Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media Player

Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box allows you to seriously expand the capabilities of a conventional TV, bringing it as close as possible to the most modern Smart models. Now manufacturers produce
many types of such devices and therefore each user can choose a set-top box with certain parameters. Among the most popular and functional models, many experts especially highlight the MediBox Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV. Such a set-top box has advanced functionality and an affordable price, which makes it extremely popular with buyers. Let’s consider the features and advantages of this model.
Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media Player

What is the Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV set-top box

The Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV set-top box is one of the budget types of similar devices running on Android 10.0 OS. The developers have provided this model with a quad-core Allwinner H616 processor, 64 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM. The device can work with all wireless communication formats, as well as H.265 video codec. Thanks to this, the user will not have problems playing content (including the most modern).

Exterior design and technical parameters

The Transpeed 6k has a standard design for this type of device. A body with smooth curves on which the “Transpeed 6K Ultra HD” logo is spelled out in large letters. The front part of the attachment is made of high quality plastic. There are very few ventilation holes in the attachment and there are four rubberized feet on the bottom. The ports, like most models, are located on the sides of the case. Its low weight makes it easy to transport the attachment if necessary.
Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media PlayerThe technical parameters of the device are as follows

  1. Model. T98.
  2. Type of set-top box working with Android OS.
  3. Operating system version. Transpeed Android 10.
  4. Processor quad-core Allwinner H616 1.4-1.8GHz, Cortex-A53.
  5. There is an option for 2 and 4 GB of RAM.
  6. The set-top box can have 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory.
  7. The system can use the following video formats:
  • HEVC;
  • H.265;
  • VOB;
  • RMVB;
  • MPG;
  • DAT;
  • ASF;
  • FLV;
  • MP4;
  • MOV;
  • RM as well as others.

The set-top box supports the following types of audio formats:

  • DTS;
  • FLAC;
  • APE;
  • AAC;
  • MP3.

Supports these types of photo formats:

  • TIFF;
  • PNG;
  • GIF;
  • BMP;
  • JPEG.

And also Transpeed 6K Ultra HD has the following features:

  1. The system allows you to apply HDR.
  2. There is a decoding function for formats from 4K 60fps up to 8K 24fps.
  3. Function to read filesystems:
    1. NTFS;
    2. FAT32;
    3. FAT16.
  4. The device supports TF cards up to 32GB.
  5. Availability of wireless technology Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n / AC).

Thus, the model meets all modern standards, provides a high-quality image and many other functions.

Interface and ports

The developers have provided the Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV set-top box model for Smart TV with a simple, convenient and functional interface. Menu sections include items such as:

  • settings;
  • applications;
  • games;
  • music;
  • serials;
  • children.

Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media PlayerTranspeed 6K interface and ports [/ caption] With the help of the remote control the user can easily select the section he needs and use it. Also, for efficient operation of the set-top box and to expand the list of its capabilities, the model has the following port options on the case: Power, OTG, TF, RJ45, AV. For connecting additional equipment.


Transpeed H6K Ultra HD TV Media Player set-top box includes the following components:

  • Smart TV set-top box.
  • Remote control (there are voice-assisted control systems).
  • Power supply type 5V / 2A.
  • HDMI cable for connection.

Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media PlayerAlso in the package there may be a joystick for games with a built-in keyboard. If it is not there, if desired, the user can order it separately.

How to connect and configure Medibox Transpeed 6K Ultra HD

Smart TV box Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Player can be connected in all known ways, including using:

  • wireless image transmission functions;
  • via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • in the traditional way via hdmi cable.
  • the set-top box can also read information and content from TF cards.

Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media PlayerAfter turning on the set-top box, the user is greeted with an image of the main page, where the main and additional menus are located. With its help, you can make the necessary settings, as well as download special software. If the device has an Air Mouse then the first step is to pair it with the set-top box using a USB transmitter. This is necessary to ensure the correct operation of the equipment.
Review of Transpeed 6K Ultra HD TV Box Media PlayerThe Air Mouse remote control is included in some offers [/ caption] Such a remote control allows you to operate the attachment both by the traditional method (by pressing buttons) and by using the function voice control. The set-top box setup procedure is divided into three parts.

  1. Localization . At this stage, using the “Settings” section in the menu, the user must set the time zone and select the language.
  2. Install applications . Most of the programs that ensure the normal operation of the set-top box can be installed using the Google play store or downloaded from a flash card.
  3. Linking your Google account to a set-top box running Android 10.0 OS. This is the only way to ensure the full functioning of the set-top box.

Transpeed 6k box – overview, connection and setup of Ultra HD TV Box Media Player:

Transpeed 6K Firmware

The firmware for this set-top box allows you to expand the functionality of the device. To install it, the user must download the archive with the program, after which the following steps must be performed.

  1. Unpack the archive and install it.
  2. Next, open the program and click the “Import Firmware” button
  3. The next step is to transfer the program to the screensaver menu using a USB cable.

Firmware with root rights to Transpeed 6k ultra HD:


A serious disadvantage of the Transpeed 6K Ultra is a poorly thought-out ventilation system. This leads to the fact that the device overheats during prolonged use. The solution to the problem can be the installation of small portable coolers. However, this is a significant drawback of this device.

Problems and solutions

The main disadvantage of the console should be considered overheating under heavy loads.


The positive qualities of the device should be attributed.

  1. Attractive cost.
  2. Wide functionality.
  3. The possibility of tuning.

User reviews of the device indicate its reliability and high build quality. In conclusion, it must be said that the Transpeed 6K Ultra HD set-top box is a device that allows you to give a standard TV a large number of possibilities at an affordable price.

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  1. Aucouturier

    Disney plus incompatible de la Transpeed 6k android tv

    La dernière version disney-2-4-2-rc2.apk s’installe correctement sur la box transpeed 6k android tv (transpeed-H616) mais la touche “play” est inactive et ne permet pas de regarder le film sélectionné. A noter que Disney+ a fonctionné sur cette box jusqu’à cette nouvelle version. :twisted: :twisted:

  2. Radagast, o Castanho

    Essa TV Box cumpre o papel básico mas, como falou o colega acima, não tem Disney +.

    Outro problema que vejo é que, embora o hardware suporte aplicações de 64bits, o sistema Android usado é de 32bits. O Google já deixou claro que vai abandonar sistemas de 32bits, então…

    Estou enfrentando problema com o microfone de dispositivos Bluetooth e isso tanto no air mouse quanto em headsets. Simplesmente não reconhece o que esta sendo dito.

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