The best 32-inch TVs – current models in 2022

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Choosing the best 32-inch TV, is there one and what models can you recommend in 2022? 32-inch TVs are very popular among buyers, as they are a great compromise between a low price and a user-friendly screen with good features. A 32-inch display is enough for a medium-sized room, kitchen, bedroom, and so on. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a good 32 inch TV for different tasks and give an example of a rating of the top 10 models for this characteristic.

The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
Philips 32PHS5813

When 32 inches is the best option for buying a TV

More often, such a TV is bought as an additional one in another room. A small diagonal allows you to save money and place the device on the wall, bedside table and in other small spaces. Another small TV is suitable as the main one in a small room, where the distance between a person and the screen will be from 1.5 to 3 meters (depending on the screen resolution). How to choose a 32-inch TV that is inexpensive, but good, so as not to overpay and get an excellent device for many years? You need to follow a few rules for choosing a 32-inch TV, which will be discussed later, then you will be able to buy the best offer in terms of price / quality ratio.

What to look for when choosing a TV

When buying a TV, you should decide what qualities it should meet, in which case it will not be difficult to purchase it. Let’s analyze the main differences between all 32-inch TVs.

Availability of Smart TV

Smart TV allows you not only to watch TV, but also to surf, for example, on the Internet. Thanks to this, you can watch movies and series online, go to YouTube and other online platforms to watch streaming video.
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022Not all TVs have Smart TV, more often only expensive models have built-in smart modes. A TV without SmartTV is suitable for connecting satellite TV or an antenna. You can also purchase a separate TV box for it, which will perform all smart functions. If the TV has Smart TV, it may be on different operating systems. Popular manufacturers often use such solutions in their devices:

  1. Android TV is an advanced system with its own Play Market app store. On such SmartTVs, you can install various programs (even pirated ones), cinema applications and games. The interface has many features, but it can be difficult for an untrained user.
    The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
    Android TV system
  2. Tizen is Samsung’s proprietary TV operating system. It stands out for its ease of use, but because of this, it has few features and only a small selection of the most popular video content sources.The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
  3. webOS is installed on LG TVs. This is a convenient and multifunctional system with the ability to install programs, but the choice is very limited by the manufacturer.
    The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
    webOS TV

Screen resolution

32-inch TVs mainly use two types of resolution: 720p and 1080p. They differ in image clarity and price, a comparison will help you choose which is better:

  • 720p, 1280×720 pixels (HD quality) – suitable for watching TV, as it does not support higher resolutions. This option is used to save money, because all inexpensive TVs have HD quality.
  • 1080p, 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD quality) – a universal option for watching TV and other multimedia from the Internet or a flash drive. It is better to focus on TVs with this quality, they are not much more expensive, but they give out a much clearer image.

Note! There’s also 4K resolution, which delivers the highest possible quality but is rare on 32-inch TVs. Taking a device with that resolution doesn’t make much sense on such a small display.

The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022

Matrix type

The matrices are responsible for image quality and brightness. There are two main types of matrices in the screen: LCD and OLED. Small TVs do not use an OLED matrix, so consider what an LCD matrix (liquid crystal matrix) is and what types of it are:

  1. IPS is an inexpensive all-round option with good viewing angles and contrast. Most often used in inexpensive options.The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
  2. QLED – mainly found in Samsung TVs, stands out for its high contrast, uniform backlighting and deep blacks. Almost as good as top-end TVs, but not so expensive.The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022
  3. NanoCell is LG’s patented technology, which is similar to IPS, but with improved backlighting. Because of this, such matrices have high brightness and contrast.

The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022Choose which type of matrix to use, best guided by the budget. The more expensive the TV, the better the image will be, the differences are minimal. Mostly in small devices, an IPS screen is used, since its quality and viewing angles are sufficient for such a diagonal.

Availability of the necessary peripherals

For normal operation of the TV, it must support all the necessary interfaces. Here are the connectors in modern gadgets and what they are used for:

  1. USB – needed to connect flash drives, smart boxes and other playback devices. It is better when the TV has several USB connectors.
  2. HDMI – needed to connect set-top boxes, tuners and other multimedia devices. It is worth choosing models with several such connectors.
  3. LAN (Ethernet) – allows you to stretch the cable from the router to the TV so that it does not occupy an extra Wi-Fi point.
  4. RF (antenna) – for watching TV from the antenna.
  5. Composite A / V input (tulips) – serves to connect cable TV in the best quality (up to 1080p) with many channels, and not like an antenna.
  6. Audio output (3.5 mm) – for individual speakers.

Each TV has its own speakers, their volume is determined by watts. The larger this value, the better the dynamics.

Important! You should not take a TV with 6 watt speakers or less, they will be quiet. For normal use, a value of 10 watts is suitable. If you plan to watch content in noisy places or use the TV for music, it is better to choose 16 watts or higher.

TOP 10 best 32-inch TVs for 2022

We will select the best modern 32-inch TVs, focusing on the reviews of real customers and the comparative characteristics of all models. The list is sorted by price, first we will consider budget options, then we will move on to premium offers.


Inexpensive TV for 9000 rubles without Smart TV, but with a stylish design, thin bezels and good image quality. It uses an IPS matrix with HD resolution. 16W speakers. All necessary connectors are included. Great for watching TV or connecting to a TV box.
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022

2. Leff 32H520T LED (2020)

TV for 11,500 rubles with a built-in operating system from Yandex and support for their voice assistant Alice. The device also stands out with Miracast wireless support, powerful 20 W speakers and a good HD matrix.

3. LG 32LP500B6LA LED, HDR (2021)

TV for 16,500 rubles from a well-known brand, but without Smart TV. It has a stylish design, high-quality IPS matrix with HD resolution and support for an extended HDR color range. The disadvantages include weak speakers at 10 watts.
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022

4. KIVI 32H740L LED, HDR (2021)

A universal solution for any task with a budget price tag of 18,000 rubles. The TV runs on Android TV, in addition to this, there are all the necessary interfaces and speakers with a power of 16 watts. The screen supports HDR, this is IPS technology with improved Direct LED backlighting. The disadvantages include the low HD resolution.

5. Xiaomi Mi TV P1 32 LED (2021) RU

The TV from Xiaomi stands out with its premium design, support for Smart TV and the price of only 18,500 rubles. It has an IPS panel with HD resolution, has all the necessary connectors and good speakers, although not loud (10 W).
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022

6. KIVI 32F710KB LED, HDR (2021)

The best TV in terms of price-quality ratio. It costs 19,500 rubles and gives FullHD resolution, Android Smart TV, powerful 16W speakers and a stylish design with very thin bezels.

7. Samsung UE32T5300AU LED, HDR (2020)

For those who want a TV from a well-known brand, if the Samsung model for 21,500 rubles. It offers a Tizen system and a high-quality IPS matrix with FullHD resolution.
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022

8. LG 32LM6380PLC LED, HDR (2021)

Stylish TV in white color is perfect for a bright interior. In addition, for 23,300 rubles, the buyer will receive a FullHD matrix with high-quality backlight and HDR, a webOS system and all the necessary connectors.

9. LG 32LM6370PLA LED, HDR (2021)

With a budget of up to 25,000 rubles, you can count on an uncompromising solution from famous brands. This TV from LG has a built-in Smart TV system based on webOS, a stylish case with very thin frames and a high-quality FullHD matrix with support for Direct LED backlighting.

10. Samsung UE32T5372AU LED, HDR (2020)

One of the best 32-inch TVs is the Samsung model for 40,900 rubles. It practically does not differ from analogues that were presented in the article above, but it has a better assembly and higher color reproduction. The system runs on the proprietary Tizen shell. FullHD display with HDR and high-quality uniform Direct LED backlighting. In addition, the TV is equipped with bass speakers with the function of spatial immersion (creating the effect of being in a cinema).
The best 32-inch TVs - current models in 2022Review of the best 32-inch TVs – video review-rating: You should not take this TOP as true, it was given as an example to understand how to navigate among the abundance of all the offers in stores. Let’s sum up a comparative table with all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the models:

TV modelprosMinuses
1. STARWIND SW-LED32BB202 LEDLow price, good image quality, powerful speakers.No Smart TV, HD resolution.
2. Leff 32H520T LED (2020)System support from Yandex, powerful speakers.HD resolution.
3. LG 32LP500B6LA LED, HDR (2021)Stylish design, excellent screen quality.Weak speakers, no SmartTV, HD resolution.
4. KIVI 32H740L LED, HDR (2021)Smart TV support.HD resolution.
5. Xiaomi Mi TV P1 32 LED (2021) RUSmart TV support, stylish design.HD resolution, weak speakers.
6. KIVI 32F710KB LED, HDR (2021)FullHD matrix, there is a Smart TV, powerful speakers.Not detected.
7. Samsung UE32T5300AU LED, HDR (2020)Full HD screen, Tizen system.Weak 10W speakers.
8. LG 32LM6380PLC LED, HDR (2021)Stylish white color, FullHD resolution, webOS operating system.10W speakers.
9. LG 32LM6370PLA LED, HDR (2021)High-quality matrix, stylish design.High price.
10. Samsung UE32T5372AU LED, HDR (2020)Modern design, best picture and sound quality.High price.

After these tips, choosing a good 32-inch TV and not overpaying extra money is not difficult. The main thing is to approach this responsibly and choose in advance what you need from the TV, and what you should save on.

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