Samsung TV does not turn on – why and what to do?

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Samsung TV does not turn on, what to do if the red light is flashing, or the indicator is off, causes and actions if Samsung Smart TV does not work.

Samsung TV does not turn on – what to do first

TV has long become a necessity for almost every person. However, during its operation, a resource is gradually developed, and this gradually increases the risks of various malfunctions. The technology that is produced by Samsung is of high quality and reliability, but with prolonged use, problems may appear in it.
Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?It’s frustrating when an attempt to turn on a Samsung TV ends in failure. However, it is not always necessary to immediately contact a service workshop. In some cases, the user can solve the problem on his own. To do this, you need to know what exactly and in what situations you need to do this. By following the recommended steps, he will be able to fully restore the TV to working order. If you have problems with turning on, you first need to find out what reason led to this. The most common causes of breakdowns are discussed in detail below.

What to do if a breakdown occurs on Samsung TVs

When you want to watch TV, but it does not turn on, it causes severe discomfort. To solve a problem, you need to start by studying the situation that has arisen. To do this, it is recommended to take the following steps:

  1. You need to carefully inspect the screen and make sure that there are no obvious signs of damage on it.
  2. It makes sense to inspect the TV case for dents and other traces of mechanical stress. If there is such damage, then it can be assumed that the TV fell or experienced a strong impact. In this case, the device could have serious malfunctions.Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?
  3. You need to make sure that the wires are connected securely. After examining the contacts, it is necessary to check the quality of the connection, the presence of oxidation on them. If there are contaminants, they must be removed.
  4. You need to check the integrity of the wires. They should not have cuts, severe indentations on the insulating layer, breaks or other damage to integrity.
  5. If you remove the back cover, you can access the inside of the TV and assess if there are mechanical damage or burnt radio components.
  6. By sniffing, you can check if there is a smell from burnt parts or wires.
  7. It is worth paying attention to the health of the electrical outlet. To test, you can connect another electrical device and make sure it works. A more thorough check involves measuring with a multimeter.

Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?If the TV turns on very late, then we can talk about problems associated with the operating system used. You also need to pay attention to the presence of any circumstances that indicate any deviations from the norm. The investigation carried out will determine the most likely cause of the problem and will determine the course of action to be taken to eliminate it. You need to specify the model of the Samsung device you are using. In older models, hardware failures most often occur. In new TVs, a significant part is made up of problems that are associated with improper operation of the operating system or electronic control of the device.

The most common problems and how to fix them

After a detailed examination, it usually becomes clear what exactly happened. The next steps depend on the specific situation. The following will describe how to act in various cases.

Cycle reboot Samsung TV

Sometimes, instead of starting to work, the TV, after being turned on, enters an endless reboot loop. This situation may occur when using Smart TV. It is related to the incorrect operation of the operating system. The most common cause is incorrect firmware. Its installation can occur in such cases:

  1. Users must use official firmware from the manufacturer. Some of them may be prone to experimentation and download unverified ones on the Internet, hoping to get additional features with their help. The use of such firmware is associated with significant risk. When they are installed, there is a possibility that the TV will not be able to work due to the errors contained in them.
  2. When the update is carried out, you must wait until the end of the procedure. If it is interrupted, then this most often leads to serious problems in operation. One possible option is to get an infinite reboot when you try to turn it on.

Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?If the user intends to experiment with non-standard firmware, he should only use reliable sources to download them. When using them, he will take a big risk. If he takes the standard firmware from the manufacturer’s website, then he is guaranteed to get a properly working operating system. Installation must be carried out in accordance with the instructions contained in the technical documentation for the Samsung TV and Smart TV set-top box.

Connected devices as the reason why the Samsung TV does not turn on

Sometimes the TV does not work, but at the same time it can be considered completely serviceable. The likely cause of the problem may be the operation of the connected devices. For example, we can talk about problems with the Smart TV set-top box. To check, you need to turn off additional devices and try to turn it on. If the TV will work normally, then you need to connect additional devices one at a time to find the one that is causing the problem. Then you will need to do its repair.

The indicator flashes, but the TV does not turn on

When you try to turn it on, the indicator may start flashing, but nothing else happens. The most common cause is a malfunction that relates to the power supply. There can be several reasons for this, the most common of which are listed below:

  1. When connecting the wires, there is a loose contact. This may be due to damage to the wires or contacts.
  2. The power supply may be defective. It either does not supply voltage to the TV, or does not meet the technical requirements.
  3. Sometimes inoperability is associated with damage to some radio components on the board.

In this case, you must first carefully check the wires and contacts, and if necessary, repair or replace them. To repair the power supply or replace the necessary radio components on the board, it is better to contact a specialist. Often the cause of such a breakdown is power surges in the mains. Samsung TV does not turn on, but the red indicator light is flashing:

No picture

In this case, although the TV turns on, the user still sees a dark screen. Sometimes this happens after the device has been running normally for some time. The reason for this situation is the incorrect operation of the television screen. In particular, we are talking about LED backlighting. To clarify the cause of what is happening, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Point the flashlight at the screen. In the event that the sound is present, and the screen remains black, you can be sure that the matrix used is damaged.
  2. If pale and blurry silhouettes are visible under lighting, then we are talking about a backlight malfunction.

In both cases, the user will need to replace the screen. Self-repair will be available if the user is well versed in working with electronic circuits. If this condition is not met, then a more deliberate decision would be to contact a specialist.

Remote control broken

If nothing happens when you press the buttons on the remote control, one possibility is that the device is not working. This may be possible for the following reasons:

  1. It is necessary to check the performance of the batteries used. If necessary, they will need to be replaced.
  2. It is possible that the remote control has stopped working. In this case, you will need to find a replacement for him. In this case, you must first find out which type of remote control is suitable for the TV you are using.

If you cannot find a suitable option, you can use your smartphone for this purpose by downloading and installing the appropriate program on it. As a result, the user will be able to use his gadget to work with the TV.

Inappropriate TV mode

In some cases, the TV, although it does not start, is nevertheless fully operational. This may be due to the wrong choice of device activity mode. In order to check this, you need to clarify in which mode its operation is carried out. In standby mode, for example, the red indicator light may be constantly on.
Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?One option would be to set the demo mode. To clarify this, you need to use the remote control to open the main menu and go to the section that is dedicated to working with various TV operating modes. If StandBy was previously selected, you must exit it in order to activate the ability to watch TV programs.

Selecting a signal source

In the TV settings, you need to specify where the signal comes from. For example, if Smart TV is connected via an HDMI cable, then you need to select the appropriate line in the settings. If there are several such connectors, then you need to select the one to which the connection is made. If you specify the wrong source, you will not be able to watch TV shows using a Samsung TV.
Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?

The indicator flashes, the TV does not turn on

In modern Samsung TV models, there are opportunities for self-diagnosis by the device. The result will be shown by flashing colored indicators. Determining the type of malfunction according to the signal shown is based on the description contained in the technical documentation of the TV. There are a lot of problems that can be detected using built-in diagnostics. Among them, the use of sleep mode, software failure, unstable power supply, problems with the matrix or backlight, breakdown of the remote control and some others. In relatively simple cases, it may be sufficient to turn on the device again or carry out simple actions. However, in most of these situations, it will be necessary to contact a specialist for repairs.
Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?The following situations can be cited as an example. Sometimes the indicator blinks because the TV is in standby mode. In this case, you need to restart and select the normal mode of operation. If the power supply fails, not only the indicator flashes, but various unusual sounds may also occur – clicks, whistles and some others.

When to Call a Specialist

After analyzing the situation, the user can find out the most likely cause of the breakdown. In certain cases, he will be able to carry out repairs on his own. His capabilities depend on the type of malfunction and his knowledge and skills that can help in carrying out repair work.
Samsung TV does not turn on - why and what to do?In the presence of hardware breakdowns, it is better to immediately call a specialist from the service center. He will diagnose using special equipment and eliminate the malfunction by repairing or replacing the damaged unit. A modern TV is a complex device that has electronic control. If the appropriate signals are not transmitted as they should, then it will not work. An example of such a situation would be that the signal from the processor may not reach one of the nodes of the device. In this case, the TV will not turn on. Repairing such breakdowns is a complex job that is not possible for a simple user to perform. When contacting the service department, you can be sure that the performance will be restored.

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