Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV

Everyone is used to the fact that video and sound are transmitted via HDMI cable. In fact, the standard also provides additional data channels. Particularly for management. One of them is the HDMI CEC protocol. And this technology is present in most mid-range and premium TVs.
Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV

What is HDMI CEC – technology features

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a bi-directional serial communication bus; uses AV.Link protocols to transfer control information to household appliances connected to each other by SCART or HDMI wire. In the second version, the connection is called HDMI CEC. HDMI CEC technology can combine up to 10 compatible devices, and ensure their full synchronization. Used in TVs, home theaters, game consoles, AV amplifiers, personal computers, etc. On certain device models, this function is called HDMI CEC Ready. In 2021, the HDMI CEC option was updated again. Most manufacturers now use HDMI version 2.1 in their devices. The new standard almost triples the amount of data that can be simultaneously transmitted over the cable. And in orderTo take full advantage of the benefits of HDMI 2.1, the 2021 product package also includes a new and improved Ultra High Speed ​​Certified HDMI cable.
Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV HDMI connector [/ caption]

How it works and what is it used for by end users

If both the TV and the devices connected to it support the HDMI CEC option, then when the function is activated, the operation of all equipment is synchronized. So, the following options become available:

  1. Combined turning on and off of several devices . For example, the user turns on / off the PS4 game console or TV-box, then the devices turn on / off the TV. And vice versa.
  2. Code management . With the TV turned on, the console was launched with a gamepad, the TV will automatically switch to the desired video input. And vice versa – they chose to log in to the console, and it started automatically.
  3. General control of devices . For example, the volume buttons on the player’s remote control the volume of the TV. And if a sound bar is connected, the display remote controls its volume, not the built-in speaker. In the case of the most complete implementation of this function, the TV remote control will be able to fully control the media player. Or control the TV from a computer, etc.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TVConnecting multiple devices [/ caption]

HDMI CEC protocol names by different manufacturers

The functionality of HDMI CEC is the same for all manufacturers, but the names of the protocol have nothing in common with each other:

  • in LG technology, it is “SimpLink”;
  • Samsung has named its feature “Anynet +”;
  • Toshiba – CE-Link and Regza Link;
  • in Hitachi devices it is “HDMI-CEC”;
  • Philips has the EasyLink option;
  • Panasonic’s HDMI CEC protocol may be hidden under the names “EZ-Sync”, “VIERA Link” or “HDAVI Control”;
  • Sony gave the name “BRAVIA Sync”;
  • Mitsubishi – NetCommand;
  • in Sharp devices, this is the “Aquos Link”;
  • Pioneer has Kuro Link function;
  • for Onkyo, it’s “RIHD”;
  • for Runco International it is RuncoLink, etc.

Unfortunately, such confusion over the name of the same function often raises many questions from the user.

Note! Each manufacturer strongly recommends using only one brand of devices for pairing in CEC. But practice shows that when synchronizing equipment from different brands using the HDMI CEC protocol, there are no interruptions in the control of devices.

How to find out if your TV supports the HDMI CEC option

The confusion with the labeling of the function complicates the process a little. But it is still possible to find out if the TV supports the HDMI CEC option:

  • firstly, we specify the name of the option by the TV manufacturer;
  • Further information on the availability of HDMI CEC is searched for in the TV passport and / or in the operating instructions.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV The second option is to dig into the device menu:

  • in this case, go to the “Settings” tab;
  • find the name of the required option in the general list. If the HDMI CEC function has already been used, a list of devices for HDMI sync will also be displayed here.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV

If the purchase is only planned, then the availability of the HDMI CEC function in the TV model of interest can be asked from the sales assistant; or find information on the website of the online store / manufacturer.

We turn on and configure HDMI CEC on TVs from different manufacturers

The essence of the HDMI CEC function is the same on all devices. However, the connection and configuration algorithm is somewhat different. Let’s look at some illustrative examples.

Connecting and setting up SimpLink on LG TVs

Note! SimpLink option is not supported when connecting to other devices wirelessly.

A working HDMI cable is required to pair your LG TV. We insert one end of the wire into the HDMI / DVI IN or HDMI IN connector, which is located on the back of the TV; the second – we connect to another device. To activate the HDMI-CEC option on TVs, use the remote control.

Important! In the future, only devices that support this function can be connected to the TV for shared control.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV We activate HDMI-CEC like this:

  • turn on the TV and go to the “Settings” section;
  • find and open the “SimpLink” tab;Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV
  • we move to “On”;
  • select a device for synchronization from the proposed list (available devices are spelled out in saturated color, unavailable ones – in gray). Search for devices with CEC network control protocol connected to HDMI connectors on the TV is provided by the T-Link option.
  • click on “OK”.

The connection is established.
Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TVNext, we manage the selected technique:

  1. For direct playback, no additional settings are required to synchronize device control.
  2. We select a video device for playback.
  3. We control playback from the disc.
  4. We synchronize the on / off of equipment, etc.

Note! When you connect your home theater to a TV, the speaker will be automatically selected as the sound source.

How to enable and configure HDMI CEC: https://youtu.be/fH_DTKvGDE0

Connecting and configuring the Anynet + function on Samsung

To activate Anynet + on Samsung TVs, in the same way, through an HDMI cable, we pair the TV and the selected device, for example, the PS4 game console (HDMI S TB connector).
Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TVNext, install the plugin:

  • open the menu by pressing the “Source” button on the remote control;
  • choose “HDMI”;Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV
  • using the remote control receiver expand the menu;
  • go to the “Plugins” tab;
  • select “HDMI CEC Setup”, download Anynet;Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV
  • in the new menu, select the appropriate extension settings;
  • go to the TV menu;
  • reboot TV;
  • after restarting the device, go back to the plugin settings. All saved changes to the CEC address will open here. To use the changes as intended, click “Clear”.Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV
  • close the settings.

Next, we use one remote control for two household appliances.

Connecting and setting up BRAVIA Sync on a Sony TV

We establish a connection between Sony and the desired device – we use an HDMI cable for this. In the Android plug-in TV, do the following:

  • on DUP we press “Home”, and “Settings”;
  • expand the “External inputs” tab, which is located at the top of the screen;
  • select “HDMI Settings”;
  • further “Control for HDMI” and activate the switch.

If the Sony TV does not have smart functions, we are guided by the following step-by-step instructions:

  • on the DUP, press the “Home” button again;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • hereinafter “System Settings”;
  • in the list that appears, select “BRAVIA Sync Synchronization Setting”;
  • from the list that appears, click on the required devices;
  • confirm the action with the “Enable” button.

Synchronized control devices are ready. https://youtu.be/3gSJ44bFEw8

Activating EasyLink on Philips TVs

To activate the required function on Philips, do the following:

  • on the remote control press “Home”, and expand the “Settings”;
  • hereinafter “TV Settings”;
  • expand the “Installation” tab;
  • then the section “Settings”, and in the existing list we find the name “EasyLink”;
  • we activate switching for all 3 specified functions.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV We complete all the actions, and proceed to check the activated HDMI-CEC option.

HDMI-CEC and Xiaomi TV box

To activate HDMI-CEC on a set-top box, we perform similar actions:

  • We connect the TV box using an HDMI cable;
  • through the “Main menu of the screen” go to the settings menu.
  • select the “HDMI-SEC” folder;
  • then we find “CEC Switch”;
  • choose “On”.
  • you can also activate the “One key play / One key power off” option. So, the set-top box will turn on and off when you press the on and off button on the TV.

Why do you need HDMI CEC, how to enable and configure it on your TV The set-top box is ready for synchronized control.

Errors of their decision

If the HDMI-CEC function does not work, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Make sure all synchronized devices support the HDMI-CEC option.
  2. In the TV settings, check the activation of the desired option, and the list of selected devices for connection.

If the problem is still not solved in this way, it is worth checking the integrity and quality of the HDMI cable connection. The HDMI-CEC function is a simple and convenient way to forget about connection problems and stop juggling with multiple remotes. Most modern TVs are already equipped with a useful option. Therefore, many only need to master the connection and configuration, and use their equipment with comfort.

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