How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remote


Sharp is a Japanese firm founded in 1912. The main specialization is the production and supply of electronics around the world. The corporation gained the greatest popularity in the 60s of the 20th century, when there was a “boom” in the field of creating household appliances and equipment. The Sharp brand produces a wide variety of audio systems, chips and LCDs. The founder is Japanese entrepreneur Hayakawa, who, after 1983, changed the course of the company and aimed at the mass creation of televisions. To this day, the company provides a wide range of this technology. The most popular at the moment is the Sharp Aquos – an N7000 series LCD with newfangled HDR technology. The TVs of this line are equipped with the AquoDimming option, which automatically increases or decreases the contrast and color gamut of the screen for the user.Special sensors built into the smart backlight system react to changes in the display matrix and automatically change the current brightness value.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remote Sharp Aquos – a smart customizable TV remote control Sharp Smart TV [/ caption]

How to choose a remote control for Sharp TVs

The principle of selecting a remote controller for a Sharp TV is no different from the principle of selecting a remote controller for any
other TV . The recommendations below are universal and will work for owners of different Sharp TVs and many others.

Selecting a remote control by model

Usually there is a manufacturer’s logo on the front of the device, and on the back there is a sticker describing a specific TV model. For example, if the logo of the Japanese company Sharp is drawn on the front, and the model 14A2-RU is indicated on the back, then the TV remote control will be called Sharp 14A2-RU. This information must be reported to a consultant in any of the stores selling electronic equipment, and he will select a suitable model.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remoteThe model is indicated on the body of the remote control [/ caption]

Buying a universal remote

If the above method did not help, it is recommended to buy universal remote control devices. Their principle of operation is based on capturing a TV signal. This signal is a certain combination number, which is decoded by the remote control. This gives the device access to the control of the receiver. When buying a universal remote, look for your TV model in the list. In case of difficulties, consult with consultants. Experts will help you choose the most suitable product.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remoteUniversal remote control huayu for Sharp 758g [/ caption]

Varieties of remote controls

Sharp TV remotes are of several types:

  1. The originals are the usual ones that come with the kit.
  2. Universal – customizable and suitable for all models of the line.
  3. Special smart remotes with advanced features.

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Original models

The cheapest remote controls for Sharp TV, which can be bought within 400-800 rubles, have limited functionality and are suitable for one specific model of equipment. For example, the Sharp LC-32HI3222E remote control (430 rubles) or GJ220 (790 rubles). It was first launched into mass production in 2008. The prototype was a similar remote control from LG – LG CS54036.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remoteSharp GJ220 remote control [/ caption]

Universal remotes

Universal TV remote control Sharp costs a little more – in the range from 500 to 1200 rubles. The main advantage is that it is suitable for a large number of devices. For example, a remote control for a whole series of Sharp GJ210 TVs (560 rubles). The GJ210 TV is made of high quality ABS plastic, is durable and has the main advantage of tonal balance and detail in low light levels. It was popular with domestic consumers in the first half of the 2000s. User manual for TV Smart TV Sharp 14A1 and setting up the remote control – download the manual in Russian:
Operating manual for TV Smart TV Sharp 14A1

Smart-TV remotes

Smart remotes are equipped with the Magic Remote option, which allows you to use the device as a laser pointer (draw gestures in the air to execute certain commands in a simplified form), as well as Magic Motion, i.e. support for voice control. The only TV lineup that supports Smart TV is the Sharp Aquos TV remote control series. The cost of the remote control starts from 1,500 rubles.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remoteSharp Aquos [/ caption]

Magic Remote and Magic Motion

For the first time, these options were presented in 2008 at a press conference for new LG TVs. At that time, these were truly revolutionary technologies. And now they are ubiquitous even in budget TVs. Options greatly simplify the use of technology by introducing multi-function keys that perform complex actions in a couple of seconds.

How to set up a remote control for a Sharp TV – setup instructions

The remote control is configured according to the following algorithm:

  1. First connect the antenna cables and / or the satellite dish to the sockets on the TV.
  2. The power cord, conditional access card is connected and the TV itself is turned on from the button.
  3. The initial setup is performed – the TV automatically finds the remote control and starts transmitting signal codes to it.

Using the remote, you must enter a special code. A complete list of codes for all models can be found on the official archive sites. An example of how to configure the Sharp IRC-18E remote control, as well as the assignment of buttons and codes in the instructions in Russian – download the full file:
Configuring the Sharp IRC-18E remote control SHARP AQUOS DH2006122573 Bluetooth LC40BL5EA remote control with microphone – video review of a modern remote control from Sharp :

How to turn on Sharp TV without a remote control

Some owners may find it difficult to turn on the TV without a controller. To solve the problem, click on the button with the image of a wand (at the top it enters the circle). The button is located on the back of the case. It “clicks” when pressed and is engraved, so it is easy to spot. Long press resets hardware settings and connects to TV automatically.

Review of android application for creating a virtual remote control

TV Remote Control is a free application that allows you to download a virtual remote control for your TV, including Sharp, to your phone and control TV devices and set-top boxes remotely. Link to download one of the popular options: The virtual remote control interface is a touch panel that consists of 5 basic buttons for switching channels, fields for entering text using the electronic keyboard and fields for voice prompts. To configure the application you need:

  1. Bring the phone to the TV.
  2. Select the Manage Connections section.
  3. From the list provided, you must select your TV model.
  4. Enter the PIN-code on your smartphone and click “Connect”. After successful connection, the D-pad mini-joystick appears, which is a touch panel for controlling the TV.

How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remoteRemote control for TV Smart TV for smartphone [/ caption] What to do if the remote control for Sharp TV does not respond to buttons and the TV does not turn on: https: //

How to choose a universal remote for your Sharp TV

Firstly, the universal remote must be sure to match Sharp TVs. Otherwise, the controller will not be able to connect to the device. Secondly, pay attention to the quality of the product. A high-quality remote control must have a wireless connection, automatic programming of IR buttons, and a Russian layout for entering Russian channels. Sharp’s most advanced universal TV remote controls are Teach-Programmable. This category of devices is equipped with an advanced IR receiver, which is sent to the TV once for “learning”. These remotes support the voice control function, are sold at an affordable price and have a long service life.
How to find, disassemble and set up a Sharp TV remote rc5112 – universal remote control [/ caption]

What other remotes are suitable

Unfortunately, most remotes from other well-known brands do not fit Sharp TVs. As exceptions – little-known analogs of G1342PESA (suitable for 14A2-RUSHARP, 14AG2-SSHARP series remotes), GA591 (suitable for Sharp lc 60le925ru TV remotes) and G1342PESA (for G1342SA controllers). Most of the Chinese counterparts that can be seen on Aliexpress and similar sites are designed to fit the SHARP brand consoles.

The built-in ABS-board allows you to configure the multicontrol option – in this way you can connect most Japanese remotes, including Sharp.


Sharp is a truly legendary Japanese company. In the wake of the electrical “boom”, when the mass production of TVs began, the brand was the first among competitors and supplied really high-quality equipment for 30-40 years. However, now the situation has changed and the company began to noticeably yield in terms of technology. Remotes are mostly limited in functionality and break down quickly. This factor should be taken into account. We hope that this article has provided answers to all your questions. Good luck!

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