What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country – outdoor and indoor

What kind of antenna is needed for digital TV in the country house, street and indoor.

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor
Outdoor antenna for summer cottage

Briefly about digital TV for summer cottages – what you need to know?

For a comfortable life in the country, a person needs a constant influx of information. An important role in its creation is played by the availability of high-quality television. In most cases, it can be provided if you know how to do it right. To receive a TV signal, you will need to install a digital antenna. Her choice is based on the availability of appropriate opportunities in the area – the presence of a repeater with a certain type of signal. The following situations are usually possible:

  1. Terrestrial television can be broadcast in the meter or decimeter ranges. Antennas designed to receive it are often used in summer cottages. Their advantage is their low cost, and their disadvantage is their limited capabilities compared to their other varieties. In particular, only a small number of TV channels are usually available. This option may be suitable for those who rarely visit the country house and do not want to buy more expensive equipment.
    What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor
    Terrestrial television can be received by outdoor antenna
  2. The digital signal is of higher quality. In a suburban area, at least 20 television channels of this type are usually available. To receive a digital signal, this type of relay tower must be available. To ensure high-quality TV reception, you will often need not only an antenna of the appropriate type, but also a DVB-T2 tuner. In new TV models, reception is possible without using a set-top box.
  3. Using a satellite dish , you can receive a large number of channels. In this case, there is no need for a relay tower. The signal will be transmitted from the satellite to an antenna precisely aimed at it. Depending on its quality, structures with a diameter of 60 to 90 cm are used. The latter option is used in cases where the signal is relatively weak. This equipment is of high quality but is relatively expensive. One of the most important problems is to ensure its safety in the country.

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorThe most affordable option that provides good reception quality and a variety of available channels is to use an antenna to receive digital television.

What antenna is needed for digital TV in a country house

Choosing an antenna for a summer residence requires taking into account various parameters. The buyer must take into account the following characteristics:

  1. The quality of signal reception depends on the magnitude of the energy gain. It represents the ratio of the energies of the transmitting and receiving device. This value is measured in dBi. For a distance to the relay tower that does not exceed 50 km, a value of 13 dBi is considered acceptable. At a greater distance, the increase in energy should be higher.
  2. The presence of an amplifier will improve the quality of reception.
  3. An important characteristic is the received frequency range. It is important that it includes the channels that the user needs.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the
coaxial cable used . It largely depends on what image and sound the antenna can provide.

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor
Antenna for digital TV in the country

Indoor antennas for giving digital television

They are suitable in cases where the repeater is close and creates a strong television signal. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of reception will be affected by the thickness of the walls, the presence and location of windows, as well as other similar factors. The indoor antenna is a relatively compact design. If necessary, it can be equipped with a signal amplifier. Their advantages are also relatively low cost, ease of transportation and simple installation. As a disadvantage, the reception quality is considered, which justifies itself only in the presence of a strong signal. To work, it requires careful tuning to get the highest available signal quality.
What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor

Outdoor antenna for digital television

These devices have more power and provide a higher quality of the received signal. Such antennas are directional, which significantly increases their range. The use of external antennas is more profitable, despite the higher cost, since they allow you to get a good quality of the receiving signal even from a remote repeater. To improve the received signal, you can use an amplifier. The increase in work efficiency can reach 50%.
What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor

How to choose an antenna

When choosing an antenna, the buyer must decide what qualities the selected device should have. For this, the following must be taken into account:

  1. You need to decide where the antenna should be located . The choice of built-in or indoor antenna justifies itself in the presence of a strong television signal. If this condition is not met, you need to purchase an outdoor antenna.
  2. You need to choose the right range . A more profitable option is to use a decimeter. If the digital signal is caught poorly, you need to think about purchasing an amplifier for the received signal.What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor
  1. You need to decide which antenna is needed, active or passive . In the first case, it must have a built-in signal amplifier. It is suitable when the signal from the repeater is not strong enough. For a passive antenna, you can use a built-in amplifier. In the latter case, it is possible to choose a more suitable amplifier. During a thunderstorm, this reduces the risk of amplifier burnout, which is relatively high for an active device. In the passive outdoor unit, the amplifier is located in the room, which increases the reliability of operation.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the distance to the nearest relay tower . If it is nearby, you can use the built-in or indoor antenna. Otherwise, it is better to choose the outside.
  3. The price of the device should correspond to the capabilities of the buyer. However, to purchase an antenna, you need to choose the highest quality device.
  4. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the resulting image and sound , as well as choose a model that has high reliability and service life. In this case, it should be taken into account that the outdoor antenna, although it provides good signal reception, is nevertheless subject to moisture, wind, mechanical damage and other factors.What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoor
  1. It is necessary to take into account the presence of brackets for mounting and pay attention to the material of manufacture. It is usually used as steel or aluminum. In the first case, the antenna will be more durable, in the second it will not be affected by rust.
  2. These devices can use a variety of shapes as well as designs . Before installation, the user must consider how convenient the installation will be, and also pay attention to the conformity of the device with the existing design.
  3. When buying, you need to make sure that there is a suitable level of resistance to wind load e. It is characterized by two values ​​- the maximum permissible wind speed at which normal operation is possible, as well as the speed at which the unit will be destroyed. Values ​​of 20 and 40 are suitable, for example, for a dacha in a quiet place in a lowland. When located on a hill, you need to use 25-30 and 50.

Sometimes, before choosing an antenna, it makes sense to consult with neighbors who already have an antenna. They will be able to share their experience of operating the device.

Antenna for digital TV to the country house outdoor – what to choose, active and passive antennas to give: https://youtu.be/eX9gUHRO5ps

Which antenna to choose for digital television for a summer residence – the best models of 2022

When choosing a digital antenna for a summer residence, you can focus on models that have proven their quality in practice. The following describes the most popular of them.

Locus Meridian-07 AF TURBO L025.07DT

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorThis antenna is made of aluminium. It is lightweight and small in size. The design provides a quality TV signal and provides good picture and sound. The kit includes an amplifier that will provide reception even at a considerable distance from the relay tower. As disadvantages, it should be noted the lack of brackets for installation, as well as a power supply for the operation of the amplifier. The latter will need to be purchased separately.

Harper ADVB-2440

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorThis antenna is installed outside, which ensures good reception of television programs. The design has a built-in amplifier. The antenna allows you to receive analog and digital channels with high quality picture and sound. The design is compact, lightweight and has a beautiful and original design. Antenna mounts are included. It can catch not only TV, but also radio signal.

Ramo Inter 2.0

What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorThis antenna is a desktop model and is designed to be placed in a room. This compact device has wide functionality. The included built-in amplifier allows you to adjust the gain. The device is designed to receive digital, analog and radio signals. It is powered by electricity. The kit includes high quality connecting cables. As a disadvantage, the presence of an insufficiently high-quality plastic case is noted.

How to make a dacha antenna for digital television yourself

There are several types of digital TV antennas that you can make yourself. The simplest model is probably the cable loop. For its manufacture, you will need to stock up on a coaxial cable, tools for working with it and a plug that serves to connect.
What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorFor manufacturing, you need to do the following:

  1. Cut off 1.5-2 m of coaxial cable.
  2. From one end, it is necessary to peel off the insulation, then you need to twist the wires into one bundle.
  3. At a distance of 20 cm from the edge, you need to remove the insulation and braid for 5 cm.
  4. After another 20 cm, you need to remove the outer shell for 5 cm.
  5. The cable must be bent into a ring, connecting the end of the cable to the part that has been cleaned.
  6. A plug must be connected to the other ring of the cable.

It is important to choose the right ring diameter. It must be equal to the wavelength of the received signal. It is determined by a special formula based on the frequency of translation.
L = 300 / F The following designations are used here:

  1. L is the diameter of the ring formed by the cable.
  2. F is the signal broadcast frequency.

Calculate the diameter before starting work and then make a ring exactly corresponding to the wavelength. Homemade antenna for digital TV in the country: https://youtu.be/TzPEDjIGi00

How to improve reception

Sometimes a low signal level occurs when using outdated types of connecting cable. If possible, it is recommended to purchase a better one. In some cases, this may fix the rendering issue. When using an external amplifier, the length of the connecting wire plays an important role. It must be reduced as much as possible.
What antenna is needed for digital TV in the country - outdoor and indoorIf the relay tower is far away, the use of a signal amplifier can help. This is advantageous in cases where there is a long connecting cable in which attenuation occurs. If the amplifier is used for a long time, it may reduce the performance. This, for example, may be due to the poor quality of the power supply. If the antenna is installed in this way, then it will move under the influence of wind or bad weather. In such a situation, it is necessary to ensure its reliable fastening.

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