Functionality of the IPTV set-top box emulator and its download

Эмулятор IPTV приставок IPTV

The IPTV set-top box emulator is a program for watching TV via the Internet Protocol (IPTV). The application is known for its simplicity and focus on basic functions. In this article, we will introduce you more closely to this service and its optional. You will also have the opportunity to download the emulator via a direct link.

What is an IPTV Set-Top Box Emulator?

IPTV set-top box emulator is an application that provides the user with access to IPTV (this is a service that delivers content to users around the world through the network) anytime and anywhere, helping to find and watch entertainment programs, educational, sports, scientific and others.
IPTV set-top box emulatorThis application allows you to use an IPTV provider that provides services for the set-top box, and by simulating its user interface on Android, provides access to all of its functions. Simply put, it copies the functions and interface of the IPTV set-top boxes to your device.

With this application, you can watch downloaded and purchased favorite TV channels, movies and TV shows, as well as access all IPTV settings and services on Android.

The main characteristics and system requirements of the application can be found in the table:

Parameter name Description
The developer Maxim Vasilchuk.
Category Video players and editors / Programs and multimedia.
Interface language Russian and Ukrainian.
Supported devices and OS Android smartphones and tablets from version 4.0 and higher.
License The app is absolutely free. Including there are no purchases in it.
Required Permissions Storage, photos / media / files, Wi-Fi connection data.

Benefits of installing an emulator:

  • an extensive list of channels, to view which you do not need to search for playlists;
  • large-scale cinema base;
  • no need to root the device;
  • fast work and good optimization;
  • very convenient control, including from the remote control on Android TV;
  • extended functionality of the device;
  • easy setup;
  • the user will have access to Netflix, YouTube and hundreds of other international or local services directly from their mobile devices.

For any questions regarding the operation of the application, as well as in case of problems with its operation, you can contact the official forum: Experienced users and the developer himself answer there.

This application also has a Pro version. The cost of purchasing it is 409 rubles (money is paid once). Payment is made for the complete disablement of advertising.

Functionality and interface

The program has a simple, concise and well-organized touch interface, and all operations are performed using guidance commands. What is in the emulator:

  • easy-to-navigate categories;
  • several menu lists that can be expanded arbitrarily;
  • adding to favorites;
  • settings with which users can personalize the application (for example, change the appearance, layout, etc.), which will make it easier to find the most convenient user interface;
  • sorting TV channels by subject, country of production and year of release;
  • preview available.

FunctionalThe emulator has the function of personalizing the user profile. It offers various slots for profiles and they can be password protected. Each profile stores all settings, such as the interface, TV channel recommendations, activity history, etc. A separate profile, for example, can be set for a child (as parental control).
Separate profileVideo review of the IPTV set-top box Emulator:

Download IPTV set-top box emulator for free

The IPTV set-top box emulator can be installed on Android phones and tablets in two ways: via the Google Play Store or via an apk file. Also, the application can be downloaded on a PC with Windows 7-10 (if there is a special program on it), but the service cannot be installed on LG Smart TV and Webos.

From Google Play Store

To download a regular free IPTV set-top box emulator from the official Android store, follow this link: To download the Pro Emulator, go here:

Using the apk file: mod

Direct link to download the latest version of the apk-app (v1.2.12.1): = 1% 7CVIDEO_PLAYERS% 7CZGV2PU1heGltJTIwVmFzaWxjaHVrJnQ9YXBrJnM9NTYwMTgwODkmdm49MS4yLjEyLjEmdmM9MTAxMjEyMTM.

All hacked mod-versions have “Pro” status and do not contain ads.

You can also download one of the old versions of the emulator, but this is recommended as a last resort. For example, if the latest version is not installed on the device for some reason. What versions are available for download:

  • v1.2.12. Weight – 53.4 MB. Direct download link –
  • v1.2.11.1. Weight – 53.4 MB. Direct download link –

Download and install IPTV emulator

You must download and install IPTV Set Top Box Emulator before performing any settings. This free application can be downloaded from the Google Play store or via the links above. Installation takes place in the classical way. If we are talking about an official store, then just click the “Install” button and wait until the application is installed on your device. You can learn more about installing the apk file from this video:

Video instruction for installing apk-file on a computer:

Registration and configuration of Stalker portals

Stalker portal is a collection of hundreds and thousands of IPTV broadcasts collected in one link: TV channels, films, music and other content. EPG (TV Guide) is usually grouped by topic. Setting up the Stalker portal will take no more than a few minutes. You just need to enter a link to start taking full advantage of all the portal’s functions. First start the emulator and go into settings, then follow these steps:

  1. On first launch, a window will appear with a brief description of how to operate the emulator. Control can be carried out using both conventional touch input and the remote control. At this point, click on “Configure application” to open the settings.Configure application
  2. If you accidentally closed the initial settings, then to enter them from the main screen, you must move your mouse and click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. For remote control, press and hold the Menu or OK button for a few seconds.Initial settings
  3. On the page that opens, click “Settings”. Settings
  4. In the opened settings, click the “Profiles” section. It may also be called Change Profile Data.Profiles
  5. Here you can add a new profile or change an old one. We will give an example in the second option.Add new profile
  6. Click on the “Portal settings” item. For more convenience, you can also change the profile name (first line).Portal settings
  7. To successfully complete the configuration process, you need to edit the first 2 fields, namely “Portal URL” and “Portal language”. In the first field, enter the URL of the Stalker portal, for example, this one –, and in the second field, enter “RU”.Portal language
  8. After entering the address, exit the settings and close the application by clicking the “Exit” button in the settings (located at the end of the menu). Output
  9. If you did everything correctly, then the next time you start the program, the portal start page should open (as in the picture). Portal start page

After the performed manipulations, you can start watching television, films, listening to the radio, etc.

Working Stalker portals for IPTV for 2021

The main problem is to find a reliable and free Stalker portal. We have made a small selection of good and proven programs (and, of course, free):

  • (Sharovoz TV);
  • (Erotica);

“Stalker” displays exchange rates (Ukrainian hryvnia and Russian rubles), weather, thematic TV channels, films and video recordings. You can also launch ForkPlayer, OttPlayer, YouTube and with it.

Other portals that successfully operated until 2021 and may open in the future:

  • paid – https: //vip-tv.m.

Similar applications

IPTV is now very popular, and therefore there are a large number of applications that give access to its viewing. And every day the list of them only increases. We will provide several decent programs similar to IPTV set-top box emulator:

  • Smart IPTV Xtream Player. It is a free multimedia player where you can watch movies, series and TV shows live, The app plays content at user-added streaming URLs.
  • OTT IPTV Navigator. There are no TV or video sources in this app. It uses your provider’s playlist. There are live broadcasts, archiving, sync, setting the playback speed, PiP function, studio mode (up to 9 simultaneous plays), etc.
  • PVR Live. The app is intended for use on Android devices. Allows you to watch and record live TV programs. Can be used as standalone IPTV player / recorder (m3u / m3u8), multi-room client, etc.
  • dream Player IPTV ‘. Application for phones and tablets with Android operating system. With it, you can watch channels in SD, HD and 4K quality, it supports playlists in M3U format and EPG (XML-TV). Easy to configure using a web browser.

An IPTV set-top box emulator is an application that provides mobile device users with full access to watching movies, TV series and any other programs over the Internet. Ideal for those who want to enjoy all the IPTV functions of their provider on an Android smartphone or tablet.

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