Free TV on Android TV – how to watch channels, movies, videos

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Free TV on android – is it possible, what are the applications in Russian, free channels on android tv, how to watch free TV in 2022, how to watch channels, movies, videos. For a modern person, smart TVs are not only a way to watch TV channels, but also a means of entertainment. Popular is the ability to watch TV on TVs running Android TV for free or very cheap. There are various applications that allow users of this operating system to use all the features for free to watch broadcasts, entertainment shows, movies and series, including files downloaded from various file sharing services.
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosThere are also a number of requirements that the user puts forward to the program or application before installing it. Various applications have been developed for watching streaming TV online. For users, the main selection criteria are:

  1. The application must be free (or with the ability to use part of the functionality without paying).
  2. Access must be without registration.
  3. The menu and all options must be in Russian (and with the ability to switch to several more options).

The number of channels is also a selection criterion. Ideally, there should be at least 100 of them, as well as about half in high image quality. The best options can be determined not only by ratings, but also by user reviews.

How to watch TV channels for free on Android Smart TV – requirements, features and services

Watching television programs in most cases is carried out with the help of modern technological developments. For Smart TV and smartphones that run on the Android operating system, special applications have been created, by installing which, a person gets access not only to streaming broadcasting, conventional television channels, but also free cinemas for Android TV, archives of programs and films, the ability to record programs (not in all applications). In 2022, applications for watching TV on Android for free remain relevant:

  • Light TV.
  • Lime TV.Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videos
  • Pierce TV.Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videos
  • Wink (Wink).Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videos
  • Russian TV.

Also in the official store you can install the applications “Watch”, Kinopoisk, IVI, Premier. The main requirement for applications is a high-speed Internet connection (since many channels and programs are broadcast in high-definition video). The OS version must be at least 5.1 so that you can not only run an application or service, but also use all the functionality in full.
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosThe Lime TV application can be downloaded for free on Android – installed via Google Play. After downloading, the user becomes available to watch TV, movies, series. More than 330 channels are declared, but not all of them are provided for free. You can expand the number with subscriptions. They are offered 12 options on various topics. High-quality TV for free and in Russian can be viewed by installing the Light TV application. Among the functions there is the ability to listen to programs (traffic saving), watch TV in any window, adjust the video quality. The total number of available channels is more than 150. The Pierce TV application can also be downloaded for Android for free on Google Play.
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosThis is a full-fledged service for watching movies and programs with extensive features for users. More than 150 channels, an archive of programs and serials are available. You won’t be able to watch TV in the background. It should be borne in mind that some of the channels become available by subscription. The Wink service also provides free TV on Android TV or smartphones. This application offers users more than 200 channels of various subjects (paid packages are available). Registration is not required to start using. If a user is unable to watch a live program, show, or movie, it can later be found in the archive. Movie purchase service available. For more comfortable use, the menu provides for sorting channels by topic. Another service for watching TV channels on the Android OS is the Russian TV application. More than 100 channels are presented here. Broadcasting is carried out in good quality. Menu management is convenient. Feature: under each program or film there is a name and series number.
IPTVYou can also choose an application to install, such as Ferry TV. Each of the listed options provides access to television channels (paid and free), works even with a low-speed Internet connection. Also among the applications there are free cinemas for smart TV for Android, or options with a partial ability to watch movies without payment. Bizon TV is another handy program for watching TV channels. The development positions itself as a television belonging to a new generation. In this version of the program, you can access the most popular channels. Broadcasting is carried out using the latest patented technology. This allows you to view channels even with a weak Internet. X-Stream TV offers to view TV channels by category. You can connect the program to Smart TV or install it on your phone. The advantage is that the channel stream can be selected. This allows you to improve the quality of the stream, you can also select automatic connection. Other options that are recommended to pay attention to: RoTV, Online TV, IPTV (plays the broadcast through a streaming player). You can also install: SPB TV, Free TV, Premium TV, Crystal TV (there is a picture-in-picture function), ViNTERA TV.
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosThe application installation process looks like this:

  • You need to select by name (or by request) a program in the Play Market.
  • Select a program by clicking on the icon.
  • In the window that opens, click on “Install”.
  • Wait for the end of the download.

After that, you can open the program by clicking on the icon on the TV screen or smartphone. Installation examples (Pearce TV app):

How to watch movies and videos for free on Android Smart TV

Users can watch TV channels online on android smart tv for free using the above services, but sometimes they want to watch movies and videos that are downloaded or stored in their home file library. Modern TVs are capable of playing video in any quality, including 4K. It is recommended to use special programs on a smartphone or Smart TV in order to slightly reduce traffic consumption. The reason is that not everyone is comfortable downloading movies or videos from the Internet to their device in the highest possible resolution. When downloading or watching a video, you need to pay attention to what resolution is supported by the device. For correct display, special programs are used.
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosBest video players provide free movie watching on android tv or phones. The quality of programs is determined by the rating and reviews that are displayed in the Google Market. 90% of the tasks that are associated with watching videos on a smartphone or TV screen with the Smart TV function can be solved using a special video player. It is maximally optimized for a specific device, so there will be few errors and crashes when watching a video.

It is important to bear in mind that video viewing applications do not have the same set of features and options. The functionality is determined by the capabilities declared by the developers. That is why before installation you will need to read the description in detail or take into account the reviews of other users.

Additionally, to bypass some restrictions, you will need to install a free vpn for android TV. It is important to understand that it is recommended to download apk files for android tv only from trusted sites, as they can be malicious.

Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videos
Launching the Apk file
The possibilities that Smart TV provides for Android can be expanded if you install the player to view downloaded videos and clips. The highest quality program options approved by users:

MX Player

The most popular and easy to use video player that can be found in the Play Market. Its advantage is that it supports almost all existing modern video formats and most of the outdated ones. Also, the program has simple controls and works well even on weak mobile devices. The player supports such a useful option as subtitles and can scale the video, which allows you to fit the video to the screen scale in a few seconds. That is why the player is easy to use both on a smartphone and on Smart TV. It is necessary to take into account before installation that there is advertising in the completely free version (banners appear from time to time). If you purchase the paid version, the ads will stop popping up.


The player was designed for computers, where it showed its best qualities – speed, playback of various types of files, user-friendly interface and clear menu. The version for the Android operating system has retained all these qualities. Users note that stable operation, no crashes, playback of even the most demanding video files, allows you to use the program to expand the functionality on set-top boxes and Smart TV, where this operating system is present. The main advantage is a large number of supported formats.


VLC for Android beta allows you to watch movies on Android TV for free. This is an excellent and modern player in terms of its technical capabilities. The program from a well-known developer made it possible to have no doubt that the quality of its work will be high. This version of the player is perfect not only for playing videos (movies or videos), but also for listening to music. Allows you to do this with an option that helps you generate and save your own playlists. Users note that the player copes well with its tasks, there are no crashes or other technical problems. It is important to note that stuttering can only occur when working with large or “heavy” files (for example, in 4K resolution).
Free TV on Android TV - how to watch channels, movies, videosYou can watch movies, downloaded videos and videos on Android for free using the listed programs. In order for them to start working, just download them from the official Android store, install them on your device (smartphone, set-top box or Smart TV), download the video. The device will automatically set the player as the main player during playback (or prompt you to make a choice during the start). The user will only have to click on the file to launch it and start viewing. Also, to watch movies for free, you can install, for example, the sea tv application.
Cancel SubscriptionIt is also easy to download from Google Market. Operators such as Beeline, MTS or Megafon offer their options for free television to subscribers. All of them have official programs in the Android store.

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