Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttons

The remote control is a practical addition to your TV, which makes it easy to change channels, turn the device on and off, and use other Smart TV functions. Frequent and careless use of the appliance can lead to malfunctions that make it useless. To solve the problem, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the principle of operation of the remote control, possible malfunctions, as well as methods of solving and preventing them in order to reduce their likelihood in the future.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsRemote control board [/ caption]

The structure and working principle of the remote control

The market for remote controls is diverse with devices of various shapes and sizes. All devices consist of 4 elements:

  1. Frame.
  2. Pay.
  3. Keyboard Matrix.
  4. Battery.

The board consists of a set of electronic components. These include:

  1. Keyboard microcontroller.
  2. Quartz resonator.
  3. Output transistor stage.
  4. Infrared LED.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsRepair of the remote control board [/ caption] The principle of operation of the device is that there are microcircuits on the board, each of which is responsible for its own process. Pressing the button contributes to the closure of the tracks. It is processed by a microcontroller. Then a sequence of symbols is generated, which is sent to the receiver of the device using flashes of infrared light of a certain frequency. The microcontroller is supported by a quartz resonator. Its reference frequency is approximately 250,000 kHz.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsRemote components in parsing [/ caption]

Types of malfunctions

Before starting repairing the remote control, you need to determine the type of malfunction. The most common problems include:

  1. Lack of response when all buttons are pressed.
  2. The buttons on the remote control are poorly pressed.
  3. Some buttons are defective.
  4. Cracks and breakage from impact or falling.
  5. Sticky buttons.
  6. Battery problems.

Device diagnostics

When all the buttons on the remote do not work, you first need to change the batteries. On a weak charge, a reaction to one or two clicks is possible, after which the device stops working again. If replacing the batteries did not help, then this is an electronics problem. First you need to check the remote control. This can be done using a mobile phone camera. The device is directed into the camera with an LED, after which a random button is held on it and a picture is taken. A functional button in the photo will give a bright spot. This indicates a malfunction on the TV side.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttons
The diode is on – the button is working

Attention! There are situations when several buttons do not work. In this case, the problem is the contacts or their coverage.

How to disassemble a TV remote control

First of all, you need to disassemble the device. The halves of the console body can be fixed with screws, latches or double locking. The screws are located in the battery compartment. After unscrewing the screws, you need to carefully separate the case. If it does not work, then there are latches in the remote control. To separate the halves of the case, you can use a plastic card or a flat screwdriver. The tool must be inserted into the line connecting the two halves of the body. This must be done before the clicking sound appears.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsYou need to remove it carefully so as not to break the latches [/ caption] After removing the top cover, separate the rubber base. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the remote control board. As a result, the remote control is ready for cleaning and repair.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttons

DIY TV remote control malfunction repair

The algorithm for repairing the remote control depends on the type of malfunction. However, it is almost the same on different devices.

Restore contacts

Prolonged use of the remote control leads to the fact that the coating of the contacts is erased. This causes the TV to stop responding to the device. To solve the problem, you need conductive glue for the remote control buttons, foil and scissors. Sequence of work:

  1. Using the smartphone camera, detect broken keys.
  2. Disassemble the remote control.
  3. Remove the remaining dust on the contacts with a knife or scalpel, then sand the surface with fine-grained emery paper.
  4. Use foil scissors to cut new contact planes of the required size. They must match the pads on the board.
  5. Degrease the surface on the board with alcohol.
  6. Glue the new contacts with glue.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsOption for correct foil gluing [/ caption] After that, you can check the functionality of the buttons. If the TV does not respond to their pressing, it is necessary to look for another reason for the malfunction of the remote control.

Note! To simplify the work, you can purchase special ready-made repair kits. They include a tube of glue and graphite-coated rubber gaskets.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsRepair kit for remote controls [/ caption]

Repair after falls and bumps

On impact, most of the potential energy is absorbed by the console body. First you need to conduct a visual inspection for cracks. They can be removed with glue. If the device does not work, then the board was damaged when dropped. A lens with a magnifying glass should be used during a visual examination, as it is impossible to notice damage with the naked eye. They can be found in several ways:

  1. The contacts in the battery pack have fallen off or cracked. You can solve the problem with a soldering iron.
  2. The connections of the hinged elements with the board are broken. These include an infrared diode, resonator, and capacitors. They need to be soldered back.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsYou need to solder quickly, because overheating can harm the board elements [/ caption]

  1. Quartz resonator malfunction. You can determine the breakage by shaking the board. If there is a rustle, the part must be replaced.
  2. Conductive tracks may be torn off on strong impact. To restore the functionality of the device, they need to be soldered back. If this is not possible, a single-core copper cable can be connected instead. After attaching it must be fixed with glue.

Carefully! Do not use acid during soldering. It is not removed from the board, which can lead to the destruction of contacts in the future. It is best to use rosin or other acid-free flux.

How to repair your TV remote control if buttons don’t work or get stuck

Problems with the bottom of the keyboard are usually noted. The following factors can lead to this:

  • careless handling of the device;
  • spilled liquid;
  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
  • dirty hands.

To eliminate the malfunction, you need to clean the board and buttons. Scheme of work:

  1. First you need to remove the batteries and disassemble the remote control.
  2. Pull out the board.
  3. To clean the microcircuits, you need ear sticks dipped in alcohol.
  4. Degrease the contact surfaces in the battery pack. If there is a white or green residue, you can use a fine-grained emery paper.
  5. Wash the housing thoroughly in soapy water. It is recommended to use a toothbrush for better cleaning.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsCleaning the board is not difficult, but dreary [/ caption] How to repair the TV remote control with your own hands – how to disassemble the device, repair and restore buttons, clean the board: https : //

Battery check

Also, the remote control may not work due to discharged batteries. The reason for 80% of all calls to service centers is problems with batteries. You can check the possible cause by replacing the batteries or checking them on a multimeter. This must be done in the DC current measurement mode on the 10A range. Choosing lower limits can burn the fuse. It is better to check it separately for each battery. It is best to measure voltage in the operating mode. If there are oxides, deposits or rust on the contact surfaces, remove them with a rubber band or fine-grained emery paper.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttons

Preventing malfunctions

If the remote control is not protected by a plastic
cover, then over time, the board and the rubber base, along with the dust, collect the fat deposits from the hands. As a result, the button contacts are deteriorated or completely destroyed. To prevent malfunctions of the device, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures in a timely manner. After removing the top cover of the remote control, you need to pay attention to the contacts located on the board. They can be graphite or alkali coated. Graphite gives the contacts a black color, so it can be easily confused with dirt. Removing the cover by mistake will ruin the contact. In the presence of a small amount of contamination, local cleaning can be limited. Ordinary ear sticks are suitable for this purpose. They need to be moistened with alcohol, and then carefully remove the plaque. Using other solvents may damage the contacts.
Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsIn case of more extensive contamination, it is recommended to wash the board together with the rubber base in warm soapy water using a toothbrush with soft bristles. After that, you need to thoroughly rinse off the remaining soap and dry the components with a hair dryer. If the device refuses to work, you need to check the battery compartment for oxidation or deformation of the contacts. Oxides can be cleaned with a knife. If the integrity of the contacts is broken, pliers or round-nose pliers will be required. If the spring cannot be adjusted from the battery compartment, then the remote control must be disassembled. After disassembling and cleaning the device, you need to check the soldering points of the radio components, in particular the infrared diode and battery contacts. Ring cracks are often formed in these places. It is also necessary to inspect the board itself for kinks and cracks,touching conductive tracks.

Important! If the device has been dropped, the crystal resonator may be broken. With this problem, it is better to contact the nearest service center to repair the device.

Do-it-yourself remote control repair at home with improvised means:

What if you can’t fix the remote yourself?

In some cases, it is impossible to repair the remote yourself. In these situations, there are 2 ways out:

  1. Take the device to a service center.
  2. Buy a new remote control on the radio market or order delivery of the original device.

Do-it-yourself TV remote control repair: how to fix contacts, restore buttonsBatteries need to be replaced without causing acid spills [/ caption] Purchasing an analogue will cost less. At the same time, you can buy a multifunctional device that can be controlled by several devices. Almost all users can carry out minor repair work related to the remote control: it is possible to replace batteries or stick new contact surfaces without specific knowledge. In case of complex breakdowns, it is recommended to contact a service center or buy an analogue.

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