Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review – Best Models for 2021

Ultra HD 4K TVs are the models for the discerning buyer. First of all, because they allow you to reproduce images with unique color depth and excellent sharpness. Their capabilities in this regard can be compared with the standard of motion pictures.
Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021The quality of 4k TVs is close to ideal [/ caption]

What is 4K technology?

Good 4K Ultra HD TVs are, first of all, models that have a whole range of effective technological solutions. Along with 4K quality, full screen LED technology is to be expected. It determines the appropriate sharpness of the image and affects the clarity of details. When you choose a Samsung model, you can count on a 4K QLED TV with rich color gamut and HDR contrast to ensure full Ultra HD quality is available.

The best 43-inch 4K TVs from Samsung as of 2021

Samsung 4K TVs by 43 inches are relatively cheap but quality TV models.

QLED Samsung QE43Q60TAU 43 “(2020) – one of the best Samsung models of 2020

The QLED Samsung QE43Q60TAU 43 “comes from 2020 TV offerings and runs on a VA matrix. It’s a shame the screen only offers 50Hz. The QLED TV uses Edge LED backlighting and many options to enhance the picture quality. One of them is Dual. LED for even better color reproduction Benefits:

  • deep black;
  • fantastic picture dynamics;
  • decent price.


  • poor sound quality.

Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Samsung UE43TU7002U 43 “(2020) – new at the end of 2020

The Samsung UE43TU7002U is the first of the 2020 new products to make our list. The entry-level 2020 simple Ultra HD TV offers compatibility with popular HDR and 50Hz formats. Benefits:

  • very good image quality;
  • extensive intellectual functions;


  • fairly average sound quality;
  • users complain about complex controls.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Samsung UE43TU8502U 43 “(2020)

Samsung UE43TU8502U is a model from the 2020 offering. An important point is the use of Dual LED technology. She is responsible for better color rendering than in cheaper models. Benefits:

  • good image quality;
  • decent price;
  • attractive design.


  • built-in speakers of average quality;
  • some basic and smart functions are missing, such as Bluetooth connection.

Samsung UE43TU8500U TV Review:

Best Samsung 50-inch Ultra HD 4K TVs

More recent models of Samsung 50 ” TVs that support 4k technology:

Samsung UE50RU7170U 49.5 “(2019)

The Samsung Smart TV 50 ” 4K TV has excellent color reproduction, and the picture is smooth with 1400Hz refresh rate. TV reception is provided by built-in DVB-T2, S2 and C tuners. Access to Internet services and Smart functions is provided by the easy-to-use Smart Hub system. The sleek and slim design of the 50 ” Samsung TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, enough for all your external devices. Benefits:

  • HDR support;
  • good price;
  • refresh rate 1400 Hz.


  • speakers of average quality.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Samsung UE50NU7092U 49.5 “(2018)

This model is only slightly inferior in its parameters to the previously described UE50RU7170U. Its refresh rate is 1300 Hz. This is less than its predecessor, but still a lot. PurColor technology is responsible for the correct color reproduction, and high contrast is achieved thanks to HDR technology. The Smart Hub system makes it easy to play your favorite Netflix series or YouTube music videos, and your 50-inch Samsung TV can be controlled from your smartphone. Classic TV programs can be watched thanks to the DVB-T2, S2 and C tuners. Benefits:

  • good price;
  • HDR support;
  • good functionality.


  • a small number of HDMI and USB connectors;
  • speakers of average quality.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Samsung’s best 65-inch 4K TVs – top picks

QLED Samsung QE65Q77RAU 65 “(2019)

Samsung QLED QE65Q77RAU is an offer for people who are not satisfied with conventional 4K TVs. The TV screen features Quantum Dot technology, a solution actively used by other manufacturers such as TCL. A smooth image is provided by a 100 Hz matrix. Benefits:

  • 4K UHD resolution;
  • easy wall mounting;
  • HDR technology.


  • unstable remote controlSamsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

QLED Samsung QE65Q60RAU 65 “(2019)

The Samsung QE65Q60RAU 4KHDR 65 ” SmartTV is a Quantum 4K processor that allows you to watch movies in very high definition. In terms of image brightness and lighting method, the QLED QE65Q60RAU is a step back from last year’s devices. In video mode, the brightness fluctuates between 350-380 cd / m2, so the HDR effect is usually not visible. Sound quality from stereo speakers is average. It is about the same level as last year’s Q6FNA model. The total power is 20W, which is enough for watching TV, but will probably disappoint gamers and moviegoers. Benefits:

  • cable masking system;
  • quantum HDR;
  • intelligent image scaling;
  • Smart TV.


  • does not support all codecs.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Best Samsung 4K TVs in terms of price-performance ratio

Samsung UE40NU7170U 40 “(2018)

The Samsung UE40NU7170U TV allows you to watch movies in 4K UltraHD quality, so every detail is visible on the screen. It is important to note that the equipment is equipped with PurColor image enhancement technology as well as MegaContrast. It must be mentioned that it supports HDR 10+ effects. The presented model has two speakers with a total power of 20 W, which are supported by the Dolby Digital Plus system. This is a smart TV so you can freely use internet applications or search engines. For many owners of the device, its advantage is that the TV does not require a cable Internet connection. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module. The built-in DVB-T tuner allows you to watch terrestrial TV programs without the need to connect a set-top box. Benefits:

  • Smart TV;
  • work with a smartphone is possible;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • good picture and sound quality.


  • bulky remote control.

Samsung UE65RU7170U 64.5 “(2019) – 65” model with 4k support

The list of consumer recommended 65-inch TVs includes the Samsung UE65RU7170U with 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution and 4K quality. The equipment has two built-in speakers, the power of each of them is 10 watts. Dimensions of the device with base: width 145.7 cm, height – 91.7 cm and depth – 31.2 cm, weight – 25.5 kg. The 4K image presented on the TV screen will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. The device uses UHD Dimming technology, which divides the screen into smaller fragments. HDR increases the tonal range for more pleasing on-screen colors. Efficient operation is ensured by the UHD processor. Reviews of the Samsung UE65RU7170U TV are mostly positive. In the reviews published on the Internet, you can read that the image quality is really good.On this TV, you can not only watch TV programs, but also use the Internet. Benefits:

  • efficient processor;
  • Smart TV;
  • UHD dimming technology.


  • problems with playing some videos.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

The best Samsung 4K TVs

Samsung UE82TU8000U 82 “(2020)

Samsung UE82TU8000U is equipped with VA matrix, Edge LED backlighting and Crystal Processor 4K processor. Benefits:

  • accurate color reproduction;
  • design;
  • Smart TV;
  • efficient processor.


  • not found.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

QLED Samsung QE85Q80TAU 85 “(2020)

Samsung QE85Q80TAU is a TV from the QLED family. It features a VA matrix, Full-Array Local Dimming and HDR backlighting Benefits:

  • high refresh rate (100 Hz);
  • HDR support;
  • Full-Array Local highlighting.


  • sound quality.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Cheapest 4K TVs Samsung

Samsung UE43RU7097U 43 “(2019)

This TV from Samsung has a satisfactory picture quality in everyday use. Colors are natural, picture fluidity is normal (compared to competing models in the same price range), and HDR improves the picture noticeably. Samsung UE43RU7097U offers a large number of required connectors. It runs on a quad-core processor, so the Smart TV will run smoothly. Benefits:

  • Ultra HD resolution with HDR technology;
  • sound 20 W;
  • Smart TV with an open web browser.


  • there is no standard remote control included, only a smart remote control.Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Samsung UE43RU7470U 42.5 “(2019)

Samsung has focused on minimalism, which uniquely distinguishes the UE43RU7470U from other models of this brand for 2020. The screen is surrounded by very narrow bezels. Low input lag is something Samsung has been improving over the years, so it’s no surprise that the UE43RU7470U has a latency of just 12ms in gaming mode, or 23ms. Benefits:

  • good image quality;
  • expressive HDR mode;
  • low input lag;
  • useful game mode;
  • matrix 100 Hz.


  • no Dolby Vision

Samsung UE48JU6000U 48 “(2015) – the cheapest 4K TV Samsung

The price of the UE48JU6000U with a diagonal of 48 inches hovers around 28,000 rubles. Thus, it is one of the cheapest 48-inch 4K TVs available on the market. It offers a wide range of colors and high tonal range display. Benefits:

  • good picture quality;
  • support for NICAM stereo sound;
  • Smart TV system.


  • not revealed for their money.

Review of the cheapest cheap 4K UHD TV from Samsung:

What to look for when choosing

4K TVs are increasingly appearing in homes because they look stylish and provide a comfortable viewing experience for movies and TV shows. These are devices that can be placed on a shelf or, if necessary, hung on the wall. Which TV to choose so that you can be completely satisfied with your purchase later?

Display type

According to the type of display, TVs can be divided into four groups: LCD, LED, OLED and QLED. Devices with CCFL lamps are sold primarily. The light emitted by them passes through polarizers (filters), and then enters the liquid crystal, which allows you to get the corresponding colors (although their quality is not very high in the opinion of most people). LCD models are not very modern, so they are no longer very popular. An improved version of them is LED TVs. Among the devices with LED display, there are Full LED devices (LEDs are distributed over the entire surface of the screen) and Edge LED (LEDs are located only at the edges of the screen). Although the viewing angles of LED TVs are not very wide, they deserve attention. Their advantages lie mainly in high contrast and vibrant colors, which means thatin good image quality. OLED models use organic LEDs. Since all pixels are illuminated independently of each other, colors are vivid enough to appear on the screen.
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Screen resolution

Whether the TV will provide the comfort of watching your favorite programs also depends on the screen resolution. Technologically advanced devices deliver 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) images, so even the smallest details are clearly visible. This screen resolution is found not only in modern OLED models, but also in LED ones.

Smart TV

Since most people use the Internet every day, anywhere and with a variety of devices, the best TV also allows you to browse the web or social media. This is possible thanks to the Smart TV function, which gives access to online movie and series services, video games, a web browser and the most popular portals. Such equipment must have an operating system such as Android TV, My Home Screen or
webOS TV – the type of software depends on the brand of the TV.
Samsung Ultra HD 4K TVs Review - Best Models for 2021

Year of issue

When choosing a TV, pay attention to its year of manufacture. The newer the product, the easier it will be to find spare parts for it in the event of a breakdown. But this is not the only thing that adds benefits. After all, every year more and more technologies are being developed and the newer the TV, the more it accommodates them. Samsung has released a lot of 4K TVs in 2020, but if you want the 2021 model then you have to wait as only Full HD TVs are available for purchase in March.

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