Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best models

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Modern television users prefer a short throw projector instead of the standard “box2”. What are the characteristics of his work? And also how is it different from a regular projector? This and much more will be discussed in this article.
Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best models

What is a short throw projector and how does it work?

As a result of the fact that a short-throw projector has special lenses and mirrors that allow you to create a large image and display it on the screen, being only a few centimeters from the wall, such a device received this name.

Note! Traditional projectors need to be installed at a distance of several meters, while short-throw ones can be placed close to the wall.

Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best modelsThese projectors are often used in most residential areas where people want to get away from watching movies and TV shows. In addition, besides being easy to install, small in size, these projectors do not have to be attached to the wall using brackets. It is enough to have a small bedside table or chest of drawers. Just be prepared for the rather high cost of such short-throw projectors. Most short throw projectors use DLP technology as well as classic lamps. More expensive projectors have lasers, LED lamps and LCD, LCoS technologies.
Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best modelsThere are two types of DLP [/ caption] Therefore, when buying a projector, it is important to understand that a conventional lamp gives a brighter image, but over time it may begin to darken and fail more often. In addition, they are able to reach maximum power not immediately after switching on, but after 1-2 minutes. At the same time, the laser and LEDs are durable. They are not able to generate a lot of heat, and also do not require the installation of special cooling systems.

The difference between short throw projectors and conventional ones

Short throw projectors were designed specifically for use in small spaces. The main feature is the ability to give full-size pictures at a short distance. This is achieved through the use of a non-standard optical solution, when the focal length begins to shrink to half a meter. The quality of the picture will not change for the worse. In addition, short throw projectors are installed at a fairly close distance from the screen. With a small distance from the wall, you minimize the shadow on the picture, therefore avoiding bright light in your eyes. Among the key differences between a short throw projector and a conventional one are:

  • possible close installation to the wall;
  • the ability to refuse the use of long cables;
  • ease of installation;
  • the absence of a shadow.

By the way, if you do not know how much the purchase of a short-throw projector will cost you, then you can calculate it yourself. To do this, just go to the website of many large manufacturers of short-throw projectors, for example, Acer and enter all your parameters (distance to the screen, as well as its preferred size). The calculator itself will calculate the cost and offer options. As a result, the difference between short throw and standard models of projectors is quite noticeable also because the first option has a special projection ratio. They have a maximum distance to the wall and the width of the wall itself will vary from 0.5 to 1.5 meters.
Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best models

Pros and cons of short throw projectors

Among the advantages of installing short-throw projector models at home, we can distinguish:

  • higher image brightness even if the room is well lit;
  • the ability to watch matches, sports competitions, movies on a large screen in more than 100 inches.
  • with specially installed software, the user has the ability to watch up to four games and competitions at the same time.

But, like any device, short throw projectors have a number of disadvantages:

  1. Contrast and display quality of dark pictures. As a result, you will not be able to watch movies with dark scenes in great detail.
  2. Lower image quality than conventional projectors.
  3. In the absence of a special screen for short throw projectors, the image on the wall of the house will be somewhat washed out and very pale.
  4. The high cost of screens.
  5. If the projector is placed unevenly on the surface of a dresser or table, there will be a noticeable fringing around objects.
  6. Poor quality speaker that is installed in short throw projectors.

Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best models

How to choose a short throw projector: general recommendations

If, despite all the shortcomings of short-throw projector models, you choose them, then it is important to follow the recommendations of experts in choosing them. In this way, you will be able to choose a projector option that will be in the best range of “price and quality”. So, when you choose a short throw projector, then consider the following points:

  1. Throw distance . Represents the minimum/maximum distance at which the projector can be positioned to obtain the desired image quality. Short throw projectors are popular because they don’t need a lot of space to display an image. The average projection and quality image distance is 1 meter.
  2. The degree of brightness . It is the number of lumens that acts as the main criterion for choosing short throw projectors. Remember that the quality of the picture, the ability to consider it, will depend on the brightness. The most acceptable brightness for this type of projector is from 2200 to 3000 lumens.
  3. Permission . The ability to determine the clarity of an image. It is customary to measure it in the same way as on classic TVs or computer monitors. Remember that inexpensive models have HD resolution, while having a native resolution of only 840 * 840 (suitable for DVD).
  4. The degree of contrast . When buying a short throw projector, pay attention to the ratio of white to black areas. The higher this value, the more saturated the black tint will be. Therefore, you will get a picture with maximum depth.
  5. Communication . Short throw projectors should be able to connect to multiple assistants around the apartment or office. So, they must have ports for the Blu – ray player, video game consoles. In case you use a wireless connection, then the choice must be made regarding projectors that support AirPlay.

Short throw projectors: what you need to know about them, the best modelsThus, when choosing a short-throw projector, it is important to focus not only on your own preferences, but also be guided by the rules for choosing such devices. Otherwise, you run the risk of poor quality projectors, resulting in blurry movies or games on the big screen. Next, we present the TOP 10 best short throw projectors that are suitable for home and office – rating 2022:

Name a brief description of
10. Benq LK953ST projector Great option for home. Weight: more than 10 kg. DLP type projector. Installed laser light.
9. Epson EB-530 projector Allows for better picture quality. Good solution for offices. Convenient to install.
8. InFocus IN134ST projector It is a super powerful projector designed to be used with Google Chromecast. It has a short focus, a high level of brightness, an acceptable cost.
7. Epson EB-535W projector If you are looking for a small-sized projector, then this option is suitable in terms of price-quality ratio. It has a high quality picture, despite the low cost.
6. Optoma GT1080e projector Assumes the closest location from the wall (no more than a meter). Suitable for gaming and watching sports.
5. ViewSonic PX706HD projector Great for gaming use. The brightness level reaches 3000 lumens. Has a resolution of 1080p.
4. Optoma EH200ST projector Shows incredible clarity of graphics and the purest text. It has a high level of brightness, resolution – 1080p.
3. InFocus INV30 projector Allows you to achieve a bright image and natural color reproduction. Due to the small format, it is easy to install and install.
2.ViewSonic PS600W projector The projector has a high level of brightness. Due to the fact that it can project images with a diagonal of 100 inches from a distance of no more than a meter, it is great for home and office.
1. Optoma ML750ST projector Ultra-compact LED projector for home and office meetings. Instantly plays videos, business presentations, can be used for gaming purposes.

Top 5 Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projectors Ranked 2022: Also, remember that a short throw projector will always cost more than the biggest TV. If you are ready to pay a rather high price for it, then it is better to give preference to more convenient and high-quality models. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from “thrown money” because you will not get what you want.

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