What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose


The speakers built into the TV do not provide a good sound experience. If the user wants to enjoy not only a high-quality picture, but also a volumetric, loud sound while watching a video, it is worth taking care of purchasing an audio system. People on a tight budget should consider buying a soundbar.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Soundbar – what it is, what it consists of and what is included in the package

A soundbar is a mini-audio system that is distinguished by high-quality sound and elegant design. The soundbar can replace a bulky
home theater . However, in order for the sound to be of high quality, you need to take care of the correct connection and installation of equipment.

What the soundbar consists of

The structure of the soundbar is similar to that of other portable audio systems. The mini audio system consists of:

  • central audio processor – the brain of a mono speaker that generates sound;
  • a motherboard for regulating the operation of other modules;
  • sound decoders or audio converters for connecting additional speakers / speakers;
  • multi-channel sound amplifiers;
  • radio tuner (receiving / listening to a signal from radio stations);
  • a stereo balance control, which is necessary for precise control of channels;
  • an equalizer, which is needed in order to adjust the sound quality of low and high frequencies;
  • a drive for playing audio files from optical discs;
  • speakers required to reproduce analog sound.

What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseStandard TV soundbar equipment [/ caption] The soundbar body is oblong-elongated. It houses the connection / power ports, as well as an LED display, control buttons and settings on the front side. On the back there are on / off buttons. The principle of operation of a soundbar can be compared to the operation of an ordinary speaker. The audio signal is transmitted through the port interface from the TV to the audio processor. Then the sound is re-encoded by the central audio processor, which, after conversion, transmits sound signals to the speakers, from where it goes out in analog form.

What types of soundbars are there

There are several classifications of soundbars. Below you can learn more about each of them. Manufacturers produce soundbars that differ in the way they are connected to a TV. Devices can be:

  • active soundbars;
  • soundbars connected directly to the TV;
  • systems with passive soundbars;
  • soundbars connected via an AV receiver connection.

What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseActive soundbar
[/ caption] Not only sound amplifiers are built into the active soundbars, but also speakers, a digital processor. However, experts say that it is possible to achieve the highest quality, surround sound only from passive devices that are not equipped with a digital processor. Passive soundbars allow you to connect a receiver / external amplifier while experimenting with settings and pairing a soundbar with a subwoofer. According to another classification, mini-audio systems are divided into:

  • standard replacement of the TV speaker system;
  • speaker system with soundbar;
  • an acoustic component of the recreation center in a compact body, pleasing with high quality surround sound;
  • acoustic component;
  • multifunctional speaker system with which you can listen to music, play it from various sources.

Note! Modern soundbar models perform Smart-TV functions. They can work in conjunction with smartphones and synchronize via Bluetooth.

Functional features

Manufacturers equip the best modern soundbars with an integrated Blu-ray player and FM radio. Additionally, you can use the device as a docking station for an iPod. Most models are capable of playing streaming audio files from the Internet. Some models let you adjust the treble and bass separately. It is allowed to use various audio interfaces by type:

  • optical input (connecting a PC / set-top box / BluRay-player);
  • HDM I port (connection of TV / PC / set-top box / BluRay-player);
  • stereo RCA input ;
  • TRS jack (TV / portable player / turntable connection);
  • coaxial S / PDIF input (PC / DVD / BluRay player connection).

What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseOptical input on the soundbar [/ caption] To connect the soundbar to equipment, you can use any of the above interfaces.

Do I need a soundbar for a TV at all – what bonuses does a soundbar give?

People often wonder whether they need to buy a soundbar for TV at all. The answer to this question depends on the preference of the viewer. Most TV owners are happy with the sound that the built-in audio system produces. It is enough to watch a traditional TV series or listen to the news. At the same time, lovers of high-quality Internet content undoubtedly need to purchase a good soundbar, since the lack of surround and loud sound will not make it possible to fully enjoy watching a movie masterpiece or clip. Why do you need a soundbar for a TV, what opportunities it allows you to reveal: https://youtu.be/D7QjsHqFgVY

How to choose a soundbar – what to look for

Most buyers do not understand what specifications to look for when choosing a soundbar. Experts advise when buying a mini-audio system to take into account:

  1. Appearance and dimensions of the device . Manufacturers produce equipment in the form of a TV stand, recumbent models that are installed near the TV and hanging versions fixed to the wall.What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose
  2. Complete set . Manufacturers produce soundbars in various configurations: with a subwoofer, without a subwoofer, with a separate subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers, a version with powerful multi-channel surround sound.
  3. Number of channels (2-15) . It is best to give preference to two-channel (2.0-2.1) or optimal options (5.1). Advanced models with support for Dolby Atmos or DTS: X (5.1.2) are also suitable.
  4. Commutation . Most models are equipped with optical and analogue inputs only. Modern soundbars have HDMI connections.
  5. Device power , representing the total output power of the entire speaker system. It can be calculated by summing the powers of all the speakers that are installed in the equipment.What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose
  6. Support for Dolby Atmos and the DTS: the X . Manufacturers release models that are capable of decoding the Dolby Atmos audio format exclusively. However, there are many models that can handle both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X at the same time.

How to choose a soundbar – what parameters should you pay attention to before buying: https://youtu.be/MdqpTir8py0 The presence of additional functions will be a pleasant bonus for the buyer. On sale you can find models that are equipped with a built-in Blu-ray player with karaoke / FM tuner / wireless Bluetooth and AirPlay interfaces.

The best soundbars for TV – rating of the TOP 10 best soundbars

There is a wide range of soundbars in hardware stores, which makes it difficult for buyers to make a choice. Below you can find a rating of the best models of mini-audio systems for TV.

Bose SoundTouch 300

The Bose SoundTouch 300 is a premium device with powerful features and flexible settings. Modern design, compact size and spacious, high-quality sound are considered the main advantages of this model. The only drawback is the overpricing, which reaches $ 690-700.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose


YAMAHA YAS-107 is one of the best budget models, which has wide functionality and good sound. Connecting your device to your TV is easy enough. The model is equipped with DTS Virtual: X surround sound technology. It should be borne in mind that the package does not include an HDMI cable.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Samsung HW-R550

Samsung HW-R550 is a popular soundbar model that the manufacturer has equipped with an HDMI connection and a wireless subwoofer. The device can be connected via Bluetooth. Surround sound, high-quality assembly, modern design. The package includes fasteners.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

JBL Bar 2.1

JBL Bar 2.1 is considered a quality soundbar with a subwoofer, which will delight the signature JBL sound with a bright emphasis on bass. The device produces powerful bass. To connect a mini-audio system, you can use Bluetooth, an audio cable and USB for a flash drive. The sound model does not have DTS support.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose


The YAMAHA YSP-1600 is a compact soundbar that supports a variety of connectivity options. The functionality is rich, the sound is loud and spacious, the design is modern. It should be borne in mind that there is no HDMI cable in the package bundle.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose


The LG SJ3 is considered a quality soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. The sound is optimized depending on the content, there is a special mode for movies. The design of the device is modern, the sound is spacious. The only drawback is the lack of HDMI connectivity.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar is a soundbar made in China. The assembly of the budget model is decent, the design is modern. The sound is good, however, the device produces less bass due to the fact that there are no woofers. Several connection options are available. The package does not include an optical cable and a remote control.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Sonos beam

Sonos Beam is a good soundbar that delights the audience with loud and high quality sound. The soundbar can be used as a music center. The functionality is wide, the design is stylish, the assembly is of high quality. There is no Bluetooth, the fabric is quite easily soiled.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose


The YAMAHA YSP-2700 is a subwoofer model that delivers high-quality surround sound. The appearance is beautiful, the assembly is of high quality. Decoders are modern, rich functionality. HDMI cable is not included in the package.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Sonos arc

Sonos Arc is considered the best soundbar to date, which will delight you with rich functionality and high-quality sound. The design is quite stylish, the dimensions are compact, the assembly is of high quality. The Android app lacks Trueplay settings.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseHow to choose a soundbar for your TV – rating of the best models for the end of 2021-beginning of 2022: https://youtu.be/rD-q8_yVhr0

Best budget soundbars

Not everyone can allocate an impressive amount from the family budget for the purchase of a premium soundbar. However, on sale you can find various models of budget soundbars, which are distinguished by high-quality assembly and can delight users with volumetric and loud sound and modern design. The best budget soundbars today are:

  1. Sony HT-CT290 / HT-CT291 . The power of the device is 300 watts. Thanks to the optical input, you can receive sound from external sources. Connect the subwoofer wirelessly.
  2. LG SJ3 – the device reproduces the sound that was received through the optical / line input. The soundbar has a power of 300 watts. Woofer wireless connection available.What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose
  3. Samsung HW-M360 is a popular model that pleases with good sound and modern design. Available auto-on / auto-off. The soundbar is equipped with a Bluetooth module.
  4. Sony HT-NT5 is a 6.1 standard soundbar with a large number of connectors. Bluetooth is supplemented with an NFC chip. The subwoofer is connected wirelessly.
  5. The Denon DHT-S514 is a 400W multi-connector device. Bluetooth is used to connect the subwoofer. The sound is loud and spacious.

What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose Also in the budget category, you should pay attention to such models as Harman / Kardon HK SB20, Bose SoundTouch 300 and YAMAHA YAS-207.

How to connect the soundbar to your TV

There are various ways to connect your soundbar to your TV. Most often, users prefer HDMI connection. Step-by-step process: Step 1 One end of the HDMI cable is plugged into the soundbar’s HDMI OUT (TV ARC) jack.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseStep 2 The other end of the cable is plugged into the TV’s HDMI ARC input.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseStage 3 TV is turned on.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseStep 4 The soundbar then turns on automatically.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseHow to connect the soundbar to the TV using different input options [/ caption] In cases when, after the above steps, the sound plays from the TV speakers, you need to go to Menu, select the Settings folder and click on the Audio / Sound section. Select external speakers in the audio source category.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to chooseYou can also use a Bluetooth connection. However, to do this, you need to check if the TV and soundbar have Bluetooth. The connection process is the same for all TVs, however, some points may differ depending on the manufacturer of the equipment.

  1. On the soundbar, press the Bluetooth button. The indicator then starts flashing blue.
  2. After going to the TV menu, select the Settings folder and click on the “Connections of external devices / Bluetooth” section. After that, select the command search for devices.
  3. In the list that opens, click on the name of the soundbar.
  4. After that, the sound will start playing from the soundbar.

How to connect and set up a soundbar to a TV using the example of an LG soundbar: https://youtu.be/C0FdyNYMEPc

Headphone connection

There are times when there are no audio inputs and the digital connection has failed. It is at such a moment that you can give preference to connecting through the headphone jack on the TV (3.5 mm TRS jack). It should be remembered that only analog sound will be available through this connector. This type of audio signal will transmit slower than digital and may cause audio / video synchronization problems. Is it possible to connect additional speakers to the soundbar and how to do it: https://youtu.be/bN4bu7UjXHg

Which is better: soundbar, stereo system or speaker system

Quite often, users are interested in what is better: a music center, speaker system or soundbar. Experts definitely recommend purchasing a soundbar for your TV. The soundbar is fairly easy to connect. The price of a soundbar is lower than the cost of a music center or a good speaker system. In addition, the use of soundbars is possible not only in large houses, but also in one-room apartments. The device, if properly configured, will delight you with high-quality, surround sound.
What is a TV soundbar, why is it needed and how to choose

Mini subwoofer for TV

To amplify the sound, you can connect a subwoofer to the TV in addition to the soundbar. This will make it possible to achieve a decent sound level and change the timbre of the sound. Connecting a subwoofer will allow you to make the sound deep and full-bodied. To connect an active subwoofer to a TV, you need to use an RCA cable. Tulips that match the color scheme are connected to the output jacks on the TV cabinet. Gone are the days when you had to buy home theaters or expensive speaker systems to create loud, surround sound when watching movies at home. It is enough to buy a good soundbar and the problem will be solved. When choosing a device, it is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics. After reviewing the rating of the best soundbars, you can avoid buying a low-quality soundbar.

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