Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmware


Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection and setup, media player firmware, possible problems. As the name suggests, the Rombica Smart Box 4k allows you to watch high-definition videos. The device can realize all the desires regarding the organization of a comfortable space for a calm and cozy evening in front of the TV. The set-top box is capable of not only playing terrestrial, cable, streaming or satellite channels, but also interacting with Internet sites and various web services that the user needs for entertainment, recreation or work.
Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmwareEach user, regardless of age, will be able to find something interesting for themselves in this compact, but at the same time productive and functional media player. That is why it is popular among those who want to diversify the usual features of their TV, turn it into a full-fledged smart or advanced and functional home theater without the need to purchase various elements responsible for high-quality sound and image.

What kind of prefix, what is its main feature

Compact in size, the Rombica Smart Box 4k set-top box combines all the best modern technical trends that allow you to improve the process of watching TV. This device has an extended list of available features and options. They can be used not only to improve the existing quality of live broadcasts of on-air channels, but also to expand the list of functions available for use that were not originally included in the TV. The multifunctional player offers the following options for entertainment and relaxation:

  1. Watch videos in high definition, respectively, up to 4K.
  2. You can use a function that allows you to automatically select channels from a list.
  3. Available playback and support for audio, video formats (including obsolete and rarely used) and images, which include photos or pictures downloaded from the Internet.
  4. 3D in video including streaming
  5. Opening videos and images in any format known today.
  6. Play video stream from the Internet.
  7. The Play Market is among the existing applications and all its features are available to the user.

Implemented support for services and websites of online cinemas – this is a feature of the entire series of set-top boxes of this brand. You can use external hard drives as an addition, connect USB drives or flash cards in order to expand the free space or reproduce the information stored on them.

Specifications, appearance of media player Rombica Smart Box 4k

The device allows the owner to use the capabilities of the Android operating system. Main set of specifications:

  1. 1-4 GB of RAM .
  2. Powerful graphics processor , which is able to make the shades bright and the colors rich. Installed on the console is a modern fast and powerful processor with 4 cores. It is responsible for smooth and uninterrupted operation, stable performance when working on the Internet, with various services, including online.
  3. The internal memory here is 8-32 GB (it all depends on the chosen model with 4K support). It can be expanded if necessary. Up to 32 GB is supported (this is done using a flash card). Temporary expansion of free space is achieved by connecting external drives.

Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmware


The set-top box has the following types of ports and interfaces:

  • Built-in WiFi.
  • Analog AV.
  • HDMI – used to connect the device to older TVs.
  • 3.5mm output for audio/video.

Also presented are USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, a slot for connecting micro SD memory cards (the volume is also selected depending on the model).

Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmware
Ports of Rombica Smart Box 4k


The pre-assembled prefix is ​​included in the package of delivery. There is the necessary documentation for it, which is the instruction manual with a detailed description and nuances of use, a coupon for warranty service and repair. There is also a power supply that is needed to connect the device to a power outlet. The standard set also includes a remote control, and an HDMI cable is immediately included in the box. Batteries are not always supplied. They will need to be installed additionally.
Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmware

Connecting and configuring the Rombica Smart Box 4k

Setting up a smart set-top box is carried out by the device itself and proceeds 90% automatically. The user will only need to interact with the set-top box at the initial stage using the remote control or in manual mode. First of all, you need to connect all the necessary wires. The next step is to connect the power supply and plug the console directly into the outlet. After that, you can turn on the TV. It remains only to wait until the page with the main menu is loaded.

Rombica Smart Box 4k: specifications, connection, firmware
Connecting the media player Rombica Smart Box
Navigating through the menu is easy with the help of convenient division into items. You can control the process using the remote control. At the very beginning, to facilitate further interaction, it is recommended to select and set the language, region, as well as the date and time. Further, built-in online cinemas, applications and programs in the Android operating system store – Play Market become available to the user. They will need to be downloaded and then installed on the device. The search for channels available for viewing is also performed from the main menu. At the last stage, you just need to confirm and save all the changes made. After that, the device and all its functions can be used.


The version of the operating system Android 9.0 is installed (less often the factory version is installed – 7.0). As new versions are released or updates are released, new assemblies will be available for installation on the device through the media player menu.

Model cooling

The cooling elements are already built into the case. The type of cooling system is passive. The user does not need to purchase anything additionally. You can also install the set-top box closer to the window so that it receives passive cooling. This is especially important in the warm season. It is not recommended to install the device near heating devices, including batteries.

Problems during operation and their solution

The Rhombic 4K set-top box works fast enough, opens all types of files, interacts with the most modern video and sound formats, but sometimes users have problems during operation. The most common of these is freezing and braking. There is a problem when playing video or audio, when watching channels – there is a slowdown. This can be encountered, for example, when a user launches several applications at once, opens channels and applications at the same time, performs several functions at once, or uses the maximum number of additional options. Solution: you need to reduce the load, restart the set-top box. Users may also experience:

  1. The sound or image disappears on the TV screen (or PC monitor, depending on what the device is connected to) – you need to check the quality of the wires, whether the cables that are responsible for the functions of transmitting audio and video signals are tightly connected.
  2. The remote control starts to work poorly – this is expressed in the fact that the response from the moment of the command to operation takes up to several seconds – the batteries need to be replaced. You need to do this about 1 time per year, so there will be no difficulties with servicing the remote control.
  3. Interference appears in the sound – you need to check whether the wires are securely fastened.
  4. The prefix does not turn on or does not turn off for a long time after a session . In this case, you need to make sure that it is connected to a power source, that the cords are not damaged.
  5. Overheating occurs – you need to check the performance of the built-in cooling or move the set-top box away from the battery. It is also impossible to cover the device from above, as ventilation will noticeably worsen. Problems in this regard can cause freezing or braking during operation.

Rombica Smart Box Ultimate 4K Media Player: If downloaded or recorded files cannot be played, the problem may be that they are damaged. The set-top box has undoubted advantages, which are indicated by all users, including functionality, affordable price even for the most powerful models, compactness and build quality of the case, nice design that meets modern needs. Cons: insufficient space that can be used for files, without connecting external drives. Sometimes the operating system freezes during prolonged use.

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