Varieties and manufacture of wall-mounted TV shelves

Hanging shelves are a simple and affordable product that not only has functional features, but is also an element of the interior. Thanks to such shelves, it is possible not only to conveniently place the TV, but also to save space in the room and decorate it.

Types of hanging shelves

Hanging TV shelves differ in design, width – it depends on the TV model, as well as the installation method. The older the TV, the wider you have to buy / make a shelf. Hanging shelves are attached with brackets and plugs, thanks to which it is possible to place the TV at a certain angle – to make viewing more comfortable. Hanging shelf options:

  • Corner. This is a simple option for smaller TVs. You can easily make such a shelf with your own hands. Install it in the corner – between the adjacent walls.Corner
  • Wall. It is hung on the wall, allowing you to conveniently place the TV, and, if necessary, other items.Wall
  • Suspended. They save space and fit well into the interiors of small rooms. The disadvantage of hanging shelves is the complexity of the design and installation.Suspended
  • With bracket. This option differs in the method of attachment and is rare. It is extremely difficult to make such a shelf on your own.With bracket
  • Cabinet shelf. They look like pedestals that have been lifted from the floor and hung on the wall. Their feature is the presence of additional shelves on which you can place various useful and necessary things.Cabinet shelf
  • Cast. These are intricate pieces, usually made in a modernist or avant-garde style. They are usually made of metal or glass. They are made in the form of ladders, cubes, irregular shapes with smooth outlines.Cast
  • Wireframe. They are like cabinets without doors that TVs are built into. They form peculiar niches that stand out stylistically in the interior.Wireframe

For old TVs – thick and heavy, you need simple shelves without any tilts and turns, the main thing is that they are reliable and withstand the weight of the device.

What materials are the shelves made of?

Many buyers, choosing a TV shelf, first of all look – what it is made of. The strength of the shelf, durability, appearance, cost, and other features depend on the material of manufacture. Hanging shelves are made from a wide variety of materials, and each option has its own pros and cons.


Chipboard – chipboards made by pressing shavings and other wood particles. This inexpensive material is widely used for the manufacture of a wide variety of furniture.

  • resistant to moisture;
  • not afraid of temperature changes;
  • low price.


  • only rectangular shape;
  • in the manufacture of chipboard, binders are used, which subsequently emit toxic fumes;
  • low resistance to mechanical stress;
  • small durability.

Made of MDF

MDF is a medium density fiber board. They are more durable than chipboard and are considered to be of higher quality building material. Boards are made by dry pressing of wood chips at high pressure and temperature.
Made of MDFPros:

  • can be easily shaped into any shape;
  • safety for health – unlike chipboard, it does not emit harmful fumes;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to fire and chemical attack;
  • strength;
  • does not swell or bend;
  • does not dry out over time;
  • durability.


  • insufficient hardness of materials;
  • low resistance to mechanical stress;
  • high price.

Shelves made of MDF and chipboard are ideal for rooms with low humidity levels.

Made of wood

Wooden products are always appropriate and fit perfectly into different interiors. This material makes beautiful, durable and reliable wall shelves that can withstand the heaviest TVs.
Made of woodPros:

  • easy material processing;
  • the ability to give the product any shape;
  • durability;
  • high price.


  • flammability;
  • insufficient resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.

Properly processed wood is protected from moisture, mold, and other adverse influences.

Made of metal

Hanging shelves are commonly used in modern interiors. They fit perfectly into the design of rooms decorated in high-tech, loft and modern styles. The main advantage and difference of metal shelves is durability. If you securely install a metal shelf, it will withstand any stress.
Made of metalPros:

  • resistance to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • easy to clean – just wipe it with a damp cloth;
  • has dust-repellent properties;
  • strength and reliability – very heavy TVs can be installed.


  • high price;
  • not universal – not suitable for all interiors.

From glass

Glass shelves designed for installing a TV look extremely original and stylish. They look great in a wide variety of interiors, but they are most often used when decorating rooms in modern styles.
From glassPros:

  • aesthetics and attractiveness, give lightness to the interior, make the room more spacious and bright;
  • moisture resistance;
  • high strength and reliability – tempered glass is used;
  • large selection of designs and styles.


  • insufficient resistance to mechanical stress;
  • slippery surfaces;
  • difficult care;
  • high price.

When choosing a glass shelf, you should pay attention to the quality of the glass, it can be different and depends on the manufacturing technology. Glass can be:

  • Sheet. Suitable only for a shelf for a light TV. It is thin and on impact breaks into many fragments.
  • Tempered. This is sheet glass that has been processed by high temperatures. Tempered glass is much stronger than regular sheet glass, so shelves made from it are suitable for medium-weight TVs.
  • Triplex. This glass is laminated. Between the layers of glass there are special interlayers that hold the layers together. Triplex shelves will not break, even with strong impacts. Suitable for almost all types of TVs.
  • Float. This glass is obtained by pouring a molten mass onto a metal. This material is most often used for the manufacture of glass shelves.
  • Reinforced. This glass option will suit even the most weighty and bulky TV models. Reinforced glass is very durable and reliable.
  • Acrylic. It is, in fact, not glass, but plastic. The material is thin enough, scratches easily appear on it, but strong enough – it can be turned, drilled, and subjected to other types of processing.

Pros and cons of hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are just one of the TV installation options, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pros:

  • attractive appearance;
  • the ability to choose an option that suits a specific interior;
  • allows you to put the TV upstairs, freeing up a piece of free space;
  • if the TV is placed high above the floor, it will be protected from children and pets.


  • any flaws or installation errors threaten the structure to fall, as a result – a broken TV;
  • falling of the TV shelf is dangerous for the lives of children and pets;
  • incorrect choice of height – placing the shelf above / below eye level, causes their rapid fatigue when watching TV.

The main thing that you should pay attention to when choosing and installing hinged shelves is the reliability of the fastening. If you choose this installation method, you must be 100% sure that the shelf and TV will not crash down. The installation of wall shelves should be trusted by professionals who have the tools and fixing materials for all occasions. If you install the shelf correctly, then it will not have any flaws.

Criterias of choice

The market offers a lot of various hanging shelves, which differ from each other not only in price, type, but also in other nuances. In order for the shelf to fit exactly the TV and fully meet the tasks assigned to it, choose it based on the criteria below. What to look for when choosing wall shelves:

  • Manufacturing material. Wood is a traditional material for making furniture, and today it remains the best solution. Along with wooden products, hinged shelves made of metal, glass and other materials are used. When choosing, consider the strength of the product and the load, the appearance of the shelves and personal preferences.
  • Design features. Hanging shelves can be attached using various fixing devices. The most reliable and practical option is considered to be wall-hung shelves.
  • Dimensions. When choosing a shelf, consider two points – the size of the TV and the amount of free space under the shelf. First of all, pay attention to the width and depth of the shelf – it depends on these dimensions whether the TV will fit on it.

Before you buy a TV shelf, decide in advance where it will be installed. Measure the space provided under the shelf with a tape measure. Usually, hanging TV shelves are located on the wall opposite sofas and armchairs.
TV Layout Ideas

Where is the best place to install?

Installation of the shelf requires serious intervention in the surface of the walls. We have to break the integrity of the walls, mount the fasteners. Therefore, you need to think carefully about everything before installing a wall shelf. What to look for when choosing an installation location for a wall shelf:

  • A TV shelf has no place next to a heating device. This is strictly prohibited. In addition to batteries, stoves, ovens, fireplaces, etc. are considered heating devices. The most popular place for installing a TV shelf is a niche.
  • There should be at least 1 m from the floor to the shelf. Not less. This is necessary so that watching TV does not harm your eyes.
  • When mounting, take into account the distance from the screen to the viewing location. It should not be less than 1.3 and 3.5 m, respectively, for models 32 and 85 inches. On average, the distance from the screen to the person sitting on the couch should be at least 2 m.
  • The TV screen must be at right angles. In relation to sofas and armchairs. A slight deviation is possible, but not more than 30%.
  • The TV must not be placed in front of the windows. During daylight hours, glare will be present on the screen – this will lead to eye strain, which is harmful to vision. It is possible to put the TV screen to the window only in one case, if there are very thick curtains on the windows that do not allow light to pass through.
  • Do not hang TV shelves on flimsy walls. This is especially important for large plasma TVs, which can weigh up to 30 kg. They can only be placed on shelves suspended from brick or concrete walls.

When choosing an installation site for a hinged shelf, take into account the characteristics of the room:

  • Kitchen. There is a lot of steam here, it is often humid and hot, shelves that are resistant to such conditions and take up a minimum of space are needed here. The best solution is a metal or glass corner shelf located above eye level.
  • Living room. The conditions here are much more favorable than in the kitchen, so you can install a shelf made of any material – wood, MDF or other. Unless chipboard does not work – it looks too cheap. The shelf is chosen wide, thick, so that a large TV can fit. The installation is made so that the TV is convenient for the whole family to watch.
  • Bedroom. Usually a TV is not installed here. But, if a positive decision is made, they are guided by the general installation rules.
  • Children’s. A shelf without sharp corners is placed as far as possible from the child’s bed. It is recommended to mount it on reliable brackets. Do not place the TV set higher than the child’s height, as watching it from below is harmful to the eyes.

How to make a wall shelf yourself?

If desired and minimal skills in working with tools, you can make a TV stand yourself. The easiest option is a corner shelf, everyone can handle it.

What will it take to work?

To make a wall shelf for a TV, it is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials and tools so that during work you will not be distracted by looking for missing components.

To make a corner shelf, you will need some kind of wood – plywood or planks.

Tools for the job:

  • jigsaw or hand saw;
  • drill with drills of different diameters;
  • building level – it is needed to level the shelf;
  • screws and dowels;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • measuring device – tape measure, ruler, etc .;
  • self-adhesive tape.

Step-by-step instruction

Decide which corner of the kitchen you want to place the shelf in, and cut a piece of plywood or board to fit. If there is a heating pipe at the installation site, carefully cut off the excess from the board so that the corner fits perfectly into its place. Cut the board with a saw or jigsaw. It is especially convenient to work with a jigsaw, then the work will be done in a matter of minutes. Having prepared a piece of wood, then follow the step-by-step instructions below. The procedure for manufacturing a corner hinged shelf:

  1. Sand the surface of the board until it is as smooth as possible. Cover it with self-adhesive tape – choose the color and pattern according to your taste.Sandpaper
  2. Screw the mounting angles to the shelf with self-tapping screws. These corners are needed to hang the shelf from the wall, so they must be fixed with maximum reliability. The length of the screws should be slightly less than the thickness of the shelf so that they do not pierce the board.Corners
  3. Make notes on the wall where you want to attach the shelf. Drill four holes with a drill.Holes in the wall
  4. Place dowels in the prepared holes and press them down so that they do not protrude from the wall. If necessary, tap the dowels a little with a hammer.Dowels in the wall
  5. Place the shelf in its intended place and screw it to the wall. Put the shelf
  6. Check the tightness of the fastening. Check the alignment of the installation with a spirit level. Align the shelf if necessary.Check fastening
  7. Place a TV on the shelf. Remove the wires so that they do not get confused in front of your eyes. If you wish, put a small flower pot next to the TV – for beauty.Put the TV on

Video on how to make a wall shelf for a TV:
If you wish, you can make a shelf of two “floors” to use the lower one for storing useful items.

How to decorate the shelves?

A hinged TV shelf is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also an element of the interior. The shelf itself is a wonderful decoration – due to its shape, color, material. But, if desired, the shelf can be additionally decorated. How to decorate a wall shelf:

  • Carving. This option is suitable for wooden shelves. The threads are usually applied to the ends of the shelves. As a rule, these are simple geometric ornaments or floral patterns. This option fits especially harmoniously into eco-style interiors.
  • Painted. This solution is universal, as it is applicable for shelves made of any material, including metal. Painting is usually applied to the ends of the shelves.
  • Engraving. It is applied to metal or glass surfaces. With the help of engraving technology, patterns and ornaments are applied to the side sections. Or you can engrave your favorite quote.
  • Brackets. This is the most popular option and is suitable for all shelves except glass, as holes cannot be drilled into them. The brackets are geometrical, with patterns and original shapes. The intricate shape of the brackets fits especially harmoniously into classic interiors.
  • LED strips. It can be pulled over the edge of the wall shelf. The backlight will accentuate the contours of the shelf in the dark, create a flicker. In such tapes, you can switch not only the light intensity, but also the color of the bulbs. LED strips are not recommended for wood shelves, but they look great in combination with glass products. If you organize hidden lighting, the glass shelf will be illuminated from the inside.

Also in the TV area, you can organize spot lighting
. Above, above the shelf, small rounded lamps are installed. Mount them at some distance from the TV. When the main light is off in the room, these lamps will illuminate the TV area. Additional shelves can be installed near the TV shelf to put various accessories on them. This solution is much more effective than painting or carving. Hanging shelf accessories:

  • Figurines. Figures made in the same style or being part of the same collection look especially beautiful. Consider the style of the interior of the room – the figurines should fit harmoniously into it.
  • Flowers. Stylish pots with small flowers are ideal for American-style spaces. Small vases with bouquets look beautiful on the free space of the main shelf or on adjacent additional shelves, which are changed every 3-4 days. Flowers for installation on shelves are selected according to your taste, the main condition is compactness. Flowers that are too bulky will not work.
  • Photo. They are suitable for any style, except those in which there are no accessories as such. Preference should be given to professional photographs that have a certain artistic value.
  • Disks. On the shelves, you can put bright boxes with discs for a DVD-player – this is also a kind of accessory suitable for classic styles.
  • Other. Books, souvenirs, origami and much more can also serve as decoration of hanging shelves. Another option is to decorate the wall behind the shelf with photo wallpaper, poster, graffiti. This solution will suit the loft style.

What shelves are on sale?

On sale there is a wide selection of hinged shelves made of glass, wood, metal, and other materials. You can buy such shelves both in stationary retail outlets and in online stores – with delivery to the post office or to your home. Examples of goods:

  • Wall shelf iTECHmount DVD-1 for TV devices. Height adjustable. The material is tempered glass. Additional materials – steel, plastic. Maximum load – 8 kg. Weight: 1.6 kg. Price: 1 090 rub.Wall shelf iTECHmount DVD-1
  • Hinged shelf with HIT fasteners (wenge). Dimensions: 800x164x10 mm. Manufacturing material – wenge (rare and valuable species of tropical wood). Price: 1 190 rub.Hinged shelf with fasteners HIT (wenge)
  • Regiment Murdes PK-1. Height – 2.5 cm. Manufacturing material – laminated chipboard. The surface is matt. Price: RUB 2 030Shelf Murdes PK-1
  • Wall shelf Light light walnut 59-19. Manufacturing material – wood. Dimensions (SHHGHV) – 590x190x140 mm. Price: 920 rub.Wall shelf Light light walnut 59-19

If there is no shelf on sale that would suit you in size, appearance, material of manufacture and other parameters, you can order it. There are companies that perform similar work on individual orders. Hanging TV shelves are a simple and affordable solution that allows you to rationally use the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe rooms. A large selection of shelves offered by manufacturers allows each consumer to find an option that best suits his taste, finances, TV and room characteristics.

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