Features of reprogramming remotes from one TV to another

Any remote control needs to be tuned, but there are times when the original devices become unusable, and it is almost impossible to find an identical one. Therefore, it is better to purchase a multifunctional remote control.

Can I use a TV remote control from another TV?

To synchronize the remote control to the TV, free access is required so that the equipment can receive the impulses that the remote control sends during the programming process. The connection uses a 3 or 4-digit code that corresponds to different TV models.
Holds remote in handTo check the compatibility of the connection, you must:

  • press the “Power” button on the remote control along with the channel of the equipment for which the connection is being made;
  • after the prompt appears from the indicator, both keys should be released.

The LED should blink 3 times, this means that the universal remote control is suitable, and it can be used for a different brand of TV.

Each device has its own encoding, which can be found:

  • on the back of the cover;
  • from the front side of the panel;
  • in the battery compartment.

If the marking of the remote control is not readable (erased, peeled off, etc.), it can be found in the equipment manual, after which you need to go to specialized salons and purchase the appropriate device.

Compatibility of other remote controls with TVs

The manufacturer offers a remote control of the same model as the equipment on the market, but in some cases it is not possible to purchase a remote control. Therefore, other manufacturers are developing analog devices that are suitable for different types of TVs.


To select a Samsung TV remote control, you should pay attention to the marketing name and part number, so TV manufacturers recommend purchasing a new remote control according to the second criterion. Universal devices suitable for Samsung:

  • airmouse;
  • Huayu ;
  • Sikai;
  • AG;
  • CNV;
  • ArtX;
  • Ihandy;
  • Qunda.

The best remote control models are:

  • Gal LM-P170;
  • Rombica Air R65;
  • One For All Evolve (URC7955, Smart Control and Contour TV).

A detailed review of remote controls for Samsung TVs is discussed in
this article .

Samsung TV remote control compatibility table:

TV model

Remote control type and codes

00008J [DVD,VCR]00039A (Codes for each type are the same – 171, 175, 176, 178, 178, 188, 0963, 0113, 0403, 2653, 2333, 2663, 0003, 2443, 070, 100, 107, 113, 114, 144, 14 157, 167, 170).
00084K [DVD], /HQ/00061U.
3F14-00034-162, 3F14-00034-781AA59-10005B, 3F14-00034-780, 980, 981, 982.
3F14-00034-8423F14-00034-841, 3F14-00034-843.
3F14-00034-9803F14-00034-780, 781, 981, 982.
3F14-00034-9823F14-00034-780, 781, 980, 981.
3F14-00038-0913F14-00038-092, 093, 450, AA59-10014A, AA59-10015A.
3F14-00038-0923F14-00038-091, 093, 450, AA59-10014A, AA59-10015A.
3F14-00038-0933F14-00038-091, 092, 450, AA59-10014A, AA59-10015A.
3F14-00038-450 (IC)3F14-00038-091, 092, 093, AA59-10014A, AA59-10015A.
3F14-00040-060 (AA59-10020D) [TV,VCR] with T/T, /SQ/3F14-00040-061, AA59-10020D, 3F14-00040-071, AA59-10020M, 3F14-00040-141.
AA59-00104A [TV] with T/TAA59-00104N, AA59-00104K, AA59-00198A, AA59-00198G.
AA59-00104BAA59-00198B, AA59-00198H.
AA59-00104DAA59-00198D, AA59-00104P, AA59-00198E, AA59-00198F, AA59-00104E, AA59-00104J.
AA59-00104NAA59-00104A, AA59-00104K, AA59-00198A.
AA59-00198AAA59-00198G, AA59-00104A, AA59-00104K, AA59-00104N.
AA59-00198BAA59-00104B, AA59-00198H.
AA59-00198DAA59-00104D, J, AA59-00198E, AA59-00198 AA59-00104E.
AA59-00198HAA59-00104B, AA59-00198B.
AA59-00332AAA59-00332D, AA59-00332F.
AA59-00370A [TV-LCD,VCR] with T/T, (IC), /SQ/AA59-00370B.
AA59-00370B [TV-LCD,VCR] with T/T, (IC), /SQ/AA59-00370A.
AA59-00401C [TV], /SQ/BN59-00559A.
AA59-10031FAA59-10081F, N, AA59-10031Q, 3F14-00051-080.
AA59-10031QAA59-10081N, 3F14-00051-080.
AA59-10032WAA59-10076P, AA59-10027Q, 3F14-00048-180.
AA59-10075FAA59-10075J, 3F14-00048-170.
AA59-10075J3F14-00048-170, AA59-10075F.
AA59-10081FAA59-10031F, Q, AA59-10081N, 3F14-00051-080.
AA59-10081FAA59-10031F, AA59-10031Q, AA59-10081N, 3F14-00051-080.
AA59-10081QAA59-10081F, N, AA59-10031F, Q, 3F14-00051-080.
DSR-9500[SAT]DSR-9400, RC-9500.
MF59-00242A (IC), /SQ/DSB-A300V, DSB-B270V, DSB-B350V, DSB-B350W, DSB-S300V, DCB-9401V.

If it was not possible to find the right remote control, you can contact specialized stores where consultants will help in solving the problem.
Remote Store


There are more than 1000 models of universal remotes that are compatible with LG TVs. Basically, the manufacturer produces 2 types of remote controls – Magic Remote and original ones. The main device models that are synchronized with TV:

  • One For All Evolve;
  • Huayu RM;
  • Click PDU.

Compatibility table:


Type and code

105-224P [TV,VCR] with T/T, (IC)105-229Y, 6710V00004D (Activation 114, 156, 179, 223, 248, 1434, 0614)
6710V00007A [TV,VCR] with T/T(GS671-02), 6710V0007A
6710V00017E6710V00054E, 6710V00017F
6710V00090A /SQ/6710V00090B, 6710V00098A
6710V00090B6710V00090A, 6710V00098A
6711R1P083APBAF0567F, 6711R164P, 6711R10P
6870R1498 [DVD, VCR], (IC)DC591W, DC592W
AKB72915207 [TV-LCD]AKB72915202

If none of the activation codes has been set up, you need to enter the remote control model in the search line, which is located on the cover or in the battery compartment, after which the OS will offer the necessary numbers.


The remote control supports multiple devices (DVD, air conditioners, etc.), has many functions and offers the “Learning” option. Models that are suitable for TVs:

  • Huayu;
  • RS41CO TimeShift;
  • Click Pdu;
  • CX-507.

Activation codes and name of the remote control:


Type, code

15LS01 [TV-LCD], /SQ/Akira 15LS01, Hyundai TV2 (148,143,141,126,133,153,134,147,144,131,150,149,154,155,101,119,125)
AT2-01Sitronics AT2-01, PAEX12048C, RMTC, Elenberg 2185F
BC-1202 with T/THyundai BC-1202, SV-21N03
BT0419B [TV-LCD]Shivaki BT0419B, Novex, Hyundai BT-0481C, H-LCD1508
CT-21HS7/26T-1Hyundai H-TV2910SPF
E-3743Techno E-3743, 1401
ERC CE-0528AW [TV], /SQ/Erisson CE-0528AW, Erisson LG7461 (ERC)
F085S1DiStar OZR-1 (JH0789), M3004LAB1
F3S510DiStar QLR-1, M3004LAB1
F4S028DiStar PCR-1 (JH0784), Akira F4S028 SAA3004LAB, M3004LAB1
FHS08AAkira FHS08A
HOF45A1-2Rolsen RP-50H10
WS-237SC7461-103, CD07461G-0032

If the purchase of the UE was made in the salon of household appliances, you should consult a specialist who will check the device for compatibility.

Seller's advice


Works with many TV models, convenient and easy to use, and can also recognize activation codes in automatic and manual mode. Compatibility table:

Model nameActivation and type
2440[TV]RC-2441, RC100, JFH1468 (1037 1163 1585 1667 0037 0668 0163 0217 0556l)
RC-1241 T/T, /HQ/Techno TS-1241
RC-1900 [DVD], (IC)RC-5110, Rainford RC-1900, RC-5110
RC-1940Rainford RC-1940
RC-2000, 11UV19-2/SQ/Techno RC-2000, Shivaki RC-2000, Sanyo RC-3040
RC-2040 blackRainford RC-2040, Shivaki RC-2040
RC-2240[TV]11UV41A, VR-2160TS TF
RC-88 (Kaon KSF-200Z) [SAT], /SQ/Kaon RC-88, KSF-200Z
RC-930 [TV] with T/TShivaki RC-930

If you still cannot find a suitable code, use the Internet or contact specialized stores.


The device is not very popular on the market, so it synchronizes with a small amount of equipment. The advantage is the ability to reconfigure. Applicable TV models:

NameCodes and models
Trony GK23J6-C15 [TV]Hyundai GK23J6-C15, Akira GK23J6-C9

Before the setup process, you should carefully study the technical specifications or consult specialized stores.


The company is little known, it produces personal computers, laptops. To date,
Dexp TVs have begun to be produced , so there are few analogues to the original remote control in the assortment. The equipment is synchronized with the following models:

  • Huayu;
  • Supra.

Compatible device:

NameCode and Models
cx509 dtv3F14-00038-092, 093, 450, AA59-10014A, AA59-10015A (1007, 1035, 1130, 1000, 1002, 1031, 1027, 1046)

Remote control codes are not official information, the database was compiled by third parties to identify the compatibility of remote control and TV models.

How to connect another remote control to the TV?

After purchasing the UPDU, you must go through the installation process by entering a combination of numbers to activate, many well-known TV models are automatically synchronized with the device and do not require additional settings.


Before you start synchronizing devices, carefully study the technical specifications of the equipment and device, which may contain hidden information about their capabilities.
Reading instructions from the TV remoteConnecting and setting up the universal remote control is as follows:

  1. Activate the TV using the buttons located on the panel on the side (in different models, they may be located below or behind).
  2. Turn off devices that can be activated with the remote control (air conditioner, DVD player, etc.).
  3. Insert the batteries into the compartment of the device and point towards the TV screen, then press Power and wait a few seconds until a system message appears to enter the activation code.
  4. Once connected, the TV will automatically restart.

If the connection fails, check the spelling of the activation numbers or try searching by the model name on the Internet. To learn how to connect to this brand, see our video: https://youtu.be/aohvGsN4Hwk


Many manufacturers produce remotes with different sets of functions, so you need to familiarize yourself with the device and study the operational description. Remote control setting steps:

  1. Turn on the equipment using the remote control or the ON button on the TV panel.
  2. Press Power and hold for about 15 seconds. The infrared port on the front housing should light up.
  3. Dial the beep combination (they may differ depending on the model) Setup-C or Power-Set.
  4. A window for entering activation numbers will open on the screen, enter them using the device.
  5. As soon as the initialization is completed, the indicator will turn off, which means that the connection is completed.

Batteries on the remote control should not be changed at the same time, as all settings are reset, so remove the batteries one by one. Learn more about connecting remotes to LG in the video below: https://youtu.be/QyEESHedozg

How to reprogram any remote?

Initially, you should find the model of the device that should be reprogrammed. Further actions:

  • open the RCA website and follow the link (https://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/remote-code-finder/);
  • open the menu “Model number” (Revision Number);
  • in the field enter the number that corresponds to the model on the package;
  • go to the “Device Manufacturer” (Device Brand Name);
  • enter the manufacturer in the dialing field;
  • in the “Device Type” window, type the name of the equipment with which the device will be used.

The activation numbers will be displayed on the monitor, after which you should click “OK” and wait for the devices to fully synchronize. If the steps are correct, the TV will reboot.

Reconfiguring the Rostelecom remote control to another TV

The Rostelecom remote control does not control many functions, that is, it only changes the volume and switches channels, but it can be reconfigured with special codes, which will allow it to work with specific TVs. The pairing looks like this:

  1. Press simultaneously on the remote control 2 buttons – OK and TV, the indicator will start flashing. Point towards the screen and enter the registration numbers of the device.
  2. The TV button will turn red, which means “Connection was successful.”
  3. Restart your TV.

If the channels started switching when you entered the code, it means that the devices have not been paired. To change, you have to redo everything. It is not always possible to find the right combination the first time, so the installation process can take a long time. How to quickly and easily program such a remote control, see the video: https://youtu.be/FADf2fKDS_E

What is a universal remote?

Currently, there are a variety of
universal remote controls on the market that perform most of the functions and support many equipments (TV, air conditioners, DVD players, etc.). UDU features:

  • Ease of use;
  • low cost;
  • ease of use.

Differences from the original:

  • replaces several remotes at once, because it is able to connect to many equipment;
  • is available in all TV and radio stores (since the models of the old original PUs are out of production and it is problematic to find them).

New types of UPDU have a built-in memory base, which allows you to put new data and codes into them.

How to set up the universal remote control?

Multifunctional remotes are configured automatically or manually, it depends on the model of equipment to which you are connecting. The binding principle is almost the same, but with different activation combinations.


A convenient and widespread device, the setup process is simple, sometimes instructions can be found on the rear panel, which ensures quick synchronization. The principle of action is as follows:

  1. Press the SET and POWER key, the indicator lights up indicating the programming process.
  2. Periodically press the volume button until you find the corresponding code.

Number combinations for TV:

  • Panasonic – 0675, 1515, 0155, 0595, 1565, 0835, 0665, 1125, 1605;
  • Philips – 0525, 0605, 1305, 0515, 1385, 1965, 1435, 0345, 0425, 1675;
  • Pioneer – 074, 092, 100, 108, 113, 123, 176, 187, 228;
  • Samsung – 0963, 0113, 0403, 2653, 2663, 0003, 2443;
  • Yamaha – 1161, 2451;
  • Sony – 0154, 0434, 1774, 0444, 0144, 2304;
  • Daewoo – 086, 100, 103, 113, 114, 118, 153, 167, 174, 176, 178, 188, 190, 194, 214, 217, 235, 251, 252;
  • LG – 1434, 0614.

As soon as the combination has converged, the LED should go out, then go to the main functions of the TV and check it for performance.


The downside
of the Gal PU is that it doesn’t learn new features and doesn’t automatically sync, so the installation process will be manual, which will take some time. Device setup:

  1. Press the TV button for 3 seconds and wait until the diode lights up.
  2. Enter the code (the light should be constantly flashing).

Suitable numbers:

  • JVC-0167;
  • Panasonic-0260;
  • Samsung – 0565;
  • Yamaha – 5044.

If the activation fails, the indicator will flash 2 times, stay on without flashing, and you will have to reconfigure.
Remote control setup


PU can control the operation of 8 devices, the range is 15 meters. Suitable for various equipment – DVD players, TV receivers, music centers, air conditioners, etc. Automatic setting is as follows:

  1. Turn on the TV and press the TV option.
  2. Hold down SET and wait for the infrared lamp to turn on, then switch the “channel selection” key until the code appears.

Activation code:

  • Samsung – 2051, 0556, 1840;
  • Sony – 1825;
  • Phillips – 0556, 0605, 2485;
  • Panasonic – 1636, 0108;
  • Toshiba – 1508, 0154, 0714, 1840, 2051, 2125, 1636, 2786;
  • LG – 1840, 0714, 0715, 1191, 2676;
  • Acer – 1339, 3630.

After entering the numbers, press OK, if the button is pressed late, the installation will automatically close and return to the initial page, so the setting will have to be carried out again.


A multifunctional device with various functions, allows you to work with many equipment that supports synchronization. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Hold Power and dial the code at the same time.
  2. When the diode blinks 2 times, release the key and check the operation of the remote control by pressing all the buttons in turn.

Remote control codes:

  • JVC – 1464;
  • Panasonic-2153;
  • Samsung – 2448;
  • Philips – 2195;
  • Toshiba – 3021.

The activation combination can also be found on the official website of the manufacturer or in the instruction manual. Click Ok to save the settings.


The remote control is configured in 2 ways – manual and automatic, in the second case, the TV connects to the device and displays numbers, but not every multifunctional remote control can transmit such a signal. Manual setting:

  1. Turn on the equipment, press TV or Aux on the remote control.
  2. As soon as the indicator lights up, start pressing these buttons in turn to select the corresponding code.

UPDU codes:

  • Panasonic – 047, 051;
  • Philips – 065. 066, 068;
  • Pioneer – 100, 105, 113, 143;
  • Samsung – 152, 176, 180, 190;
  • Yamaha – 206, 213, 222;
  • Sony – 229, 230.

As soon as the indicator goes out, it means that the activation was successful, click Stop to save the change.


Setting up the PU is identical to other models and is carried out manually. Turn on the power of the TV and point the device at it.
Setting up the TV remoteFurther actions:

  1. Press Power and then TV.
  2. Without releasing the key, begin to cycle through the current 4-digit numbers.

Special codes:

  • JVC-0167;
  • Panasonic-0260;
  • Samsung – 0565;
  • LG – 0547.

After entering, press OK to save the settings, reboot the equipment and check the output signals.

Is it possible to convert the remote control into a universal one?

Each original remote control is programmed for a TV model, so it will not be easy to reprogram or remake it. Problems you may encounter:

  • there is no suitable microcircuit available;
  • laborious work process;
  • a lot of time is spent.

If you manage to remake the remote control, there may be malfunctions in its functioning, so it is more rational to purchase a universal remote control and go through a simple setup process.

How to make a smartphone a universal remote control?

A universal remote control can be made from a smartphone if the gadget is equipped with IR ports. In the absence of this signal, it is possible to connect it yourself. Required tools and parts:

  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • 3.5 mm mini-jack;
  • 2 LEDs;
  • soldering iron;
  • tin;
  • rosin;
  • Super glue;
  • fine-grained sandpaper.

The workflow looks like this:

  1. Sand the sides of the infrared lamps with sandpaper.
  2. Glue the diodes together.
  3. Bend the legs and cut off the excess.
  4. Solder the antenna of the positive electrode (anode) to the negative (cathode) in reverse order.
  5. Connect the LEDs to the versatile channels.
  6. Slip the heat shrink over the mini jack, insulating the bonded areas.

From the video you will learn how to do it right: https://youtu.be/M_KEumzCtxI To use your smartphone as a remote control, insert the device into the headphone jack and download the application from the official sites. The main universal programs for the phone:

  • Remote Control for TV. Suitable for a large number of TVs, the mode of operation occurs via Wi-Fi and infrared. The application is free. The downside is the lack of disabling commercials.
  • Smartphone Remote Control. Works with TV models that have the Smart TV option, the signal is transmitted through infrared modules and Wi-Fi. If the gadget cannot recognize the hardware model, the connection is made through the IP address. The downside is a lot of ads.
  • Universal Remote TV. The application fully displays the keyboard, as well as on conventional remote controls. Works on Wi-Fi and IR signal options. Contains advertisement blogs.

All applications can be downloaded through the Google Play website or the App Store, the developers offer free installation and an accessible interface. Remote launchers rarely evolve, but change only in appearance, but not constructively. Manufacturers rarely release new functional options, so when setting up, all modes remain the same.

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