How to choose a home theater: options, best models

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Choosing a home theater is a responsible event. In the process, you need to pay attention to the elements included in the kit, carefully choose the equipment manufacturer. It is equally important to consider the type of room where it will be used. To choose a home theater of the required model, you need to know in advance what parameters you should pay attention to, since this process requires a balanced approach to image quality and sound purity.
How to choose a home theater: options, best models

What is home theater

The term home theater refers to a set of equipment for providing high-quality video and audio, which is installed in various types of premises or outdoors. With a home theater system, you can enjoy high quality sound and picture while watching movies. Modern developments help to get the “presence” effect, which is found in standard cinemas. The functionality of the kit is used while watching:

  1. Films / cartoons.
  2. Sports programs.
  3. Show with spectacular special effects.
  4. Video in 3D format.
  5. Performances and concerts.

How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsIn 90% of cases, home theaters include such elements and equipment as: a player for playing video and sound from a variety of media (discs, cassettes, flash cards). A receiver that converts the incoming digital signal to analog. It then amplifies and transmits it to the speaker system. This component is multichannel. To achieve high quality sound, a subwoofer is installed in the system. In the set, all elements reproduce the audio signal and eliminate any interference in the sound. The image is displayed on the TV screen. In most cases, a liquid crystal display is used in a home theater system, less often a plasma one is used, since in the first case the picture is more pronounced and saturated.

Important! To achieve the effect of being in the hall, instead of a TV, it is recommended to install a screen and a projector. It should be borne in mind that such elements are rarely included in the standard basic set of delivery of home theaters.

Types of home theaters

Various types of home theaters are on sale. They can be purchased in a complete set, which includes the main elements, or assemble a suitable option yourself, choosing a complete set according to the existing conditions or desires. The presented assortment is able to satisfy any request. The options are presented where the main emphasis is on video quality, other manufacturers offer high-quality sound, while others prefer special effects that allow the viewer to feel like a part of what is happening on the screen. It is recommended to select a home theater taking into account the main criteria by which the division into types takes place. Experts in this area distinguish 4 indicators:

  • A selection of components included in the DC system.
  • A method of placing items indoors or outdoors.
  • The main type of video and audio playback.
  • The number of items in the set.

How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsCorrect placement of home theater components [/ caption] If the type of home theater is selected according to the system selection criterion, then here we can distinguish 2 options – prefabricated and closed. In the first case, the user can assemble a home theater system on his own using elements and components from different manufacturers and firms. This approach allows you to select the optimal performance in terms of sound and picture quality. The added benefit of self-assembly is that you don’t need to overpay. A closed system is the most popular among beginners, as it contains a complete audio package. When choosing a home theater of this type, you need to take into account that the sound quality will not always meet the user’s needs. Systems differ according to the type of equipment placement.In this case, home settings can be:

  1. Built-in.
  2. Suspended.
  3. Outdoor.

How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsThe shelf type is also popular. Embedded systems are the most expensive. When choosing, you need to take into account such parameters as the interior design used in the room and the design features of the equipment that is included in the kit. The choice between the other types is based on how much furniture is present in the room, what kind of interior design is chosen. A high-quality home theater for your TV can be equipped with a DVD player or a Blue-Ray drive. According to this indicator, there is also a division into different types of systems. Subdivision in acoustics parameter is carried out in a similar way. The package may include a multi-link acoustic circuit or a high-quality and powerful
soundbar… In the first case, the kit contains several speakers (4-8 pieces), the location of which is determined by the manufacturer and is recommended for use during operation.
How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsWall-mounted speakers in the connection scheme will provide home theater with high-quality sound [/ caption] The equipment is supplemented with a subwoofer. You can purchase kits in which up to 10 speakers will be present, and they are complemented by 2 subwoofers. In the second version, the package contains only an audio amplifier and one speaker. Another parameter by which the division into types takes place is the power consumption of a home theater. Modern configurations consume a lot of energy in 90% of cases. It is required for all components of the equipment.

What are the components of a modern home theater

Standard set of home installation for watching movies:

  • Player (DVD or Blue-Ray).
  • AV receiver.
  • Acoustic system (with different number of speakers)

LCD TV is not included in some configurations. The best home theater systems include a
projector or widescreen display.
How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsIt is necessary to choose the right TV set that will be used in the recreation center. The optimal diagonal is from 32 inches. If space permits, then you can install a model with indicators of 100-105 inches. Modern TVs come with 3D functionality. The player allows you to view and listen to programs recorded from the TV, films on discs. Also, the device is capable of displaying images from the camera. The receiver is a multifunctional device. The main task of the device is to convert the incoming digital signal and transmit it to the channels of the speaker system and subwoofer. The optimal choice of a receiver for a home theater is 5.1. In this version, the sound goes according to the following scheme: AV receiver, 2 each for the front and rear, one for the center and one for the subwoofer. The set of functions of the device also includes amplification of the signal that goes to the acoustics.Additionally, the device has a built-in FM radio.
How to choose a home theater: options, best models5.1 Home Theater Installation [/ caption] The receiver and receiver have a 5-channel amplification system. That is why it is important to pay attention to the choice of the power of these devices. The indicator determines the sound quality in the system and its saturation. It should be borne in mind that amplifier manufacturers use this strategy – the higher the power values, the fewer functions are included in the device. The optimal power ratings of the receiver for a room of 30 m2 are 100 W per channel.

Attention! The power rating of the channels should be the same for both the front and rear segments.

When choosing acoustics, it is necessary to take into account the sampling rate (recording the sound intensity). The average is 256 kHz. Acoustics consists of a center and front channels. The first is used in the DC system for the transmission of dialogue in films and broadcasts and sound effects. In 90% of cases, the center channel speakers are always placed horizontally. They are displayed in front of the TV or under it. The second is needed to play music and sound effects. If no subwoofer is included, the bass is evenly distributed between the left and right speakers.
How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsIt is more difficult to choose a high-quality subwoofer for a home theater for a larger room [/ caption] In this case, you need to take into account that the sound quality can be reduced by 2 times. Channels can be 2 or 3 way. If the second option is selected for the complete set, then there will be 3 speakers: large (reproduces low frequencies and sounds), medium (for mid frequencies), small (for high frequencies and sounds). Rear speakers should be included if the user wants to achieve a surround sound effect. Install it behind the screen so that the speaker is slightly higher than your head while watching a video. The function of the device is to create directional sounds. A subwoofer should be included if the user prioritizes sound for a home theater, so that it is of high quality, clear and powerful.
How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsThe subwoofer is installed together with the front speakers [/ caption] This device is also responsible for ensuring that the perception of special effects is expressive and full. You can install it anywhere. When choosing a suitable model, you need to take into account that a subwoofer can be active or passive. In the first case, there is a built-in power amplifier. The package contains various regulators. This type of equipment requires a separate connection to the power source.

What to look for when choosing a recreation center

When the question arises, which home theater to buy, you need to know what elements you need to pay attention to when choosing. One of the main ones is the sound system and format. You also need to pay attention to the receiver – it must support a large number of different video formats. In order to connect a home theater to a TV, the TV must have an HDMI connector. The rest of the options are selected at the request of the user (Internet access, surround sound, 3D). How to Build a Home Theater: 3 Rules in 3 Minutes –

Selection of specific components – tv, acoustics, receiver, cables

It is important here to select all the elements so that they fit together. It is recommended to purchase a TV with indicators of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels, and the aspect ratio should be 16 by 9. In this case, you can get a high-quality picture, avoid stretching or compressing the image. The acoustics are selected according to individual preferences in terms of sound quality and power, as well as financial possibilities. The set of cables must contain an HDMI cable, and the receiver must support all modern picture formats. Home theater power is an indicator that is also selected according to individual requests.
How to choose a home theater: options, best modelsOptical cable for connecting speakers to the TV should be no longer than 3-5 meters [/ caption]

Selection of a home theater for different conditions

You can buy home theaters of different quality and functionality, which option to choose depends largely on the conditions where it will be used. It should be borne in mind that the equipment can be installed both in a private house and on an open summer veranda.

Home system

In a private home, powerful acoustics can be used to provide high quality sound. The screen or projector is not limited in size, especially when a separate room can be allocated for a home theater.
How to choose a home theater: options, best models

For apartment

In this case, you will have to focus on the area of ​​the room where the system will be installed. It should also be borne in mind that in urban conditions it is required to take into account that loud sounds, bass and special effects can interfere with neighbors. Accordingly, one of the main criteria is the sound power indicator.
How to choose a home theater: options, best models

For a small room

In this case, you will need to use the simplest components. Strong and powerful sound is not required here, since the room is limited in size. A medium-sized LCD TV is used as a screen.

For open space

In most cases, the question arises, which home theater is better to choose if you need to install it in an open space (for example, in a garden). Here you need to pay attention to the size of the screen. It is best to choose the option with a large diagonal, and choose a projector or stretch screen as an element for video playback. The sound system must be powerful. The presence of a subwoofer is required, as it is necessary to provide a loud and rich sound.

Other locations

In other cases, it is recommended to choose a complete set based on the conditions in which the DC will be operated.

Selection of acoustics

Sound is an individual parameter. Here you need to take into account such indicators as musical preferences, sensitivity to sounds, interference. For those looking to get the most out of their video viewing experience, it is necessary to purchase a complete set of devices including multiple speakers, amplifiers and a subwoofer.

Top 10 home theaters – editorial recommendation

Reviews and tops of the best products in their category help to determine and understand all the nuances when choosing a home theater for home. They describe the special points, pros and cons that users will have to face. The current rating of home theaters also takes into account the price range. Top 10 models in the category of the best home theaters 2021-2022:

  1. Sony SS-CS5 – a feature of the model – powerful and rich sound. Advantages: reliability and durability in operation, availability of basic functions, beautiful design. Disadvantages: no variety of colors. The average cost is 12,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  2. Mystery MSB-111 – DK with ceiling installation type. Feature: high-quality, surround sound. Advantages: the set includes a subwoofer, all elements are compact in size. Disadvantages: there is no way to adjust the equalizer manually. The average cost is 8300 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  3. YAMAHA YHT-S400 – Feature: Virtual Surround Sound System. Advantages: easy sound tuning, powerful sound, convenient mounting. Disadvantages: bass is poorly implemented. The average cost is 13,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  4. Onkyo LS-5200 – feature: independently powered digital amplification system. Advantages: powerful sound, subwoofer, sound and picture synchronization function. Disadvantages: The front speakers are quiet, complex setup system. The average cost is 20,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  5. Samsung HT-F5550K – feature: floorstanding speakers with a total power of 1000 watts. Advantages: powerful sound, subwoofer (165 W), surround sound, 3D. Disadvantages: wires are not securely attached, inconvenient control. The average cost is 25,700 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  6. LG LHB655NK – special feature: compact model. Advantages: low power consumption, smart TV and karaoke functions. Disadvantages: Few compatible applications, short wires. The average cost is 32,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  7. YAMAHA YHT-1840 – feature: rich and balanced sound. Advantages: power, easy connection. Disadvantages: Difficult to connect speakers. The average cost is 52,300 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  8. Denon DHT-550SD – Feature: High -quality playback from external media. Advantages: surround sound (6 modes), external media can be used. Disadvantages: not enough low frequencies. The average cost is 60,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  9. Onkyo HT-S7805 – Feature: Powerful Sound, Surround Sound. Benefits: Dolby Atmos, full set of speaker components, easy setup. Disadvantages: the appearance of background noise. The average cost is 94,000 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models
  10. Philips HTB3580G – a special feature: wall-mounted speakers that can be used in rooms with non-standard layouts. Benefits: powerful sound. Disadvantages: no smart TV function. The average cost is 24,500 rubles.How to choose a home theater: options, best models

The best home theaters – rating 2021-2022: It is important to choose a DC based on the price and basic functions of the device. Home theater is better to choose one that will provide a specific user with comfort during use. Not everyone wants to use modern special effects or surround sound, but also not everyone is ready to give up these functions. It is important to know how to choose a cinema based on your individual needs. That is why it is important to pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also to the package bundle, the declared sound parameters, the supported functions.

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