How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control

In terms of price segment and technical features, Toshiba TVs are presented to the customer’s choice with a diagonal of 22 to 55 inches. The TVs are packed with useful features, fast program update rates and other innovative features. You can choose several options for consoles for them – this is suitable for a specific model, universal and virtual.

About Toshiba TVs

A large-scale Japanese concern Toshiba is one of the oldest TV sets in the world market. TV equipment under this brand has been an example of quality and reliability for many years. Taking advantage of the latest technologies and years of experience, the company’s engineers strive for stable growth in all areas of the corporation’s business, including infrastructure. Before buying a Toshiba TV, it is important to pay attention to a few points:

  • the manufacturer confirms the reliability of the models by offering a 2-year warranty;
  • in order to choose the right Toshiba TV, it is important to know that the distance from the panel to the viewer is at least 4 diagonals;
  • the presence of additional functions built into the TV software is of great importance. It is important to decide here whether the TV will be used to access the Internet, whether a keyboard and mouse is needed for this technique, and whether an additional remote control is needed.

How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control

How to choose a remote control for your Toshiba TV?

All models of remotes for this brand of TVs are distinguished by durable, reliable plastic, high build quality. In addition to branded remotes produced at certified Toshiba factories, you can choose universal remote controls for this brand, created by Huayu. The advantage of universal remotes is that they can be used to program the functions of the old remote control (if available). In addition, the universal remote control for Toshiba allows you to directly control the TV, player and other devices.

What types of remotes exist for Toshiba – with features, prices, characteristics

The original factory-assembled console will be assembled with all Toshiba manufacturing principles in mind. Such remote controls are manufactured under quality control, which guarantees its correct operation for many years, reliability and ease of use. A branded remote control usually comes with a TV set. The lifespan of the original Toshiba remote control is 6 to 9 years. Types of remotes for Toshiba TVs:

  • push-button (the price of such remotes is from $ 5 to $ 15). These are standard models for remote adjustment and adjustment. On the surface of such remote controls there are familiar buttons that are logically grouped according to their tasks and functionality;
  • sensory (cost up to $ 20). More modern models of remotes with touchpads. Also, some models may have regular buttons. Such consoles can be equipped with gyroscopes and built-in microphones.

How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control

How to set up a remote control for Smart TV Toshiba: instruction

Each Toshiba device is accompanied by an individual instruction, which describes in detail the process of setting up the remote control. It is worth considering the classic way of setting up:

  1. First, turn on the TV to the mains and press the activation button on the remote control. It is also important to hold down the “Set” key together with the power button.
  2. Observe with an indication diode. The indicator should be on, not blinking and off.
  3. Adjust the volume level to the desired sound level.
  4. To exit the pairing mode – press the “Set” button.

If you need to start autotuning on the remote control, then first press four times on the number 9. The dialed code looks like this “9999”, by dialing it on the remote control you can deactivate the TV modem. A window with automatic channel search will immediately appear on the TV screen. The search process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote controlIn order for the UPDU to be paired with a TV from the Toshiba brand, it is worth doing the following scheme:

  • turn on the TV first;
  • direct the front of the remote control towards the equipment;
  • hold down the “Power” key. It must be held for 5 seconds for the indicator to light up;
  • the volume icon can be seen on the display;
  • if necessary, adjust the sound level before tuning channels.

Important! Each model of Toshiba TV remote control is distinguished by its reliability and well-located control keys, which is very important for many consumers.


Each modern TV from Toshiba has a specific code that is needed to connect to the remote control equipment. You can find the code in the instructions for the TV equipment or write out a combination of numbers from the Internet.

You can also use the universal code for your Toshiba TV. To configure, enter a combination of numbers – 059, 064, 123 (DVD).

Which Toshiba remote you can download

All TV Remote Control is a free application for controlling your TV through the simple functions of this particular application. Remote control for Toshiba TV on Android is software that does not take up much memory on your smartphone. The weight of the program is almost 8.7M. An important condition for using this application is a modern smartphone update to a new version and updated system files in it. The minimum required Android version is 3.2 or higher. Also carefully check the indicators, due to unusable system conditions. Remote control for Toshiba TV on Android (Optimized version) – this is the latest version of TV remote control 5.3.7. In this version of the application, banal smartphone errors have been edited. You can download the remotes in PlayMarket at the link / store / apps / details? id = com.osfunapps.remotefortoshiba & hl = ru & gl = US.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control

How to set up a downloaded remote control?

The remote control downloaded to your smartphone can easily turn your Android phone or tablet into a universal TV remote control. It is a simple and easy to install and use smart remote control, its mode of operation is exactly the same as that of a conventional remote control. The remote control for Toshiba TV is quite simple to set up if you download the application to your smartphone from PlayMarket and follow the step-by-step instructions for installing the program. The program activates the hardware search function. At this moment, a notification about the found device may appear on the smartphone screen. On the display, you can see a special confirmation code, which you just need to enter in the application on your smartphone. Now you can control the remote control from the mobile application. The application will fit any Toshiba TV model and it is important to enter an individual code to connect it.To use the remote control, it is also important to have an IrDA port in a smartphone.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control The remote control downloaded to the smartphone [/ caption]

Universal remote – how to choose

Remotes for universal use for different models of Toshiba TVs can be adjusted according to the settings for the desired technique. Through them you can control not only TV, but also DVD player, satellite tuner, audio system. A wide range of setup codes allows you to install up to four devices in the memory of such a universal remote control. The most popular universal TV remote control for Toshiba TV is the RM-162B model. This remote control is relevant for replacing the line of Toshiba consoles, in which a microcircuit with the 6122 and 40BF code is installed.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control

Information! Any universal model of the remote control is configured manually and partially automatically. The setup instructions are always included with the remote control and the TV. Sometimes the code or setting can be read on the back of the remote control.

Which remote controls from other manufacturers are suitable?

Toshiba TV Universal Remote Controls come with specific software that are suitable for over 1000 different brands of devices. Universal remotes are suitable to replace the old Toshiba remote controls. You can also use them if you can’t find a suitable device model. List of universal remotes for Toshiba TV devices:

  • HAMA Big Zapper (40072);
  • Air Mouse Gaming T2;
  • HAMA 00012307.

Manufacturers of universal remotes:

  • AirMouse;
  • HUAYU;
  • Sikai;
  • AG;
  • ArtX;
  • CNV;
  • Chunghop;
  • IHandy;
  • Intelligent;
  • Qunda.

How do I unlock the remote?

If the TV does not respond to the given commands, then first you should pay attention to the batteries. Perhaps the batteries in the remote control are corny. You can check the remote control as follows:

  • open the battery compartment;
  • remove the installed batteries;
  • insert similar new batteries;
  • check the operation of the remote control.

Worth knowing! The instructions always indicate an individual code that must be typed on the buttons or touch remote control. If there are no instructions for the remote control, then you should try to enter the universal code.

Operating instructions for the remote control for Smart TV Toshiba 32 LV655 (from page 11):
Operating instructions for the remote control for Smart TV Toshiba

How to disassemble and open the remote control, basic repair

The cases of Toshiba consoles are fastened with screws at the factory. In a domestic environment, these screws can be unscrewed independently with an ordinary screwdriver. With this action, you can disassemble the remote control into two parts. It is imperative to clean the remote control with an alcohol-containing solution that breaks down grease and dirt. Reassemble the remote control after cleaning in the reverse order. If the remote control is broken, then before reassembling it is worth looking at the microcircuit. Frequent use of the remote control leads to the erasure of conductive deposition on the buttons or microcircuit. If it turned out that there was not rubbed dusting under the layer of dirt, then the equipment can be used in the future.
How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote controlDisassembled remote control [/ caption] Cleaning the remote control from the inside:

  1. Take a cleaning solution and wipe down the chip.How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control
  2. At the same time, remove dirt on the body of the remote control, as well as on the rubber gasket.How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control
  3. If the remote control is not too dirty (as happens when it has been used for many years in cellophane), then thoroughly rinse every part of it with water, except for the microcircuit itself.How to find, disassemble and set up your Toshiba TV remote control
  4. Before assembling the remote control, you need to allow all the parts to dry well – otherwise you can provoke the oxidation of the microcircuit and other metal electronic parts.

The remote control is the most vulnerable part of the home entertainment complex. It can
get lost , broken, break down from long-term intensive use, so the brand is trying to produce more universal models of remote controls for the convenience of users.

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