinyl players to the device. The advantages of the Yamaha BD-Pack 498 include:

  • high-quality and clear sound;
  • Blu-ray 3D support;
  • powerful subwoofer;
  • 17 DSP modes.

The disadvantage of the model is considered to be a small total power of the speakers. Yamaha BD-Pack 498 can be purchased for 70,000-80,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Harman / Kardon BDS 880

The configuration of this model is 5.1. The package includes small speakers, a subwoofer (200 W) and a main unit (Blu-ray player). The body of the equipment is made of plastic. Harman / Kardon BDS 880 is equipped with three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, a headphone jack and other equally useful jacks. The benefits of the Harman / Kardon BDS 880 include:

  • the presence of a remote control;
  • the ability to connect a smartphone via NFC / Bluetooth;
  • high-quality and clear sound;
  • powerful subwoofer;
  • a large number of connectors.

The only drawback is the cost. Not everyone can afford to allocate 160,000 rubles from the family budget.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Onkyo HT-S9800THX

The Onkyo HT-S9800THX is THX certified, which means it has been developed with high standards to deliver excellent sound. The power of the device is 1035 watts. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD MA and DTS: X decoders. The most significant advantages of the model include:

  • the presence of the function of playing streaming video / audio;
  • support for modern file formats;
  • the ability to remotely connect to gadgets;
  • the presence of a large number of entrances.

The control screen is not very user-friendly. This is the main disadvantage. Onkyo HT-S9800THX can be purchased for 130,000-140,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Bowers Wilkins B&W 700 S2

The configuration of this model is 5.1. The design is nice and laconic. The built-in speaker provides enhanced sound quality. Subwoofer power – 1000 W. Thanks to the mid frequencies, the acoustics have a special sound. The advantages of Bowers Wilkins B&W 700 S2 are:

  • first-class design;
  • high quality;
  • many audio innovations.

The only drawback is considered to be the too high cost of an elite home theater, which exceeds 160,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models Review

Sony BDV-N9200W

This model of home theater has a Cinema Studio effect that reproduces all the details of 9-channel sound. In the process of manufacturing the equipment, the manufacturer used high-tech developments. The advantages of the Sony BDV-N9200W include:

  • the presence of a powerful digital amplifier that allows you to get clear sound;
  • the ability to manage music files using the SongPal application;
  • expanded speaker potential.

The downside of the model can be considered a rare freeze of the system. You can buy Sony BDV-N9200W for 90,000 rubles.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models ReviewTop 5.1 & 7.1 Top Home Theaters – 2021 Review and Ranking:

TOP-3 cinemas from each of the top manufacturers

Below you can find a ranking of the best home theaters from top manufacturers. The best premium home theater systems produced by Samsung are:

  • Samsung HT-F9750W;
  • Samsung HT-J5530K;
  • Samsung HT-H6550WK.

Sony’s top 3 elite home theater systems include the following models:

  • Sony BDV-N9200WB;
  • Sony HT-ZF 9;
  • Sony BDV-E6100.

The best premium Yamaha home theater models are:

  • Yamaha Kino System 385;
  • Yamaha YHT-2910;
  • Yamaha Movie SET 7390.

Equally popular are devices that are produced under the Onkyo brand. The best models this year are: Onkyo HT-S5805, Onkyo LS5200, Onkyo HT-S9700THX. How to choose a high-quality and good home theater – video rating of the best in sound quality:

Home theaters – as the pinnacle of top-end home theaters

Home cinema is considered the pinnacle of high-end home theaters. Events unfolding on the screen of a home cinema will absorb the viewer’s attention from the first seconds and give an opportunity to feel what is happening, to feel in their place. The arrangement of a home cinema room allows you to achieve not only a spectacular picture, but also multichannel acoustics. It is important to carefully select each component, taking into account the technical possibilities of the room and personal preferences.
Best Luxury Home Cinema Systems of 2021 - Top Models ReviewExperts advise to correctly assemble the components so that they are harmoniously combined with each other. Correct calculation of the project will be the main condition for the successful installation of the system. Only a clear understanding of the technical parameters will allow you to independently assemble the perfect video and sound union. Choosing a premium home theater system is not easy. However, using the tips offered in the article and having familiarized yourself with the rating of the best models, you can reasonably approach the process of choosing a device and buy the most suitable home theater for yourself and your family, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of films and feel the realism of the moment.

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