Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

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Where to hand over a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free – recycling of TVs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeGetting rid of outdated equipment, as it turns out, is not so easy, especially if you set yourself the goal of not harming the environment and health. For example, a broken old TV cannot simply be thrown away; it must go through a special recycling procedure. How does it go, and what are the alternatives – where to hand over a faulty TV for money or for free?
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

Why such a question arises – how to dispose of the TV

Old TV sets carry a potential hazard due to the use of beam kinescopes in the assembly. Many people use them to create “handmade” decor, for example, retro-style coasters for home or summer cottages. Although it won’t do you any good. When old TVs break down, components used in the manufacture of microcircuits (for example, capacitors) can lead to leakage. This may cause the release of toxic electrolysis solution into the environment, so you need to return the TV to the appropriate companies. Interesting! Having removed the cover of the old device, you can see a green board, on which, due to time and wear, there will be yellow smudges near the capacitor cylinders. It is the result of the oxidation of harmful chemicals. In connection with these, the question arises, where to put the old TV and how to get some money for it,

Is it possible to just throw out the TV

It is impossible to throw away such equipment without an appropriate procedure due to toxic compounds and elements, for example, such as:

  1. Mercury – has a detrimental effect on the human respiratory system, in large doses or with prolonged exposure can cause death.
  2. Barium – is harmful to the human body, causing severe muscle spasms.
  3. Lead – When ingested, it causes severe malnutrition, anemia, and kidney problems.
  4. Strontium is not harmful on its own, but in various chronic diseases it provokes a decrease in immunity, a deterioration in a person’s condition.
  5. Plastic – used in the manufacture of cases, covers, when burned, short-circuit releases toxic carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeYou can always find an option to sell your defective TV, or take it to the appropriate companies for recycling.

Where to rent or sell old and new TVs for money and for free

The cost for a working and non-working device will differ significantly, before deciding on the final result, is it worth knowing in advance where you can sell old TVs for money, albeit small ones?

Sale by ad

So, where to take the old TV if it is still working? The option of selling on online platforms or in newspaper ads is better suited for work equipment.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeIf the question arose of where to put the old TV with a kinescope, you should not worry, it will also be quite in demand, it will be bought for a summer cottage or a rented apartment for low-income residents. In this case, the seller can independently determine the cost of the goods, conduct auctions, especially if the equipment is in excellent condition, with good image quality, etc. Broken products can also be sold (but at a lower price), they are of interest to buying companies, decorators, etc. There are even special online platforms where you can rent an old TV with a kinescope, even a broken one. It will be better to sell the old TV if you wipe it down in advance, pick up a nice background and take some bright pictures. To sell faster, you can offer shipping or a discount. In this case, in order to attract customers,
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free


If the TV is not just old, but rare, it will certainly interest collectors, but you need to know where to donate old rare TVs and how much this can cost? It is fashionable to earn very good sums for unique models, an important condition is the fact that the technique must really be a rarity. For example, you can get a high price for models over 50 years old in perfect condition.

Scrap metal

Television receivers of the “Soviet model” have a huge amount of metal in their design, for example, such as:

  • Cadmium.
  • Lead.
  • Copper.
  • India and more.

More than 40% of the model’s weight is metal, and some devices also contain silver alloys and some gold. Scrap metal collection points take any models for little money, because then they will return the funds by selling the metal. In this case, you can easily get rid of even broken or broken equipment. If there is no exact information where you can turn in an old tube TV for money, then you can extract the metal yourself, for example, copper in older models is at least 2 kg.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

Even if something in the technique does not function, you can still sell the TV for spare parts. There are still repair shops that always need replacement parts. Sometimes you can negotiate with repair points about self-delivery of the TV, because the old equipment has very large dimensions and weight.

Recycling programs

Many people wonder what to do with an old kinescope TV? Today, in large cities, programs have been developed for the population that help to properly dispose of old working and non-working equipment. To do this, it is necessary to compare the characteristics of the model with those that participate in recycling programs. Further actions will be coordinated by the consultant.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

But in this case, you should know that this scheme is not free, the owner of the old equipment will have to pay for the proper disposal of the TV set.

Exchange programs

Many large trading companies, manufacturers of digital equipment offer interesting exchange programs with or without surcharge, depending on the condition of the TV, you can easily find where you can take your old TV. Often, such offers are held on the eve of holidays and may differ in conditions. For example, there are offers to exchange several old devices for one new one, or exchange an old TV for a fee. In this case, you can exchange or sell a broken TV to get a new one. In some cases, the television set is handed over in exchange for bonuses and discounts when buying new equipment in this network of stores. In the future, the TV will be disposed of in accordance with all safety measures, toxic substances will not harm the environment, plastic will be recycled.

Additional techniques

To get at least a little money for an old TV, you can find out if pawnshops in the city accept this technique. Basically, devices in working order will be considered, and this applies to more modern digital technology. They can also buy faulty equipment if it is serviceable:

  • Matrix.
  • infrared receivers.
  • Power schemes.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeMany take their outdated equipment to thrift stores, but in this case, the owner will receive monetary compensation only after the sale, and this can take a long time. In some situations, an advance payment of no more than 50% of the assessed value can be agreed with the owner of the commission.

Interesting! Sometimes, if the issue is not only money, but also the desire to get rid of unnecessary, but working equipment, it can be handed over to nursing homes, large families or family-type boarding schools.

Where can I take a broken or old TV, recycling of broken TVs, where to sell and to whom a working TV: https://youtu.be/ng–IKFyMUI

Approximate prices for the purchase of different TVs in different states – examples

Before one of the companies takes the TV for sale or disassembly, a visual inspection will be carried out, as well as diagnostics:

  • market price;
  • year of manufacture, model, brand;
  • is there a complete set (legs, remote control, etc.);
  • external state;
  • performance.

There are many stores where you can return a TV with a broken matrix, for example, for an LCD TV up to 19 inches with a working matrix, you can get at least 500 rubles, with a broken screen or pixels up to 200 rubles. For a TV up to 26 inches, a working user will receive up to 1200 rubles, if the equipment is not working – only 500 rubles. A working LCD of 40 or 46 inches will cost about 1700-2000 rubles, with a broken matrix up to 800-900 rubles.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeIt is important that when collecting information on where you can dispose of an old TV with a kinescope, it is important to consider that the prices are approximate, because a lot depends on whether the screen has been repaired before, equipment that has preserved packaging will cost more in thrift stores and pawnshops. Of great importance for the final price is the external condition – the presence of cracks, chips, scuffs.

We rent TV in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other large cities of the Russian Federation

In large cities, there are no problems with the disposal of the TV, there are many options for whom to give or sell equipment to. I wonder where you can rent old TVs for money in a large metropolis? For example, in Moscow the largest are such companies as:

  • “Buying TV”, which offers the highest possible prices.
  • “Miser” for comparison offers for a TV up to 19 inches no more than 500-550 rubles, depending on the condition.
  • BuyNote and many others.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeWhile in the Moscow region, you can also easily give an old working or non-working TV to a special company:

  • In Balashikha, this “Buying” gives relatively high prices in comparison with analogue offers;
  • In the Reutov district, this is the Skupka No. 1 company that receives old TVs;
  • While in Mytishchi, it is best to contact the Buying Company;
  • In Lyubertsy, the most famous is the company “Skypka”;
  • For those who are in Ruza, the opportunity to rent TV is offered at the Multiservice company.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeIn St. Petersburg, the best services for returning old TV are:

  • “SPB Spare Parts”, you can give equipment for spare parts, but the cost is quite low, parts up to 200-300 rubles.
  • Teledetails offer a higher price for parts from LCD and Plasma TVs.
  • On Leningradsky Prospekt there is a store “Purchase \ repair of equipment”, you can rent a TV for spare parts.

To scrap a non-working device in St. Petersburg, you can contact the UtilBytService company, in most cases they offer the removal of large-sized equipment. In Moscow and the region, as well as in most large cities, there are large household appliance stores where you can turn in a broken TV for money. They officially deal with the disposal of old devices, for example, such as:

  • “El Dorado”.
  • “Technosila”.
  • M.Video, etc.

You can go there regardless of whether the TV is working or not. Basically, recycling programs are designed for the user to receive bonuses or discounts for the purchase of new equipment in the future, most often about 20%.
Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

What to do in small towns

In small towns, small towns, it is best to get rid of an outdated device by giving it to a more needy family, ask your neighbors, which of you needs an old TV? But if there is none nearby, you should use the following recommendations:

  1. The scrap metal collection point will allow you to get some money for an old device, you can turn in a broken TV for money.
  2. Taking your old TV to a repair shop for parts is a good way to get some cash.
  3. Hand it over to a thrift store, from where, as a result, the equipment will go to more needy people who need old TVs or the TV will be donated to charity.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for free

How is disassembly and disposal

TVs are disposed of according to regulated protocols:

  1. It is worth knowing how recycling takes place – the lid opens, the case is disassembled into its component parts, namely, the ray tube, LCD or plasma screen and lamps are removed. The plastic case and electronics are also disassembled separately.
  2. The plastic will be recycled as a secondary raw material.
  3. Wires and tubes made of non-ferrous, ferrous metal are also scrapped.
  4. Gold and silver elements from the lamps stand out separately.
  5. Microcircuits will definitely be called for operability, those that can still be used will be returned to production.
  6. Everything that cannot be reused or recycled is given to “waste” and burned and disposed of at special landfills.

Where to take a faulty old one or sell a working TV for money and for freeStudying the information where to hand over a broken TV, you should know that during disposal, all elements that pose an environmental hazard must undergo a decontamination procedure.

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