Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware


Denn DDT111 digital TV set-top box is designed for broadcasting TV programs of terrestrial and digital TV. It provides excellent display quality and at the same time has a budget price. The device is made as simple as possible and even those who use it for the first time can easily figure out how to use it correctly.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareDenn DDT111 – top view [/ caption]

Specifications, appearance

The device is a lightweight and compact device designed for broadcasting digital and terrestrial television. It has the following characteristics:

  1. For operation, access via HDMI, Scart or RCA can be used.
  2. The device can be connected not only to modern, but also to old TV models.
  3. There are two connectors.
  4. Can provide Full HD display quality.
  5. Works with video in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 formats.
  6. Supports 4: 3 and 16: 9 screen formats.
  7. Case size 90x20x60 mm, weight 90 grams.

There is no built-in WiFi adapter here.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware


There is a USB connector on the front panel. There is a note about the presence of an infrared receiver.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareThe antenna input is located on the rear panel.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareThere is an output for HDMI, another connector for USB. The presence of a video output of 3.5 mm is provided. There is also a power socket on this side.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware


Upon purchase, the scope of delivery of the device includes the following:

  1. Adapter for charging the set-top box, rated for 5 V and 2 A.
  2. The box contains a wire with tulips.
  3. There are two batteries to power the remote control.
  4. There is a compact remote control.
  5. The set-top box is additionally packed in an antistatic bag.

Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware The set includes an instruction manual.

Connecting and configuring the Denn DDT111 prefix

In order to get started, you need to connect the set-top box. To do this, connect the cable from the antenna to the corresponding socket, connect the set-top box to the TV receiver and connect the power adapter. If you plan to work with the Internet, an external WiFi adapter is connected to the USB connector. After switching on the TV, a menu for initial setup appears on the display.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareAfter entering the data, you need to exit it and open the main menu. It looks like this.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareNext, they search for channels. The most convenient option for this is Autosearch. If for some reason it is necessary, you can use the manual search. In the latter case, the frequency and bandwidth for the multiplex must be entered. Then they give a command to start the search.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareThe found results must be saved. The data can be obtained from the website of the digital equipment provider. During the setup process, you need to specify the country. The filter can be left as the default. Its value is designed to work with all available channels. The Lsn parameter is related to the setting of channel numbers. It is recommended that you specify “Yes” on this line. “Yes” in the last line means the antenna amplifier is turned on. This value will work in most cases. After finishing the setup, you can start watching by selecting the corresponding channel number. Sections of the main menu correspond to icons that are located horizontally at the bottom of the screen. Next, go to the second of them related to channel management.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareIn this section, you can change channel numbers and create a list of favorites. The next section covers personal settings.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareHere you can select the preferred language for audio and separately for subtitles, as well as set some other parameters for personal settings. System settings are available in the next section.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareHere, in particular, there is an update option, which is useful for installing a new firmware version. When setting up IPTV, you need to connect to a wireless network via an external WiFi adapter, and then in the IPTV subsection specify the playlists to be used. In the “Online Videos” section, the available services for viewing are presented. DENN DDT111_121 digital terrestrial television set-top box – download user manual from the link below:
DENN-DDT111_121_131 User Manual Detailed overview of Denn DDT111 digital TV receiver:


In order to update the software on time, you need to regularly check for new firmware on the manufacturer’s website. When it appears, you need to download the file, copy it to a USB flash drive and connect it to the set-top box. Having selected the appropriate item in the main menu, the update procedure is carried out. You can download the current firmware for Denn DDT 111 on the official website of the manufacturer at the link Firmware for Denn DDT111 digital receiver – video instructions for updating the software: https: //


There are heat sinks on the top and bottom of the device. They are made in the form of a large number of small holes through which air can penetrate into the device. However, due to the small size of the device, ventilation can not always provide high-quality cooling.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmwareReceiver radiator [/ caption]

Problems and solutions

The attachment can get very hot. If you continue to use it in this condition, it can lead to a deterioration in the quality of work. It is necessary to control the degree of heating and, if necessary, turn off the attachment for a while so that it cools better.
Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware

Advantages and disadvantages

When using this set-top box, the user will receive the following features:

  1. If you connect an external WiFi adapter to the USB port, then it can provide video viewing from the Internet.
  2. The compact size of the device makes it easy to find a place to conveniently position it.
  3. Switching on by timer is possible. The time for it must be specified in the system settings.
  4. A 2-year warranty is provided.
  5. It is possible to record TV programs on a USB flash drive.

As a disadvantage, the following can be noted:

  1. Lack of built-in adapter.
  2. May overheat during prolonged use.

Denn DDT111 digital receiver review, manual and firmware This set-top box has all the necessary functions for high-quality video display.

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