How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

Despite the fact that Apple phones have amazing displays, it is sometimes more convenient to watch the contents of the gadget on a large monitor. It is interesting to all those Iphone owners who want to show their friends photos and videos from their vacation; launch a mobile game, browser page, movie on the TV screen; conduct a business presentation, etc. Let’s consider the solution to this issue by the example of how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung Smart TV using wires without wi-fi and using wireless technologies.
How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

DLNA, MiraCast and Airplay technologies to connect iPhone to TV

The first way to connect an iPhone phone to a Samsung Smart TV is to use one of the following communications: DLNA, Miracast or Airplay. Almost all modern Samsung models are equipped with one of these options. Therefore, to select the appropriate technology for pairing devices, we look at the characteristics of the TV.

What is DLNA and how it works

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA technology
is perhaps the most widespread type of connection among the new Samsung models. It is a set of standards thanks to which compatible devices over the Internet network transmit and receive media content (photos, videos, YouTube videos, music), and broadcast it in real time. To broadcast an image from an iPhone to a Samsung TV via DLNA, follow these steps:

  • On the iPhone from the AppStore, you need to download and install a third-party specialized application (for example, “TV Assist” (direct download link, “iMediaShare “Or others).How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video
  • Launch the application.
  • Open the desired tab through the main screen: “Photos”, “Music”, “Browser” or “Files”.
  • Select the desired media content.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video
  • Next, the program will suggest possible devices for connection. Select Samsung.
  • We receive the broadcast of the picture on TV.
  • In the application “TV Assist” through the tab “Paints” you can independently create inscriptions or drawings, and broadcast them on the screen.

Note! To connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV using the aforementioned DLNA technology, both devices must be on the same local network. Otherwise, they may not see each other.

You can also use the Twonky Beam app:

  • Download ( and install the selected program.
  • Open application settings by clicking on the corresponding sign in the upper left corner.
  • Activate the “Show or hide the visual indications” function by clicking on it with the mouse.
  • Go to the main page of the utility.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video
  • Open a browser.
  • Find and open the desired photo or video file.
  • Open an additional menu in the application by clicking on the strip on the right side of the window.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Next, specify the name and model of the TV in the program.
  • Open the additional menu again.
  • Play video.

Note! This application can also work offline.

Compatibility of technology Miracast and “apple” phone

Modern technology Miracast is also used to transfer images from the phone to the large screen TV. Samsung is also used to repeat – mirror the screen of the Iphone. At the same time, not only individual photos and videos are displayed on the TV, but also all actions taking place on the display of the gadget. The main condition for such a connection is the presence of a built-in or external Wi-Fi adapter that supports Miracast in both devices. Unfortunately, to date, no Apple product supports this technology yet. Therefore, this kind of connection of the iPhone to the TV is not yet possible.

How to connect iPhone via Airplay

How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a videoAn excellent counterpart to Miracast is Apple’s Airplay or Screen Repeat technology. With this option, you can quickly and easily display any photo and video files on the TV screen, or duplicate the phone display in real time. One of the conditions for such a connection is that the TV has built-in Airplay support. Samsung has been producing such models since 2018; a series of TVs from the 4th and above, as well as ultramodern Samsung QLED. The Apple TV set-top box will also help organize a wireless connection of the iPhone to the Samsung TV. It is connected to the TV display using an HDMI cable, and is a kind of intermediary between the TV and the phone when transferring media content. The connection itself is also carried out through the “Screen Repeat”. In order to activate it, you need to open the hidden iPhone panel,and activate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. If the Bluetooth connection is correct, a pairing request will appear on the screens of both devices.
How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a videoWith a long swipe, open the bottom panel of the phone again, and click on the corresponding “Airplay” icon. Select the Apple TV prefix from the list. Then activate the “AirPlay Mirroring” switch. If connected correctly, after a few seconds, the iPhone image will be displayed on the Samsung TV display.

Note! When using an Apple TV, it’s important to keep an eye on iOS updates on both devices. This will keep the image quality high.

Apple Airplay – Connect to Samsung TV:

How to connect airpods to Samsung TV

Some users connect not only Apple phones to their TV, but also headphones – AirPods. This can be done according to the following instructions:

  • Disable Bluetooth on the phone so as not to interrupt the signal from the TV.
  • We turn on the TV and Apple TV.
  • We find the section “Remote controls and devices”.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings.
  • If the connection is correct, after a few seconds we find AirPods in the list of available devices.
  • We connect.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

AllShare TV Cast Special Program

Before synchronizing iPhone and Samsung TV, users install specialized utilities on their devices. AllShare application – one of the pre-installed in Smart TV; facilitates the connection of an Apple phone to a Samsung TV, and further broadcast of media files. If the application is missing, you can download it yourself from the
AppStore . The AllShare TV Cast program is also installed on the iPhone. Further, for this connection format, both devices are connected to the Internet, to the same local network. To broadcast the image to the TV screen, we do the following:

  • On the gadget, open the preinstalled AllShare TV Cast utility.
  • Select the required media file.
  • Sending the image to a large display.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

Another way to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV without APPLE TV to display an image or watch videos and movies is to use a special application program:

IPhone wired connection to Samsung Smart TV without wi-fi

In addition to the above wireless connections, there are also a number of cable connection options. A description of the main ones, as well as their pros and cons, is below.

How to connect an iPhone to a TV via a usb cable to watch movies

Another way to connect your iPhone to your TV is to use a USB cable. This connection option can be called universal, since all modern Samsung TVs have a USB connector. To do this, follow these steps:

  • We turn on the TV;
  • We connect the “apple” gadget to USB;
  • We insert the cable into the corresponding socket on the TV;
  • Next, open the TV settings, and select the broadcast of the image via USB.

How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video As a rule, the actions taken are sufficient.

Only existing photo and video files are available to the user via the USB interface. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view any content online.

Stream from iPhone to Samsung TV using HDMI cable

The HDMI cable connection is an optional wired connection method. Its main advantage is maintaining high image quality. Basic requirements for connection:

  • The presence of an HDMI connector on the TV.
  • HDMI cable.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video
  • Apple Digital AV Adapter.How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

The connection process is the same with the above USB connection. In the TV settings, we indicate the type of connection.

When using the HDMI interface, some users have a problem with broadcasting Internet content. One of the possible reasons for this problem is an outdated version of the iPhone.

Connection using an AV cable – a variant of the connection of the old model of iPhone and TV

An AV cable is a great option for those with older iPhones. Distinguish between composite and component. Composite AV cable is 3 plugs (tulip) and USB input. Used for phones not lower than 4th version. Component differs from composite by the presence of plugs for synchronizing the image, which increases the picture quality. To connect devices using an AV cable, the wire is traditionally connected to both devices. Further, on the TV through the settings, they activate the reception through this type of wire, and on the phone – mirroring.
How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV to display an image or show a video

Problems and solutions

When connecting iPhones to Samsung TVs, all sorts of problems can occur. Let’s consider the main ones:

  1. No connection on wireless connection . Perhaps this is one of the most common problems. It occurs when the phone and TV or Apple set-top box are connected to different networks. To solve the problem, you need to reconnect both devices to the same Internet network or restart the router.
  2. No connection when wired . Most often, this problem occurs when the cable itself (USB, HDMI, AV cable, etc.) is malfunctioning. In this case, the wire must be replaced.
  3. Another possible problem is the use of non-original products (wires, adapters, attachments, etc.). The quality of copies of devices and accessories, as a rule, is significantly inferior to Apple branded goods, and is not always visible to iPhones. If such a problem occurs, replace the copy of the apple accessory or device.

If the above steps did not help to solve the problem, you should look for errors in the connection settings. As you can see, the options for connecting iPhone to Samsung TV are quite diverse. And to choose the right connection method, you need to focus on the technical characteristics of the devices, the purpose of the connection, as well as the financial component of the issue. Also, please note that for pairing iPhone with Samsung, TVs of at least the 4th series from 2018 release with the Smart TV function are best suited. Such devices are equipped with the Airplay or Airplay2 function, which greatly simplifies the connection and improves its quality. When repeating the iPhone screen, the best picture will turn out on the Q-series TV.

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