How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features

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How to choose a portable portable TV, the best models and specifications. A portable TV is a smaller copy of a large TV panel. The only difference is the compact size, the ability to carry a TV, as well as a small screen size, the length of which does not exceed 5-12 inches. Today, manufacturers offer a large number of such television receivers, which differ from each other in functionality, design and price.

Portable portable TV – why is this needed on the farm?

Often you need to buy a portable TV in a car, in the country, on a trip, in the kitchen, in the hospital, etc. There are many places and situations in which a portable TV with a dvb t2 digital tuner, or other modification of a compact TV receiver, may be required. To make the right choice, you should clearly understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of such TVs. The undeniable advantages of such household appliances are:

  • suitability for transportation – a portable portable TV with a digital tuner does not take up much space in a bag, or in a city backpack, you can always take it with you on any trip;
  • the device consumes a small amount of electricity and can, if necessary, be powered by a car battery;
  • compact television receiver is lightweight , so it can be attached to the car interior, where it will hold firmly on conventional brackets, or placed on the dashboard;How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features
  • such a household device will not make luggage unbearable, so you can take a portable TV with you to the country house, on a long trip or on vacation ;
  • affordable price – a portable TV can be bought by a person with any income, if he chooses the right model for his budget.

The disadvantages of such a TV are obvious: it has several times fewer functions than large models, as well as a small screen. Such disadvantages are offset by the advantages of a portable TV, which will help you organize your leisure time away from a city apartment and receive up-to-date news if you know how to connect mobile Internet to a TV via phone.

How to choose a portable TV

Before buying a portable TV, you need to understand the types and models of such household appliances and know the criteria by which small television receivers are selected. On the market you can find a mobile TV with different functionality:

  • with built-in antenna, headphones, stand and remote control, car models also come with a cigarette lighter and battery;How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features
  • with a digital DVB-T2 tuner that provides high quality images, as well as a number of additional functions in the form of a navigator, radio and microphone;
  • with a battery that provides long-term autonomous use of a portable television receiver;
  • with the ability to connect a portable electronic module for a TV that allows you to connect the device to the wireless Internet, mobile phone and mobile tv live;
  • on batteries with a minimum set of functions and a poor image;
  • foldable, which is convenient for transportation.

When choosing a portable TV with a DVD player or with other functionality, you should pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

  • resolution , which must be at least 1030×700 pixels;
  • screen diagonal , which depends on the conditions for using a mini TV, models with a diagonal of 5 inches are suitable for a car, models with a diagonal of at least 6-8 inches are needed for the cottage, it is better to take a portable 12-inch TV for the kitchen;How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features
  • aspect ratio , which depends on which channels will be viewed on a portable digital TV, to watch regular TV channels, the aspect ratio should be 16:9, when watching satellite TV – 4:3;
  • viewing angle , which should be as large as possible;
  • antenna power ;
  • additional options ;
  • mount and mobile bracket for a TV installed in the car;
  • control , which can be voice, push-button or remote;
  • complete set .

Taking into account these criteria will allow you to buy a portable TV that is optimal in terms of functionality and quality in a car, in a country house, in a kitchen or in a hospital. Portable digital TV with Aliexpress:

TOP 10 best portable TV models for 2022

Below are the best models of portable TVs according to ratings on specialized resources and based on popularity among buyers:

  • portable TV XPX EA-129D DVB-T2 12 2304×1296, – one of the most popular mini TVs;How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features
  • Eplutus EP-145T – portable digital DVB-T2 TV with a diagonal of 14.1 inches;
  • XPX EA-1369L portable TV with DVD and DVB-T2 14″ with a resolution of 1366X768, with a built-in TV tuner, 14″ diagonal and USB interface;
  • portable TV XPX EA-1468L with DVD and DVB-T2 15″ with a resolution of 1920X1080 and a diagonal of 15 inches;
  • portable monitor Zeuslap 15.6 (P15A) (HDMI) with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a USB interface;
  • portable TV set XPX EA-1769L with DVD and DVB-T2 17″ (2340×1296) with a diagonal of 17 inches and a built-in TV tuner;How to choose a portable TV, the best models and features
  • car TV XPX EA-148D black with a diagonal of 14.1 inches;
  • portable TV Eplutus EP-121T (DVB-T/DVB-T2 with a diagonal of 12.1 inches;
  • mini model “13.3” Eplutus EP-134T with digital tuner DVB-T2;
  • car TV Vector-TV VTV-1301DVD , which is considered the cheapest today and has a diagonal of 13 inches.

Portable TV in the car – selection criteria and the best models

A modern car portable TV is a multifunctional device. These models differ in:

  • mobility;
  • installation site;
  • the type and characteristics of the power supply;
  • display options;
  • type of antenna – portable TVs with an antenna do not show very well if they are located far from the signal source;
  • the number of playable formats;
  • functionality;
  • interaction with headphones;
  • the presence of protection on the body;
  • richness of equipment.

How to choose a portable TV, the best models and featuresCar TVs are:

  • stationary;
  • portable.

They can be easily moved around the cabin, can be used not only in the car, but also in the country, in the hospital, at work. For this, you can buy a portable TV with a dvb t2 digital tuner at any specialized online store. TV in the car can be installed in different places:

  • on the ceiling;
  • on the torpedo;
  • on the dashboard;
  • in the headrest;
  • instead of a headrest;
  • mounted on the headrest;
  • instead of a rear-view mirror;
  • in a sun visor;
  • in the back of the seat;
  • at the door.

How to choose a portable TV, the best models and featuresThere are many different models on the market that differ in functionality and price. Experts distinguish the following models:

  • AutoExpert DV-550 – 2,630 rubles;
  • Digma DCL-720 – 4,700 rubles;
  • AutoExpert DV-750 – 3,400 rubles;
  • XPX EA-709 RUB 3,990;
  • Mystery MMH-7080CU – 4,350 rubles;
  • Rolsen RCL-1000Z – 5,000 rubles;
  • Hyundai H-LCD1000 – 6,750 rubles;
  • Eplutus EP-124T RUB 5,200;
  • AVEL AVS2220MPP 24,000 rubles;
  • Alpine PKG-RSE3 HDMI 47 000 rub.

The experts of our site recommend buying a portable TV with an Alpine PKG-RSE3 HDMI digital TV tuner, which has DVD and MP3 players. On this TV, you can watch videos of any format, including those on CD.

Portable mini TV for installation in the kitchen: selection criteria and the best models

Before purchasing a portable smart TV for the kitchen, you need to clarify the following criteria:

  • the diagonal, which for small kitchens should be 20 inches, for medium ones – 24, for large ones – 32 inches or more;
  • screen resolution, which for kitchens should be Full HD 1080p and HD-ready 720p;
  • refresh rate of 50-100 Hz;
  • viewing angles of 178°/178°;
  • functionality;
  • acoustic power;
  • installation methods;
  • construction dimensions and design.

For the kitchen, a portable digital TV with a diagonal of 17-24 inches is suitable. For more information about choosing a kitchen version of the TV in our review material:

Mini TV for a patient in the hospital: selection criteria and the best models

When choosing a portable TV for a hospital, you should give preference to models that can play video recorded on flash cards or SD cards. In this case, it will be possible to watch not only broadcasts, but also movies that are uploaded to special media. In the hospital, you can also use the Internet that is on a mobile phone. You only need to know how to connect a mobile phone to a TV in order to watch Internet broadcasts and websites on it. For a person who is in a hospital room, portable TV models with a diagonal of 7 to 15 inches are best suited. The Eplutus EP-135T model will be the best option for the hospital. It weighs it weighs a little, which is convenient for a person, who has to lie on the bed a lot. The compact TV has a high resolution of 1366×768, which is great for a hospital room. The high-contrast 13.3-inch screen will deliver a clear and rich picture. The model has an additional advantage, allowing you to receive an analog and digital television signal. There are also HDMI and USB inputs for connecting flash drives. You can also buy a portable TV Eplutus LS-150T – it is convenient for those who are in the hospital room. There are also HDMI and USB inputs for connecting flash drives. You can also buy a portable TV Eplutus LS-150T – it is convenient for those who are in the hospital room. There are also HDMI and USB inputs for connecting flash drives. You can also buy a portable TV Eplutus LS-150T – it is convenient for those who are in the hospital room.

How to choose a mini TV with an antenna

When choosing a model with a built-in antenna, keep in mind that it automatically degrades the image on the screen.

Only an additional external cable will help to improve the image quality, which will need to be connected to the antenna. If you choose models of portable TVs with a built-in antenna, then you should give preference to options that come with:

  • headphones;
  • stand;
  • Remote Control;
  • mount stand.

There are portable TVs with a built-in antenna, which come with a choice of AC adapter, battery, batteries, or a cigarette lighter adapter. The more components such a portable TV has, the more options for using such a television receiver.

How to choose a mini TV with batteries

These are the lightest portable TVs, the weight of which does not exceed 300 grams. It should be borne in mind that the operating life of such portable receivers is lower than that of battery-powered models. Installing new batteries will incur additional costs, and can also limit the use of such a mini TV if there is no place to buy new batteries. When choosing a mini TV with batteries, it is not necessary to pay attention to the presence of additional functions, since with such a power source you will not be able to use them for a long time. Often in such models they install a radio receiver, a microphone and a navigator. However, the more such opportunities are concentrated in one TV, the less time it will work.

Portable TV with dvb-t2 support

Digital TVs with DVB-T2 are an excellent option for those who want to get a modern device for watching TV for a summer cottage or at home for a small fee. The devices are distinguished by excellent contrast and color reproduction parameters. They are equipped with a huge number of connectors and ports, which allows you to connect USB drives, set-top boxes and much more. When choosing such TVs, you need to pay attention to a number of important parameters:

  • a PVR video recording function that allows you to timer record television programs in automatic mode;
  • viewing angle;
  • menu language;
  • the ability to use as a monitor;
  • attachment type.

With such television receivers, the most important function is the screen resolution. Often at high resolution, the image can be angular. To avoid this, you need to choose the right ratio of diagonal and resolution. For 19-inch TVs, a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels is enough for the picture to be of high quality. 17″ TV receivers may have a lower resolution. It is necessary to ensure that such a TV has built-in speakers. They allow you to watch TV without using a speaker system. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the power of the speakers. With high power, you can watch TV without additional accessories, even if the environment is very noisy. It is worth paying attention to the presence of an automatic channel search system, this will greatly simplify the use of the television receiver. It will be possible to make a grid of those channels that are of interest to the user. Portable digital TV with DVB-T2 tuner and battery:

Portable TV with HDMI

The Hdmi port will help you use a portable TV with an internet connection. This technology allows you to transmit multi-channel audio, as well as video data in HD format at high speed. Many well-known companies are working on its development:

  • Sony;
  • Phillips;
  • Hitachi;
  • Thomson, etc.

The interface is equipped with protection of transmitted data from copying and, in addition to sound and image, can transmit an Ethernet signal and various control commands. The HDMI cable consists of 19 wires. The digital signal does not need to be compressed, it is transmitted over this cable at a speed of 4.9 Gbps. There is also no need to separately transmit the audio signal, as well as connect different computer media with the appropriate connectors for high-speed digital audio and video transmission. A portable TV with a built-in player must have a USB input or an HDMI port in order to watch your favorite shows in the highest possible resolution. DVDs are being replaced by memory card slots. When choosing, pay attention to the screen format – popular models are available in 16:9 sizes, the 4:3 version is considered obsolete.

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