The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing – causes and solutions

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The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing – the causes and solution of the problem, depending on the color of the diode – the red, blue, green lights are on, so what should I do? Televisions are equipped with a panel for receiving a signal from the remote control and operation indicators that glow in different colors. By default, the user sees a red light come on when plugged into the network; when the power button on the remote control is pressed, it changes the light to green or blue, or blinks and goes out. If, after the standard startup procedure, the image does not appear, and the diode is on, then this indicates the presence of some problems.

What does the absence of an image on the TV indicate when the indicator is on

The indicators on the TV are responsible for informing the owner about the status of the TV and indicate the presence of power in the network. The easiest way to solve the problem of the lack of an image is when no lights are on at all – this means that the device is not receiving power. If there is no power, check the presence of electricity in the house, whether the plug is plugged into the outlet. If the cause of the malfunction is not found, then the problems are looked for in the TV itself – the cord or power supply. The reasons for the lack of an image when the power indicator is on are:

  • remote control;
  • infrared signal receiving sensor;
  • CPU;
  • surge protection program;
  • hardware module.

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutions

A broken remote control is the most common reason for TV owners to panic. When, when you press a button, a normally obedient TV stops responding, you first need to check its operation from the buttons.

Modern TVs always have a small row of buttons for manual control – if they turn on the TV in normal mode, then you should replace the batteries in the remote control or check its microcircuit for oxidation or contamination.

What does a constantly burning red indicator on a TV that does not turn on say?

Most popular TV brands use red, green and blue colors to indicate its operation. And some models have only one, which makes it difficult to determine the problem. The most common display color is red, for this reason it is considered in the first place. In different TV models, a red indicator informs the owner about such conditions as:

  • about turning on the network – constantly on if the device receives electricity;
  • informs about switching channels or modes by blinking when pressing the remote control button;
  • informs about errors by frequent blinking;
  • blinks when turned off.

It is clear from the listed list – if the light is constantly on in red, this means that the device is in the off state, but connected to electricity. If, when turned on with the remote control, the image does not appear, and the indicator remains lit in red, this indicates the following:

  • the control panel does not work – the batteries are dead or the signal does not pass to the sensor;
  • hardware malfunctions – the capacitors of the power supply are damaged, the microcircuit burned out, there was a problem in the processor, the matrix is ​​faulty;
  • the safety mode against network failures is enabled , – in case of power surges in the TV, protection is activated that blocks its operation;
  • cable is connected incorrectly , if the device is new and delivered recently, or the owner disconnected the wires;
  • device software errors ;
  • settings changed ;
  • sleep timer enabled .

The owner of the device can try to fix the problem himself if it is not related to the hardware or software. It is important to check the remote control for serviceability, understand the wiring diagram, or reboot the device by checking the settings are correct.

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutions
The red indicator indicates that the TV is connected to the network

The indicator lights up in an unusual color

Manufacturers equip TV signal indicators each in their own way. But if the owner, when turning on the device on the panel, saw an unusual color of the indicator that does not go out, then this indicates a malfunction. TVs do not have a hardware self-diagnosis function, but it is able to signal such malfunctions as:

  • insufficient or excessive voltage of the main board;
  • problems with the power supply;
  • firmware failure;
  • the motherboard is blocking the signal sent to the matrix

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutions
and power supply
In most cases, an indicator that is constantly lit in an unusual color indicates serious hardware problems. If you have the skills to repair devices of this type, repairs can be made independently, but in their absence it is not recommended to unwind the case in order to look for a malfunction.

Modern televisions are thin, contain many complex and sensitive devices and sensors, which are easy to damage without knowing where they are.

What does the flashing lights on the TV off mean?

The blinking of indicators, as well as constant burning, may be due to the peculiarity of working in a certain mode or to the presence of a malfunction in the TV. In order to understand what exactly happened, it is necessary to determine what happens during blinking, how the device is connected and how it worked before. Most often, flickering occurs for the following reasons:

  • self-diagnosis;
  • failure of the hardware or pogrom part;
  • connecting additional devices or using TV as a screen.

For each of the cases, a special flashing is characteristic.

The indicator flashes in different sequences in the same color

If the TV model is equipped with a self-diagnosis system, then in the event of malfunctions, malfunctions in the hardware, the blinking of the indicator shows an error code. Each model has its own set of errors, their designation is in the instructions for the TV.

It is important to remember that the error code can only be determined if the device has a self-diagnostic program and the indicator blinking is not chaotic.

Signs of the diagnostic program are:

  • lack of response to pressing the remote control keys;
  • the presence of an indicator blinking algorithm;
  • the color of the indicator signal does not change.

The error code helps you identify which system on your device has failed.

The indicator flashes in different colors

The algorithm for turning on any TV consists of a certain sequence – the power is turned on, the backlight starts working, then other systems. If the process is going well, then the indicator lights up normally. But when a situation arises that at first it lights up, for example, red, then green or blue, and so on several times, this in most cases indicates a malfunction. Blinking in different colors can be caused by the following:

  • there is not enough tension;
  • backlight does not start;
  • defective lamps;
  • a malfunction in the matrix;
  • the signal from the processor does not reach the system components.

Another reason may be an error in the TV’s memory. If a failure was noticed before the appearance of flashing in different colors, then its secondary appearance may be caused by a surviving error. Rebooting the system will help fix the situation. In some models, the system turns off after flashing in different colors. This is part of the TV protection system – in the event of a malfunction, the processor beeps several times, in case of an unsuccessful launch, the TV turns off.

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutions

“conders” will indicate the cause of the breakdown

Chaotic blinking of the indicator in one color

Not all TVs have a perfect diagnostic program. In the economy sector, they are supplied with the simplest work systems. Usually, it is for such devices that, in the event of a malfunction, the indicator flashes randomly; in this case, it is not possible to determine exactly where the problem occurred. In case of random flashing, it is possible to correct the situation by rebooting, or by diagnosing all systems. Start checking with power, then move on to other components. It is important to remember that diagnostics are carried out using special instruments, measuring the input and output voltages, for this reason, in the absence of instruments and knowledge, you should not try to check a complex system.

Monotonous blinking in one color

Monotonous blinking and no image means that the TV was connected to the computer as a monitor, or there is a connection to another device. In this case, there is also no reaction to pressing the remote control keys. To return to watching TV, you must exit screen mode.

What does the blinking of TV indicators of popular brands mean, which do not turn on at the same time

Manufacturers try to make their equipment as convenient as possible for the consumer. We constantly improve diagnostic systems, helping to identify the problem even in the event of a malfunction.


In stores today you can find many models of TVs of this brand, they are united by a common display system. Devices usually have one red indicator that lights up if the device is turned off and it also responds to user actions. For this brand, in the event of errors, the following signals are characteristic:

  • the diode lights up during the operation of the device, when it should be turned off – the TV signals a malfunction of the main board, problems in control;
  • indicator blinking during operation – this usually means that the fuses have blown and the device is left without protection against voltage surges;
  • chaotic blinking and constant reboot indicates a firmware failure;
  • the indicator is on, but the TV does not turn on – in most cases, the problem is in the remote control;
  • a short rhythmic blinking indicates a failure in the operation of the capacitors in the power supply, the system does not have enough power to display the image.

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutions

You can independently solve problems associated with external TV devices – a remote control or power supply, which are easily replaceable. If errors occur in the operation of internal systems, it is best to send the TV for repair or to a service center if the warranty period has not expired.

Samsung UE40D5000 does not turn on, the indicator flashes constantly:


LG is known for its solid approach to energy saving. In TVs of this brand, convenient sleep programs and surge protection systems are installed. For this reason, sometimes after the purchase, users may be confused when they see the black screen of their device that does not respond to pressing the buttons on the remote control. If the indicator is off, the screen remains black, the remote does not work, the problem may be hidden in the working sleep mode. To exit it, you just need to press the “OK” button on the remote.

Attention! In modern models of the LG brand, the manufacturer has programmed the system so that it goes into sleep mode when you switch to watching a video or set-top box in the settings when there are no connected devices.

The value of blinking indicators is recorded in the instructions for the TV, where all typical malfunctions are analyzed. But there are also a number of features of flickering diodes. Short flickering signals may indicate a malfunction in the connected antenna, or the provider’s cable. Also, these signals indicate problems associated with a voltage drop in the network at home. LG TV does not turn on, the diode is red:


TV brand Supra is equipped with a panel with indicators of several colors. In the presence of malfunctions, they begin to blink alternately, confusing the owner. Multi-colored flickering can be caused by the following malfunctions:

  • failure of the manufacturer’s firmware;
  • there was a short circuit of the wires on the body of the device;
  • there is no contact between the LVDS loop and the matrix.

The TV does not turn on, and the indicator is on or flashing - causes and solutionsAnother typical problem for the manufacturer is the defect of the panel itself on which the indicators are located. After repair, the indication returns to normal. On their own, the user can try to correct the situation by long pressing the Mute button on the remote control, without releasing, press the turn off and on button once.

Attention: multi-colored blinking on the Supra TV turns on after entering the matrix test mode, you must exit it after it is completed.

Features of the indicators in SMART TV

Smart TV is a fairly new technology, it allows TV owners to access Internet TV, video and audio content, social networks and various platforms. But users often have problems with the lack of an image and a sound range during the uninterrupted operation of indicators. If the indicators respond to user actions, and the screen remains black or freezes on one image, then the reasons are the following:

  • The provider’s server to which the TV is connected is overloaded, in this case it is worth turning off the device and waiting for a while, then turn it on again, or wait until the server resumes.
  • Internet cable is not connected – you need to check the inputs and integrity.
  • A long connection to the server is a normal situation, the connection timeout can be up to three minutes.
  • Weak signal when the network is busy.
  • Lack of memory on TV.

No matter how “smart” the technologies of modern TVs are, their performance is still far from a computer. For this reason, if the user downloads a lot of programs, does not clear the cache, then the memory quickly becomes clogged and the system slows down. In such cases, the indicators work as usual, because they are not associated with memory, and the desired image does not appear.

CRT TV indicators

TVs made using obsolete kinescope technology still exist and in fairly large numbers. They also often have built-in indicators, often combined with infrared sensors for remote signal reception. The TV indicator notifies the owner of the following:

  • pressing the button on the remote control – the light flashes once;
  • constantly lit in the off state, but when accessing electricity, or when using it as a monitor;
  • does not respond to pressing the remote control buttons if the TV was previously switched to another mode or connected to an external device.

Another problem may be the oxidation of the contacts going to the indicator lamp.

Regardless of the technology, brand and model of TV, the algorithm for solving the problem remains the same and is as follows:

  • check the operation of the control panel;
  • restart the TV
  • check the correct connection of cables;
  • check modes;
  • read error codes.

If it was not possible to set up the correct operation of the device on your own, you should call the wizard or take it to repair. Indicators play an important role in understanding the operation of the TV, they are able to indicate the cause of possible malfunctions. It is important for the owner to pay attention to their signals in time and take measures to diagnose the problem.

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