Philips TV Remote Features and Setup

Пульт для ТВ Philips Периферия

Philips is a well-known manufacturer from Holland that produces high-quality electronics, including different models of TVs and remote controls (RC) for them. In this article, you will learn about the features and operation of the brand’s original remotes, as well as what alternatives there are to them.

Philips TV remote control instructions

In order for the remote to work as efficiently as possible, you need to learn how it functions and how to set it up correctly.
Philips TV Remote

Description of Philips remote control buttons

The case of remote controls for Philips TVs is usually divided into three areas, each of which contains a specific set of buttons. Upper area of ​​remote control:

  • 1 – a large button in the first row turns the TV on and off.
  • 2 – keys for playback, pause, rewind.
  • 3 – TV GUIDE opens the electronic program guide.
  • SETUP opens the settings page.
  • By clicking on FORMAT, you can change the image format in the menu that opens.

Middle area:

  • 1 – SOURCES button opens the menu of connected devices.
  • 2 – colored buttons for direct selection of parameters, the blue key opens help.
  • 3 – by clicking on INFO, you can get information about the included program.
  • 4 – BACK returns to the previous channel being viewed.
  • 5 – HOME opens the main menu.
  • 6 – by pressing EXIT, you will switch to watching TV channels from other modes.
  • 7 – the OPTIONS button is needed to enter and exit the options menu.
  • 8 – with the OK button you confirm the selected parameters.
  • 9 – navigation buttons to move up, down, left and right.
  • 10 – LIST is needed to enable / disable the display of the channel list.

Third (lower) region:

  • 1 – buttons for adjusting the volume of the sound (+/-).
  • 2 – numeric and alphabetic buttons for direct selection of TV channels and text input.
  • 3 – SUBTITLE key turns on subtitles.
  • 4 – buttons for switching channels in order (+/-), and moving to the next teletext page.
  • 5 – button for instant mute / and turn it on.
  • 6 – pressing TEXT will open the display of teletext functions.

Description of Philips remote control buttons

Tuning Philips TV channels with the remote control

Setting up a TV receiver can be done in two ways – automatic and manual. And despite the fact that Philips TVs continue to evolve, the design improves and new features appear, the digital channel search scheme between the old and new models is practically the same. How to manually set up a new TV:

  1. Turn on the TV and press the SETUP button to enter the settings.
  2. Select the language and then the country (if the TV was manufactured before 2012, select Finland). On the next screen, set your time zone. Confirm all actions with the OK button.Language selection
  3. Select the location of the TV of your choice, and press OK.Language selection
  4. Select the location of the TV – home. Click OK.Location - house
  5. Select “On” or “Off” in the accessibility settings for people with visual and hearing impairments. You can do this at your discretion. Click OK.Select "On" or "Off"
  6. Complete the presets by selecting “Start”. Confirm the action with the OK button. On the next page, select Continue. Click OK.Completing presetting
  7. Choose cable TV (DVB-C). Click OK.Choice of cable television
  8. In the TV channel search menu, select “Settings”. Click OK.Setup menu
  9. Go to the “Settings” section, and select “Network frequency mode” in it. Another window will open on the right, click “Manual” there (there may be a different wording). Click OK.Line frequency mode
  10. Select the network frequency and set it to 298 MHz.Network frequency
  11. Go to “Baud rate”, select “Manual”, then set the value to 6900.Transfer rate
  12. Select the “Done” key, press OK. Click “Start”.Performed
  13. The search for TV channels will start. Click OK when the process is complete.Completion

The process of installing channels in auto mode:

  1. Turn on the TV and press the SETUP button to enter the settings. Go to the “Configuration” section.Section "Configuration"
  2. Go to the “Installation” section, and select “Channel settings” in it. Another window will open on the right, click “Automatic installation” there (there may be a different wording). Click OK.Automatic installation
  3. To find the complete list of broadcasts, select “Reinstall” on the screen. Click OK.Reinstalling channels
  4. Select a country from the list. Click OK. Experts recommend staying in Germany or Finland. If only Russia is listed in the drop-down list, take the device to a service center to install the latest software version.Country selection
  5. In the “Digital mode” section that opens, select “Cable” as the signal source. Click OK.Signal source "Cable"
  6. Start the search and wait for it to complete. Use the “OK” button to save the found channels.

When scanning TV channels, the TV may ask for a PIN code, and you will need to enter one of the traditional factory passwords, usually four zeros or ones. If you previously changed it in the settings, enter the installed code.

How do I unlock my Philips TV remote control?

TV remote blocking usually occurs after the “invasion” of a pet or a small child. This may be due to accidental pressing of some buttons. There are several ways to solve the problem. If the receiver does not respond to commands from the remote control, first check the operation of the batteries (perhaps they are simply discharged or defective):

  1. Open the battery compartment.
  2. Take out the batteries.
  3. Insert new, similar batteries.
  4. Check the operation of the remote control.

See if the contacts in the battery compartment are good. Perhaps they have moved away or oxidized. All this can also lead to the fact that the remote control will not work.

If nothing changes, take a look at the instructions. Usually there is a certain code, the introduction of which solves the problem. If the instruction manual has not been preserved, you must try to understand how the remote control was blocked. By following the steps in reverse order, you can unlock the remote control. Other ways to return the remote control to working capacity:

  • Press the “P” and “+” buttons at the same time. Then dial a four-digit combination of the same numbers – for example, 3333 or 6666. Also common codes are 1234 or 1111. Then click “+”. If everything was successful, the LED on the remote control should light up.
  • Press “Menu” and “+ Channel” at the same time. Another option is to press “Menu” and “+ Volume”. The indicator should also light up.
  • Hold any button for 5-10 seconds. This method works for rare Philips TVs, but it’s worth a try.

How to expand the screen on a Philips TV with a remote control?

This may be necessary if the image is displayed in an incorrect format while watching TV (for example, the picture does not fit completely into the screen, there is a wide frame around the image, etc.). To change the scale:

  1. Press the Format button on the remote control.
  2. Select the desired format from the list.

What are the scale options?

  • Autofill/Screen fit. The image is automatically enlarged to fill the entire screen. Not suitable for computer input. There may be black stripes around the edges.
  • Bias. Allows you to manually adjust the screen image. Moving is possible only when the image is enlarged.
  • Scaling. Allows you to manually adjust the scale.
  • Super magnification. Removes black bars from gear side 4:3. The picture is adjusted according to the screen.
  • Stretch. Allows you to manually adjust the height and width of the image. Black bars may be visible.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio/wide screen. Enlarges the picture on the screen to a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Unscaled/original. Expert mode for HD or PC input. Displays a dot to dot image. Black bars may appear when input from a computer.

If the TV is used with a set-top box, it may have its own aspect ratio settings. Try setting the best format in the tuner options.

How to find out the Philips TV model using the remote control?

The model number can be determined in two ways:

  • quickly dialing the combination 123654 on the TV receiver remote control. A menu will appear where the model number will be indicated in the first line;
  • looking at the back of the TV.

TV model on the back

How to set up a universal remote for Philips?

To set up a universal remote control for your Philips TV, you need a special code. You can find options in the instructions for the remote control. It usually contains passwords used to set up the device for popular TV models. If the information is missing or your model is not listed, refer to the TV manual. You can also find the appropriate code in this table:

Remote brandThe codeRemote brandThe codeRemote brandThe codeRemote brandThe code
BBK0337Beko0346Huawei1507, 1480Supra2792
Izumi1528Prestigio2145Hyundai1518, 1500polar line2087
Mystery1838Orion2111Bang Olufsen0348Samsung2448
haier1175nordstar1942Gold Star1140DNS1789
Cameron4032Nesons2022tcl3102MTS1031, 1002

There are various settings for the Universal Remote Control (URR). But in each of them you need to point the remote at the TV, and first enter the programming mode – press and hold the POWER or TV button for 5-10 seconds. As a result, the LED on the remote control should light up.

In order to enter the programming mode, combinations can be used: POWER and SET, POWER and TV, POWER and C, TV and SET.

The first and easiest way:

  1. Enter the found code.
  2. Try using the remote control to turn off the device, change the channel, or adjust the volume. If the TV responds, everything went well. If not, move on to another method.

For most common remotes and TVs, the first method most often works – for example, for the Rostelecom remote control.

Second option:

  1. Press the channel switch button. The LED should blink.
  2. Press the channel switch button until the TV turns off.
  3. Press the OK button within 5 seconds. The remote should tune in to the TV.
Third option:
  1. Without releasing the programming button on the universal remote, press the “9” key four times with an interval of about a second.
  2. If the LED blinks twice, place the remote control on a flat surface and point it at the TV. Leave it like this for 15 minutes.
  3. When the remote control finds a suitable set of commands, the TV will turn off. Then immediately press OK on the remote control to save the pairing.
Fourth option (available only for models with manual programming):
  1. Press the button on the remote controller to which you want to assign a command.
  2. After a second, enter the found code.
  3. Repeat the procedure until you have completed setting up all the necessary functions.

Fifth option (only available for self-learning models):

  1. Put the native and universal remotes with IR diodes to each other (light bulbs located on the upper edge of the remote control).
  2. Press and hold the LEARN, SET or SETUP button for 5-6 seconds.
  3. When the LED flashes, press the button on the remote control that you want to configure. Then press the button on the original remote control whose function you want to duplicate.
  4. Repeat the setup process for each key.

How to buy a suitable remote control for Philips?

You can buy the remote control offline and online both in specialized stores and in marketplaces – for example, Avito, Valberis, Yandex.Market, Remotemarket, etc.
Buying online

To make your new appliance last longer, you can purchase a Philips TV remote cover. So the remote control will be protected from dust and dirt, and other adverse factors.

Original Philips TV Remotes

The original remote control is manufactured in accordance with technology, all specifications and quality control, which ensures proper operation, reliability and durability. Its useful life is at least 7 years. But with careful handling, it will last longer. The only drawback is the price. You get such a remote control with the purchased TV device. But if it fails, the original remote control can be purchased separately. It is better to buy the original remote control for the following Philips TV models:

  • 48pfs8109 60;
  • 32pfl3605 60;
  • 55pft6510 60;
  • 43pus6503 60;
  • 32pf7331 12.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a suitable model:

  • Look at the number of the native remote control. It should be written on a sticker inside the battery compartment (eg rc7805). If this is not possible, visually compare the remotes, check the availability of the necessary functions. You can also find a black and white image of the desired remote control in the description of your Philips TV.
  • Find the remote by the TV number. If for some reason you do not have a remote control or the sticker has not been saved, find the TV model code on the back of the device – there is a sticker with the model name. On it, you can also find the desired remote control.

Tips for Choosing a Universal Remote

A universal remote control is a device designed to control several household devices. Unlike the classic remote control, which comes with many types of home appliances, the UPDU is a standalone product and is always purchased separately. When choosing, the main thing is to make sure that it is compatible with your TV model. Such information is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions. Since, although the remote control is called universal, it cannot include information about all TV models in the world, and each manufacturer outlines a certain circle of them.

When choosing a universal remote, also consider which TV you have – Philips-Smart or regular TV.

Typical Philips Remote Control Problems

The Philips TV may not respond to the remote control for various reasons. But first of all, it is worth checking the health of the batteries. Trite, but in case of malfunctions, people often forget to make sure that the batteries in the remote control simply do not run out. Faults that can be repaired:

  • Loss of signal. If the TV does not respond to the remote control or you need to press a key several times to perform an action, then the problem is signal loss. The solution is to simultaneously press the program and volume keys on the TV panel. If the problem persists, update the software to the latest version. In most cases this helps.
  • Interference. You need to make sure that nothing interferes with the operation of the remote control. The problem usually occurs if the TV is installed in the kitchen and there is a microwave oven or any other household appliances nearby. The solution is to put them away from each other.
  • Frequency mismatch. This is your case if the indicator on the remote control is blinking, but the TV does not respond. You need to check the compatibility of the TV with the remote control, for this you will need a TV receiver of a similar model (for example, from friends), try switching channels from your remote control on it. If everything is fine with another TV, then the problem is in the frequency. The easiest way to fix this is to have the device checked by a qualified technician.

If you cannot solve the problems yourself, take the remote to a service or purchase a new one.

Remote control repairmanOne of the cases when only changing the remote control will help is the wear of parts (for example, a malfunction of the microcircuit under the buttons). This can happen if the device has been repeatedly dropped or liquid has been spilled on it.

Download remote control for Philips TV for Android and iPhone for free

For convenience, you can download a special TV control application to your phone. They are available for both Android and iPhone. If the device is equipped with Smart TV, it is enough just to install the application on any smartphone, but to control a regular TV, you need a phone with an infrared port.

Smartphones with an infra-sensor are released today by a few brands, among them Xiaomi and Huawei. These phones usually have a built-in application to control technology. For starters, you can try to use it. But if you don’t like it, or don’t have it, download one of these programs:
  • Galaxy remote.
  • Remote Control for TV.
  • Remote Control Pro.
  • Universal Remote TV.
  • Smartphone Remote Control.
When the application is installed, it needs to be “introduced” to TV. Try auto tuning first. Select the TV model in the menu, point the infrared port at the TV receiver and press the buttons on the phone screen to check. If nothing happens, enter the code manually (the principle is the same as with a regular UPDU).

After successful setup, you will find buttons on the smartphone screen, just like on the remote control – you can turn the TV on and off from anywhere in the world, activate timer recording of the program, adjust the picture and sound.

Controlling your Philips TV without a remote

There are situations when the remote control is broken or the batteries are simply dead in it, and there are no new ones at hand. To do this, manufacturers provide a manual control panel located on the side or rear of the TV. Designation of buttons on the TV case:

  • POWER. The main button on the TV panel is used to turn the device on and off. In most cases, this button differs in size (much larger) and position (located away from other keys).
  • VOL+ and VOL-. These buttons adjust the volume. Can be designated as “-” and “+”.
  • MENU. Opens the settings window. On some TV models, this button can turn the TV on and off with a long press.
  • CH+ and CH-. Buttons for switching channels and menu items. They can also be referred to as “<” and “>”.
  • A.V. Allows you to switch from standard mode to a special mode that allows you to connect additional sources such as DVD players or VCRs.
  • OK. Button for confirming the selected parameters and certain actions.

LCD TV control panel

On some recent TVs, the manual control panel may be in the form of a joystick.

How to turn it on?

To turn on the TV without a remote, find the power button, press it once and watch the TV screen. If an image appears on it and the last viewed channel automatically starts, the TV receiver is working and ready for use.
TV power button

The same action (a single press of the POWER button) turns off the device and reboots it.

How to unlock TV?

To get started, try to find the instruction manual for the TV, find the section you need there and read it. Usually, for such cases, the manufacturer describes the unlocking process, or at least indicates whether it is even possible to unlock the TV model without a remote control.

If there is no instruction or you did not find anything in it, press the “Menu” button on the TV case, try to find the blocking section in the settings and deactivate the set viewing ban. This method usually works on older TV receivers.

Setting without remote

After finding the MENU key, you can configure the basic settings of the TV. By clicking this button, you can do the following:
  • adjust the quality of the broadcast image (brightness, contrast, etc.);
  • select playback mode;
  • change the order of the channels;
  • adjust the volume, etc.

After setting the parameter, save it with the OK button.

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