Choosing a car TV in the car – placement and installation

Выбор, подключение и настройка

Modern technical conditions suggest that in the car you can organize a full-fledged space for a comfortable stay. It is recommended to buy an unusual but very convenient device for a long trip – a TV in the car. With it, you can not only watch your favorite movies or programs, but also use navigation, get directions.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation

What is a car TV, why do you need such a device

Not many drivers know which TV can be installed in a car and what it is for. The reason is the fact that such devices appeared not so long ago and are used in most cases in cars of the middle and expensive segment. It is important to understand that, unlike a conventional TV, a TV in a car primarily performs special functions and only then is used as an entertainment element. At its core, most often a TV in a car is installed in a metal mounting panel, which is located in front of the car on the dashboard and represents a space for increasing strength indicators. Such a TV, in addition to the entertainment function, performs the role of a navigator, cartographer, Internet access. You can also purchase models of car TVs, which are installed in the headrests of the seats (they can be viewed by passengers in the rear seats). In this case, they are more entertaining function.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installationInstalling a TV in a car in the rear seat headrests [/ caption] At the time of selection, you need to take into account that technical products can differ significantly from each other not only in appearance, but also in the size of the diagonal, parameters that are responsible for the quality and durability of work. In order to greatly facilitate the selection process, it is necessary to take into account the functionality that different models have. So there is a car ceiling TV built into the front panel or mounted on the headrests. Before buying, it is recommended to carefully analyze the characteristics of the models. It is also necessary to figure out which indicators are the main ones for the owner of the device.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation

Options for choosing a car TV

Before you buy a car TV, you need to pay attention to a number of important parameters. The general principle of operation of both household and automotive models is similar, but the operating conditions differ. This determines the features of the methods and schemes used when creating a structure. Experts identify the following parameters that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Compactness – a convenient TV in the car does not have to be big. The maximum allowable diagonal is limited to 10 inches. With such indicators, the device can be placed both on the front panel and on the headrests. The only exception in this case will be minibuses. In them (when not installed on the ceiling) models up to 17 inches can be used. Also an important characteristic during the selection is the thickness of the device.Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation
  2. Visibility is another important parameter. The operating conditions of the TV in a small car interior suggest that the viewing angle of the screen should be maximum. If this indicator is small or medium, the neighboring passenger will not see anything on the screen.
  3. Protection against interference – it must be taken into account that in the conditions of watching programs in a car, there are some nuances (moving along the road, various electromagnetic interference, including from the car itself), which can adversely affect the quality of the received signal and the picture broadcast on the screen.
  4. The presence of a digital reception path – a portable TV in the car must have a DVB-T2 tuner. As an option: you can buy a tuner and a TV in the car separately. In this case, the receiver can be located in close proximity to the antenna, which will achieve high definition reception of the signal coming to the TV. Then you will need to distribute the signal to the video and audio outputs, but only if the car uses several TVs. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in this case all installed monitors will broadcast the same picture (movie, program). You can also purchase receivers that allow you to receive terrestrial and satellite signals. They have a DVB-T2/S2 tuner included.Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation
  5. The presence of control elements – regardless of whether the TV is purchased in the car on the ceiling, for mounting in the headrest or on the front panel, it is recommended to use the remote control for control (adjusting brightness, sound, switching channels, programs, playlists).

How to connect a car TV to a car: Another important parameter to choose is the
feature of power supply to the device . So it is best to choose such TVs in the headrests, which, after connection, could have the possibility of double energy generation. Power supply methods: from the on-board network, which is installed directly on the car and from a household network with standard 220 Volts. If there is the possibility of connecting to a conventional outlet, then in this case it will be possible to use the TV not only in the car, but also in the country or during a stop at a campsite, at recreation centers. The advantage will also be the fact that when the battery is dead, you can plug in the TV, watch it and recharge the battery at the same time.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation

If the device is declared to be able to connect to the radio (main device), then this will be a plus when choosing.

Another feature that expands the scope of the device is the built-in FM. The presence of this element will allow you to play high-quality sound through a standard audio system that is already installed in the car. When choosing portable car TVs, you need to take into account that video feedback from a multimedia car radio will allow you to watch programs and movies directly from the head unit.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installationIt is also recommended to pay attention to the presence of additional inputs that may be required, for example, to connect external cameras. A similar option will be necessary for those who use TVs that are located in the front console of the car. It is also recommended to take into account such a parameter as the sensitivity of the receiving path. This is important for those who spend a lot of time traveling and visiting places with uncertain signal reception. High sensitivity will allow you to amplify the already received signal or find it in a particular area. It should be borne in mind that such a possibility can cause additional interference, since it “attracts” various electromagnetic waves, so it is irrelevant for megacities and large cities. A high-quality portable TV with a digital tuner should have additional special receiving antennas. They can be built-in, external, active and even located on the car windows. The best option in 90% of cases is an external antenna, which is located on the roof of the car.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installationIt allows you to receive a fairly confident signal. Another parameter when choosing a model is the versatility of fastening. It should be borne in mind that there are TV models that can only be placed in certain places, as well as options with different mounting methods. Here you need to focus on what will be convenient and practical for the driver and passengers. TV in the car for a child – selection and installation:

The best car TVs for 2022

When choosing a car TV with a digital tuner, it is recommended to give preference to modern and up-to-date models. This will help the rating of the best models as of 2022.
Model Hyundai H-LCD1000 has both analog and digital tuner in the kit. There is a built-in telescopic antenna. Additional features and options: games, clock, timer, alarm clock, sockets for additional antennas and a headphone jack. Diagonal 10 inches, clear picture, good and clear sound. It should be borne in mind that the stand is quite light. There is no indication of battery charge in the package. The approximate price is 12500 rubles.
Model Eplutus EP-124Tattracts attention with the fact that it has good build quality and large screen sizes – 12 inches (can be used in a minibus). Installed on the front panel. The kit includes a digital tuner. There are a large number of different connectors: composite for analog peripherals, VGA input, HDMI cable. You can also connect external headphones, an additional monitor. The resolution is declared as FullHD. The sound is clear and rich. As additional options there is an electronic TV guide. There is also a USB-connector, a slot for memory cards such as MicroSD. There is an option that allows you to record TV shows to external media. The battery capacity allows you to view about 3 hours. There is no charge indication. The cost of the model is approximately 11,500 rubles.
Choosing a car TV in the car - placement and installation
Model AVEL AVS133CM offers a diagonal of 14 inches. The kit comes with a DVB-T2 tuner with good sensitivity. There is a necessary set of connectors for receiving a video signal – composite, HDMI, VGA. There is a jack for connecting an external antenna and headphones. Additional content can be played using various external media – flash drives or memory cards. There is an adapter for 220 V. Games, no timer. The cost is about 17,000 rubles. The best car digital TVs:

How to choose a car TV on the ceiling

It is necessary to take into account the size of the device and the diagonal of the screen. It is not recommended to use more than 10 inches in a standard car. You need to pay attention to the type of matrix, since the quality of the image and the saturation of colors and shades depend on it. The viewing angle should also be maximum. Resolution – at least HD.

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