TV turns on and off immediately or after a while

The TV turns on and spontaneously turns off immediately or after a few seconds, what is the reason and what to do? Any household appliances, appliances can break down, become unusable due to improper operation or wear of parts. Sometimes it is not difficult to fix the breakdown, in some cases it is worth calling the repairmen so that an “accurate diagnosis” can be made. A common problem of modern digital technology is why the TV turns on and off by itself and how to solve it?
TV turns on and off immediately or after a while

Why does the TV turn on and off immediately – reasons

A breakdown can occur regardless of the manufacturer, if the TV turns on and immediately turns off, then the reason can be very different, and each has its own solution protocol.

The reasons

The most popular causes of the TV turning on by itself are the following situations:

  • fluctuations in the power supply network;
  • Broken on/off button
  • incorrect terms of use;
  • wear of the power supply;
  • broken cable;
  • the socket is out of order;
  • dust or water got inside the equipment;
  • software glitch.

TV turns on and off immediately or after a whileOften, a timer is installed in the standard TV options that regulates the shutdown; you can correct this in the equipment menu from the remote control. You should know that the TV turns on and off by itself, what to do and when to give the equipment for repair?

Solving the problem of spontaneous shutdown of the TV

Based on the type of breakdown, the features of the repair and the solution to the current problem also differ:

  1. A common problem is a broken on / off button . Many models have a button hold function, sometimes you need to hear a click to make sure that the correct press has occurred. If the TV turns itself off and on, it is first necessary to inspect the power button so that it is not “failed”, does not hang out, does not jam. The master can most effectively solve her problem by replacing the broken element with a new one. In more modern models, it is completely absent, especially in touch control panels, which means that if the TV turns off and on by itself, then the causes of the breakdown should be looked for elsewhere.
  2. Software , even in the latest “smart” models, can “glitch”, sometimes the problem when the TV turns on and off immediately lies in the wrong software update. If the device starts to turn off on its own, you can “rummage through” the TV settings, you may need to reinstall or update the software. To do this, connect a laptop or smartphone to the TV via a USB port and install official high-quality software. If for a particular model there is no more freely available official software, it is better to contact a service center. It is strongly not recommended to install “gray” software, this can lead to much bigger problems. During the download and update, do not turn off the device from the network.TV turns on and off immediately or after a while
  3. Dust or drops of moisture, condensation on the internal boards of a digital devicecan cause the TV to turn off a few seconds after turning it on, for example, if moisture has got on the printed circuit board, and as a result, the conductors or microcircuits have shorted. You can solve this problem by unscrewing the fasteners of the rear wall of the TV with a screwdriver and removing moisture with a napkin and dust with a brush. In order not to confuse anything during the subsequent assembly and assemble everything correctly, you should immediately remember the location of the parts or make notes with a marker. You must first turn off the TV. If, after all the manipulations, the TV turns off by itself, the reason lies in the fact that moisture or dust inside the device caused the contacts to oxidize, this can be fixed by re-soldering. In this case, it is better to entrust the repair to the specialists of the service center.TV turns on and off immediately or after a while
  4. A power failure causes a problem that the TV turns off uncontrollably by itself, for example, when the power wire is broken or frayed, the contacts are worn out. To pinpoint this problem, you can try to “play” with the power cord or plug, shake it from side to side (when plugged into a power outlet). You can solve the problem by replacing the wire or plug, temporarily connecting it to an extension cord or fixing the frayed place with electrical tape.
  5. The wear of the power supply is detected by an independent visual inspection – there is an indicator on the block that notifies uninterrupted operation, if it does not light when the equipment is plugged into the outlet, then it is out of order, and for this reason the TV instantly turns off by itself. Thus, another reason – the power supply is out of order, burned out, worn out. You should take the equipment to the repairmen and purchase a replacement for the burned-out element. This most often occurs when dust gets inside, moisture or with constant fluctuations in the network.TV turns on and off immediately or after a while
  6. Unsuitable operating conditions , for example, if the TV is installed near a constant source of high temperature (oven, battery, heater) in a room with high humidity or dust. At the first “symptoms” it is worth moving the TV to another place.

Any breakdowns are not so problematic if you pay attention to them in time and contact a qualified service center. If the equipment was purchased recently, the warranty case applies to it and the repair will be free. Masters must be chosen very carefully, they must have enough experience and qualifications to diagnose a breakdown and subsequent repair.

What to do if the equipment turns off after a while after turning on

The issue of untimely turning off the TV, for example, when the panel turns off at night by itself, can concern any models and brands, but this is not always a functional malfunction, there are many other cases. There are simple problems that are easy to fix with your own hands, it will take only a little time and the advice of specialists. But, experienced specialists identify important problems in which the device can turn off some time after work:

  1. If capacitors leaked in the power supply , then it is absolutely impossible to repair such a breakdown with your own hands (!) It is necessary to call a specialist who will conduct diagnostics and make an effective replacement of capacitors. This will help to avoid an explosion, even more damage.TV turns on and off immediately or after a while
  2. The first thing to do if the TV turns off is to check the operation of the antenna , contact your satellite or cable TV service provider to make sure there is no repair or breakdown on their side.
  3. Voltage fluctuations, especially in the private sector, where there is a poor electrical network or many connection sources, can lead to the device turning off on its own. The most effective solution to the problem would be to install a thyristor or relay voltage stabilizer.
  4. The reason that the TV turns off after a short time after being turned on may be a broken contact in the electrical wire , or inside the TV. To accurately determine this, you can use a voltage indicator by measuring the indicator in the network.
  5. Incorrect operation of the remote control when it is set to turn off after a while, if no commands are received from the remote control for a long time. In this case, you need to check whether such a function is activated and disable it.
  6. After prolonged use, TVs (especially older models) get very hot , this provokes wear of the capacitors, the insulating winding. Often such problems are accompanied by characteristic clicks, it is necessary to give the device a rest, disconnect it from the power supply for a while.
  7. In the TV settings there is an option “sleep / off timer” , sometimes it is already in the active position automatically and at the appointed time the TV will turn off if you don’t know about it or forget to turn it off. In this case, you need to go to the device menu from the remote control and turn off the timer.TV turns on and off immediately or after a while
  8. Improper operation of the inverter leads to cracks on the board. The cause of the breakdown may be a voltage drop, strong heat or exposure to moisture. It is possible to fix such a problem on your own only in some cases – for this you need to inspect the board as carefully as possible, simultaneously eliminating dust and moisture. Then turning to an experienced master.
  9. One of the reasons for such malfunctions of television equipment is that small cracks form in the boards . You can determine them by removing the cover and examining the board under a magnifying glass. But for replacement or repair, it is better to call the master if such breakdowns are found.

A person works with equipment and the “human factor” is the most basic in the appearance of various kinds of breakdowns, for example, permanent mechanical damage, improper operation. A loose socket or cable, a bent plug can cause the equipment to turn off, and even if there are small children or pets in the house, timely checks should be carried out regularly.

Why TVs turn on and off – reasons and solutions for different manufacturers

Many TV brands have the same hardware failures, for example, when the failure is “hidden” in a low-quality part in the entire batch and software. The TV turns off after a while and this may affect companies such as Sony, LG, but more often this problem affects inexpensive brands such as Supra, BBK, Vityaz or Akai. Philips TV, for example, often turns itself off and on due to the power button. You can make a visual diagnosis: the device cannot be turned on again, or the indicator works, but the TV does not turn on when you press the corresponding button. Or, conversely, the indicator light does not light immediately after a sudden shutdown of the equipment. You can fix the problem with the power button in the service center, often the TV is still under warranty.
TV turns on and off immediately or after a whileIf the TV itself turns off and on after a few seconds, then the reason may be insignificant, often simple breakdowns can be diagnosed independently by performing simple manipulations, without the help of an experienced craftsman. There are several basic external reasons for the incorrect operation of the TV. For inexpensive manufacturers such as Dexp, Supra and others, you should initially pay attention to the operation of the remote control and the presence of damage to the power cable.
TV turns on and off immediately or after a while

DPU performance

It is not difficult to conduct an external inspection of the remote control; if it breaks, there will be external mechanical damage, chips, you should also check the buttons for “sticking” or simply change the batteries. You should also initially check the performance of the infrared beam, for this you can use a regular smartphone. It is necessary to point the phone camera at the reception sensor itself so that it hits the smartphone screen and press one or two buttons on the remote control. If the expected effect of turning off the TV does not occur after checking, then the remote does not really function correctly.

Is there WiFi?

If the Smart TV is working via the Internet, you should inspect the Wi-Fi adapter, check whether the Internet is working via a smartphone or laptop. In such a situation, a breakdown of the router or Wi-Fi module cannot be ruled out.
TV turns on and off immediately or after a while

Software failure

The incorrect operation of the software, which affects the spontaneous shutdown of the TV, was noticed by some users of Samsung and LG TVs. You can fix this yourself by checking the settings by checking the “checkmarks” in front of the disable items after a time in the settings (they need to be removed). First you need to “roll” the firmware version that is relevant for your model.

Where to start diagnosing?

At the first symptoms of a breakdown, it is necessary to independently carry out inspection and diagnostics, initially it is worth performing a complete reboot of the device, as well as resetting all settings (this will help eliminate sleep timer activity, help get rid of software problems). To relieve the voltage after a long work with the capacitors, it is worth disconnecting the TV from the mains and letting it cool down a bit, then you can turn it on again and wait if the problem repeats.

Important! With self-diagnosis, it is important to correctly identify the cause of the TV shutdown.

For example, it is worth distinguishing between incorrect software operation or the need for hardware repairs. You can restore the correct operation of the software yourself, but with “internal breakdowns” it is better to contact a master who can carry out a quality repair. If the user risks to independently carry out disassembly and subsequent repairs, then you should disconnect the equipment from the power supply for your own safety and unscrew the back panel of the device. After that, it is necessary to wipe the boards from dust, inspect all the “internal components”, wipe the dust, if you have the skills, replace the burnt elements, swollen capacitors. After that, you can collect and check the performance.
TV turns on and off immediately or after a while

Expert advice

In order not to encounter problems in the future, it is necessary to take care of the competent care of the equipment in the present, namely:

  1. Electrical appliances should be kept away from places of high humidity, including aquariums, window sills.
  2. Dust should be removed from the equipment constantly, without bringing it to a large accumulation.
  3. The shutdown process must be carried out not only by pressing the button on the remote control, but also by pulling the plug from the outlet. This will protect the TV from burning out the on / off button, as well as from power surges.

The TV turns on and immediately turns off spontaneously after turning on, the reasons and what to do: It is worth taking care of the equipment, do not beat, do not drop, do not break, do not press too hard on the remote control buttons.

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