Gobo projector features, connection and setup

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A gobo is a glass or metal image projection device that can be customized to display logos, messages, or other outdoor advertising images, for example. A gobo projector is required to display image projection. This technology can be used for a variety of applications, such as displaying a company logo or a large format Christmas greeting on the outside wall of a company building. The gobo is used in store signs, projecting arrows on the ground, or a message on the street warning of pickpockets, or wishing customers a good day. The companies supply not only gobo projectors, but also standard and custom gobos.

Gobo projector features, connection and setup
Projection track with gobos
The projectors are fully customizable so they can be used for any project anywhere. For example, you can make the projection dynamic with the animation wheel, or switch between multiple gobos with the rotating part of the projector’s gobo. The gobo light projector uses saved objects, store-bought lighting parts, and custom-made fixtures. You can order online or make your own gobos that are inserted into this machine to project illuminated images of various sizes. There are specially designed gobo projectors made from clouds and grassy fields so that they are indistinguishable from the real ones. This sculptural light assembly is decorative and interactive.

Factors/Criteria for Choosing the Right Projector (Buy or Rent)

The more information you provide about your gobo projector’s future application to your OEM, the easier it will be to suggest the best match for your projector. In special, difficult circumstances, a preliminary test run with a demo/rental device is recommended. As experienced projection solution specialists, the specialists of the profile company will offer the best option. The main purpose of the gobo that you need:

  • Watching videos and movies (DVD/Blu-ray, etc.).
  • Presentations (Powerpoint, computer content, etc..
  • Universal application, mixed videos, presentations.
  • Applications with interactive features (pen, gesture/touch control).
  • Special applications (simulators, museums, projections of buildings, video art, etc.).

Opening hours; how often does the projector run? From time to time, often, about hours/day/week/year

Brightness in projection area

The projector without shading can be used in bright daylight. Daylight with the possibility of shading/blackout (blinds, sun protection, etc.). Artificial lighting (office, hall, meeting room). A room with good options for dimming during projection (such as a movie screening, etc.). Open-air cinema (in the open air), the beginning of the projection at dusk. Special lighting conditions.


High resolution (4K+) for demanding users and large home theaters, for special applications. High resolution (WUXGA /Full HD) for optimal display of videos, photos, presentations, etc. Medium resolution (WXGA) for proper display of videos, presentations, etc. Small resolution (XGA) for budget projects where high light output is desired and a resolution compromise is possible. Application dependent resolution (displays, special formats, simulators, etc.).

Gobo projector features, connection and setup
Gobo projection

Distances and projection areas

What is the projection surface? foil/fabric, wall, solid material, etc.

Screen width and height

Distance to the screen (min./max.). Vertical/horizontal offset to the center of the projection surface.

Mounting options, types of protrusions

Projector in front of the screen (frontal projection). The projector is behind the screen (rear projection), so the projector is not in front of the screen in the auditorium. Ceiling mounting, ideally at the height of the top edge of the projection surface, otherwise offset can be compensated by lens shift. Placement from the ground (tripod, pedestal, table), etc. Special mounting options, brackets, lifters, weather protection, etc.

Wiring, connection options

Normal connection of HDMI devices at a short distance from the projector. Connect devices over medium distances (up to 20 m) via HDMI. Connect devices over long distances (from 20m) via extension cable (HDBaseT, SDI, etc.) Multiple/various connection options with connection panel (HDMI, DVI, DP, VGA, etc.). Wireless (wireless) HDMI connection (up to 25 m). Switching between different signal sources (switch). Orientation of the video broadcast (switches, players, control monitor, etc.).
Gobo projector features, connection and setup

Other special requirements

Dimensions, weight (mobile/portable, compact, etc.). Color (white, black, etc.). Working volume (fan noise level). Other customer requests and requirements.

Connecting and setting up a Gobo projector

The customer installs and configures the device on his own, if he has the appropriate knowledge. The connection is made if the customer has devices installed by an electrician or a specialized service. Delivery, assembly, installation of all devices is carried out according to the requirements of the customer (connection is carried out by electricians) Do you want to create a truly special festive atmosphere in the open air? Gobo projectors are ideal for creating atmospheric lighting effects on the walls and facades of houses and churches and other surfaces. Gobos for professional projectors are made of dichroic glass. This type of lens refracts light exponentially and the image changes depending on the viewing angle, creating a stunning rainbow rainbow effect. There is a wide range of gobos for outdoor projectors.
Gobo projector features, connection and setupWhat is Gobo Projector and how to use Gobo Projector: https://youtu.be/4S-5ZBHQ9LQ Various colors and sizes are available to choose from. In addition, gobos are available in various diameters for proper use in different conditions. Finish the holiday installation with colorful light shows and surprise everyone present.

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