Record video from TVs Samsung, LG, Sony Вravia, Phillips to a USB flash drive, external drive

The process of recording video content (movies, TV programs) from a TV is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance to inexperienced users. To resolve this issue, you just need to follow the appropriate instructions presented in this article.

Devices for capturing video from TV – USB flash drive VS hard drive

Before recording, you should take care of connecting an external media in the form of a hard disk or USB flash drive. The disc must be formatted before use, and all materials from it will be lost. The flash drive must be checked on the TV for compatibility (for this, press the “Source” button, select the “USB” flash drive and press “Tools”), and, if necessary, formatted there via Smart HUB.
Recording video from a TV

How to record a TV program that is already underway or will start soon


  1. Start the first recording by pressing the red button on the remote control and confirm formatting.
  2. All devices connected to the TV appear. You should select your device and press “Enter” on the remote.
  3. Formatting will not last long depending on the size and speed of the drive. After formatting is complete, you can start recording the program. This requires confirmation in a dialog box.
  4. Recording starts when you use the red button on the remote control and then the Guide button.
  5. From the list that appears, select the program to be recorded. Then press “Enter” and “Record”.
  6. Set the time to continue recording.

Recording a broadcast that has not yet started

In this situation, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The program to be recorded is selected.
  2. Go to recording and confirm using the Enter key.
  3. Program recording is confirmed. This process will be displayed as a red icon to show that the recording has been programmed.

Recording programming

To start the process you need:

  1. Go to the “Program Manager” and select “Add Programming”.
  2. Select the TV channel from which you want to record the program.
  3. Assign the start date of the recording (on a specific date or any other order of days), indicate the time of the start of the recording and its end.
  4. To stop the current recording of programs, use the lowest right button of the remote control and confirm stop recording. You will be prompted to go to the recorded programs and view the recorded recordings.

How to record a TV broadcast to a USB flash drive (external USB drive):

How to Record Video from Samsung TV Screen

In the case of video recording from Samsung TVs, a similar principle of action is applied (for example, M series TVs

  1. Connect a hard drive or USB flash drive to the TV.
  2. Select the desired channel.
  3. Press the four-color button on the remote control. Button on the Samsung TV remote
  4. Select “More” and press the OK button (the round button in the center).
  5. Select “Record” and click OK. Recording video from a TV channel
  6. Recording will start.

On J series TVs,
recording will start when you press REC (or Menu / 123 on other models) on the remote control. On the
H-series, recording begins after pressing and holding the REC button on the remote. On Sumsung F series TVs
, press the “Info” button on the remote (or hold the yellow button on the Smart remote), then press OK, and then select “Record” on the screen, confirming by pressing OK again.
Video Recording on Sumsung F Series TVsOn K series models,
the  first two points are similar, and then to record video, you need to press “Play / Pause” on the remote control, and then – “Record”.
Start video recording on K series TVs

Schedule TV Recording

On Samsung K series models,
there is a schedule function, where you need to specify the TV channel for video recording, the time and duration of the procedure itself. You can record not one program, but a series of repetitions of the recording with an indication of their frequency. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Connect your recording device to your TV.
  2. Press the button with the image of the house on the remote control, select “Live broadcast”, and then “TV guide”. Live TV - TV Guide
  3. Select the required program.
  4. Press OK on the remote.
  5. Click on “Schedule Recording” and set the parameters. Schedule recording
  6. Now the program will be automatically recorded even when the TV is turned off.

On J and
H series models,
the scheduled recording is assigned after pressing the “Menu” button on the remote control, selecting “Broadcast” – “Schedule Manager” – “Schedule”. Next, you need to set the required data (channel, recording time, etc.) and click OK. On F-series TVs,
 to create a scheduled recording, press the “Info” button (or hold the yellow button on the Smart remote), use the arrows to select the desired program in the schedule and confirm with the OK button. Mark on the screen “Schedule recording” and click OK.

Capturing live broadcasts and videos from LG TVs

Many modern LG TVs released before August 2013 had a Time Machine feature that allows owners to perform various actions with video, as well as record it. Now this function is supported only by televisions that were not produced for the CIS countries, since in Russia amendments were made to the legislative acts on copyright protection in the field of television broadcasting.

Methods for circumventing this limitation are common on various forums by flashing the microcircuit with an eeprom programmer.

Time Machine-enabled devices include:

  • recording on a schedule with a choice of time and channel;
  • playback of the recording directly on the TV;
  • the presence of the Live Playback function facilitates the rewinding of the picture in real time.

Restrictions on LG TVs:

  • when broadcasting a digital channel using a satellite dish, not everyone can record;
  • if providers block the TV signal from copying, then no recording is made;
  • if the video was recorded on one TV, it cannot be played on another device.

Performing the video recording process for LG TV models before 2013:

  1. Insert the flash drive into the rear panel and initialize it.
  2. Select the desired program in the list of TV programs and click on it.
  3. Click on the “Record” button.
  4. When finished recording, in the menu, click Stop Recording.
  5. To view the program, you need to find the item “Recorded programs”.

Recording video from Sony Вravia TVs

Recording programs for TV series WD6 and RD4:

  1. Press the “Home” key in the digital TV broadcasting mode.
  2. Next, use the up and down arrow buttons, then use the plus key to select “Recordings”.
  3. Again, use the up and down arrow buttons, and then press the plus key to select Title List> Error List or Manual Timer REC.

Use the REC button to record the currently watched digital program using the USB HDD recording function. External recording is not possible on 2K TVs (2016) for Italy.

How to record video from Sony Вravia TVs is shown in this video:

How to Record Movie and Other Video from Phillips TVs

Programs can be recorded using the TV Guide on the TV or using the Record button on the remote control. Process description:

  1. Make sure to update your TV software to the latest version and install DVB-T / C / S TV channels.
  2. Eliminate the fact of connecting other USB devices and connect the hard drive to the USB port of the TV. The process of analyzing the hard disk will start.
  3. Formatting is carried out in a specific sequence:
    • you need to press and hold the pause button on the remote control;
    • the TV will start formatting the hard disk, information about the memory capacity will be displayed in the TV menu “Record”;
  4. When the formatting process is complete, a notification will be displayed.
  5. Restart the TV.
  6. To start recording, you must select the appropriate option from the following:
    • start recording immediately by selecting the desired TV program and pressing the “Record” button, and to end – “Stop”;
    • use the function of delayed recording according to the schedule (possibly for the next 8 days): by pressing the “TV Guide” button on the remote control and, having selected the channel and the program, press “Options” and select “Change date”, select a specific day and click “OK”.

The rights to broadcast and recorded programs belong to the service provider. Recorded material is generally only available for a limited period of time.

The information obtained will help the user to record streaming video from different TVs to a flash drive. It should be borne in mind that service providers (providers) can encrypt their own television broadcasts, making them completely unavailable for recording.

Digital television
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