Synchronization of remotes to the TV and set-top box

Пульт к приставке и телевизору Периферия

TV remote control (RC) is an electronic device for remote control of equipment. You can change channels, select a program of work, control the sound, etc. without getting up from the couch. In order for the device to fully perform all its functions, it must be properly configured, i.e. synchronized with the TV.

How to control the TV remote control with different devices?

Many TV users are of the opinion that it is convenient to buy one universal remote that is compatible with all TVs in the living room. Such devices are relatively expensive. You can refuse to purchase if one of the “native” remote control of the TV is equipped with the HDMI CEC function.

What is HDMI-CEC on a TV?

HDMI CEC is a technology that allows you to control multiple devices (up to 10), i.e. if you have an electronic unit with HDMI CEC in your arsenal, then you can activate the operation of all TVs, set-top boxes, players, etc.
Remote control for set-top box and TV

Manual registration of device receivers is not required. If it supported the function exchange protocol, then the determination occurs automatically.

Which HDMI-CEC cable do you need?

For HDMI CEC to work correctly, you need a high-quality cable from version 1.4. The reason for this is that the technology already provides for the exchange of control codes between synchronized TVs. It is enough to buy a good HDMI from a trusted brand. PIN-13 takes part in signal transmission in the classic pinout of the connector. But for some manufacturers, it may be occupied for other purposes. This point should be considered for those who plan to use the HDMI CEC function.

The process of connecting to a TV HDMI-CEC set-top box

For example, TV can be synchronized with the soundbar. To do this, connect the TV with one HDMI connector, and the soundbar with the second. Further, the algorithm of operation is as follows (may differ slightly, depending on the TV model):

  1. Go to the “Settings” section of the TV, then “System”.
  2. Click on the “TLINK”, “Enable” button.
  3. Activate the compact sound transmitter. The TV will detect it automatically.
  4. Use 1 remote control for two devices.

Names of HDMI-CEC functions in different devices

HDMI CEC is the name of the technology. TV manufacturers may refer to the function by other names. What definitions can be encountered:

TV modelFunction name
PanasonicViera Link or EZ-Sync
SonyBravia Sync
ShartAquos Link
PioneerKuro Link

All other manufacturers prefer to indicate a convenient function with the standard name HDMI CEC.

Universal Remotes

When several TVs are installed in the apartment, it is important to use a universal remote control. This simplifies the use of devices. The device is suitable for 95% of TVs, set-top boxes. Proper configuration is required for correct operation.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the universal remote control is simple: the device sends invisible signals to the device, which in turn executes a certain command. For example, switching a channel, changing the volume, opening a menu, settings, etc.
remote control in handA signal consisting of 000 and 1 is “embedded” in each key. This is pulse code manipulation. Example: 011 in one PU model indicates the deactivation of the TV, on another plasma it may mean an increase in volume. The universal remote can be configured so that one part of the signals will be suitable for your device, the other for the receiver. It remains only to adjust it in the right direction and click on the key. Before such actions, you need to configure the electronic manager.

UPDU setup steps

The first stage of setting up the universal remote control is in the preparatory work. What to do:

  1. Buy a generic device. It is best if it is a product from brands: Vivanco, Philips, Cal, Thomson, OFA. Such devices are prepared in advance for setup and are suitable for almost all TVs.
  2. Insert the battery.

Included with the UPDU is a list that displays popular devices and their codes. The combination of numbers is needed for quick and easy setup.

If the manufacturer did not put a sheet covered with numbers, then the codes are publicly available on the Internet or on YouTube. When it is difficult to determine the TV model or it is not in the list, it is advisable to use the automatic remote control setting. It will take a little more time, about 20 minutes.

Manual programming

There are several action algorithms. In any case, go to programming mode. To do this, hold down the “POWER” or “TV” key for 10 seconds. Some models may include other combinations. Before starting work on setting up, carefully read the instructions for the TV.

If everything is done correctly, the remote control will notify you of success by activating the LED.

First option:

  1. Enter the TV code.
  2. Turn off the device using the universal remote, change channels or adjust the volume.

Second way:

  1. Click on the channel switch button. The LED light should blink.
  2. Move on to the next set of commands.
  3. Press the channel switch button until the TV turns off.
  4. Press “OK” within 5 seconds.

Third method:

  1. Without releasing the programming buttons, press “9” 4 times with an interval of 1 second.
  2. If the LED blinks 2 times, place the remote control on a flat surface and point it at the TV. Wait 15 minutes.
  3. When the console finds a suitable set of commands, it will deactivate. Quickly click on the “OK” button.

There is another setting option. It is the most time-consuming, but sometimes the only one.
Remote control setupWhat to do:

  1. Open the list of codes.
  2. Hold down the button to enter programming mode.
  3. After turning on the LED, click on the key you want to assign a command to.
  4. After 1 second, enter the code itself. For example, 111 or 001.
  5. Repeat the steps until you can set up all the features you want.

Automatic setting

Activate the TV using the original remote control or the button on the case. Point the remote at the device, do not change position until the setup is complete. Further instructions depend on the model of the purchased UPDU. Vivanco:

  1. Hold down the “SET” and “TV” buttons for 10 seconds. Sometimes it takes less than 5 seconds. Wait until the indicator at the “POWER” key turns on.
  2. After the TV screen is off, quickly click on “OK”.
  3. Return the TV to its working position using the universal remote, try out how the different commands work.


  1. Hold down the “TV” key for 5-10 seconds.
  2. After the screen flashes and the backlight of the button is activated, enter the TV code.
  3. If the settings are accepted, then the backlight will notify you of success with 3 operations. If an error occurs, the TV mode indicator will light up and the backlight will flash 1 time.
  4. Select another automatic programming method.


  1. Hold down the “TV” key for 5-10 seconds.
  2. After activating the indicator, click on the power button.
  3. Point the remote at the TV.
  4. When the screen goes blank, quickly press “OK” to complete the setup.


  1. Press TV for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Position the remote so that it “looks” clearly at the TV.
  3. Wait 1 minute. If there are already codes in the memory, then the setting will happen automatically.

OFA (One for all):

  1. Press “TV” for 5-10 seconds. Next, the “Magic”, “SET” or “SETUP” key.
  2. After activating the LED, enter the TV code.
  3. 2 light signals indicate the success of the procedure. The screen will turn off in this case. Click “OK”.

Man holding a remote control in his hand

Code table for different TV models

The vast majority of manufacturers “put” a list of codes into the standard TV set. If it is not there, then pay attention to the following table – a combination of numbers for the most popular TV models:

  Device brandCodes
AOC005, 014, 029, 048, 100, 113, 136, 152, 176, 177, 188, 190, 200, 202, 204, 214
AKAI015, 099, 109, 124, 161, 172, 177
Citizen086, 103, 113, 114, 132, 148, 160, 171, 176, 178, 188, 209
EYELID161, 162, 163, 164, 16
Daewoo086, 100, 103, 113, 114, 118, 153, 167, 174, 176, 178, 188, 190, 194, 214, 217, 235, 251, 252
Emerson048, 054, 084, 097, 098, 100, 112, 113, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 141, 148, 157, 158, 169, 176, 177, 178, 179, 188, 195, 206, 209, 234
G.E.051, 054, 061, 065, 068, 083, 100, 108, 113, 131, 141, 143, 145, 146, 176, 180, 184, 187, 222, 235
goldstar096, 100, 113, 157, 171, 175, 176, 178, 179, 184, 188, 190, 191, 223
Sanyo014, 024, 025, 026, 027, 034, 035, 040, 041, 049, 051, 110, 117, 120, 168, 173, 175, 186, 195, 204, 214, 218, 231, 232, 241
Sharp009, 038, 043, 059, 087, 106, 113, 133, 157, 173, 176, 178, 179, 188, 192, 206, 207, 208.
Samsung171 175 176 178 178 188 0963 0113 0403 2653 2333 2663 0003 2443 070 100 107 113 114 140 144 157 167 170
Sony000, 001, 012, 013, 014, 024, 045, 046, 073, 097, 181, 198, 202, 204, 214, 232, 244, 245, 246, 0154, 0434,1774,0444,0144, 2304
Philips036, 037, 056, 060, 068, 082, 100, 109, 113, 114, 122, 132, 154, 156, 157, 162, 163, 167, 176, 179, 198, 215, 216, 0525, 0605. 1305, 0515, 1385, 1965,1435, 0345, 0425, 1675
Panasonic National010,015,016,017,028,037,050,058,068,082,083,088,089,094,108,122,130,145,159,161,167,187,247,0675,1515, 0155,0595,1565,0835,0665,1125,1605
Pioneer074, 092, 100, 108, 113, 123, 176, 187, 228
LG114, 156, 179, 223, 248, 1434, 0614.
Hitachi004, 014, 019, 034, 069, 086, 095, 099, 100, 107, 113, 157, 162, 164, 173, 176, 178, 179, 184, 188, 201, 203, 204, 207, 214, 224, 225, 238.
Kenwood100, 113, 114, 176

UPDU Step Synchronization

Most often, television set-top boxes are installed in apartments, for which their own control panel is provided. Providers have thought of them in such a way that they have become universal means. Setting them up is easy.


Beeline can provide 2 types of remote control for use: standard for consoles and special, which is universal. Synchronization is carried out automatically as follows:

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. On the remote control, hold down the “OK” key until the device finds the desired connection code. The success of the procedure is accompanied by turning off the screen.
  3. Release the “OK” button and evaluate the performance of the UPDU.

If the considered option does not fit, the remote control is not configured, you can resort to manual synchronization. Action algorithm:

  1. Hold down the “TV” button.
  2. Point the remote at the TV.
  3. Hold the “Setup” key for 5 seconds, release when the remote control indicator blinks 2 times.
  4. Enter the 4-digit code according to the TV model.
  5. If successful, the LED will flash 2 times.

For more information about connecting, see the video:


There are several options for setting up the MTS remote control. The most optimal – according to the manufacturer’s code. Action algorithm:

  1. Activate the plasma.
  2. Press the “TV” key. Hold for a few seconds until the LED lamp on the top of the remote control lights up.
  3. Enter the number combination suitable for your TV. You need to complete the action within 10 seconds.
  4. If the setting fails, the diode will blink 3 times. If successful, the indicator will turn off. You can start to correct the work of your device.

If you are the owner of a new TV from an unknown brand, then there may be problems with entering the code. Then you can configure the remote control in automatic mode:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Hold down the “TV” button for 5 seconds. After the LED flashes, release the key and point the remote control at the TV.
  3. After the code is found, save it through the “Settings Menu”.

All the details of the settings are reflected in the video:


The Wink control panel is easiest to set up automatically. Especially if the apartment has devices of brands: VR, Irbis, Polar, DNS, Xiaomi. Their codes are not in the Rostelecom database. What to do:

  1. Activate the TV and set-top boxes.
  2. Hold down the 2 buttons “LEFT” and “OK” at the same time.
  3. Hold the keys until the indicator on the plasma body blinks 2 times.
  4. Point the remote control at the TV and press the “CH +” channel switch button.
  5. Monitor your device. If the screen is blank, then the control code has been accepted. Otherwise, hold down “CH+” again until the TV turns off.

The setup process can take a long time. Sometimes you have to repeat actions for a long time and often – each click substitutes 1 combination of numbers. As soon as it fits, the monitor will turn off, use “OK” to save the settings. You can resort to manual programming. Action algorithm:

  1. Hold down the 2 buttons “LEFT” and “OK” at the same time.
  2. Wait until the indicator on the TV blinks 2 times.
  3. Enter a code from the list provided.
  4. The LED should flash 2 times.
  5. Turn off the plasma. If it was possible to do this, then the combination of numbers is accepted. If not, try the following code.
  6. Click the “OK” button to save the remote control settings.

Details are in the video:


Xiaomi is a Chinese corporation that produces innovative equipment. In the list of developments there is “Mi Remote” or “Mi Remote”. This is a system application. It is needed to emulate the operation of the DPU. To function, you need an infrared port, located on the top of the smartphone case. After setting it up, it will not differ from a conventional remote control.

In simple words, “Mi Remote” is a virtual remote control in a Xiaomi phone.

How to set up:

  1. Turn on the Internet on your smartphone and update the application, launch it.
  2. Click on the plus button. Located in the corner of the screen.
  3. The software will prompt you to select one of the device types. Make a choice in favor of a TV that is functioning at this time.
  4. Hold down the power button on the phone monitor. The remote will scan the plasma and try to deactivate it.
  5. If the process was successful, then give a name to the device added to the memory of the mobile phone and create a shortcut on the desktop.

The video tells more about the function:

Setting up the Rostelecom remote control for TV control

Modern consoles “Rostelecom” are universal. They can control TV and set-top box. Adjustment is carried out in 2 ways: in automatic or manual mode.

Input depending on the model

Automatic programming is carried out according to a certain algorithm. Before starting work, activate the TV and remote control, wait until the device is fully loaded. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Aim the UPDU at the plasma.
  2. Hold down 2 keys: “OK” and “TV”. Do not release them until the second blinks 2 times.
  3. Dial the combination “991”. Wait for the indicator alert. The LED symbolizes the transition to the programming mode.
  4. Click the channel switch button. The TV should turn off, indicating that the frequency matched.
  5. Activate the TV.
  6. Check if the remote is functioning. If everything is in order, click on “OK”. Synchronization completed.

The manual setting is identical. The only difference is that at step 2, enter not “991”, but the TV code. For example, 0178 for LG, 1630 for Samsung, 1455 for Philips, 1072 for Dexp.

Copying TV remote commands

The essence of copying the commands of the TV remote is that each key is configured separately. At the same time, it is important to observe several conditions: a new UPDU model is needed, the duplicated button must function through the infrared port. The internal modification of devices may be different, but the appearance and shape are always the same:

  • the blue color indicates that the remote control is outdated, it is not suitable for the procedure;
  • purple with emblems “Rostelecom” or “Wink” is compatible with copying commands;
  • orange is provided with the Wink prefix, the functionality is expanded.

What to do:

  1. Simultaneously press “CH+” and “VOL+”. Hold for 5 seconds.
  2. The center key on the remote will light up.
  3. Point the TV remote at the device from the set-top box and press the key you want to copy. “POWER” or “OK” flashes.
  4. Click on TV. The indicator will turn red and stay on for 20 seconds.
  5. After the diode goes out, check the operation of the remote control.

Reset to factory settings

Resetting the remote control settings will need to be reset if you purchase a new plasma from another manufacturer (that is, not the one that was installed in the apartment earlier).

How to connect and configure the universal control panel, read about it
here .

Man adjusting TVInstruction:

  1. Press 2 keys: “OK” and “TV”.
  2. Wait for the LED on the TV to blink twice.
  3. Enter the code “977”. If the “POWER” button blinked red 4 times, it means that the device is untied. You can start programming the new TV.

Eliminate the conflict of remotes

Sometimes the remote setting can be knocked down. Example: you click on the volume down button, and at the same time the channel changes. Troubleshooting is simple:

  1. Point the remote control clearly at the console. Hold down “OK” and “POWER”. Double blinking of the indicator of the second button indicates the transition to the programming mode.
  2. Enter the combination “3220”.
  3. Press the button causing the command conflict. If the problem persists, use another code – “3221”.

If you fail, return to the second stage again, picking up the numbers. These can be: 3222, 3223, 3224.

More details about the principles of operation of the Rostelecom remote control and working with it are described in the video: The TV and set-top box remote control is a modern device that allows you to turn on devices, adjust the volume, switch channels, modes, etc. d without getting up from the couch. There are universal models that are suitable for absolutely all TVs. In all cases, the device must be correctly configured, adhering to the algorithm of actions.

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