When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show – causes and solutions

Проблемы и поломки

Some viewers are faced with the fact that when the TV is turned on, there is sound, but the screen does not show. The causes of a breakdown, how to deal with it and when it is better to trust the master, will be discussed further. Since it can be both a software failure and a hardware failure.

Reasons why when you turn on the TV there is sound, but the screen does not show

Modern television receivers are complex technical devices that can break down for various reasons. Sometimes there are situations in which there is no image on the TV, but there is sound. Moreover, the functionality of the device is preserved – you can switch channels and adjust the volume. If the image on the TV disappeared, but there is sound, this could be triggered by several factors.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsOften the TV display stops glowing at all. But there are also such interference on the screen as:

  • ripples or flashing appear;
  • the signal is intermittent;
  • a light horizontal strip is visible on the side;
  • flashing lights;
  • shows a picture with squares;
  • red or green edging appears along the contour;
  • vertical multi-colored stripes appear;When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutions
  • the image becomes hard to see.

First you have to find out: the TV does not show, but the sound is what the problem is. https://gogosmart.pro/question/polosy-na-kartinke

Loss of contact

Such a problem may occur due to the fact that complete or partial oxidation of the contacts occurs. To identify the source of the problem, it is enough to visually inspect the connectors. If contamination or traces of oxides are found on the contact pads, they will need to be removed. After that, you can re-insert the cable into the socket of the set-top box and TV receiver. This procedure is carried out strictly with the devices disconnected from the power supply. https://gogosmart.pro/kak-podklyuchit/cifrovuyu-pristavku-k-televizoru.html Another reason why the TV does not show while there is sound and no image is mechanical damage to the corresponding cable. If there are kinks or creases, then the current-carrying cores fail. Before correcting the problem, a thorough inspection of the wire should be carried out. If there is visible damage, the cable will have to be replaced. In this case, it is important to consider compatibility with the model of the connected equipment. So, the HDMI standard is available in several versions.

When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutions
HDMI cable

If damage is found, it is recommended to repair it. This applies to loose sockets, plugs with damaged insulation and broken edges, as well as wires with frayed and twisted. It is important to consider that the operation of equipment in this form can cause a short circuit and more serious malfunctions.

Power problems

If the TV does not show, but there is sound, this may be caused by voltage drops. As a result of such surges, non-critical damage sometimes occurs. Also, the voltage conversion subsystems fail in an accelerated manner. If this happens, the screen will remain dark when the device is turned on. But after a short time of operation of the TV receiver, the image will still appear. This means that the power supply is not capable of delivering enough power for the hardware elements of the equipment to start up normally. To carry out its independent repair is only for those who have the appropriate skills. In other cases, the master will help to fix the power supplies. But you can perform the initial diagnosis yourself. In this case, it will be necessary to remove particles of dust and dirt deposits from the board.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsIf there are bulges, then they should be replaced with new ones. Other types of testing will require the use of electronic measuring equipment.

Display matrix

When there is sound, but there is no black screen on the TV, the reason may be in the matrix. This component includes several components:

  • a layer of liquid crystal cells with controlled transparency;
  • lighting systems with a driver that supplies voltage;
  • loop for data transmission;
  • signal conversion systems.

One of the listed elements could fail. This is a common reason why a TV has sound but no picture. Damage to the cell matrix is ​​often caused by shocks, sudden temperature changes, overvoltage and other influencing factors.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsIf the failures turned out to be non-critical, then spots and stripes appear on the screen. Their color can be black or colored (wrong in relation to the overall picture). If a large number of cells are damaged, the display will turn off completely. In rare cases, the matrix is ​​damaged due to a short circuit. Data cables are a thin strip of plastic on which conductive tracks are applied. Such elements are quite easy to damage. In some cases, cables pop out of the connectors due to vibration. However, their soldering will be cheaper than replacing the matrix.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsAs a result, there is sound, but there is no image, or the picture begins to be broadcast with interference. Also, problems with the data loop can manifest themselves in the following:

  • ripples and other distortions periodically appear on the TV screen;
  • color changes are noticeable – on individual parts or on the entire surface of the display;
  • the image disappears, but may return if you tap the TV case lightly.

https://gogosmart.pro/texnika/televizor/problemy-i-polomki/pomexi-na-televizore.html If contact is lost on the control tracks of the loop, the picture disappears completely. If the image disappears on the TV due to this reason, there is little that can be done: self-repair is not recommended in this case. A damaged part can be replaced by an experienced technician. If the screen is black, then it is worth checking the backlight system, armed with a flashlight. If you highlight it on the display, and the image will be visible, then this is the reason. The backlight is repairable, however, to replace burnt components, you need to disassemble the case, which is better to entrust the master.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsThe next source of the problem is the inverter and sweep units. Often they are presented in the form of non-separable modules. Malfunctions in them lead to various distortions of the image, including its complete loss. Damaged inverters give themselves the appearance of a freezing image and dimming after turning on the screen. Knowing how to handle a soldering iron, you can personally replace broken modules. Or go to a service center. Another component of the hardware of the television device is the video processor. Failures occurring in it cause distortions on the screen. Colors start to display incorrectly. And this does not always mean a broken chip. Incorrect operation of the video processor may occur if the solder points on the board are damaged due to shock or vibration.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsRepairing this part is impractical – a replacement is needed. The service center carries out comprehensive diagnostics, restores soldering points. At home, this will not work, because special equipment and skills are required.

What can be done at home

To make a small and simple TV repair in the presence of sound and no image, without special knowledge, you can do the following:

  1. Turn on and then turn off the TV receiver . This will help fix software glitches.
  2. Disconnect the equipment from the power supply . Then check the integrity of the cables, the correct connections and the presence of contamination on the surface of the contacts.
  3. Unscrew the volume to the maximum mark and return it back to a level that is comfortable for hearing . This will allow the power supply to gain enough power.

In addition, it is recommended to get a voltage stabilizer if the image on the TV display disappears when a powerful electrical appliance is turned on. Because it can burn out the capacitors. At the same time, the screen starts to go blank, and the picture doubles. If a swollen element is found, you will have to replace it along with the fuse, which is best left to a specialist. If the TV turns on, but there is no image and the screen is black, then you should check the connection with the cable. When using “tulips”, the wire that transmits the video signal may not make good contact with the connector. As a result, the display goes blank, but the audio signal remains. It is also worth inspecting the power cable so that it is firmly inserted.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutions

Some TV owners have come up with a rather unusual way to solve the problem. Its essence is to increase the volume level to the maximum mark. After a couple of seconds, the image should appear. This method will work in case of a one-time failure.

When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsHowever, first you should make sure that the TV screen is working properly. This is evidenced by the splash screen that appears when it is turned on. If it is missing and the display remains dark, then one of the internal components of the TV set responsible for displaying the image is broken.

How to troubleshoot a Samsung TV

Sometimes it happens that there is no image on the Samsung TV, but there is sound. In this case, it is recommended to test the video signal by following several steps:

  1. On the remote control, click the Home button.
  2. Expand the “Settings” section.
  3. Select the item “Support”, then – “Self-diagnosis”.When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutions
  4. Now use the “Run Image Test” function.

After identifying the problems, it is worth trying to fix the problem, guided by the manufacturer’s recommendations. The following are the options why there is sound on the Samsung TV, but there is no image:

Problem Way to solve the problem
Dimmed or flickering picture Disable “Energy Saver” option
Diagnostic test did not reveal a problem Check the correctness of the connection to the appropriate ports
Incorrect video brightness Adjust the desired settings in the “Advanced Settings” section, including brightness, color correction and backlight
Blurry, split, or shaky video Apply Auto Motion Plus option
The device turns off randomly Deactivate power saving features
Distorted picture Check signal reception quality
Incorrect color reproduction Disconnect cable and reconnect
color distortion Perform a factory reset
Dotted line around the edges of the TV display Change aspect ratio to 16:9

From this it follows that most breakdowns can be fixed by hand. Repairing a Samsung TV in the presence of sound and no image at home is possible if disassembly of the case is not required. Otherwise, if the correction of the settings does not help, you will need to replace the defective component. If the above test is not displayed, then the fault is internal. Then you will need to conduct qualified diagnostics with the subsequent installation of a new part.

No picture on LG TV

If there is sound on the LG TV, but there is no image, then first you should figure out the cause of the failure. The failure may be of a software nature or occur due to the failure of the internal module. Some problems are fixed at home. The user will have to conduct a visual inspection of the television receiver and its components. In cases where there is an incorrect image transmission or a violation of color reproduction, it is recommended to perform the following actions without resorting to disassembling the device:

  1. Turn off the TV device and remove the plug from the socket, leaving it for 15-20 minutes. This will help you deal with a system crash.
  2. Deactivate the power saving mode if the picture is constantly flashing and the brightness has decreased.
  3. If the image is doubled or blurred, the Trumotion option should be enabled.
  4. If the picture is dimmed, it is recommended to check and adjust the brightness settings.
  5. If a dotted line appears, select the aspect ratio of 16:9.

When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsIn addition, if there is a black screen on the LG TV, but there is sound, you should make sure that the cable TV set-top box and the wires connected to it are working. Therefore, it is necessary to check the antenna cable and the HDMI cable. There is a possibility that the problem may be on the provider’s side.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsIt is also recommended to inspect the wires for kinks and creases, as well as check the integrity of the connecting components. You can also turn off the TV receiver, pull the plugs out of the ports and re-insert. If the above options did not work, this means that the failure is localized inside the receiver. Then you need to contact the company service center. The most likely malfunctions are as follows:

  • the power supply is broken: the TV screen does not light;
  • the capacitor burned out: the display lights up and quickly goes out;
  • the matrix is ​​out of order: there is a backlight, but the image is incomplete;
  • the matrix cable is faulty: the picture periodically disappears;
  • the image disappeared on the LG TV, but there is sound: the inverter has broken;
  • the backlight is damaged: ripples or a flashing picture appear;
  • breakdown of the video processor: the image is late, color distortion is noticeable;
  • decoder malfunction: wide stripes appear on the display.

The cost of repairing TV components

In the event of a hardware failure, you will need to use the services of a master. After all, the power supply or video amplifier could break.
When you turn on the TV, there is sound but the screen does not show - causes and solutionsIn addition, often the reason lies in a faulty backlight, matrix cable or timing controller. Hardware problems often occur due to voltage drops, swelling of capacitors, or poor-quality soldering of elements. To detect a malfunction, it is necessary to provide the device and perform its disassembly. But this requires certain skills in handling technology. It is important to bear in mind that unprofessional intervention can cause the equipment to permanently fail, requiring costly repairs.

Type of malfunction Cost of work
System board repair 440 rub.
Repair / replacement of the power supply 490 rub.
Replacing the inverter 540 rub.
Backlight repair/replacement 640 rub.

There is sound but the image on the TV is gone, why is this happening, what are the reasons and what to do: https://youtu.be/n7StZYo-rD0 These are the main reasons associated with the fact that the TV has lost the image, but there is sound. You can personally check the integrity of the wires and the tightness of the plugs. And also to conduct an image test and tweak the color rendering parameters. If this does not help, then you should pay attention to the nature of the distortion of the picture. This will help determine which of the internal components needs to be repaired. Disassembly of the case can be performed by a qualified master.

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