Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructions


Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1 – connection, configuration, firmware and operating problems. Stylish, modern and convenient, in operation media set-top box designed for watching movies, streaming video from the Internet or regular broadcasting channels – Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1. The prefix is ​​made of modern materials, meets all the requirements of the market, allows you to interact with all kinds of technologies in the field of entertainment. You can watch programs on your favorite channels or a movie bought from an online cinema or downloaded from the Internet. The device is also capable of interacting with streaming services, making a simple set-top box a multifunctional addition to a standard TV.

Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructions
The Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1 comes preloaded with a large number of streaming streaming services.

What is the Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1, what is its feature

The set-top box is a modern development that is designed to combine the capabilities of the Internet, the entertainment industry of mobile applications and conventional streaming TV in one case. The model is able not only to improve the quality of the sound stream and broadcasting of on-air channels, to make the image as a whole and its individual elements more saturated, but also to significantly expand the functionality associated with watching videos on video hosting. Features of the device are in its optional set:

  1. Support for 4K image resolution for streaming and Internet broadcasting.
  2. Support for stable 60 frames when watching videos on the Internet.
  3. Dynamic backlight and control it using the remote control, or in manual mode.
  4. Work with all available types of files.
  5. Possibility of editing.
  6. Broadcast from mobile devices directly to the TV screen. The device supports Miracast and AirPlay technologies .

Since the operating system in the media player is Android, the user can use all its advantages, including installing and downloading applications from the official store. In this case, we can say that programs and games will work stably, applications will open and reproduce all the declared functions. 3D special effects are also supported on this device.
Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructions

Specifications and appearance of the Smart Box X1 device

The set-top box runs on the Android 9.0 operating system (the ability to upgrade to more current versions is supported). The data transfer rate reaches 100 Mbps. RAM is represented by 2 GB. There is 16 GB of internal memory here, which is quite enough for watching or recording your favorite programs. There are wireless data transmission systems. For the production of the device, durable black plastic is used with backlight elements on the top side of the device.

Ports and interfaces present in the model

The set-top box has the following types of ports and interfaces:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • HDMI input.
  • LAN (RJ-45).
  • 3.5mm audio/video output.
  • The output is optical.

Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructionsThere is a connector for connecting to the device memory cards that have the microSD format. You can also connect the Internet in a wired way – using a standard cable.

Kit contents

The package includes a prefix, a remote control for it. An HDMI cable is also included, you don’t need to buy it separately. Instructions and warranty are included in the box with the device. The kit also includes a power supply. Batteries for the remote control may not be included.
Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructions

Connecting and configuring Rombica Smart Box X1

To get started, you need to connect the device to the TV. Also connect the wires to the power supply. Then the TV turns on. For safety reasons, all work must be carried out in good weather, when there is no thunderstorm or heavy precipitation. The first activation may take up to 1 minute. After that, the main menu of the device will be displayed on the screen. Here the name of the home Internet network is indicated, the date and time are displayed, a list of favorite channels is displayed. The following steps are aimed at installing the application. To do this, you must first download it from the official Android OS store, then click on install. After that, the functionality can be used and you can proceed to the settings of options and features. The main work will be done through the main menu. Here you can select and install TV channels, both terrestrial and satellite, choose suitable online cinemas. At the end, you will need to confirm all the changes made. Then you can use the console to view.

Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructions
Rombica Smart Box can be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or a cord[/ caption]


The factory setting suggests using Android 9.0 OS. The installed version can be upgraded if necessary if a new firmware version is released by the time of purchase.


Built-in type, passive.

Problems and solutions

The Rombica Smart Box X1 has the following problems during operation:

  1. Hanging during operation or slowdown during playback (less often while watching a video online) – the problem occurs when the user launches several applications at once, heavy programs, does not close those that are running in the background, or uses the maximum number of additional functions. Solution: it is required to reduce the load (close those programs that are not in demand at the moment) on the device.
  2. The image disappears or its quality decreases – you need to check whether the cables responsible for video transmission are tightly connected.
  3. There is no sound – the solution is similar to the previous one.
  4. The set-top box does not turn on – a possible solution: check the connection to the outlet or power supply. You also need to check all the cords for damage.

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Overview of the media player Ultra HD 4K Rombica Smart Box X1: specifications, instructionsImage quality may drop, but in general it is of excellent quality in Rombica Smart Box X1 Ultra HD 4K

If downloaded or recorded files do not play, then the problem may be that they are damaged. The best Smart TV boxes for TVs, rating 2022: https://youtu.be/V9HCcw3NSaQ Ease of device management and support for all video, image, document and audio formats. Among the minuses, many note a small amount of RAM and built-in memory for files, the operating system freezes during prolonged use.

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