Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solving

Aeromouse is a device for remote control of “smart” equipment. Technically, it is a remote control, but with an integrated gyroscope, due to which the device “reads” its position in space and transforms it into a digital signal. That is, simply by moving such a remote control in the air, the user can, for example, control the mouse cursor on the screen. Most often, air mice are used in combination with
set-top boxes and modern TVs with built-in Smart TVs.
Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solving

General technical information about the airboat – smart smart remote control with keyboard and gyroscope

The key difference between an air mouse and a conventional remote control is the presence of a gyroscope. Such a sensor is now installed in any modern smartphone. It is precisely due to the gyroscope that the orientation of the image changes on the screen when you turn the phone.
Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingBut if a 4 or 8-position sensor is installed in a smartphone, then in an airbrush it is a multi-position sensor, which catches even a slight movement in space or a change in the angle of inclination. And the gyroscope works, as a rule, by determining the earth’s magnetic field. And to connect to TV Boxes or Smart TVs in an air mouse, two connection options are most often used:

  1. By BlueTooth . The main advantage of this option is that there is no need to connect any additional adapters. Almost 99% of all TV Boxes on Android and Smart TV already have a built-in BlueTooth module.
  2. By RF (radio channel) . In this case, the connection is made through a special RF adapter that comes with the air mouse.

Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingAir mouse accessories [/ caption] Also, the airport can additionally have an IrDA (infrared) sensor, with which you can control the rest of household appliances in the house (air conditioners, TV without Smart TV, music players, satellite tuners and so on).
Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingAeropult from Irda [/ caption]

Advantages of an air mouse over a conventional remote control

Key benefits of the air mouse:

  1. Convenient cursor control on the TV screen . TV Box on Android can be used as a full-fledged PC for web surfing. It is not always convenient to use even a wireless mouse, as it requires a special smooth working surface. Therefore, the air mouse is the most convenient control option.
  2. Aeropult for TV is also compatible with any other devices on Android and Windows . The device can be easily connected to a mobile phone, computer, Apple TV and even a projector.
  3. Multifunctionality . The aero console can also be equipped with a keyboard module for quick text entry. And in some there is also a remote control, which will allow you to control equipment through voice commands.
  4. Practicality . Starting with BlueTooth0, intelligent energy saving has been added to this data transmission standard. Due to this, batteries or accumulators will last at least 100 hours of active use. And you don’t need to turn on / off the remote control air mouse.
  5. Versatility . The remotes are compatible with a wide range of technology with the BlueTooth module. And if you have an infrared sensor, the air mouse can be used to copy the signal from the main control panel (“learning” mode).
  6. The air mouse can be used as a full-fledged gamepad . Ideal for casual games that are installed from Google Play to Android TV. Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingAero mouse works on a powerful chip, which allows you to use it as a gamepad [/ caption]
  7. The air mouse does not need to be pointed at a TV or set-top box for control . Stable signal transmission is provided at a distance of up to 10 meters.

How to choose an air mouse for a set-top box or Smart TV

Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony produce gyroscope remote controls for most of their modern TVs. But you have to buy them separately, and the average price for such a device is from $ 50 and more. And such remote controls are compatible only with the equipment of the same brand. For example, the air mouse MX3 will cost an order of magnitude cheaper (from $ 15) and at the same time is compatible with any Smart TV in the presence of a USB adapter (signal transmission via a radio channel). And it has a more accurate gyroscope, as well as an integrated numeric keypad, an IrDA sensor, and support for voice input. Compatible not only with Android, but also Maemo systems (installed on Smart TVs of the first generations).
Air Mouse G10S against the smart air mouse Air Mouse T2 – a video comparison of smart remotes for Smart TV: price quality):

  1. Air Mouse T2 . Connection via radio channel. There is no keyboard, it can be used as a remote pointer. The manipulator is compatible with Android, Windows and Linux distributions.Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solving
  2. Air Mouse i9 . It is a more advanced modification of the T2. The technical characteristics are similar, the only difference is the keyboard. It is also officially supplied to the countries of the former CIS, that is, the Russian layout is also provided.Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solving
  3. Rii i28С . Air mouse, supporting control both with the help of a gyroscope and through a touch panel (like a touchpad in laptops). The connection is also via an RF adapter. It has a built-in 450 mAh battery and can be charged from any USB port (via MicroUSB connection). The only drawback of this air mouse is the size of the device and the lack of voice input. But here is a full-size keyboard with additional function keys (F1-F12). Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingAir mouse with keyboard [/ caption]
  4. Rii i25A . Unlike the Rii, the i28C does not have a touch panel. But instead, a programmable infrared sensor is provided. That is, this air mouse can literally replace all the remote controls in the house. It is also connected via a radio channel, that is, one USB port must be free in the TV set-top box or TV. Another advantage of this model is the presence of a 3.5 mm output for connecting headphones and any other acoustics. The volume can also be adjusted from the air mouse.Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solving

Airmouse T2 – air mouse for Android set-top boxes, video review:

How to connect an airplane to a TV or set-top box

If the connection is made via a special USB adapter, then you need to synchronize the airport with a TV set-top box or TV:

  1. Connect the adapter to the USB port.
  2. Install batteries or rechargeable battery.
  3. Wait 20-60 seconds.

Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingSmart smart remote is compatible with most modern devices [/ caption] After that, the air mouse is automatically synchronized with the device. If for some reason the device does not work, it is quite possible that you need to reset its settings (this must also be done when connecting it to a new TV or set-top box). It is done like this:

  1. Remove the USB adapter from the USB port.
  2. Remove the rechargeable battery or batteries from the airport.
  3. Hold down the “OK” button and the “back” key.
  4. Without releasing the button – insert the batteries or accumulator.
  5. After the signal of the indicator light, release the buttons, insert the USB adapter into the port of the TV or set-top box.

Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingButtons on the remote control [/ caption]

Also, you must first study the instructions for the device. Some models of air mice (for example, Air Mouse G30S) work only with Android version 7 and higher. Therefore, sometimes it may be necessary to perform a software update on a TV or set-top box.

Air mouse for PC and Android TV:

How to connect Air Mouse to phone

If the purchased Air Mouse is connected via a USB adapter, then to synchronize it with an Android phone or tablet, you will need to additionally purchase an OTG cable. This is an adapter from MicroUSB or USB Type-C to a full USB port. In Xiaomi phones, you also need to enable OTG in the smartphone settings. Next, connect the adapter and wait for it to automatically synchronize with the remote control.
Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingCord for connecting a smart smart remote air mouse to a phone [/ caption] OTG function is not supported by all phones. This information is recommended to be clarified in the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website. If the purchased airplane supports BlueTooth connection, then it is enough to turn on the search for BlueTooth devices through the phone settings and synchronize it with the air mouse.
Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingSetting up the air mouse remote control [/ caption]

Air Mouse Gyroscope Calibration

Initially, the positioning of the air mouse in space is performed normally. But after removing the batteries, the gyroscope may malfunction. Because of this, the cursor will move on the screen when no one is moving the airplane. The calibration instructions for most of these devices are similar:

  1. Remove the batteries or rechargeable battery from the device.
  2. Press the buttons “left” and “right” at the same time.
  3. Without releasing the button, insert the batteries or accumulator, wait until the indicator light starts to “blink”.
  4. Place the air mouse on a completely flat surface.
  5. Press the “OK” button. The device will automatically reboot with the new positioning settings.

It is recommended to carry out this procedure at least once every 3 months in order to neutralize possible malfunctions in the gyroscope operation.

Air mouse calibration – video instructions for setting up a smart remote Air Mouse T2 calirbation:

Air Mouse Usage Scenarios

The most common uses for which an air mouse can come in handy are:

  1. Web surfing . Full-fledged browsers with HTML support have long been developed for set-top boxes and Smart TVs. But surfing using the positional keys on the remote is extremely inconvenient. An air mouse is ideal for this.
  2. Conducting presentations . Air Mouse can replace both mouse and keyboard. But for frequent work with text files, it is still recommended to buy a full-fledged keyboard with BlueTooth connection.
  3. Games on TV . In recent years, Google Play has been actively adding games focused on controlling precisely with the help of an airplane. It is also suitable for those applications where a gyroscope is needed (for example, racing simulators).

Air mouse: overview, configuration, training and problem solvingXiaomi air mouse [/ caption] So, is it worth buying an Air Mouse for Smart TV or TV-box? Definitely yes, since this is the most convenient and functional option for managing these devices. It is recommended to give preference to models with a built-in rechargeable battery. Alternatively, you can purchase rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries and a separate battery charger.

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