Lost channels on a digital set-top box, digital TV freezes – what if there is no signal?

The TV shows 20 digital channels in standard mode, but it happens that even this small number suddenly disappears. Since the channels are free,
broadcast failure can be the result of various factors, but most often it is a problem in the program or in the device receiving the signal. Some problems can be dealt with on your own.

Digital TV does not show due to technological violations or technical work

In most cases, the factors for the disappearance of several channels on a digital set-top box are technological violations associated with signal reception. It also happens that the broadcast of digital television is interrupted due to technical work, which is a mandatory item to maintain the functionality of the system. Before you understand the problem or call the wizard, you should try to search for the missing channels yourself:

  1. Go to the TV in the settings section.
  2. Select first “Automatic settings”, then “Auto search”. The system will try to find channels.
  3. If there is no result, you should try manual search. To do this, select the subsection “Manual configuration”, set the required parameters in it, and then start the process.

How to set up a digital set-top box in manual mode is described in the following video (the only thing, you first need to find on the Internet a plate with frequencies and channel numbers of digital terrestrial television for your city or region): https://youtu.be/hcioy_kAZYQ

After the first try, some, but not all, channels may be found. Then the process must be repeated until each disappeared channel appears.

If the attempts are useless, then you will have to look for the problem more significantly. The channel that disappeared from the digital set-top box could simply be closed. Then it is natural that he is absent from the network. The channel could have been encoded, but this situation can be corrected if desired: you need to purchase a SMART card from the provider. The rest of the reasons for the disruption of digital signal reception and how to eliminate them are given below.

The channels on the digital set-top box are missing due to incorrect encoding of the DRE channel

Sometimes a factor in the disappearance of several channels on a digital set-top box is the mistaken coding of the DRE channel. It appears when the set-top box is disconnected from the network for a long time. You don’t need to configure anything: you just need to turn on the device and leave it in working condition for a couple of hours. This time is enough for synchronization of work. The restored STB will start showing channels again.

No digital TV signal due to lack of digital tuner registration

One of the reasons for the disappearance of several channels at once is the lack of registration of the tuner. Registration is checked on the official website of the provider. If it is not there, then you need to register the prefix: enter the identification number – the numbers on the back of the device case.

End of subscription to services provided by the provider

If the user has not paid for the use of digital television on time, the broadcast is interrupted, and an indication appears on the screen that the channels are paid. The solution to the problem is obvious: you need to pay for the service, and paid channels will appear again. However, a paid status alert may appear on a free channel, which should not. In this case, you need to require an explanation from the provider. The channels may have moved from free to paid status.

The effect of bad weather on the antenna

Digital television often disappears or shows poorly due to unfavorable atmospheric conditions. During thunderstorms, the signal is not transmitted correctly. Gusty wind negatively affects the operation of the
antenna , as a result of which the channels on the digital set-top box are lost in whole or in part.
Bad signal in a thunderstorm

You don’t have to do anything: when the weather returns to normal, the channels will start functioning again. Pull the antenna, do not move it. After the end of the thunderstorm, it is worth checking if the cable connecting the antenna and the set-top box is intact.

No digital TV signal: why and what to do

There may be various factors causing the “No signal” message to appear on the TV screen. To understand the problem, the user should proceed in stages:

  1. Check the condition and stability of each wire connection . It happens that the antenna wires break, bend, oxidize. It is enough to clean the oxidized cable, and the damaged wires must be replaced. Even a slight bend in the cable can cause malfunction of the device.
  2. Make sure that the STB operating menu is shown on the screen . If not, then you need to check the RCA connectors. Often, the outer plates are damaged on them, due to which the signal is interrupted.
  3. Check the digital TV coverage map . Some users buy a set-top box, not knowing that there is no digital connection in their area of ​​residence yet.

Why there is no signal on the digital receiver and no channels are shown: https://youtu.be/eKakAAfQ2EQ Why the digital set-top box shows 10 channels instead of 20 and what to do: https://youtu.be/3kk8rVSYMA4

Incompatible software

In the GS-HD satellite receiver, you need to enter the menu, select the “Restore channel list” option. If the software incompatibility is confirmed, then on the remote you need to find the CHANNEL and TV / RADIO buttons. These buttons must be pressed simultaneously on the console and the remote control, then select the STANDBY command on the remote control.

Antenna settings failure

Half of the channels may be lost if the antenna settings fail. Only a master can cope with this nuisance, so you should call the provider’s office and request a reconfiguration. The connection between the cable and the antenna or set-top box is also weakened. It is necessary to check if the wire is well connected to the LNB IN connector.

Insufficient antenna power

Digital transmission of a signal in a specific region is carried out on the same frequency, that is, the broadcast of the channels is joint. If several channels are missing, then the reason may be inappropriate antenna power. To check your guess, you need to take the remote control and double-click on the “i” icon. The antenna diagnostic process starts. Two bars will appear on the TV screen showing the power level of the device. If the indicator is weak, then you need to move the antenna to get at least 50% power. This will improve the signal and the missing channels will start working. How to test the antenna signal is described in the following video: https://youtu.be/R-IKTeVhGvc

If there is no “i” icon on the remote control, then you need to look in the instructions for the name of the power diagnostic button. It must be, but under a different name.

When choosing an antenna in a store, you need to take into account how far from the place of residence is the TV tower:

  • if the distance is up to 2 km, then it is enough to buy a simple home antenna;
  • if the distance reaches 30 km, then the device is purchased complete with a signal amplifier ;
  • distance up to 70 km – an external antenna supplemented with an amplifier is required.

The power of the amplifier also needs to be considered. You should not take a device that is too powerful – it may not improve, but weaken the signal.

How to
make an antenna for digital TV is described in our other article. Perhaps it will be useful to you.

The TV does not find digital channels due to damage to the set-top box

The attachment must be carried to the repair shop if:

  • information about it is not shown on the TV, but the RCA connectors are definitely working;
  • the configured device reboots itself;
  • When searching for a channel, the received signal quality information is not shown, but the antenna is tuned.


Damage to the TV

If the TV does not turn on at all, then the problem may be serious, requiring expensive repairs. But you should not rush to the service center – first you should try to fix the situation yourself. Perhaps the reason for the non-working state of the TV is not scary. You need to act in stages:

  1. Check if the cable is plugged into a power outlet and if there is electricity in the room . Children or pets may disconnect the cable inadvertently when playing at home.
  2. Make sure the remote control batteries are charged . Change them if necessary.
  3. Check if the surface of the console , at which the remote control is aimed , is not obstructed by anything .
  4. Check the operation of the remote control . On the TV off, a small light should be on, indicating that the equipment is working. If the light does not go out, but you cannot turn on the TV, then the remote control is faulty.
  5. Make sure that the equipment is working in the correct mode . If the user accidentally pressed the wrong buttons, turned on the wrong mode, entered through the software interface, then the screen of the working TV will be black. You need to return to the correct mode. If you cannot correct the error on your own, you will have to contact the master.
  6. Take the TV to a workshop if damaged during a thunderstorm . In this case, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs on your own.

Most often, the channels on the set-top box disappear due to erroneous actions of the users themselves, ignorance of the digital television coverage area. You should not fix a serious problem yourself, so as not to make it worse, it is better to contact a qualified technician.

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