IPTV playlist: what is it, how to download, create and solve problems when working with IPTV TV lists

An IPTV playlist allows you to watch movies in high quality on a corresponding
set-top box or on a computer or phone with a special program. To
create or download a playlist, check out all the features to display the video correctly.

IPTV playlist and how it works: advantages and disadvantages

An IPTV playlist is a collection of links to streams that allows a viewing program or set-top box to navigate the information streams of the Internet. To watch IPTV channels on a TV box, Smart TV or smartphone, the easiest way is to use the apps of content providers that provide subscription access. But this is not always possible, sometimes it is not profitable, and sometimes it makes no sense to buy a full package if only a few channels are of interest.
IPTV playlist

A way out of the situation is to use programs for watching broadcasts from m3u playlists, an IPTV playlist can be downloaded ready-made, or you can create it yourself.

Free download current IPTV lists in 2020: https://youtu.be/BXvurzAR0MM To view you need:

  • select a player and configure it;
  • download the current, working playlist or create one;
  • load the playlist into the program and run.

Providers that provide customers with the broadcast viewing service, as a rule, post playlists on their web resources with a selection of federal and regional TV channels for the respective area.

Some providers may supply modified player assemblies (at least for Windows devices) with already integrated take-and-use playlists.

Benefits of an IPTV playlist

The main advantages are:

  • creation or downloading is absolutely free;
  • high quality viewing;
  • when creating your own playlist, you only watch what you like.

Private IPTV playlist

Such a playlist is available only to a certain circle of people who received links to it. Features:

  • available on 5 devices with different Ip;
  • differs in the number of channels and refresh rate.

This is a kind of VIP access to certain content.

Private IPTV playlist: https://youtu.be/YxnWvzcLgdE

Create a playlist for IPTV

To create a playlist, you just need to have a text editor on your computer, know the structure of the building and find links to the channels that the playlist will consist of.

IPTV playlist introduction / structure

The most common structure of an IPTV playlist is shown in the picture. An IPTV playlist begins with
# EXTM3U – this is a title from which the playlist format becomes clear to the device.
# EXTM3U After the title there is a line
#EXTINF , which carries information about the media files that will be played with it. Thus, you can register any number of channels.
Line after headingIn
#EXTINF (extended information) to be described the ground:

  • duration, in this case “-1” (-1 is used when the exact file length is unknown);
  • the name of the file being played, respectively – “365 days of TV”.

In addition to the duration and name, there are a number of additional parameters. For example:

  • “tvg-name” – the name of the channel and program;
  • “tvg-logo” – channel logo;
  • “audio-track” – audio track of the channel (Russian, English, etc.);
  • “group-title2” – the name of the channel group (Kids, Educational, etc.).

IPTV playlist structure with additional parameters:
Playlist structure

In the IPTV playlist, you can use links to media files, both local and global.

http: // – global or local link to a media file:
Media fileAfter #EXTINF follows – a link to a file that will be played by the player for IPTV. https://youtu.be/wdqr91eWhO0

Create an IPTV playlist in notepad

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Create a new text document in Notepad. Right-click on the desktop and select “New” – “New Text Document”.
  2. Open your document. Write down # EXTM3U with the first line.
  3. Fill in the playlist as follows: #EXTINF: -1, Channel name http: //site-address-s-file.m3u8 For example: # EXTM3U #EXTINF: -1, Health http://ott-cdn.ucom.am/s90 /04.m3u8 #EXTINF: -1, First channel HD https://megogo.cdnvideo.ru/1tvstream/playlist.m3u8 #EXTINF: -1,112 Ukraine HD http://app.live.112.events/hls-ua /112hd_mid/index.m3u8. Fill in
  4. Collect the films you want to playlist and save the text document by choosing “File” – “Save As”. Collect playlist
  5. When saving, add “.m3u” after the file name. Click “Save”.

The name can be changed immediately after the file is created. For this:

  1. Click on the created text file with the right mouse button and select “Rename”. Rename
  2. Add “.m3u” to the end of the file name and click on a free part of the screen. Click on empty space
  3. The computer will warn you that after changing the extension, the file may become unavailable. Confirm the changes by clicking “yes”.Confirm changes

A way to create a playlist in notepad ++


  1. Open notepad ++ and save the file. To do this, click on the “File” button in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Save As”.Save as
  2. Give the file a name (or keep the default) and add “.m3u” at the end. Click Save.File name
  3. Write the structure of the playlist (the principle is the same as with “Notepad”). The first line is # EXTM3U.
  4. Write down the links to the video and the title – #EXTINF: 0,365 Days
  5. Add all the necessary channels, after which the playlist should look something like this: # EXTM3U #EXTINF: 0.365 Days #EXTINF: 0, Animal Family HD Required channels
  6. Save.

Playlist creation through special IPTV players

In addition to standard text editors, you can use special IPTV players, which include the function of
creating playlists . It is much more convenient than creating them manually. One of these players is Simple TV. Installation instructions:

  1. After installing the program, open it and go to the “Playlist” section, select “Search for channels” in the pop-up list.
  2. Set a range with addresses within which scanning will be performed. Delete the default playlist while scanning.
  3. After scanning is complete, a list of TV channels will open. Check the boxes next to the ones you want to add and click “Save”. The list of the selected TV channels will appear in the file that was deleted in the previous step.

If you want to create another file, then click “Upload channel list”, then enter the name, specify the area where the file will be saved, and click “Upload”.

Detailed video instructions for creating an IPTV playlist via Simple TV:

What to do if the file format is not displayed

If there is nothing after the file name and you cannot see and change its extension, do the following:

  1. Open “Start” in the lower left corner of your screen. Go to the “Control Panel”.Start
  2. Change the display of the Control Panels menu to large icons if there is a different category. This can be done using the View menu in the upper right corner of the window.Control panels
  3. Among the many icons that appear, find the “Folder Options” setting and select it. Options
  4. Select the “View” tab on the top layout. View
  5. Scroll all the way down and uncheck “Hide extensions for registered file types”. Click “Ok” to save your changes.Twist

Done. Now you can change the file format to “.m3u” as described above.

How and where to get links to movies for IPTV

The main condition for the work of Internet television is working links to
channels with films, cartoons and other content . You won’t be able to find them just like that, because many do not have official streaming broadcasts in the public domain (many online broadcasts are encoded from “pirated” use).

There are 2 working ways to search: google forums dedicated to IPTV, or extract links from ready-made playlists that are freely available.

More details about each method:

  1. Search IPTV forums . Quite often, users share working links here. Such links do not “live” for long, so before adding them to your own file, you should first check the functionality.
  2. Extract links from ready-made playlists . This method is easier in terms of search, but it also has its own disadvantages. You can, upon request, ” download open IPTV playlists ” in any search engine, download files with links and select those that you need. Many open m3u files are a collection of many uninteresting channels. To sort by categories for yourself or collect only the necessary channels, copy the links from the downloaded files and add them to your own lists. You can simply edit the playlist by opening it through Notepad and delete everything you don’t need from it.

You can also take links yourself from any video you like on the Internet. For this:

  1. Open any site, select a movie and open the page with it. Simultaneously hold down 3 buttons on the keyboard: “Ctrl + Shift + i”. The developer tools will open.Tools
  2. Switch to the “Network” tab and start the movie. Network
  3. Open the menu with the right mouse button and in the “Type” column find the line “Video”. Copy the link by right-clicking again.Copy link
  4. Paste the link into your playlist as usual.

To find and download ready-made playlists, do the following:

  1. Go to the site iptvmaster.ru .
  2. Copy the link to the desired playlist and paste it into your player.

Splitting channels into groups and categories

In order to divide the channels into groups in the IPTV playlist, you need to open the m3u file using notepad and add the line: group-title = “Group name:” to the existing code. Group names can be written in both English and Russian. An example of an IPTV playlist divided into groups:
#EXTINF: 0, group-title = “Detskie kanaly:” Carousel
#EXTINF: 0, group-title = “Kanaly Novostey:” Vetta
#EXTINF: 0, group-title = “Kino i serialy:” TV1000 Russian cinema 1234 / udp / ​​1234
#EXTINF: 0, group-title = “Poznavatel’nye kanaly:” Discovery Channel

Self-renewing current IPTV playlists 2020

Featured playlists:

Causes of malfunctions and their solutions

There are several main reasons for the malfunctioning playlist. It is easy to determine the source of the hang – there are only 3 of them:

  • the player and playlist you are using;
  • quality and speed of the Internet connection;
  • set-top box or TV with Android and Smart TV.

Bad playlist or player

If the interference is only on a few channels, and the rest are working normally, then the problem is due to a faulty playlist, and if most channels do not show, then in the set-top box or the speed of the Internet connection. Some files in m3u format use the UDP protocol to transmit a video stream, but this method has 2 significant disadvantages – broadcasts do not always contain all the necessary information and often there are losses in the stream. The situation is corrected by setting the player’s caching. For example, in VLC it is done like this:

  1. Go to the Source – Network tab.
  2. Open advanced options and increase caching to 3000ms. Open options

Internet problems

Internet speed is the main and most common reason for buffering and freezing. There are 2 main types of network connections:

  1. Wired connection , it is recommended to use at least 3 Mb / s if you decide to connect directly to the modem.
  2. Connection via Wi-Fi : if you are connected via Wi-Fi, depending on the congestion of your home network, 15 Mb / s is recommended. Also, the distance from the router to the set-top box plays an important role. The internet source may be too far away.

You can check the Internet speed in the 2ip.ru service

If it is not possible to change the router to a more expensive model, connect the set-top box via a special Ethernet adapter. It costs much less than a new device and will allow you to connect an IPTV box directly to a modem and get the maximum Internet speed.

Problem with set-top box or TV with Smart / Android TV

all TV channels do not work well, the problem is in your device. In this case, you will have to go to the service center, in case of a breakdown, or change to a new, more advanced version. Read the forums about a specific TV or set-top box model, perhaps you will find a method that suits your case. When creating a correct playlist without errors, using special programs, you can watch movies and TV shows that you like. If you do not want to create it yourself, you can simply download what you are most interested in using the actual links.

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