Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

What you need to know about Telefunken TVs: the best for 2022, the technologies used, types, settings and the pros of choosing red poppies. Televisions Telefunken are well known to domestic buyers. These products came to the Russian market already in the 20th century, and the device, often purchased back in the USSR, is ready to continue working today. Although modern models of Telefunken TVs are much more attractive, both in terms of image quality and functionality.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

Telefunken: history and brand features

Telefunken has long earned the recognition of customers. And it began its existence in the distant 1903. It was at that moment that it was founded in Germany as a manufacturer of communications, television and radio equipment. The peak of popularity fell on the years of the Great Patriotic War. In the 1950s the head office moved to West Berlin. Began specialization in the production of household equipment. Currently, the divisions operate in more than 120 countries of the world. In 2001, an office was opened in the USA. Today, the company also operates in Russia. Products are in demand among buyers who choose reliability and durability.

Features of Telefunken TVs: technologies used, product uniqueness

At the moment, the purchase of a Telefunken TV is planned by customers who want to become the owner of reliable equipment at a budget cost. The model range is constantly updated and updated. The company’s developers were directly involved in the creation of PAL technology. The company has over 20,000 registered patents. Like any technique, TF TVs have their pros and cons. Among the advantages:

  • high European quality;
  • maintaining the budget level of prices for all proposals;
  • equipped with modern matrices;
  • meet the requirements of digital broadcasting;
  • installed Russian-language interface;
  • in the assortment there are models with Smart TV, and models without SMART TV, – the lack of additional functions attractively affects the cost;
  • presence in the line of compact TVs for small spaces;
  • products with a diagonal from 24 “to 65”.

Among the shortcomings of Telefunken TVs, consumers indicate a small number of offers with a large diagonal, problems with tuning, despite the presence of a Russian-speaking interface.

How to choose a Telefunken TV – what to look for before buying

Focusing only on a concise official description of the model, you can purchase a product that will not meet the alleged wishes of the buyer. When choosing a purchase, it is important to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • screen diagonal parameters , – the larger the room, the more convenient the choice of a large-scale display that gives a high degree of immersion;
  • resolution level , on which the degree of image detail depends, among the models from Telefunken there are options with a resolution of 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, 4K UHD, the German brand does not produce models with 8K;
  • choice of matrix type , at the moment you can buy a Telefunken TV only with an LED matrix;
  • by type of functionality , – cheap models are designed only for broadcasting a signal, options equipped with SmartTV are also available.

It is also important to pay attention to such options as viewing angle, brightness, mounting method, frame rate and some others.

Telefunken models: top best available for purchase for 2022

German practicality is noticeable in the details. For this reason, top models are recommended to be divided according to the financial capabilities of a potential buyer.

Telefunken TV budget level


TV equipped with LED backlight, black model with LCD screen. Support for digital and analog TV signal transmission standards. The image is transmitted without visual distortion and has good clarity. Customer rating on Yandex Market 4.6. If you select a rating scale of 10, the maximum reaches 9. Good image quality and an attractive price are noted.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022


Compact design for a small space. It received a customer rating of 4.1 out of five, which is a 9 on a scale of 10, a negative reaction due to the monitor’s glossy surface that can generate glare. In the list of the most popular cheap options, the Telefunken tf led39s04t2s TV has positive customer reviews, they note the favorable price and high quality.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

Middle price segment TV Telefunken


In reviews, buyers pay attention to the spectacular white color of the case. It successfully harmonizes with any interior. The average score is 9 points. Buyers note good color rendering. Supports “smart TV” Smart-TV. Various entertainment resources are open. You can access social networks, watch movies, listen to music online. Allows you to create a single home network with your phone, tablet and TV directly. The response time when switching channels is minimized to 7 seconds. It has an additional USB port, as well as HDMI.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022


It features reliable image quality. Supports standards: DVB-T MPEG4 and DVB-C MPEG4 and DVB-T2. In this segment, you should also pay attention to the Eelefunken tf led43s08t2su TV. Another popular option is the Telefunken tf led42s60t2s TV.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

Top level models


Modern developments and technologies have made it possible to launch products in the high price segment on the market. An updated matrix is ​​installed on them. Expanded functionality. The presented model is highlighted in this list. Due to the large diagonal, this Smart TV has a high level of UHD image transmission quality. The viewing angle reaches 160 degrees. It is one of the most expensive in the line. Review score over 9 points.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022


The number of TV tuners has been increased, making it possible to watch a picture-in-picture image. You can watch movies at 24 frames per second. The new matrix is ​​used. This is a Telefunken TV with a diagonal of 65 inches and with improved picture quality. Also in the 2021 product line, buyers highlight the Telefunken tf led65s02t2su TV.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

Result table on TV Telefunken

Considering the products offered for sale, it is worth highlighting the top 20 Telefunken TV models, which will be popular in 2022. According to customer reviews, a rating of 10 points was given. Image quality, reliability, brightness, viewing angle and other parameters are taken into account.

4Telefunken TF-LED43S06T2SU LED8
fiveTF-LED32S75T2S LED8
10TF-LED32S91T2 LEDnine
12TF-LED42S15T2 LED8
15TF-LED50S02T2SU LEDnine
16TF-LED55S17T2SU LEDnine
eighteenTF-LED43S06T2SU LEDnine
19TF-LED 43 S 96 T2SU8
twentyTF-LED43S09T2S 0046268

Ultra HD (4K) LED TV 55″ Telefunken TF-LED55S16T2SU – one of the best models for 2022:

How to connect and set up a Telefunken TV – instructions

Many buyers of German technology often face the problem of connecting and setting up. To understand how to connect and tune channels on a Telefunken TV, we offer a visual photo and step-by-step instructions. You will need to initially study the functionality of the selected model. In most cases, the following procedure is followed:

  • select the device menu;
  • activate the channels item, which is most often indicated by the satellite dish icon;
  • select DVB-C tuning type;
  • click on automatic setting.

Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022
Telefunken TV interfaces for connection (may differ slightly in some models)
Analog TV selection is also activated. If the house has the ability to connect analog and digital TV, both options are selected. Analog TV is currently switched off. You will need to set up digital channels. With the help of the instructions below, it is easy to understand how to set up a Telefunken TV. The procedure is described in detail and clearly. Setting is performed as follows. Telefunken TV – connection, first launch, and setup wizard:

Digital channels

Select auto search. Channels will be found automatically. Using the remote control, the search country is selected. In this case Russia. How to tune Telefunken TV to digital channels is shown in the device menu – you just need to follow the instructions of the built-in assistant.

Cable TV

All models provide this option. You will need to check the presence of a built-in tuner. You can check its availability in the instructions. The channel search is performed in the DVB
C tuning type. The channel type is also selected. It will be DTV. When choosing a country in older TV models, Finland or Germany is activated, in the absence of Russia. A full scan is in progress.
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022

Manual setting

If the desired channel is not in the found list, you can find it manually. You need to know the frequency of the multiplex. It is entered manually when the “Channels” section is activated by the remote control. It may be necessary to enter several multiplexes in turn. The brand’s products have been presented on the Russian market for a long time. Until now, many have preserved devices purchased in the last century. They work successfully. But to set it up, you need to buy a special set-top box. Complete instructions for connecting and setting up a Telefunken TV – download the file from the link:
Guide for connecting and setting up a Telefunken TV
Review of Telefunken TVs: the best budget and top models of 2022


If the Telefunken TV is not working properly, firmware is often required. The first step is to make sure that the purchased product supports Smart TV. This possibility is indicated in the name of the model. The letter “S” is indicated. For example, TV Telefunken TF led24s18t2 with Smart TV. Considering that the cost of many Telefunken TVs is democratic, not all models have this option. For Smart TV Telefunken firmware, the “Browser” mode is selected in the menu. The transition is made to the official website, where you only need to indicate “your” TV model. The search is performed simply by entering a query on the browser page. Firmware for SOUNDMAX and Telefunken TV – what you need to update the platform: Please note that most of the firmware models are interchangeable. That’s why,

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