How to make a TV show without an antenna

If it became interesting how to watch TV without an antenna and a set-top box, then you can apply several methods. Connectivity depends on whether the device has a Smart TV system. If not, you will have to connect additional equipment. How this can be done will be discussed next.

Ways to watch TV without an antenna – simple ways and not very

Owners of TV devices are often interested in the question of how to make the TV show without an antenna, and it is desirable that this be the easiest way. Since a conventional antenna cable does not produce the highest quality image and sound. In this case, interference may occur when receiving a signal. Also, subscribers of this type of television have the opportunity to watch a small number of channels. Today you can do without antenna cables. There are several ways to connect a TV without an antenna. More specifically, you can set up interactive TV, use Smart TV apps to watch TV channels, or purchase a digital tuner.
How to make a TV show without an antenna

Internet TV

If you use this connection method, you do not have to buy special equipment. But at the same time, the TV receiver must be equipped with the Smart TV function. To watch such television, it is enough to connect an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi adapter. In the first case, the LAN connector is used for connection, in the second case, the connection is made “over the air”.
How to make a TV show without an antennaIPTV is an alternative to analog and satellite dishes. The technology makes it possible to watch a large number of Russian and foreign TV programs, as well as listen to radio stations. Before that, you will need to select a provider, go through the registration procedure on its portal and buy a package with TV channels. After concluding a service agreement, access to viewing a package of TV channels will open. You can watch interactive TV through a router by establishing a wireless connection over a Wi-Fi network. If there is no built-in module, it is possible to use a prefix provided by the provider, or buy it yourself in an electrical store. Also on the “smart” TV you can watch TV channels in special applications. ru/texnika/pristavka/android-luchshie-modeli-2022.html If an external decoder is used for viewing, then the connection to the TV receiver is realized via an HDMI cable or “tulips”. It works according to the DVB-T2 standard.
How to make a TV show without an antennaAfter connecting the cable, it remains to select the correct signal source. In the first case, it will be labeled as HDMI with number 1 or 2. In the second case, you will need to switch to the AV source.
How to make a TV show without an antennaAfter selecting the appropriate port, turn on the set-top box. Then it is worth acting according to the instructions on the TV screen. Usually you need to specify the username and password that are used when authorizing on the Internet provider’s website. At the same time, the setup of the paid TV channel package will be carried out automatically. But before you watch “smart” TV, you need to make sure you have a network connection. It must be stable so that media content can be loaded. To connect interactive TV, you need to go to the settings and go to the “Network” section using the remote control. After selecting the desired access point, you will need to enter a password and wait until the wireless connection is successfully established.
How to make a TV show without an antenna

Answering the question whether the TV can work without an antenna, it is worth checking the presence or absence of a built-in tuner. If not, you need to purchase an external prefix.

Another way to watch TV without an antenna and cable is to create
playlists and play them using multimedia players. To do this, you will need to upload an m3u file with a link to a specific collection.
How to make a TV show without an antennaExamples of such applications include Lazy IPTV and OTTplayer. After downloading the playlist, you can watch the video on your TV screen. Owners of Samsung and LG TV receivers are recommended to use ForkPlayer.

digital tuner

If it became interesting how to set up a TV without an antenna, then you can also use a tuner that works without a monthly fee. For a wired connection to a TV device, an HDMI cable is used. However, the indoor antenna will still have to be connected to the tuner. This compact device will replace the built-in receiver. At the same time, digital TV channels become available for viewing.
How to make a TV show without an antennaYou can get such a prefix by going to an electronics store. Digital TV will work for free, but the number of channels for viewing will be limited. During the initial setup, you will need to select the appropriate frequency range depending on the region. An antenna cable, Ethernet, or a connection to a wireless network are inserted into the set-top box. Then the tuner is connected to the TV receiver using a suitable cord. Then it remains to turn on the TV device and start searching for channels. After switching on, the auto-tuning procedure will start. At this stage, the user will be prompted to specify the frequency range, aspect ratio and other parameters. After tuning the tuner, the display of digital terrestrial television should begin. Viewing is controlled by the remote control from the set-top box.

Application in Smart TV as an antenna replacement

To watch TV without an antenna, you can use special applications for online viewing on your Smart TV device. This will require access to the Internet. The function of “smart” TV allows you to enjoy watching satellite and cable TV. The content will be played through the application provided by the ISP. At the same time, an operating system must be installed on the TV device, for example, Android TV. This makes it possible to watch digital TV without additional set-top boxes and pulling cables.
How to make a TV show without an antennaUseful widgets that allow you to watch an extensive catalog of TV channels without additional expenses include Smotryoshka, Megogo and Vintera TV. There are also paid services that provide access to more than a thousand TV programs. For example, Sharavoz TV, CBilling and IPTV Online.
How to make a TV show without an antennaHow to watch TV without an antenna: (in the apartment, in the country and cable TV operators) –

Connecting TV to PC

If you need to set up a TV that works without an antenna, you can connect it to a computer with a cable. For this, the HDMI interface is best suited. In the absence of one, you can use another available port. After connection, you must select the TV device as the signal source. Thanks to this, you can control the media content being played from a computer or laptop.
How to make a TV show without an antennaUsing this method, you can start duplicating an image from a PC monitor to a TV panel. However, you can leave only one screen on by switching to the appropriate projection mode. The difficulty lies in the need to pull the cable connecting the PC and TV. Therefore, it is important that there is a minimum distance between them. In addition, the computer must remain turned on while playing video files.

How to find TV channels

In this case, it is important to consider the connection method. If you are using a tuner or set-top box, you will need to start automatic tuning of TV channels. In a few minutes, the software will search for available TV programs and save them.
How to make a TV show without an antennaThe Smart TV has a built-in tuner. During the initial setup, you will also be prompted to select auto or manual search. After completing the procedure, you can add the desired TV programs to your favorites so that you do not get lost. You can watch 2 multiplexes of federal TV channels for free.

Cable TV

If you are interested in the topic, whether it will show a TV without an antenna, then you can set up cable TV. Although now it is not very popular, you can watch TV channels without buying additional equipment. Instead, it is proposed to pay a monthly subscription fee. This option is perfect if there is no way to put an antenna or satellite dish. Using the services of Internet providers, you can access a small number of digital TV channels.

Using external devices

The next way to turn on the TV without an antenna is to connect a flash drive or external hard drive. To watch a certain movie or series on a TV receiver, you will have to download it in advance to a USB flash drive or other portable device. For connection, a USB port is used, which is available on every modern TV receiver. After that, you can start playing the downloaded content on the screen, even without access to the Internet.
How to make a TV show without an antennaAlso, in the absence of Smart TV technology, you can connect a media player or DVD player. And with the help of this device, display the image on the TV. Or use the game console to watch videos or broadcast gameplay.

Satellite television

If you use satellite dishes to watch TV without a monthly fee, then you need to search for free TV channels that do not have encoding. They are designated as FTA. Russian-language programs are scattered on various satellites. To put them together, you will have to purchase a motor suspension. You can also purchase a set of equipment from a provider that provides satellite TV connection services. These operators include
Tricolor TV , NTV Plus and
Telekarta .

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