Universal remote control from an old remote control: step by step manufacturing

On the shelves of stores there are universal remote controls (UPDU) for every taste and color, but they are all quite expensive. It is completely optional to allocate a column in the budget for this device, you can spend a little time and make a universal remote control yourself from an old remote control.

Why do you need a universal remote control?

The house of a modern person is a gallery of all kinds of household appliances. Sometimes there are so many of them that you forget which remote is suitable for what. At such moments, you want to have one universal remote control that can control all devices.
Make a universal remoteRemotes are also often lost due to their small size and damaged due to fragility (due to falls or water ingress). And the universal remote control in these cases is indispensable – thanks to it, you don’t have to knock yourself down to look for a suitable remote control model for equipment if the original is lost or damaged.

Features and operation of the universal remote control

The main feature of the universal remote control is the control of not only one TV. With the help of the UPDU, you can control several TVs at once, as well as other devices, for example:

  • fans and air conditioners;
  • computers and PC;
  • DVD players and players;
  • tuners and consoles;
  • music centers, etc.

The principle of operation of the universal remote control is based on the exchange of information between the UPDU itself and the controlled object. To do this, special infrared sensors are installed in the remote control, which transmit a signal using a beam invisible to human eyes.

Such devices are indispensable for those who want to control both the TV and, for example, the air conditioner with one remote control.

How to convert an ordinary old TV remote into a universal one?

To make a universal remote control, we do not need the entire old remote control, but only a small part of it – an infrared LED, which is located in front of the device. It is he who transmits the signal to the equipment so that it executes this or that command.

To take parts, any remote control with infrared diodes is suitable – from Rostelecom, Thomson, DIGMA, Toshiba, LG, etc.

What is needed for this?

Before you start the process of turning a conventional remote control into a universal one, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. What we need:

  • smartphone on the Android platform;
  • two infrared (IR) LEDs from old remote controls;
  • plug (suitable for unnecessary headphones);
  • sandpaper;
  • wire cutters;
  • supermoment glue;
  • soldering iron.

We advise you not to use the phone that you are actively using now, but the one that has been gathering dust in a box for a long time – there is one in every house. In this case, you do not have to pull out the plug every time, and you will get a full-fledged remote control that always lies in its place.

step by step

For self-assembly of the universal remote control, special skills are not required. Just prepare your old TV remote control and other necessary materials and tools listed above. What to do next:

  1. Scrape down the sides of the sensor with sandpaper.
  2. Glue the diodes with superglue.
  3. Wait for the glue to dry and solder the anode of the first LED sensor to the cathode of the second with a tool. Fill the solder joints with glue and place the IR diodes into the plug.
  4. Install a specialized application on your smartphone (for example, Remote Control For IV Pro). Run it and insert the resulting device into the headphone jack.

Video instruction:

How to properly store the remote?

The most common human problem is that the remote control is constantly lost, and the universal model is no exception. It is hard to find a person on the planet who has not lost the TV remote control at least once in his life. But you can easily forget about this unpleasant moment – it is enough to determine a permanent place for the remote control and organize it. What can be done:

  • Table stand. There are special stands for consoles – single and with several holes. When it comes to a universal remote control, the first option is enough. It does not take up much space, does not catch the eye, and at the same time the remote control is always at hand.
  • Pillow for storage of panels. If there are children in the house, you can immediately move on to the next step, since such remotes are usually made very cute and soft. Children cannot pass by them, as a result of which you have to look not only for the remote control, but also for the pillow itself.
  • Hanging organizers. They are two loops – one is attached with a self-adhesive base to the back wall of the remote control, and the second – to the desired surface, it can be, for example, a wall, the end of a table or the side back of a sofa, if it is not made of fabric.
  • Cape organizer. She leans over the arm of the sofa. Such a product is suitable if the furniture is not laid out, but is used for its intended purpose. Otherwise, the console will constantly cling and drill, it will have to be corrected regularly, which will not add convenience.
  • Remote pocket. This option is suitable if the sidewall of the sofa is fabric. You can simply sew a ready-made pocket on it or make it yourself. In addition to the remote control, it will be possible to place a newspaper or hang glasses here.

A universal remote is not necessary to buy, it can be made from an old remote control, an Android phone lying around and failed headphones. The whole process will not take much time, the main thing is to prepare everything you need and follow the instructions clearly. And then – properly store the remote control so that it is not lost.

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