How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remote

The Sony Corporation was formed in Japan, where its headquarters is located to this day, back in 1946. Sony Corporation manufactures home and professional appliances, game consoles and other products. Moreover, Sony is one of the largest media companies in the world, owns the Sony Music Entertainment record label and two film studios. The most popular company in the world of technology brought the Playstation console, Vaio laptops and the already mentioned Sony Music Entertainment recording brand. Previously, the flagship products of the corporation were portable players and mobile phones of the Walkman line. Today we will talk about Sony Smart TV and, in particular, about remotes for them. How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteTouchscreen remote control for Sony TV [/ caption]

How to match the remote control to your Sony TV

If a situation arises when the original Sony remote control stops working, and the instructions for the device do not help bring the remote back to life, you need to find a new suitable universal device or install the corresponding remote control on your mobile device. You need to know in more detail how to choose the right remote control model:

  1. Find a remote control model that will be fully compatible with the series of the TV you are looking for. How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteMarking of Sony remotes [/ caption]
  2. Calculate the amount of money that will be required to buy a new remote control
  3. Pay attention to the manufacturer or find a universal remote
  4. Find an encoding (codes for universal remotes are below in the article), which will help you further control the device.
  5. Get acquainted with the functionality and capabilities of the new remote control, study its layout, evaluate the convenience

Paying attention to all of the above nuances, you can avoid unpleasant moments when, after purchasing a device, the TV does not respond to it. Usually it all comes down to a simple replacement of the remote control, but in such moments the reason may be a banal clogging of buttons and a board with debris and dust, or a malfunction of the TV.

If it turns out that the problem is hidden in the TV, in most such cases, a simple factory reset will help to solve the problem.

It must be remembered that a short pause will also help to avoid troubles when working with the remote control after turning it on, which will help prevent the moment when the TV does not respond to the remote control signals due to errors present.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteUniversal remote control rmd-9998 is a workhorse, suitable for many modern TVs, including Sony [/ caption]

Remote settings after purchase

Sony Corporation once released remote touchscreen remotes. Such devices are many times easier to set up in contrast to conventional push-button remotes, since all assigned commands are displayed with a special response on the display. Here’s how the touchpad is configured:

  1. Reset all settings to factory state.
  2. Put the device in the search mode for the encoding of a suitable TV.
  3. Turn on the TV and point the remote control at the module that sends a signal.
  4. On the screen, find information that applies to the device that is connected.
  5. When the configuration is complete, save the settings with the desired command.

How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteTouch panel of Sony’s remote control [/ caption] There is also an option for both automatic and manual adjustment of the remote control. To do this, you need to find and select the desired manufacturer and series of the device. At the end of the setup, all new parameters are also saved and the remote control is tested using different commands. Download the complete manual for setting up a smart remote control for Sony Bravia TV – Quick Start Manual:
Download a manual for setting up a remote control for Sony TV

Remote control in the phone

If necessary, all TVs can be controlled from a smartphone. In order to make this possible, you must first install a special application on your mobile phone, which can be easily found on the Play Store or AppStore. After that, you need to find the available encoding transmitted from the TV. If manual tuning is used, the model and line, TV series are independently determined. The difference between remote controls and telephones is that the latter do not need to be reset to factory settings, but there is also a drawback – the remote control on a smartphone will not give full access to all features and functions.
Download remote control for Sony TV: id907119932

How to disassemble the remote

As practice shows, conventional remotes can work poorly or completely fail due to clogging with dirt and dust. If this happens, you need to properly clean the remote control and all its components. Naturally, in order to clean the remote control, you need to disassemble it before doing this in a strictly established manner. Such a procedure must be carried out after a certain period of time as a preventive measure, since touch control panels are fundamentally different from push-button ones, reacting to every touch and lack of contact. Therefore, in order to properly disassemble the remote control before cleaning, you must do the following:

  1. Turn off the remote control before cleaning, thereby preventing disruption of its operation mode or individual functions
  2. Get the battery or batteries that provide power to the device
  3. Unscrew all the screws that are located on the back panel and that hold the entire structure of the console
  4. Disassemble in order all the modules inside, except for the sensor unit
  5. Carefully disconnect the keys and contacts to them
  6. After all the above measures, clean the device
  7. At the end, you need to assemble the remote control back to working form and check it on the TV

How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteDisassembled remote control [/ caption]

Cleaning the device

You should dwell in more detail on such an item as directly cleaning the remote control. Then, when the remote control is completely disassembled, you need to thoroughly clean all parts and the case. In this case, you need to use materials that do not contain moisture or other liquid. Cotton swabs and wet wipes that contain alcohol are best. These funds are most effective in helping to combat dust and dirt, as practice shows.

After cleaning with napkins, the remote control must be completely dried without leaving moisture inside.

Only after all the parts and elements of the remote control are dry can the assembly be carried out and the device operability test can be started. As for the external parts, including the sensor, they only need to be cleaned with napkins. How to disassemble and clean the Sony TV remote control – video repair instructions:

Remote Control Codes

Like all remote control devices, Sony’s remotes have encodings that are needed to work together with the TV when pairing devices. In order to recode the remote control, you need to enter the required values. This is done manually or automatically. If the necessary data is not available in the device, you will need to find it yourself. Usually, such data can be found in certain places:

  1. In some devices, such codes may be found in the instructions that come with the device.
  2. Also, the data for the code can be contained in the user manual of the Sony TV model that is used
  3. The required encoding can be found on the official website of the manufacturer (, in this case – Sony.
  4. Some service centers that repair similar equipment have information about the coding of the remotes.
  5. On forums and various sites with this topic, codes can be publicly available for all users

On the same forums, quite interesting questions often arise, the answers to which can help in solving problems with the remote control.
List of codes for Sony: 0031, 0051, 0061, 0191, 0221, 0611, 0931, 1791, 1981, 2401, 2471, 2331.

Universal remotes

If the original remote control could not be found, the option remains with the purchase of a universal remote control that will be compatible with most brands and models of TVs. Such consoles differ significantly from the usual ones in a number of advantages:

  1. They are compatible with a variety of techniques . The universal remote control can control not only one TV, but also players, TV receivers. This is possible thanks to the built-in sensor that can work in all existing frequency ranges.
  2. Such devices are compatible with a huge number of TVs . The year of manufacture and the name of the company, the series do not affect the compatibility. Therefore, when buying such a remote control, it is recommended to pay attention to the design, and, of course, the price of the device.
  3. The device contains a powerful transmitter that works at a distance of up to 20 meters.How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remote
  4. Most of these remotes are sold at a fairly low price . And if you buy from online stores, the price will be even lower.

Universal Remote Control for Sony – HUAYU RM-L1275: Top 3 Best Universal Remote Controls:

  1. REXANT 38-0011.
  2. Vivanco UR 2.
  3. One For All URC 6810 TV Zapper

But there are remotes that do not have special buttons that allow you to control additional functions that Smart TV-enabled devices provide.

By the way, most of the original remotes have a better build quality than non-original remote controls.

What to do to unlock the remote control

If you want to unlock the Sony remote, there are several options:

  1. Hold down the “+” and “P” keys at the same time. Then enter several identical characters. It can be “2222” or “7777”. It is also worth trying to enter “1234” and then press the “+” key again.
  2. When the code is dialed and the “+” key is pressed, the LED on the remote control should be on constantly. If this happened, you must press the combination of keys “+ Volume” and “Menu”.
  3. The third step is to press any one button for 10 seconds, after which the remote should work.

Do I need to buy a remote from the same company as the TV?

This question is asked quite often, more than half of the customers choosing a new remote control ask exactly this. After all, there is an opinion that absolutely all consoles are the same and differ only in the name of the manufacturer’s company. And the fact that a certain brand of TV often requires a remote control of the same brand sometimes genuinely surprises customers. Yes, inside the same company it sometimes happens that the models of remotes from different TVs can be interchangeable. But this does not always happen, and only a qualified specialist can determine whether this or that remote control is suitable for the TV. After all, sometimes there is such a situation when almost all functions work, except for some, quite important ones.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Sony TV remoteVoice control MX3 [/ caption]

There is a remote control that does not work

You need to look at the remote control and find the markings on its body. This is the model name of this remote control. It should be noted that the TV and the remote control that comes with it will always have different markings. Often, the markings can be found on the front of the remote control, sometimes under the battery compartment cover or on the back cover. However, there are devices that are not labeled. In this case, you need to work with the marking of the TV. In any case, when buying a new remote control, it is important to take the current remote control with you to the store. This will help save both time and, which is also very important, finances. Sometimes it is possible to repair and restore non-working remotes, but this does not always happen. What to do if the remote control does not work and how to fix it:

What to do if the old remote control is missing

In this case, it would be best to look for the instructions for the TV you are using. Usually these instructions contain all the necessary information about the remote control, including the image. If there is no instruction, then in this case you need to know the TV model and, based on this, start looking for the desired remote control.

You don’t have a remote control, no instructions, and you don’t know what the TV is called.

That is, for example, the TV does not have the name of the company that released it and there is no model marking. It also happens. If you have responsive neighbors, try asking them, for example, for TV remote controls to test them on your machine. Some consoles from different manufacturers are based on the same microcircuits and command systems and, as a result, are interchangeable. If this does not help, you can try to take the universal remote and use autosearch to find the code to control your device.

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