Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice


Wi-Fi set-top box for TV – features, connection, choice of Wi-Fi receivers. Smart Wi-Fi set-top box is the best alternative for a rather expensive modern TV with built-in Internet. At the moment, modern technology allows not only to enjoy a high-quality picture, but also to access the Internet, install various
applications , and also store all the necessary files on the TV. And in order for the user to be able to carry out all these actions, he only needs to connect the Wi-Fi set-top box to an existing TV.
Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choiceIncreasingly, users opt for TVs with the Internet, or after purchase they buy a set-top box with Wi-Fi. This mostly happens due to several reasons. So, when watching a regular TV, the user does not have the opportunity to pause the program, rewind and do other elementary multimedia functions. Although, having bought the simplest and cheapest Wi-Fi set-top box, these and other functions will always be available. Despite the fact that it is quite simple to choose and connect a “smart” Wi-Fi set-top box, since there are not only a fairly large number of them, but their cost is much less than that of smart TVs with built-in Internet. Typically, these consoles are equipped with an operating system, which makes them look like a computer. Wi-Fi set-top boxes, in their case, receive an HD signal and transmit it to the TV receiver. It is according to this scheme that an ordinary TV gets access to the Internet, while turning into a convenient and modern gadget.

Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice
A smart set-top box turns even an old TV into a multimedia center [/ caption] If the user doubts whether his TV will fit the set-top box, then it must be said that the type and brand of the TV have absolutely no effect on the ability to work with content. To broadcast Wi-Fi, the receiver only needs a high-quality TV screen to use its full potential. And it is the Internet set-top box that should take care of the rest of the work. All Wi-Fi set-top boxes can be released in two forms.

TV sticks

TV sticks, which are shaped like flash drives. This type of Wi-Fi set-top box is considered an economical option. But, I must say that they are also distinguished by their reliability and quality. Also, one of the disadvantages of this device is that it has rather modest dimensions, which greatly simplifies the functionality and limits the capabilities of the device. Also, due to the small dimensions, this device does not have at least any cooling device, and this can lead to a reduction in the life of the set-top box and freezes and failures when used on the verge of possibility. [caption id="attachment_7320" align="aligncenter" width="877"]
Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choiceXiaomi Mi TV Stick

TV boxes

Another type of Wi-Fi set-top boxes are TV boxes, which look very similar to routers. This set-top box is slightly different in price from TV-sticks in a big way, but unlike them, it is equipped with a full-fledged processor, cooling system, control panel and other additional features that allow you to use the entire functionality of the device. The TV box is aimed precisely at long-term operation without malfunctions. Also, this device makes it possible to connect video cameras, flash drives, computer mice, keyboards, and so on. Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice

Wi-Fi set-top box features

This type of equipment allows you to turn an ordinary TV into a digital device with the basic functions of a personal computer or a smart smart TV. Here are a few things that a Wi-Fi set-top box can do when connected to a TV:

  1. When it is connected, the user is provided with access to watching digital television with a fairly large number of possible channels. And also there is a function of rewinding, stopping and recording TV programs.
  2. Internet access appears , which means that you can now enjoy all the relevant privileges and functions.
  3. With the help of the Internet, you can install many different programs on your TV , including social networks. And with their help you can communicate via messenger with friends.
  4. It also becomes possible to download and store files of various formats , as well as install games on the TV itself.
  5. You can start using many applications on the TV , such as: weather forecast, karaoke and so on.
  6. You can access to watch movies and series in high definition in the recording of online cinemas or in real time.

Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choiceIn terms of functionality, such a smart TV set-top box can become a good competitor for a laptop or personal computer with an HDMI input. But, unlike them, a Wi-Fi set-top box is much cheaper and more convenient to use. Also, unlike a TV with built-in Internet, a Wi-Fi set-top box is not only cheaper, but it does not differ at all in terms of capabilities, sound quality, picture resolution, and so on. Also, users of the media set-top box do not have to worry about the subscription fee, since it is not there, which frees them from encountering restrictions on access to third-party content.

Wi-fi standards that are used in modern set-top boxes

During the existence of Wi-Fi set-top boxes, a fairly large number of standards have appeared that are used on tablets, mobile phones and other equipment. Here is some of them:


This standard is considered the very first and therefore does not have any letter designations. It transmitted information at a speed of 1 Mbit / s, which is considered very small by real standards. At that time, these innovations were few noticed and appreciated, since it was not popular. But, despite all the difficulties, he began to develop and increase the power of the data transmission module. Not used in attachments.

WiFi 802.11a

In this standard, newer modern characteristics are applied. The main difference was that the data transfer rate increased to 54 Mbps. But because of this, the first problems appeared. The technology that was used before simply could not support this standard. And manufacturers had to install a dual transceiver. However, it was not entirely profitable and compact.

WiFi 802.11b

In this standard, engineers managed to reach a frequency of 2.4 GHz and at the same time maintain a high data transfer rate. These updates to the standard became much more popular than the first, as it was more convenient and practical. One of the standards supported by modern consoles.

WiFi 802.11g

This update also became popular. Since the engineers managed to stay at the previous operating frequency, but at the same time increase the speed of sending and receiving data up to 54 Mbps. Used in attachments.

WiFi 802.11n

This update of the standard is considered the most voluminous and large-scale, a lot of work has been done. It was just in time, since at that time smartphones had learned to display the necessary web content in a quality manner. The changes included – an increase in the frequency to 5 GHz, despite the fact that 2.4 GHz support also remained and a significant increase in the speed of sending and receiving data. According to calculations, it was possible to achieve speeds up to 600 Mbps. This standard is actively used now, but netizens have noticed several rather important shortcomings. Firstly, there is no support for more than two channels, and in public places, due to the abundance of channels, they begin to overlap and cause interference.

WiFi 802.11ac

This standard is currently widely used. It also, like the previous one, operates at a frequency of 5 GHz. However, it has almost ten times the speed of sending and receiving data, and it can also support more than 8 channels simultaneously without any failures. It is because of this that the data rate is 6.93 Gbps.

Connecting a wi-fi set-top box

Of course, when buying a WI-FI set-top box, the consultant is obliged to tell absolutely everything about how to install it, use it and what problems may arise. But there are some steps that are the same for all receivers:

  1. Unplug the TV and make sure no other set-top box is connected to it.
  2. If the user has a TV stick, then you just need to plug it into the desired USB port. But if this is a TV box, then with the help of a cable you need to connect the ports of the TV and smart set-top boxes.
  3. Plug in the network cable and plug it into the network. Turn on the TV.
  4. In order to select the signal source on the TV, you need to find and press the SOURSE button on the remote control, it is usually located in the upper right corner. After selecting the correct source, the smart set-top box interface should turn on on the TV monitor.
Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice
How to connect a set-top box to a TV – connection diagram

Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Set-Top Boxes – Editor’s Choice

Invin IPC002

  • Inexpensive WI-FI set-top box, which is characterized by ease of use and compact size.
  • Works on the Android operating system.
  • High performance provides a fairly powerful processor.
  • The RAM is 1 GB, which is enough for fast and convenient work.
  • Built-in memory is only 8 GB, but this is enough for downloading movies and storing files.
  • In order to save a large file, several different connectors were provided, including for a memory card.
  • You can use various applications: YouTube, Skype and so on.
  • Management can be carried out by remote control or keyboard.

Google Chromecast 2018

  • Distinguished by its incredibly compact size.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Works only with the help of the phone, that is, it is not an independent device.
  • Supports both Android and IOS phones.
  • There are two color options available (black and white).
  • No permission setting when connecting.

Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice

Harper ABX-110

  • Pretty compact device.
  • Suitable for absolutely all TV models, while expanding their capabilities.
  • Works on the Android operating system.
  • It has high image quality, the ability to download applications, can act as a game console, and also replace a wireless router.
  • The RAM is 1 GB, which is enough for fast and convenient work.
  • Built-in memory is only 8 GB, but this is enough for downloading movies and storing files.
  • In order to download larger files, there are several different connectors, including a memory card.
  • In addition to the Wi-Fi set-top box, you can connect various devices that will facilitate management. For example: computer mouse, keyboard, headphones, microphone and so on.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

  • RAM is 2 GB, which further speeds up the receiver.
  • There is a four-core processor.
  • Built-in memory is only 8 GB, but this is enough for downloading movies and storing files.
  • The Wi-Fi set-top box comes with a remote control that connects to the receiver using Bluethooth.
  • The remote has many control buttons, all of which are in a convenient location. With these buttons, you can quickly launch various programs, control videos, or use the Google Assistant.
  • It is possible to give commands by voice.
  • This Wi-Fi box supports absolutely all functions. For example: chatting in social networks, accessing the Internet, watching videos, listening to audio, downloading programs, storing files, you can play games online and so on.

Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice

Rombica Smart Box 4K

  • The presence of a control function from a smartphone.
  • Built-in online services that are clients of all popular social networks.
  • Powerful quad-core processor that provides fast and high-quality performance.
  • Support for many cloud services.
  • RAM is 1024 MB.
  • There are various slots, including for a memory card.
  • Simple and clear interface.

Wi-Fi set-top box for TV: features, connection, choice

How to choose a Wi-Fi set-top box

In order to choose what exactly you need, you need to consider several criteria. Here are some of them:

  1. Number of USB ports . It is important to remember that with their help you can connect various devices to the Wi-Fi set-top box to expand its functionality. And this means that the more there are, the better it is.
  2. RAM should not be less than 1 Gb . It is imperative to pay attention to this, since the quality of work depends on it.
  3. The amount of processor power . Depending on how the Wi-Fi set-top box will be used, you need to choose a device with a modern processor from 4 to 8 cores. This is also an important criterion, since the quality of work depends on it.

How to choose a digital set-top box for your TV: https://youtu.be/M8ZLRE8S0kg Choosing the right device is the main criterion for being satisfied with the operation of the gadget. To choose the most suitable option, first of all, you need to be based on your expected result and your needs. That is, determine for yourself why it will be needed at all. Since for more complex actions it is recommended to take a more expensive option, which will be much more functional and last longer. If a Wi-Fi user needs a set-top box only to watch movies sometimes, you can get by with budget options. Since in any case, the Wi-Fi set-top box will perform its main function – this is the ability to access the Internet. Wi-Fi set-top box provides access to the Internet, and also allows you to download and run various movies and series, store files, install applications and games, chat with friends, and so on. That is why, at the moment, a Wi-Fi set-top box is a rather useful device if you have an old TV without a built-in smart TV.

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