How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV

The remote control allows, by pressing buttons, to generate and send infrared signals that transmit commands to the selected equipment. Its versatile nature is that the user can connect the remote to a variety of devices of their choice. To do this, just press a certain key. The most popular use is to use a TV remote control.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVA universal remote control allows you to control not only a TV, but also other equipment [/ caption] When receiving digital television services, you may need to control a television receiver, receiver or player. Having a universal remote control, the user can use it in all these cases. It can also be used to turn lights on and off, control an air conditioner or a receiver.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV

What types of universal remote controls are

Remotes can be of various types:

  1. Universal devices that will allow you to work with various types of equipment. However, it must be configured for the desired model before use.
  2. You can use specialized remote controls. They are made in such a way that they can only be applied to specific brands of equipment. Usually, working with them is sometimes more convenient than the universal PDC.
  3. Non-original remotes are manufactured by third parties. Usually their quality level is lower, but at cost they are more affordable.
  4. There are specialized applications for smartphones that can be used as a universal remote control. For this purpose, various programs can be used that have approximately the same functions. They can be used by owners of smartphones running Android or IOS.

How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVMi Remote virtual remote control [/ caption] When buying a TV set with it may be a specialized or universal remote control.

What does a universal remote control look like, button assignments

Universal control panels are available from many manufacturers. Some of the most popular are Philips products. The set of buttons on different devices has approximately the same composition. As an example, we will talk about the 2008B / 86 model below. It has the following buttons:

  1. There is an LED indicator at the top. Its lighting allows the user to see the result of the operations he is performing.
  2. Button for switching the inputs of the equipment for which the setting is being carried out.
  3. Further, there is a set of buttons, each of which corresponds to one of the types of equipment with which the universal remote control can work. Their purpose is indicated in the operating instructions for the remote control.
  4. This block contains menu cursors and buttons for operation: MENU, GUID, INFO and
  5. This block contains keys for adjusting the volume, as well as those that are designed to switch channels.
  6. This section contains keys for teletext viewing and digital recording and playback.
  7. Buttons “* TXT” and “#HELP”, which are used when working with teletext. The latter can also be used when entering the number of the channel required by the user.
  8. Using the keys of the numeric block, you can select the channel number to watch or the track number to play while operating the player.
  9. This key is used to turn on or off the remote control.

How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVRemote control buttons and their purpose [/ caption] Before the user there is a choice between a specialized and a universal remote control. If the previously used one has fallen into disrepair, then you need to think about which one is better to buy. It depends on whether there are other devices besides the TV that need to be controlled. If the remote control is needed only for watching TV programs, then you need to take into account the differences that exist between these options.

  1. A universal device needs to be configured, while the native remote will work out of the box.
  2. When the remote control is replaced, most likely the setup procedure in the universal remote control will have to be repeated. There is no need for a specialized device.
  3. The universal remote control can be configured to work with various TV receivers. Their native remotes may have different configurations. Therefore, the labeling of the keys may differ from the original.How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV
  4. It should be remembered that the universal remote allows you to perform the most important operations, but not everything. At the same time, specialized allows you to use the maximum possibilities.
  5. Connection is made to the vast majority of models, but not to all. In some cases, connecting a universal remote control will fail.

If the user has worked with several devices, then perhaps a good option for him would be to use a universal device, otherwise you need to consider purchasing a specialized one.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV

First pairing – how to connect and bind a custom universal remote to your TV, step by step instructions

Adjustment is possible manually or using an automatic procedure. Before starting work, you need to view the list of available codes and select the one that belongs to the existing model.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVYou can download the codes for universal remotes for the TV for subsequent setup at the link:
Codes for universal remotes To start connecting, you need to turn on the TV. At the same time, the first channel is installed in it. Then the following operations are performed:

  1. Press the TV button on the remote control, it is designed to select the operating mode in which you can control the TV. This button can be seen on the diagram in block 3.
  2. The button is held for at least 5 seconds. It can be released after the indicator lamp on the remote control comes on.

How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV After that, you must go directly to the setup procedure.

How to set up the remote

To perform manual configuration, after initial pairing, you must perform the following steps:

  1. The previously found sequence of numbers corresponding to the brand of the TV is entered using the numeric keypad.
  2. During the input of the digital combination, the indicator should be on. If it goes out, then the wrong code was entered and the input will need to be repeated again.
  3. After the desired combination has been entered successfully, you need to press the 9 key and do not release it until the TV turns off itself.
  4. Next, you need to exit the control panel setup mode. To do this, you need to double-click on the TV key.

How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVAfter turning on the TV using the remote control, you can start watching programs. There is a possibility of automatic configuration. It differs in that in this situation there is no need to determine the TV code in advance. To perform this procedure after the end of the pairing procedure, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. The user must enter the combination 9999.
  2. Immediately after that, press the button 9 and do not release it until the television receiver is automatically turned off. This will mean that the code was selected successfully. Usually the search time does not exceed 15 seconds.

How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVKeys of the universal remote control – standard placement [/ caption] When using the universal remote control, you need to consider what functions certain keys perform when working with a specific TV model. In most cases, their purpose is obvious, but sometimes this needs to be clarified. How to set up a universal remote control and where to get the current codes for universal remotes: How to set up a universal Samsung Smart TV remote control:

How to manage

The universal remote control is operated in the same way as the native TV remote control is used. Due to the fact that it has to fit a large number of models, it is necessary that the buttons act according to the functions indicated on them. However, a wide variety of original remotes leads to the fact that some of their functions are not performed on universal devices. In order to find out exactly how each button works when configured for a specific model, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for a universal device.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TV

How to set up a Chinese universal TV remote control – connecting and pairing a remote control, codes for TV:

How to set up a smartphone with a downloaded universal remote control

When buying a smartphone, the user gets many additional features. One of them is the use of the phone as a software universal remote control. To do this, you need to choose one of the specialized programs. For example, If the remote control stops working, just visit the Android app store and select the app you want. After downloading and installing it, you can perform all those actions for which the remote control was previously required. The latest operating systems have a built-in utility that performs the required functions.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVSmartphone remote control [/ caption] You can operate the software remote control as follows. After launching the application, the user will be offered a choice of the device with which he plans to work. The manufacturer is selected using the built-in menu. Then you need to specify the method of pairing with the controlled device. You can choose from the following options: Infrared, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. After that, a search will take place for equipment available using this communication method.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVA confirmation code appears on the TV screen. After entering it in the smartphone, it will be installed. The operation with the software control panel is simple and consists in the fact that the application will give instructions that the user must follow. Since this remote control is universal, using a smartphone it will be possible to control all devices that can understand its commands. How to set up a universal remote DEXP, DNS – video instruction:

Possible problems and solutions

During tuning, it may happen that the selected code does not match the TV. In this case, you should try to perform automatic tuning. Perhaps a combination of numbers chosen in this way will help solve the problem. Sometimes choosing a code for a TV of a similar design may be a good option. In some cases, it may happen that a new combination of numbers is only partially suitable. You will need to check which functions will work and which will not. If almost everything works, then this option can be a way out.
How to connect and configure a universal remote to a TVIf you have several remotes in your home or office, you cannot exclude the situation when another remote control is mistakenly used. In this case, you can mark them, or it is better to start using the universal remote control instead. If the user has made the settings, but the remote control does not work and it is not possible to determine the cause. In such a situation, a factory reset can help. This operation is different for different remotes. The required sequence of actions is indicated in the operating instructions. When the
TV does not respond to button presses , you need to check if it will follow commands at close range. If in this case everything works, then you need to change the batteries. The most likely reason is the lack of charge in them.

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