Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & Troubleshoot

Air Mouse G10 is a universal remote control that provides its users with the ability to control various electronic devices: a computer, TV, media players, etc.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootAir mouse g10 allows you to control a whole complex of devices [/ caption] The remote control allows you to control gadgets using movements in space: move the device in the air, thereby moving the cursor on the screen … The advantage of this gadget is that it is equipped with a voice control function and works stably with search assistants and various services. The device is presented in two versions:

  • Air Mouse G10S;
  • Air Mouse G10;

Both models have a wireless connection and are completely identical in appearance. The only difference is that the former has a motion control function, while the latter does not.

The Air Mouse G10S Pro is an improved version of the G10S model: the developers have added a suspension around the trimmer with arrows, improved the cursor operation and introduced an anti-neck algorithm that will make the work on this air mouse even more comfortable.

You can buy all these Air Mouse G10 models both on platforms with Chinese goods (for example, AliExpress), and on the websites of trusted sellers. Specifications:

  • Communication type: wireless.
  • Connection type: 2.4 GHz.
  • Interface: USB.
  • Sensor: gyroscope (6 axes).
  • Batteries: AAA, 2 pcs.
  • Range of action: up to 10 meters.
  • Response speed: 10 milliseconds.
  • Dimensions of the device: 14.3 x 4.5 x 2.9 centimeters.
  • Weight: 62 grams.
  • Materials: plastic, silicone.

Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootDimensions of the G10S remote control [/ caption]

Air mouse is a useful attribute of electronics

Every advanced user of electrical appliances in an apartment usually has a standard set of devices: a TV set, a
set-top box for it, a computer and some kind of media player. For each device, there are separate
consoles that are constantly confused with each other and take up space on the coffee table. The G10 Programmable Air Mouse will greatly simplify the work with electronic devices and will no longer be confused between a large number of switches, as the Air Mouse G10 is a unique customizable and learnable device and works with most models of devices.

We advise you to consider buying a G10 Air Mouse if you often lose remote controls or they often become unusable. Keeping track of one single device is much easier than keeping track of three or four.

Also, the air mouse has a number of advantages and new functions compared to the factory model. The most striking examples are the function of voice control and control by moving the remote control in space.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootCharacteristics of the control panel for air mouse with gyroscope g10s pro [/ caption]

Air Mouse G10S review

The device is presented in a compact box, which indicates the characteristics of the Air Mouse G10 remote control and the device with which the remote control works. The set includes the air mouse itself, a Bluetooth adapter with a USB 3.0 connector, which provides communication with the device and a manual for use. Unfortunately, batteries are not included in the kit, so you will have to buy them yourself.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootThe G10 air mouse works stably with Android consoles and Xiaomi Mi consoles, with which not every device of this type can interact. The remote control itself is made in a restrained and pleasant style: glossy black, in the middle of the device there is a matte black field, on which the control buttons are located. There is an orange circle around the control arrows and the “OK” button, which stands out among the general coloring of the device and gives contrast. The remote control contains a list of the most necessary buttons that are necessary for comfortable use. The rest of the actions can be performed using the voice control function or cursor. List of buttons presented on the Air Mouse G10S from top to bottom:

  • on / off button of the device;
  • pause / play;
  • button that allows you to fix the cursor;
  • arrows up, down, left, right;
  • “OK” button;
  • Home button;
  • “Menu” button;
  • volume control;
  • mute the sound;
  • “DEL” button to delete characters.

Air mouse
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & Troubleshootbuttons with Russian inscriptions [/ caption] The remote control also allows you to set the off button and adjust the pointer speed. How to train the g10 air mouse – programming the power button:

Setting up Air Mouse G10 – detailed instructions in Russian

Connecting the air mouse to the device

To connect the air mouse to your electronic device, you just need to connect the Bluetooth adapter to the device and wait for synchronization.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootSynchronization of the g10 airplane is possible with laptops, smart TVs, media players and other devices [/ caption]

Infrared research function

The remote has an infrared research function that allows you to read the code from the remote control of the device on the Air Mouse G10 and control the device. As an example, consider a TV remote control:

  1. Press and hold the off button on the air mouse until the blinking rate of the LED changes to slow. When the frequency changes from fast to slow, the air mouse will switch to IR learning mode. Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootIR port is programmed for IR radiation of other devices [/ caption]
  2. Press the air intake and infrared receiving parts of the TV together and press the power button on the TV remote. When the code is successfully received, the LED will turn on and then start flashing.
  3. The LED will go out – this means that the remote control has successfully memorized the code values ​​of the infrared port.
  4. After successful study, the settings will be saved
  5. To clear the infrared code values, press the “OK” + “DEL” buttons.

Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootRubberized buttons allow you to securely hold the airplane in your hands [/ caption] Review, setup and calibration of the G10s (Air Mouse) remote control with gyroscope and voice search: https: / /

Pointer speed adjustment

To adjust the pointer speed, hold down the “OK” button, and then increase or decrease the speed. In general, there are three modes: slow, medium and fast. Air Mouse G10S with microphone and gyroscope:

Problems you may encounter when using the Air Mouse G10

The G10 air mouse can cause problems, especially if you have no experience with such devices.

The cursor moves randomly across the screen

Ordinary users who have just started using the Air Mouse G10 remote control may face such a problem due to the banal lack of skills and unusual cursor control. This problem is solved over time: practice as much as possible and develop the skill. You can also make it easier to use the air mouse in the initial stages by adjusting the cursor speed, based on your own preferences.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & Troubleshoot

Failure in the gyroscope sensor

If your air mouse has ever been dropped or subjected to other impacts, the device’s sensor settings may be out of order. If such a problem occurs, it will be enough to re-calibrate the sensor. To do this, remove one battery, and then press and hold the “Left” and “Right” arrows. Continuing to hold the buttons, return the battery to the socket and hold the buttons for another 5-10 seconds until the indicator flashes.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & Troubleshoot

The G10 air mouse is not working properly and your device cannot recognize the remote

The first step is to pay attention to the indicators – they can signal you about the problems that have arisen during the operation of the device. For example, a blinking indicator indicates that the air mouse has lost its connection with the Bluetooth adapter.
Air Mouse G10: Review, Setup, Learn & TroubleshootA blinking indicator indicates that the air mouse g10 remote control has lost communication with the device via bluetooth [/ caption] To solve this problem, you need to disconnect the Bluetooth adapter from your device, and then remove one battery from the remote control, then press and hold the keys on the remote control OK and Home. Without releasing them, insert the battery back and do not release the keys for about 5-10 seconds. Then we plug the Bluetooth back in and wait until the lights stop flashing. Factory reset is another popular solution to the problem. To do this, simultaneously hold down the “Menu” and “Mute” buttons. You can also correct the problem by updating the firmware of your device (for example, Smart TV).This can be done by updating via the TV’s Internet connection (if this function is supported) or using the media. To start the update, you need to find the “Software Update” tab and complete the installation following the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

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