MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setup


Modern technological solutions allow solving several problems at once with one device. Multifunctional complex CADENA UMK-587 (UMKA among advanced users) is an example of a competent approach to creating a comfortable and technically perfect space.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupThe ability of the device is aimed at combining a computer, satellite receivers, media complexes, set-top boxes, various home automation modules into a common network – to create a smart home. They are included in the group of devices and security systems. Installation of the complex allows you to achieve the main goal – to reduce the cost of servicing all elements of the system. Productivity growth, on the other hand, increases, along with the performance of each device. In order to get the most out of it, it is recommended that you carefully study the technical specifications, take into account the pros and cons of the system. Potential problems and their solutions also need to be considered before purchasing and installing equipment. MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupMultifunctional complex CADENA UMK-587 [/ caption]

What is the Cadena UMK-587 complex, what is the IFC feature

The system is an Android-based media player, a DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television receiver and a burglar alarm unit. Its feature is the wireless connection of sensors. The system is equipped with intelligent safety components. The device uses modern technologies and solutions: Android platform, a powerful receiver for connecting to a TV, UMK with a simple and intuitive interface for all categories of users. The complex allows you to manage:

Directly on the TV screen, the user will be able to use the functionality of such social networks, video hosting and communication programs such as Skype, email, social networks or Youtube. A feature of the complex is not only its versatility, but also its compactness. You can install it in a small apartment or in a country house.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupKadena Umka [/ caption]

What is included in the Cadena UMK-587 system: configuration

The system is based on a computer running on the Android operating system. Additionally, a service unit is installed, which is responsible for alarm and security functions. The configuration includes:

  • Modern and efficient processor Amlogic S805 (memory capacity is 1 GB).
  • Video controller Mali-450MP.
  • Flash drive (memory capacity is 5 GB).

The processor has 4 cores and a frequency of 1.5 GHz. It should be borne in mind that there is no fan as standard. Feature: the system does not overheat even with intensive use.

In order to ensure that performance does not decrease, it is not recommended to block the air supply for natural ventilation.

The system includes a wired network adapter. The kit also comes with a wireless controller. It should be borne in mind that a constant Wi-Fi connection is required for stable and uninterrupted operation. The kit contains a special slot for inserting micro SD memory cards. Additional connectors are for USB 2.0. The configuration assumes that they are used to connect to various input devices or external drives. There is a connector for HDMI. With a wire, you can connect the system to a TV to watch shows and movies in high quality. The DVB-T2 tuner is also used for TV functions. The security unit is equipped with special security sensors. They have high sensitivity and are instantaneous.The configuration assumes the presence of controls and I / O ports. Event notifications are sent to the user. To send messages, you need to connect the system to second generation GSM networks. Operating frequencies – 900/1800/1900 MHz. Internet notifications are not received. You can choose only the form SMS or MMS. A wired internet connection is required to connect the siren. Operation is performed in the 433 MHz range. A wired internet connection is required to connect the siren. Operation is performed in the 433 MHz range. A wired internet connection is required to connect the siren. Operation is performed in the 433 MHz range.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setup Features Cadena UMK-587 [/ caption]

Specifications, appearance of Cadena UMK-587

Before purchasing a system, you must carefully study its technical parameters. They have an impact on stability and performance. The appearance of the device is also important, since the ease of use of the device largely depends on it. Visually, the system is similar to a standard media player or router. The antennas are 22 cm long. The body is made of durable plastic. Black colour. Decorative effect: the front panels are made of glossy material. The rest are matte. The device has a fixture for wall mounting. On the outside there are buttons:

  • Turning on.
  • Call.
  • Menu.
  • Volume control.
  • Changing the channel number.

They are used in digital tuner mode. On the left are:

  • Segment indicator.
  • Receiver of IR signals from the remote control.
  • Status LED.

The signal block is located at the top. It houses 6 differently colored LEDs for easy event recognition. The connectors are located on the sides of the case. External antennas are attached at the back. There are 2 BNC connectors nearby. They are required to connect analog video cameras. Additionally, there is a loop-through port that allows you to connect a standard TV antenna, HDMI input, optical S / PDIF. Other connectors are: composite video, analog stereo audio, network port with indicators, power supply input.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupSmart home Cadena UMK-587 [/ caption] Technical characteristics of the device:

  • RAM – 1 GB.
  • Built-in memory – 8 GB.
  • OS – Android 4.4.
  • Digital tuner – built-in.
  • External antennas – 3 pcs.
  • Wireless data transfer rate – up to 300 Mbps
  • RF modulator – built-in.
  • USB 2.0 – 2 pcs.

Country of origin – China.


The basic configuration includes wireless sensors (2 pcs). They allow you to open windows and doors. The motion sensor is presented (it is larger). The body is made of white plastic. Installation is carried out indoors. There are sensors for indicating the battery charge.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupMotion sensor [/ caption] Siren is compact in size. The declared loudness is 110 dB. A 12 V power supply is required. Material is durable plastic. In order to fix the sensor, you will need special tools (included) or double-sided tape. The siren is connected to the main unit using wired technology. Working range – up to 100 meters in open space. The system includes compact radio controls. Visually, they resemble key chains. There are 4 buttons for control. Operation is indicated by an LED indicator.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupDelivery set of the multifunctional device three in one Cadena UMK-587 [/ caption]


At the end, which is located on the left, there are ports for USB 2.0 (2 pcs), as well as a slot for memory cards in micro SDHC format. Additionally, a service Micro-USB OTG is presented. There is a hidden button to restore system parameters. It is also used to update the firmware. Among the ports are a sound output, a siren mute button, a switch. You can also use the service connector.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setup

Complete set of multifunctional complex Cadena UMK-587

Standard equipment is presented:

  • The system.
  • A set of antennas.
  • Remote control.
  • Sensors.
  • A set of cables.
  • Siren.
  • Keyfobs (arming and disarming).
  • Power Supply.

MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupComplete set Cadena UMK-587 [/ caption] The operating manual is also included in the standard set. Overview of the multifunctional complex Cadena UMK-587 – features, characteristics, connection and configuration of the device:

Connecting and configuring Cadena UMK-587 – instructions in Russian

In order to prepare the Cadena UMK-587 with a set of sensors for work, you need to make the settings. The instruction is as follows:

  • Attach antennas to the body.
  • Connect the device to the TV (3RCA or HDMI cable is used for this purpose).
  • Plug the complex into a power outlet.
  • Make the settings according to the recommendations on the TV screen.

After that, you can start configuring the security unit. For this, the following actions are performed:

  • Switch on the device.
  • Open sensors.
  • Install batteries (included).
  • Install a SIM card into the slot.
  • Go to the menu.
  • Enter the password 000000.
  • Enter SMS and MMS numbers (sent at the user’s request).

MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupNext, you will need to select a sensor to configure. Synchronize it. Action tips will appear on the screen. At the end of the configuration, you will need to add a number for notification (the action is performed in the menu, section – contacts). Additionally, you need to connect microphones and speakers to the system.
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupSafety control unit CADENA UMK-587 [/ caption]
Instructions for connecting the CADENA UMK-587 Complex

Interesting! The mobile phone number is entered in a standard format. For example: +7 (XXX) xxx-xxx-xxx.

Cadena UMK 587 complex with a set of sensors – an overview of the capabilities of a smart home:

Working in a security system scenario

In some cases, the complex is purchased for this very purpose. Indicators are the main element of visual alerts. The first one is GSM. It blinks in case of successful registration in the network or in case of financial blocking (if the account has run out of funds). The second is SMS. It will flash when the user receives a message. Another indicator is PVR. It determines the status of the cameras. Lock LED:

  • Off – no protection.
  • Lit – the security function is activated.
  • Blinking – the building perimeter security function is on.

The Alarm LED turns on every time the sensors are triggered. The SD LED lights up only when a memory card is inserted into the slot. The stand-alone alarm unit supports 2 protection modes. You can choose the option “home” or “perimeter” using the radio remote control. Another option is control from a smartphone in the application (the mobile application does not allow changing modes, only adjusting).
MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupRadio remote control of the CADENA UMK-587 multi-functional complex [/ caption] During the setup process, you can select the actions when the sensor is triggered:

  • Siren sounding.
  • Notification via SMS or MMS.
  • Video / photo recording.
  • Sending photos.

MFC CADENA UMK-587 three in one: overview, connection, setupIt should be borne in mind that the siren will work constantly. It is turned off manually by pressing the “Reset” button on the case. In the case of perimeter security – on the key fob. You can configure the remote access option in the mobile app. Download the application for smart home control on Android through CADENA UMK-587 at the link

Working in an Extender Script

There are several configuration options in the application for this purpose. The digital tuner supports the DVB-T2 standard. This allows standard broadcasting to be played. The preinstalled program is used for work. There is a channel search function, viewing information, recording, pause, parental control. All popular players are installed. There is a YouTube client.

Working in Android

To start this function, you need to turn on the TV and go to a special launcher. Here you can perform various actions, set the date and time.


The Android 4.4.2 firmware version is suitable for the multifunctional complex. It allows you to: configure the security system, view photos and videos, manage the file manager and system settings. You can create a list of applications and use them to speed up interaction with the complex. Download and install the update for CADENA UMK-587 from the link


There is no special cooling in the package. It will need to be installed additionally (optional).

Problems and solutions

The main problem is an error in the process of carrying out the firmware (updating the existing one). In this case, you will need to drop the parameters, select the option that is suitable for the modification. Then repeat the firmware installation process. It is recommended to choose the current version on the official website. If there are problems with the discrepancy between the audio and video streams, then you should reset the settings to the factory settings, then re-search in automatic mode.

Pros and cons

Positive aspects: compactness of the device, a wide range of functions and capabilities, security mode (home, perimeter, 24 hours), a fairly simple setup process. There is a recording option. The design is modern. Cons: the Android version is outdated. There may be problems with updating applications and the security system.

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