Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters – features of choice

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Modern cinema lovers create
home theaters right in their apartment. After all, what could be better than a family watching a movie with delicious popcorn at home. However, in order for the rest to be as comfortable as possible, you need not only to correctly arrange the elements of a home theater, but also to take care of purchasing high-quality furniture for a home theater. Below you can find a ranking of the best models of armchairs and sofas for home theaters, as well as find out what to look for when buying modern furniture.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Why it is important to choose the right home theater furniture

One of the key components of the home cinema interior design project is the upholstered furniture for the recreation center. In order for the cinema to be comfortable, ergonomic and atmospheric, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the process of choosing not only equipment, but also furniture. Indeed, for a good rest it is necessary to create the most comfortable conditions. Experts advise choosing furniture at the design stage of the home theater system and room.

What kind of home theater furniture is on sale

The main purpose of a home theater is recreation and entertainment, so the furniture should be comfortable and ergonomic. Modern manufacturers produce various types of furniture for recreation centers. The main ones can be found below.

Recliner armchairs

Recliner chairs are special furniture that creates the feeling of being in a real cinema. The recliner chair allows a person to take any comfortable posture. The furniture is equipped with levers / buttons / other controls that can be used to turn the chair into a comfortable couch, as well as:

  • tilt the back at a given angle;
  • raise the footrest;
  • correctly position the headrest, etc.

Recliner chairs, depending on the model, can be equipped with comfortable stands for popcorn and glasses / holders for remotes / vibration massage option. In such an armchair, any viewer can fully relax.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Home theater sofa

If a whole company of spectators often gathers to watch movies, experts advise buying not armchairs, but sofas, on which a large number of people can comfortably sit. When choosing furniture, it is important to consider the size of the room. The sofa should not clutter up the home cinema. If the space is small, consider buying a corner sofa. Manufacturers produce modern models of furniture for recreation centers – recliner sofas, which are equipped with:

  • levers to adjust the backrest position;
  • headrest tilt option;
  • coasters for glasses;
  • footrests, etc.

The supplied remote control makes it easy to control the functionality of the recliner sofas.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Fixed-back armchairs

If you wish, you can purchase chairs with a fixed back for your home cinema, which look very solid and delight you with increased comfort. The upholstery is soft. The armrests are made in European style. The construction is strong, steel.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

What to look for when choosing a set of furniture

By choosing the right furniture, you can make your home cinema not only cozy, but also comfortable. It is very important to give preference to comfortable, high quality furniture. Experts advise buyers to pay attention to the appearance of the product, as well as to:

  • furniture upholstery fabric;
  • complete set of mobile modules;
  • transformation mechanism;
  • mattress.

The presence of a built-in soft mattress, which has a pronounced anatomical effect, exactly repeating the outlines of the viewer’s body, is a significant advantage.

Upholstery should be made of durable, wear-resistant materials (leather, eco-leather, microfiber). It will be nice if the package includes pillows of different shapes and removable covers. Modern manufacturers equip home theater furniture with special options, namely: mechanical vibration to the beat of low-frequency effects in movies (explosions / shootings / collisions), integrated into the armrest, built-in minibar with refrigerator, glass holders, etc. choose the most suitable option for yourself, allowing you to actively “cheer” during the broadcast of a football match and enjoy watching an action movie.

Choice for a specific room and conditions

When choosing furniture for a home cinema, it is worth considering the size of the room. Indeed, if you install too large a sofa in a small room, the space will be cluttered. If the footage of the room allows, it is best to purchase a corner sofa that will comfortably accommodate the whole family and enjoy watching a movie masterpiece. Sofas and recliners are very convenient to use, which delight in functionality and allow you to choose a comfortable position for the headrest, footrests, and adjust the position of the back.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choiceOption for a small room [/ caption]

Note! In small rooms, it is advisable to place straight / corner sofas, and in large rooms – modular furniture.

Home Cinema Modular Sofas – Comfortable Furniture for Movies and TV: https://youtu.be/aKcbhF_Va6I

TOP of the best firms for the manufacture of furniture for home theaters

The rating of the best manufacturers of home theater furniture includes the following companies:

  1. Dutch House is a manufacturer that produces quality home theater furniture. Due to the design features of the furniture, viewers watching a multi-part film masterpiece will not feel discomfort. The armrests are equipped with special cup holders.
  2. Leadcom Seating is a factory of fixed back / VIP recliners and reclining chairs. The furniture is of sufficient quality, pleasing with a long service life, comfort and ease of maintenance.
  3. Home Cinema Hall is a company that manufactures comfortable electric recliner chairs. To control the transformation process, a remote control is used, which the manufacturer installed in the armrest. The furniture is equipped with a minibar, mini fridge and DVD holder.

You should also pay attention to the manufacturers BellO, Boas, Studio Cinema, which produce multifunctional, wear-resistant, strong and durable furniture. Manufacturers use leather as finishing.

Rating of the best home theater furniture – comfortable, modern, functional

The stores offer a wide range of home theater furniture. Below you can find a description of the best models of sofas and armchairs for recreation centers.

Supreme chaise lounge

Supreme Chaise Lounge is a VIP-recliner that differs from other models in increased comfort. The viewers, plunging into the padded backrest, have the opportunity to lean back to the ideal viewing angle thanks to the VIP-recliner equipped with a footrest (chaise longue style). Extended back cushion. The presence of a turntable food tray with a built-in cup holder is a significant advantage of this model. Among the main options of the Supreme Chaise Lounge, it is worth highlighting:

  • USB motion control function;
  • LED illumination of cup holders with cooling;
  • the possibility of replacing the upholstery of the armrests;
  • storage compartment in the middle armrest;
  • the possibility of replacing the seat upholstery.

Inner seat width 555 mm, total length 940 mm, height from floor to armrest 600 mm.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Barron chaise lounge

Barron Chaise Lounge is an armchair equipped with comfortable cushions. With an optimal viewing angle and ideal lumbar support, viewers can fully enjoy movie viewing. The advantages of this vip recliner model include:

  • cushions with highly resistant elastic polyurethane foam;
  • soft and durable leather;
  • folding footrest;
  • an ergonomically shaped backrest for lumbar support;
  • the presence of a storage compartment in the middle armrest and a remote control.

Inner seat width 555 mm, total length 940 mm, height from floor to armrest 600 mm.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Leather corner sofa Orland

Orland is a comfortable corner sofa for a home cinema. The width of the furniture is 215 cm, the depth is 215 cm. The height of the sofa with a folding headrest is 80-104 cm. There is no sleeping place, there is also a transformation mechanism. The manufacturer (Holland House) uses polyurethane foam, down and synthetic winterizer as internal filling. Leather is used for upholstery. The frame is made of wood (solid oak). There are soft pads on the wooden armrests. The cost of a sofa for the Orland Palace of Culture is in the range of 110,000 – 130,000 rubles.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Movie HTS-101

Movie HTS-101 is a mechanical armchair with an electric drive. The model is equipped with 2 comfortable armrests. Buyers can choose leather (15 shades) or natural wood as finishing. The reclining mechanism of the backrest will delight you with its smoothness and lack of noise. Movie HTS-101 can be placed 7.5 cm from the wall. With a cleverly designed headrest, viewers’ eyes will be in the optimal viewing position. And this will not depend on what position the back is in. Bowl-holders are made of steel. They are durable, functional and aesthetic. If dirty, they can be easily removed for cleaning.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choiceThe design of the chair is ergonomic, the shock absorption is soft. The design of the back of the chair is quite elegant and unique, so the furniture will look great from any side. You can buy Movie HTS-101 for 110,000-120,000 rubles.

Bello HTS102BN

Bello HTS102BN is a home theater chair model with a trapezoidal right armrest. The manufacturer has fitted the chair with connectors on both sides, allowing the furniture owner to attach the Bello HTS102BN to the adjacent chair if needed. Bello HTS102BN is equipped with a silent and smooth reclining mechanism for the seat back. In order to recline the back, it is enough to slightly pull the lever, the shape and placement of which emphasize the elegance of this model. The aesthetic, robust and functional bowl holders are made of steel. A dirty bowl can be easily removed and cleaned. The foot support cushion provides comfort even when watching a movie. The width of the chair is 79.4 cm, the depth is 95.9 cm. The manufacturer uses durable and soft brown leather as a decoration.Bello HTS102BN can be purchased for 140,000 rubles.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Bello HTS103BN

Bello HTS103BN is a model equipped with connectors on both sides. If desired, you can attach the chair to an adjacent component. The seat is 64.8 cm wide and 95.9 cm deep. The leg cushion has an ergonomic design. The trim is made of high quality durable and soft leather. You can buy Bello HTS103BN for 100,000-110,000 rubles.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choice

Boas sofa recliner five-seater

Boas is a multifunctional sofa with a recliner. The model is equipped with an option to adjust the backrest tilt. The viewer can not only sit while watching a movie, but also take a lying / reclining position. A stand extends from under the seat to keep your legs in a raised / horizontal position. Each seat works autonomously. A pair of integrated armrests separate the seats.
Upholstered modern furniture for home theaters - features of choiceYou can buy a five-seater sofa for 290,000 rubles. https://youtu.be/zHS_OZizi-I The stores offer a wide range of home theater furniture, which allows everyone to choose the most suitable sofa or recliner chair model for themselves. After reading the advice of experts regarding the peculiarities of choosing furniture for a recreation center and the rating of the best models, you can avoid mistakes and buy really high-quality furniture that will delight the audience with good quality and comfort for many years.

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