Features of Xiaomi soundbars for TVs and tips for choosing them

Xiaomi is a popular Chinese brand that, in addition to the smartphones that brought him fame, produces various audio equipment. One of the representatives of the latter is soundbars, which are connected to TVs in order to improve their sound.

Features of Xiaomi soundbars

A soundbar is a mono speaker, in which several speakers are assembled at once. This simple and inexpensive device easily replaces a standard speaker system and dramatically improves sound reproduction.
Xiaomi tv soundbar


Thanks to the connection of soundbars, the TV sound becomes clearer, more voluminous, more realistic. There are models with a large volume range and rich bass.

All Xiaomi acoustics are poorly compatible with the technology released by Apple and LG.


You can control the soundbar using the buttons located on the body – if they are there, or remotely. To control the operation of the speaker system, you can use:

  • TV remote control;
  • own soundbar console;
  • mobile application on a smartphone.

Connection features:

  • after connecting the soundbar via S / PDIF, the sound can be adjusted through the TV, the regulation is determined by the capabilities of the equipment to which the speaker is connected;
  • when connecting a mono speaker via Bluetooth, the sound quality decreases, and in order to correct the sound quality, use the equalizer on the TV;
  • when using an optical cable, the TV speakers continue to work in sync with the soundbar, but such a connection does not allow using the remote control to switch the volume – you have to go to the soundbar and adjust its level using the keys located on the case.

The mono speaker enhances TV sound quality and enhances the immersive experience. At the same time, it is not recommended to listen to music through it – the sound will be of insufficient quality, and the frequency ranges will fail, since there is no separate speaker for bass.


Xiaomi products always differ from competitors in their stylish design, new and extraordinary solutions. All soundbars of this brand have a stylish appearance, elegant and laconic. Xiaomi soundbars are usually black, white or silver – a classic set of colors for audio equipment. They have very few elements on the body, and the corners are rounded.


Xiaomi mono speakers are universal – they can be connected to any TV. Connection is carried out using a wire or wirelessly – if this is provided for by the design of the TV. The manufacturer has provided in its soundbars a variety of interfaces that allow you to connect:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • HDMI connectors;
  • optical cable.


Xiaomi supplies soundbars pre-packed in yellow cardboard boxes. They contain foam capsules that protect the monocolumn from impacts and other influences. The manufacturer does not indicate technical parameters on the box. The soundbar usually comes with:

  • connecting cable with RCA connectors;
  • power adapter;
  • screws for fixing the device to the wall;
  • instruction in Chinese.

How to choose a soundbar: criteria

In order for the soundbar to be optimally suited to the goals set and to safely dock with television equipment, it is necessary to choose it taking into account certain criteria. What are the criteria for choosing a soundbar:

  • Sound format. It is designated with two numbers separated by a dot. The first is the number of main channels of sound, the second is the number of bass (low-frequency) channels. The more channels, the more faithfully reproduced sound.
  • Type of instalation. Distinguish between shelf and wall devices. The first is placed on a shelf, the second is hung from the wall. There are also universal shelf-wall models.
  • Virtual surround sound. This feature allows sound waves to bounce off walls – this increases the number of sound channels and enhances the immersive experience.
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC). The function allows TVs that do not have full HDMI outputs to broadcast audio via HDMI to external audio devices.
  • Rated power. It determines the performance of the model on which the sound volume depends. The more watts, the louder the sound will be. For an area of ​​50 sq. m you need a 200 W soundbar, for an average room – 25-50 W. It is better to take a device with a power reserve – if necessary, the sound can always be screwed on. It is possible to evaluate the loudness according to the rated power if the soundbar is not equipped with a subwoofer – in such models the rated power is equal to the power of the speakers. If a mono speaker is supplemented with a subwoofer, its power must also be taken into account.
  • Connection method. The manufacturer offers devices with the ability to connect to TV directly and mono speakers connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth The latter option is good for those who need mobility and aesthetics.
  • Connectors. The most important is HDMI. A USB connector and a port for connecting a flash drive will not be superfluous. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can connect not only a TV, but also a tablet or a smartphone to the soundbar.
  • Soundbar speaker power. This is the nominal power of all speakers enclosed in a mono speaker cabinet. The power of the subwoofer, if any, is not included in this parameter. The speaker volume depends on this characteristic. The greater the room and the distance to the viewer, the more power the speaker should have.
  • Frequency range. This parameter determines the range of audio frequencies supported by the mono speaker speakers. The human ear perceives sounds in the range of 16-22,000 Hz. In a narrower range, low and high frequencies will be “cut”. True, with a slight narrowing, it is almost imperceptible. The manufacturer offers models with a wider range, but this is a purely advertising move aimed at promoting “high-quality acoustics”, and has no real advantages. By itself, the frequency range does not have much effect on the sound quality.
  • Resistance. It is also called impedance – it is the strength of resistance to an alternating current or analog audio signal that enters the input. The volume depends on this parameter, but only if an external signal amplifier is used. It is best if the impedance of the mono speaker is the same for which the amplifier is designed. Otherwise, the volume will decrease. Also, the mismatch of resistance leads to overloads, distortions, moreover, the acoustics may be damaged. The higher the impedance, the lower the risk of interference.
  • Sensitivity. It affects the volume of the mono speaker when a signal of a certain power is applied. If the two soundbars have the same impedance and input power, the louder the sound will be with the more sensitive system.
  • Display . There are models with and without a display. These are usually small LCDs of the simplest type. The screen displays a variety of information regarding the operation of the device – volume, mode, active input / output, settings, etc. The display makes operation and use more convenient and simple.
  • Subwoofer. These devices improve the sound in the low frequency range for richer bass. There are models with built-in and wireless subwoofer. The second option allows you to put a “sub” anywhere in the room without any wires.
  • Subwoofer power. The higher it is, the louder the “sub” will sound, and the more saturated bass it produces. Along with the power, the size of the subwoofer increases as well as its cost. Therefore, it is undesirable to take a soundbar with a too powerful “sub”. The depth and saturation of sound depends on the size of the diameter of the speaker of the subwoofer. “Sabas” with a diameter of up to 20 cm are the usual option for built-in versions. Freestanding speakers can be much larger – up to 10 inches.

Review of popular models

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is not limited to 2-3 models, it produces dozens of different soundbars, differing in design, technical parameters, equipment, price. Below are the most popular models with descriptions, parameters, pros and cons.

Redmi TV Soundbar black

Compact soundbar that connects to a TV via Bluetooth 5.0. On the case there are two speakers and AUX 3.5 mm, S / PDIF connectors. The mono speaker case is made of plastic.
Redmi TV Soundbar blackOptions:

  • Sound configuration: 2.1.
  • Power: 30W.
  • Frequency range: 80-25000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 780x63x64 mm.
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.


  • stylish appearance;
  • good sound;
  • wireless connection;
  • affordable cost.


  • no subwoofer;
  • no control panel;
  • few ports on the case;
  • weak bass.

Price: 3 390 rubles.

Mi TV Speaker Theater Edition

It is a stylish and powerful soundbar with great sound. The device, thin and rectangular, is attached to the wall. But it can also be placed on a shelf, bedside table. There is a subwoofer. Communication and control is carried out via Bluetooth 5.0. Ports are provided: Aux, Coaxial and Optical.
Mi TV Speaker Theater EditionOptions:

  • Sound configuration: 2.1.
  • Power: 100W.
  • Frequency range: 35-20,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 900x63x102 mm.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg.


  • connects to different models of TVs and other devices;
  • laconic design – suitable for different interiors;
  • perfect balance of frequencies;
  • powerful bass;
  • there is a subwoofer (4.3 kg, 66 W);
  • versatility – can be installed in any way.

This device has no drawbacks, except that its high cost may confuse.

Price: 11 990 rub.

Xiaomi Mi TV Audio Bar

It is a stylish soundbar with high sound quality and stylish design. It adapts without problems to any TVs, and can also play sound from different devices – smartphones, computers, tablets. Has line-level (stereo) and digital optical input.
Xiaomi Mi TV Audio BarOptions:

  • Sound configuration: 2.1.
  • Power: 28 W.
  • Frequency range: 50-25,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 830x87x72 mm.
  • Weight: 1.93 kg.


  • good sound, rich and loud;
  • stylish design;
  • build quality;
  • price.


  • audio delay when connected via bluetooth;
  • Chinese plug and no adapter;
  • no HDMI;
  • no subwoofer;
  • weak bass.

Price: 4 844 rub.


A compact soundbar with a cabinet made of wood and metal elements. Complete with remote control. The control panel is equipped with LED indication with multi-touch support. Communication is established via Bluetooth 5.0.
BINNIFA Live-1TPorts available: HDMI (ARC), Aux, USB, COX, Optical, SUB Out. The mono speaker can be connected to a wide variety of devices – smartphones, computers and others. Options:

  • Sound configuration: 2.1.
  • Power: 40W.
  • Frequency range: 60-18000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 900x98x60 mm.
  • Weight: 3.5 kg.


  • excellent sound quality;
  • solid appearance;
  • convenient control;
  • many ports;
  • there is a subwoofer;
  • easy connection.


  • not supplied with a wall mount;
  • there are no mounting holes on the case.

Price: 9 990 rub.

2.1 Cinema Edition Ver. 2.0 Black

Xiaomi mono bookshelf speaker with subwoofer and wired / wireless connectivity. Communication is done via Bluetooth 5.0. Connectors available: fiber optic, coaxial, AUX.
2.1 Cinema Edition Ver. 2.0 BlackOptions:

  • Sound configuration: 2.1.
  • Power: 34 W.
  • Frequency range: 35-22,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 900x63x102 mm.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg.


  • subwoofer;
  • high volume level;
  • high-quality sound, clear and rich;
  • different connection options;
  • compactness – a monocolumn takes up a minimum of space;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • when the volume is lowered, the speakers make a little noise;
  • no control panel.

Price: 11 990 rub.


The soundbar is paired with a subwoofer for excellent sound quality. The device is housed in a compact body made of high quality wood and Italian metal, making the mono speaker look solid and luxurious.
BINNIFA Live-2SThe control panel is equipped with a multi-touch LED display. Sound and modes are set here with one touch. You can also operate the device using the remote control. Options:

  • Sound configuration: 5.1.
  • Power: 120W.
  • Frequency range: 40-20,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 900x98x60 mm.
  • Weight: 12.5 kg.


  • many audio channels;
  • there is a subwoofer;
  • high-quality materials of manufacture;
  • there is a headphone output and a stereo line-in;
  • there is a remote control;
  • supplied with cables for connecting interfaces.

This stylish and powerful mono speaker with a subwoofer has no drawbacks. Only the high cost can cause dissatisfaction.

Price: 20 690 RUB.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Echo Wall Sound Bar (MDZ-34-DA)

This black soundbar speaker connects via built-in Bluetooth 5.0. There is also a coaxial input. The case is made of high quality ABS plastic. There are S / PDIF and AUX connectors.
Xiaomi Redmi TV Echo Wall Sound Bar (MDZ-34-DA)Options:

  • Sound configuration: 2.0.
  • Power: 30W.
  • Frequency range: 80-20,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 780x64x63 mm.
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.


  • there is a voice assistant;
  • wired and wireless connection method;
  • single-frequency speakers and independently and a special acoustic algorithm provide high-quality sound;
  • laconic and stylish design.


  • no battery;
  • no remote control;
  • no display;
  • no built-in microphone.

Price: 3 550 rub.

Xiaomi Mi TV Audio Speaker Soundbar MDZ-27-DA Black

This is a cool and stylish soundbar, easily adaptable to a wide variety of TVs. There are 8 speakers in the mono speaker, delivering high-quality and balanced sound in terms of frequency. There are several connectors: Line, Aux, SPDIF, Optical.
Xiaomi Mi TV Audio Speaker Soundbar MDZ-27-DA BlackThe mono speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2. module and can connect to various devices without using wires. An interesting feature of this soundbar is that the front panel is made of fabric that repels dust. The soundbar comes with a power adapter, AV cable, plastic anchors and screws to attach the mono speaker to the wall. Options:

  • Sound configuration: 2.0.
  • Power: 28 W.
  • Frequency range: 50-25,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 72x87x830 mm.
  • Weight: 1.925 kg.


  • perfect balance of frequencies;
  • can be connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops;
  • high quality sound;
  • versatility – due to the variety of connectors, the device can be connected to almost any sound-conducting equipment;
  • dust-repellent front panel.


  • low power;
  • relatively high cost.

Price: 5 950 rub.

How do I connect the soundbar to my TV?

Xiaomi soundbars have Aux and S / PDIF ports. There is also a Bluetooth module that allows you to connect only one device. Thanks to several connection options, the soundbars of the Chinese brand can be docked with TVs of different generations. Connection procedure:

  1. Connect the mono speaker to the TV via a port or wire.
  2. Plug in the power cord.
  3. Flip the toggle switch on the back of the speaker to the active position.

Video instruction:
No additional settings or actions related to connecting the soundbar to the TV are provided. The soundbars of the Xiaomi brand are represented by a wide range of models, in which each customer can find an option according to their needs. All mono speakers “Xiaomi”, with and without subwoofers, are distinguished by high sound quality, stylish design, versatility and affordable cost.

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