How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

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Pioneer Corporation is one of the most popular and renowned electronic goods companies in the world. Several years ago, Pioneer made hi-fi and AV electronics, large TVs and car stereos, and since 2014, home theaters have been added to the product line
, which will be discussed today.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterModern home theater Pioneer xv-dv232 [/ caption] The founder of the international company Pioneer Nozomu Matsumoto began his activity with the assembly of speakers. This activity increased the audience for the evangelistic sermons of his father, a Christian missionary, and in 1931 led to the opening of a business. The Pioneer company began to gain popularity back in the 20th century, when inventions, incredible for that time, began to appear on the electronics market. At that time, the corporation played a key role in the development of interactive cable TV, for the first time introduced the concepts of CD-DVD players and voice recorders, full-size plasma TVs, illuminated OLED screens, introduced supertuner technologies, and also presented the world’s first car audio system and CD receiver. for cars.In 2014, the corporation did not stop developing and continued to amaze the world with innovative inventions. This is how the first appeared
a home cinema that has become a total shock.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterHome theater Pioneer of the old model [/ caption]

Pioneer home theater device

Every Pioneer invention comes in a securely sealed box in the Pioneer colors and branding. Almost all home theater models have a full 5.1 speaker system. The main speaker is single-way and has the smallest parameters, so it can be wall-mounted. The other 4 speakers are tall and will appear bulkier than the center speaker. The speaker system has compact parameters, has a bass reflex port for better sound quality and anti-slip mats.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterStandard set for home theater Pioneer 5.1 [/ caption] The front panel of the equipment includes:

  • disc slot;
  • function keys: on / off; open close; play, pause, stop; radio tuning;
  • USB type input;
  • MIC-input;
  • portable in connector for portable devices;
  • remote control sensor;
  • display window;
  • adjust the sound volume.

The back panel has on itself:

  • AC power cord
  • speaker connectors;
  • FM antenna connector;
  • euro-AV – connector for connection with a TV;
  • video output;
  • auxiliary port – additional audio output;
  • HDMI input.

How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterAppearance of the Pioner home theater [/ caption]

Product advantages and disadvantages

Each model of home theater has its own advantages and disadvantages due to its individual characteristics. However, after analyzing customer reviews and parameters of all equipment, we highlighted the pros and cons that apply to all models.

Good quality sound. Buyers note that no noise or other interference comes from the speakers during music or movie playback, playback does not interrupt, the sound is clear and loud, and does not disappear.Not the best choice for listening to music. Customers who took the device as a speaker note that music is played worse on it than on standard stereos.
Registration. Each equipment has a unique design. All speakers and subwoofers are made in the same color, there are no unnecessary details.
Build quality. Some users note that there are small gaps between the parts, but overall the build quality remains excellent.
Stable internet connection. Home theaters and audio systems are powered by an internet connection. As a rule, such devices quickly lose connection with the access point, but this is not the case with Pioneer models.

How to choose a home theater Pioner

It is worth choosing such a technique not according to the recommendations of consultants, but according to technical parameters and other aspects, which we will discuss below. The main selection criteria:

  1. Player selection . For home theaters, they come in two flavors: DVD and Blu-Ray. The first reproduces the recording using an infrared ray, the second – a blue ray. Blu-ray is a relatively new kind of player, so not every disc will play on it.
  2. Acoustic system and its composition . When choosing this component, pay attention to power, frequency range and sensitivity.
  3. Image quality, brightness and resolution .
  4. The presence of secondary functionality : 3D playback, additional inputs, external interfaces, etc.

How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterHome theater pioneer xv dv dcs-395k [/ caption]

Top 10 best Pioneer home theaters as of 2021

10. Pioneer DCS – 375k

This floor-standing speaker system includes one center subwoofer and four 2-way speakers. Main characteristics:

  • type: outdoor;
  • total power: 360 W;
  • interface: USB.

How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

9. Pioneer BCS 727

The Pioneer BCS 727 model, weighing 3.4 kilograms, is built on the basis of a Blu-ray player and includes a wireless LAN function. In addition to playing Blu-Ray discs and 3D sound, the stereo system includes an HDMI connector, built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth wireless communication and a USB port. The kit also includes an input for a microphone used for karaoke events.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

8. Pioneer S BD707t

Four speaker system, which is suitable for both watching movies and listening to music. Technical specifications:

  • total power – 1100 W;
  • resistance – 4 ohms;
  • Type: outdoor.

How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

7. Pioneer DCS-404k

Floor-standing stereo system, including 4 bi-path speakers and one center subwoofer. The package includes a player, remote control and operating manual.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterPioneer DCS-404k [/ caption] Features:

  • total power – 210 W;
  • purpose: karaoke;
  • purpose: 5.1.

6. Pioneer DCS – 424k

This model is a DVD-player designed for karaoke and singing recording. Includes 4 versatile floor-standing speakers, a subwoofer and a center player, and the 5.1 cinema version allows you to watch movies and TV shows in surround sound. Connectors are standard, suitable for any device.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

  • total power – 1000 W;
  • appointment – 5.1;
  • use – karaoke, watching movies.

5. Pioneer DCS – 375k

A standard home theater system with 4 speakers, a subwoofer and one center speaker. The main advantages of this model are as follows:

  • version 5.1;
  • built-in karaoke function + microphone jack;
  • HDMI output;
  • USB port.

How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterReview of the Pioneer VSX-424 home theater av receiver complete with Pioneer S-ESR2TB acoustics:

4. Pioneer DCS – 590k

This model is one of the last presented by the company. The system includes various DVD formats as well as DivX file playback. It has several additional inputs for different devices and supports the karaoke function, connection to Wi-Fi, and also connects to Bluetooth in a remote format. The picture quality is 1080 pixels.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theater

3. Pioneer DCS – 515

The Pioneer DCS – 515 model differs from the previous ones. It includes front speakers, center, rear center and subwoofer (4.1).
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterConnectors for connection:

  • composite video output;
  • SCART;
  • stereo audio output;
  • digital audio input;
  • optic.

The set to the speaker system includes a remote control panel.

2. Pioneer DCS – 395t

This option is a budget novelty of the corporation and consists of 4 secondary speakers, a set-top box and one center speaker. The system is designed for listening to music, karaoke and watching movies in good quality – 1080 pixels.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterSpecifications:

  • total power – 360 W;
  • Appointment – 5.1;
  • Type: outdoor.

1. Pioneer MCS – 838

The floor-standing speaker system for karaoke and watching movies Pioneer MCS – 838 is the latest model that was presented by the company to the electronics market in the home theater section. This equipment includes all the secondary functions that will come in handy for a pleasant and comfortable pastime at a music event or watching a movie.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterTechnical specifications:

  • total power – 1000 W;
  • purpose – movies, karaoke, listening to music;
  • type – floor.

Home theater Pioneer 5.1 XV DV 375K – overview:

Should you buy home theaters from this company?

Some Pioneer home theater models are outdated and will not live up to expectations. However, if you need a 5.1 system for watching movies and listening to music with practical design, high-quality sound, affordable functionality and reasonable cost, pay attention to the new models from this corporation, for example, Pioneer MCS-838. This home theater system has everything for complete ease of use.

How to connect a home theater system to a TV

When connecting to a secondary source, an HDMI cable is used (if the TV supports a Bluetooth connection, find the equipment name in the connection list and connect it to the device remotely).
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterHDMI cinema connectors [/ caption] If there is no wireless connection, connect the cable to the portable speaker, and its other end to the corresponding input on the TV. Adjust all permissions and start using. If you could not figure out the connection, the manufacturer put an instruction manual in the kit, which describes the connection process in detail.
How to choose, configure, connect a modern Pioneer home theaterDiagram of connecting a home theater at home [/ caption] We also recommend our article, which describes in detail how to connect a home theater with your own hands: html

User guide

A user manual for the equipment is included with the purchased home theater system. A small booklet has been translated into several languages ​​and contains all the necessary information about the product.

Possible malfunctions

When purchasing a home theater system, users report the following deviations:

  • sound after playback appears in the speakers after 30 seconds – 5 minutes;
  • after some time of use, a hiss appears in the speakers;
  • the remote control from the equipment is fully functional, except for channel switching.

The world corporation Pioneer is in great demand in the international technology market. They create incredibly unique and innovative high quality appliances. Home theaters that have built-in karaoke functions and speakers also fall into this category
, so they play more than one role. We recommend that you consider this purchase option if you are looking for miniature equipment that will work properly for many years.

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