How to use SS IPTV application on Smart TV: installation, playlists

Smart TVs open up new possibilities: high-quality television without antennas and cable, and the SS IPTV application helps to do this. Find out how it works and read the instructions for setting up the program.

What is SS IPTV and application capabilities

SS IPTV is a program (player) for watching TV programs for TVs with Smart TV function, allowing you to play streaming video over a local network or via the Internet (including

The app itself does not provide any channels and is intended to play user-generated content.

A feature inherent in the application is the ability to combine television broadcasts. You can simultaneously watch IPTV, satellite, cable, antenna channels.

How to use SS IPTV?

SS IPTV application is installed directly on TV with Smart TV technology, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional expensive equipment. SS IPTV provides several ways to download
playlists :

  • by code (internal);
  • by reference (external).

You can have a different number of external playlists and one internal one. For internal playlists, only playlists that conform to the standard of the officially documented m3u format can be used.

M3u, xspf, asx and pls playlists can be used as external playlists. For correct loading, the playlist must be in utf-8 encoding.

Detailed instructions for uploading internal and external playlists to SS IPTV:

Loading a new playlist will overwrite the old one – if you need to reload a playlist through the site, you do not need to receive a new access code if you have not cleared your browser cookies.

SS IPTV Installation Instructions for Samsung Smart TVs

The application is installed on certain Samsung TV series.

E series

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Press the “SMART TV” button on the remote.
  2. Press the red (A) button to log into your Account.
  3. Select “Create Account”.
  4. Under “Samsung Account” enter “develop” and create a “Password”.
  5. Red (A) button, select “Login” using the username – “develop”.
  6. Click “Tools”.
  7. “Settings” – “Development” – “IP address setting”.
  8. In the window that appears, write –
  9. Select “Sync Apps”.

SS IPTV will appear in the “Smart TV” application list.

Video instruction:

F series

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Press “MENU”.
  2. Go to “Smart Features” – “Samsung Account”.
  3. Select “Login”.
  4. In the “Login” field, enter “develop”, leave the “Password” blank.
  5. Click “SMART TV”, on the “Applications” page go to “Additional Applications”.
  6. Open in “Options”, select “Start App Sync”.
  7. Return to “Options”, select “IP Setting”.
  8. In the window that appears, write in:
  9. Go back to Options and select Start App Sync.

SS IPTV will appear in the “Smart TV” application list.

Video instruction:

Series H

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Press “MENU”.
  2. Go to – “Smart Features” – “Samsung Account”.
  3. Click “Login”.
  4. In the “Login” field, enter “develop”, leave the “Password” blank.
  5. Click “SMART TV”, go to “More Applications”.
  6. Set focus on any application, press and hold the “Enter” button on the remote.
  7. Select “IP Setting” from the menu.
  8. In the window that appears, write –
  9. Open the context menu of the application (long press “Enter”), select “Start App Sync”.

SS IPTV will appear in the “Smart TV” application list.

Video instruction:

J series

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Install the application from “USB FLASH DRIVE” with automatic update disabled:
    • format “USB Flash Drive” to FAT32;
    • create a “user widget” folder on the “USB Flash Drive”;
    • download, put in the “user widget” folder (without unpacking).
  2. Place the “USB Flash Drive” into a USB slot.

The installation will start automatically. The app will appear in the “My App” section. Video instruction:


To launch the application, write in the browser line: To download a playlist:

  1. Open “Home Screen Settings”.
  2. Enter “Content”.
  3. Select “External Playlists”.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter the playlist name and link to it: .
  6. Click Save.

The playlist name will appear on the application screen.

Video instruction:

Launching SS IPTV from USB Flash Drive and possible problems

You can install the SS IPTV app on your TV if it’s not available in the TV store To boot from USB Flash Drive:

  1. Select USB Flash Drive, download the file – SS
  2. Unpack the archive, the “SSIPTV” folder will be formed, copy it to the USB Flash Drive:
    • insert the media into the USB connector;
    • run.
  3. Select SMART-TV, go to “Applications” – “SS IPTV” will be displayed.

Video instructions for installing from a USB flash drive:
To download a playlist, you need to do the following:

  1. Enter “Settings” (gear in the upper right corner). Enter settings
  2. Enter “Content”, select “External Playlists”, click “Add”. Content
  3. Enter the playlist name and link to it: .
  4. Click Save.

The playlist name will appear on the application screen. The playlist channels will appear in the channel bar with logos. If TV channels are displayed in applications but not played, then you need to do the following:

  1. Enable UDP Proxy in ROYTER settings (check the box next to “Enable”). Look here for the IP address and port number (by default it is “4022”, enter “1234”).In settings
  2. In the application, in the UDP Proxy settings, enter the data:
    • IP address;
    • UDP Proxy port number.

After these steps, the open TV channels should be played.

Popular questions

Popular questions on the topic and answers to them:
How to upload your own SS IPTV playlist? To download your own playlist, you need to get the “Connection Code” in the settings, enter it on the
SS website .
How do I change the position of items in a playlist? Drag the element to a new position using drag ‘n’ drop.
How do I change the size and background of elements? You can do this using the element options. Click on the “Pencil” next to the element you want to change, select its size and background.
What is the difference between display name and normative name?The displayed name is shown on screen in SS IPTV. The normative name defines the logo of the channel and its TV program. SS IPTV is an application that allows you to watch TV programs in good quality and without additional devices. Follow the instructions carefully and configure the program.

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