Choosing a small TV in the kitchen – parameters and models

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Many people strive to buy a small TV in the kitchen, but not everyone knows what to consider before making the final choice. The modern choice of models and options can create difficulties, since most of the models presented are modern in design and look good in the interior.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsYou can buy a small TV in the kitchen not only for its intended purpose – watching channels, various shows and programs, but also for entertainment, for example, for connecting a set-top box or karaoke. Small TVs are popular not only in kitchens, but also in bedrooms or other small rooms. In order to avoid mistakes in the selection process, it is necessary to focus on such parameters as the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen and the diagonal of the TV itself, most often it is up to 19 inches. It is important to consider that compact models have all the features that are present in full-sized devices with an increased diagonal. In order to speed up the choice, you need to know what requirements to impose on TV, how to choose the right size for the characteristics of the room, and which models are considered the most suitable for placement in the kitchen area.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models

What are the requirements for a small kitchen TV

In order to buy a small TV for the kitchen, you need not only to take into account the design features, but also take into account the presence of special requirements, the observance of which will extend the life of the device. Experts and just experienced users recommend paying attention to the following points:

  1. TV should be compact . This is necessary so that it does not take up much space in the room.
  2. The placement should be such that viewing is convenient for everyone who will be seated at the table (you need to take into account the peculiarities of furniture placement).
  3. The kit should include reliable and convenient mountsthat will allow you to attach the TV to the wall (or any other surface suitable for this, for example, a partition, if the kitchen is large in area).
  4. The selected model must be resistant to various external influences , such as dirt, splashes, heat, steam or humidity.

It is necessary to take into account all of the above requirements so that you can buy a small TV in the kitchen that will work for a long time without failures and breakdowns. It will be easier and easier to choose such a technique, taking into account the recommendations. It is important to remember that you also need to pay attention to the case – it is necessary to give preference to flat options with thin frames. It is ideal to choose models that can be hung, and not just installed on a cabinet.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models

How to choose the size of the TV depending on the size of the kitchen

Before you buy a small kitchen TV, you need to consider the size of the kitchen. It is known that such premises in most apartments from the “old fund” are small in size. If the kitchen is spacious (in most new buildings you can see such options), then you can pay attention to models of 15-19 inches with a diagonal. If the area allows you to divide it into a cooking and eating area, then the best solution would be to choose a large diagonal so that everyone can watch TV comfortably. Before buying, you need to decide on the place where the TV will be placed.

It is important to protect the device from splashes, steam cable or water, oil, grease. You also need to protect the device from excessive heating.

Additionally, it is recommended to ensure that the image on the screen can be seen from anywhere in the room.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsFor example, you can use models that can rotate in the desired direction. If the kitchen is small in size, it is better to choose a model with a screen up to 19-20 inches. Much depends on how much space is available in the TV room. If it is possible to install it on a bracket on the wall, then you can choose a TV that can, for example, be hung in a corner near a window to save space. It is optimal to choose small TVs in the kitchen 14 inches, if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is up to 15 m2. Also for small kitchens, it is recommended to choose LCD models, which are distinguished by a particularly thin screen. Such a device will look perfect indoors, will not take up much space and will allow you to use all the main functions of the device.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsAdditionally, you need to take into account that for the kitchen area it is better to purchase a model that has a wide viewing angle. This is due to the fact that not everyone is suitable for hanging a TV using a bracket. In addition, some models (especially from older lines) may distort the image when viewed from a certain angle. As a result, the picture will be inaccurate, darkened or disappear altogether. If you want to buy flat-screen TVs in the kitchen, then you need to choose in advance a place where to place it. The reason is that moisture or grease will most likely get on them, since the kitchen itself is also small in this case. You can choose an option that can be installed on a shelf above the work area. Here you need to pay attention to the following parameters: resistance of the model to high temperatures and humidity, the presence of large buttons for easy switching, the remote control should be included. It would be ideal to choose a model with a large number of interfaces so that you can connect external devices.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models

How to choose Smart TV for the kitchen – what to look for

You can also buy a small Smart TV for the kitchen. Modern models support this popular feature. It should be borne in mind that a TV with Smart TV in the kitchen must meet a number of parameters, then it will be able to fully perform the functions declared by the manufacturer, and will also work for a long time without breakdowns. You need to consider the following features of a smart TV in order to buy the ideal model for placement in the kitchen:

  1. The appearance should correspond to the overall design and complement the interior of the room.
  2. Bright elements (if they are present in the Smart TV option you like) should be in harmony with the decor or furniture.
  3. The kit should include stands, mounts and a remote control.
  4. The case is best to choose thin (to save space).
  5. Image technology – LCD or LED.

There should be a good and high-quality viewing angle. The presence of various USB connectors and a LAN output is optimal if there is no built-in modem for connecting a Wi-Fi network.

Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models
TV mount in the kitchen

Important parameters when choosing a TV for the kitchen – diagonal, functionality

It is optimal for the kitchen to purchase small-screen TVs, as they are not used as often and in most cases are only a “background” while eating or cooking. If the presence of a TV involves the use of all its functions, then you need to pay attention to the main parameters that are suitable specifically for the kitchen area in the house or apartment. The diagonal should be up to 19-20 inches, for most rooms of this type, 14-16 inches is enough. Among the important additional parameters are: the presence of connectors for connecting external media, the radio function (it works even when the monitor is turned off), the presence of an output for connecting satellite or cable TV with a digital signal. Also useful will be a timer that can be configured to turn on or off, record programs.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models

How to hang or put a TV in the kitchen

In order to find the optimal place to place the TV, you need to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Placement away from stoves, sinks and various heaters.
  2. Choosing a comfortable eye height (so you don’t have to raise or lower your head when watching TV).
  3. The choice of models that have special screen protection against splashes, grease – in this case, there are more places to accommodate.

The best solution for kitchens is wall mounting. Work is carried out in this case with the use of special elements that are included in the kit (if they are not, then they will need to be purchased). If the dimensions of the kitchen allow, then it is best to hang the TV using a bracket. In this case, the screen can be rotated in a convenient direction for everyone who is in the room at that moment. This placement option is also perfect for small rooms and will save space for placing other useful and necessary appliances in the kitchen – a microwave oven, an oven, a coffee machine.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsIf the size of the kitchen allows, and its design is designed in a modern style, then you can put the TV on the floor or install it directly into the kitchen island. Here you need to consider the convenience for everyone who will use the TV. For example, this can be done if the dining table is at some distance from the cooking area, it is not obstructed, for example, by a sofa or other furniture. This option is also optimal when the kitchen is combined with the living room.

TOP 30 best small size smart TVs for the kitchen with descriptions and prices for 2022

The rating of the best models will allow you to choose small TVs for the kitchen and find out their prices. It is compiled according to the opinion of professional experts, as well as direct users who have already purchased and installed them in their homes. For small kitchens up to 8-9 square meters, you can choose the following options (diagonal up to 19 inches):

  1. Cameron TMW1901 is compact, lightweight, bright colors and good sound. There is increased protection against moisture. Price from 14000 rubles.
  2. KITEQ 22A12S-B – stylish design, modern features (wireless internet, android TV). Price – from 16500 rubles.
  3. BBK 22LEM-1056/FT2C – modern design, availability of all necessary connectors, powerful sound, high-quality image. Price – from 17,000 rubles.
  4. TELEFUNKEN TF-LED22S12T2 is a thin body, the ability to install on a horizontal surface, a bright screen, a good viewing angle. Price – from 17600 rubles.
  5. STARWIND SW-LED22BA200 – high-quality image and powerful sound, thin screen bezels. Price – from 11800 rubles.
  6. HARPER 24R575T – high-quality viewing angle, modern design. Price – from 10300 rubles.
  7. Polarline 24PL12TC – stylish design, high-quality image. Price – from 10800 rubles.
  8. Samsung UE24N4500AU – support for modern features and capabilities, high quality sound and image. Price from 21800 rubles.
  9. JVC LT-24M585 – high-quality image and good viewing angle. Price – from 13200 rubles.
  10. AVEL AVS240KS – Full HD image quality, advanced features, wireless connectivity. Price – from 61200 rubles.

For kitchens of a large or medium area, you can purchase (diagonal from 19 inches):

  1. LG 28TN525V-PZ – modern design, stylish body, compact and thin. Price – from 28100 rubles.
  2. Polarline 32PL12TC – high-quality image, thin frames. The price is 13800 rubles.
  3. AVEL AVS245SM – modern design, easy control, good resolution and viewing angle. Price – from 61,000 rubles.
  4. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 – modern design, thin bezels. Price – from 19900 rubles.Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and models
  5. HARPER 32R490T – stylish design, compact size, all the necessary connectors and inputs. Price – from 12800 rubles.
  6. Philips 22PFS5304 – high-quality image, bright colors. Price – from 18,000 rubles.
  7. SUPRA STV-LC24ST0045W – supports digital TV, modern design. Price – from 13300 rubles.
  8. AVEL AVS275SM – bright picture, powerful sound. Price – from 60200 rubles.
  9. Samsung T27H395SIX – modern design, can be hung or placed on a horizontal surface, rich colors and shades. Price – from 32600 rubles.
  10. NanoCell Sharp 32BC4E – stylish design, rich colors, bright image. Price – from 18,000 rubles.

Small TVs in the kitchen – rating: If you want to buy a small TV with wifi in the kitchen, then it is recommended to pay attention to models that have the Smart TV function (diagonal 19-23 inches):

  1. Vityaz 32LH1202 – powerful sound, the presence of all the necessary slots and connectors. Price – from 24500 rubles.
  2. AVEL AVS240WS – stylish design, high-quality image. Price – from 60500 rubles.
  3. HARPER 24R490TS – high-quality viewing angle, bright image. Price – from 14200 rubles.
  4. Polarline 24PL51TC-SM – slim body, bright colors and shades. Price – from 14800 rubles.
  5. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 T2 – thin body, high-quality image. Price – from 33200 rubles.

Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsYou can also purchase models that are suitable for use in country houses and cottages, as they are not expensive, but the devices demonstrate high quality performance:

  1. SkyLine 20YT5900 – stylish design, good viewing angle. Price – from 12,000 rubles.
  2. Olto 20T20H – high-quality image, clear sound. Price – from 13600 rubles.
  3. Supra STV-LC22LT0075F – thin frames, deep image. Price – from 14500 rubles.
  4. Polarline PL12TC – rich colors, powerful sound, stylish design. Price from 9900 rubles.
  5. Hyundai H-LED22ET2001 – modern design, high-quality image. Price – from 14500 rubles.

Each of the presented options will allow you to comfortably watch your favorite movies or entertainment programs. The presented rating of small TVs for the kitchen will allow you to choose the best option, both for the most compact apartment in terms of area, and for a spacious kitchen in a country house.
Choosing a small TV in the kitchen - parameters and modelsIn order to purchase a reliable and durable device, you need to consider what size TV you need for your kitchen. If this is not done, then the operation of the device will be inconvenient (the case will interfere with movement or take up a lot of space). It is also not always necessary to purchase a device with modern features. The best solution is to choose models with protection against moisture and overheating.

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