What is an IPTV receiver, how to choose it correctly and connect an IPTV set-top box

In order for the TV to show interactive channels, broadcasting a video signal via ip-protocol without distorting sound and images, a special set-top box is needed. The IPTV receiver has wide functionality and can be easily connected to TVs of any year of manufacture. When buying a device, you need to be guided by a number of criteria.

What is an IPTV receiver?

IPTV receiver is a set-top box that is responsible for decoding the signal that displays the image on a TV screen or computer monitor. Thanks to the use of such a set-top box, you can watch IP-TV channels on any TV.
IPTV receiverThe technology of IPTV receivers consists in connecting the receiver to the networks of the operator of interactive television / Internet using ADSL, Ethernet or Wi-Fi (just like computers and other IP devices) and playing TV broadcasting using the local network or the Internet. To protect broadcasting from unauthorized access, technical means of copyright protection are usually used: traffic encryption technologies, access restrictions by IP address, and others.

Functions and capabilities of interactive set-top boxes

Using an IPTV set-top box, you can:

  1. Create a TV program in person , using the VoD (video on demand) service as a kind of cinema, where users control their views.
  2. Receive movies on demand  to the VoD video library on the server. If you need to watch a movie in VoD format, it will be provided for viewing for an additional small fee.
  3. Postpone viewing content  using the TVoD service. It is possible to pre-select the required channels / programs and submit a request to view them later.
  4. Stop the TV show, rewind or fast forward . The control is carried out through the use of Time Shifted TV technology.
  5. Watch video from computer media, view photos and access any resources via wi-fi  in the case of a router connected to the set-top box. A video stream can be sent to the screen of any gadget.

Among the main advantages of such devices are:

  • affordable price compared to modern TV models;
  • availability of access to various global services and resources;
  • the ability to write content to the device’s internal storage;
  • the ability to deploy local networks to view content from a computer or phone on a TV screen;
  • the ability to install games that are written for the operating system installed on the console;
  • reliability and durability.

Features of connecting an IP TV receiver to a TV: universal instruction

The IPTV set-top box is needed only for TVs released more than 3 years ago. On devices with the Smart function, you can watch interactive TV without any additional devices, simply by installing widgets on the TV

The connection to the router can be done via a regular Ethernet input or select the wireless setting via the Wi-Fi module.

Other connectors can be found on the iTV set-top box:

  • AV input for connection to older TVs;
  • for modern panels, the connection is via HDMI connector;
  • there is also a USB input, which is most often located on the front panel.

If you need to connect the module to a TV, the first two inputs are used, and the third is for a computer or laptop. If the physical connection of the device is completed, you need to proceed to its configuration.
CustomizationSetting instructions:

  1. Turn on the receiver. The menu will appear on the screen.Inclusion
  2. Use the “Advanced settings” section to set the time and date. Advanced settingsSetting graphs
  3. For a wired connection, find the Network Configuration section and select the appropriate connection type. Configuration
  4. In the next tab, find AUTO or DHCP mode and activate it. Auto
  5. Check the status of the Ethernet connection in the Network Status section. Network status
  6. Find the menu called “Servers”, and in the NTP field write the address: pool.ntp.org. ServersAgree Ok
  7. In the “Video Settings” item, set the screen resolution characteristics, select the video output mode, and so on. Customization
  8. If all points are passed, save the new configuration and restart the device. Reboot

Criterias of choice

There are several standard options for choosing a receiver for a particular level of tasks being performed:

  • For older (including analog) TVs,  you can choose an IPTV set-top box that broadcasts an image with HD resolution.
  • For sports fans,  a set-top box that can record channels on a timer is suitable.
  • Owners of modern TVs  will need a FullHD receiver.
  • For combined tasks , using a browser, social networks, watching movies and IPTV channels, a device with a minimum configuration is suitable.
  • People who collect movie collections will like a set-top box that supports connecting external drives.

Let’s consider other parameters:

  • The processor must have at least 4 cores. This ensures that it works without any noticeable problems.
  • It is better to use RAM at a level of at least 2 GB of memory. If possible, purchase high volume versions. Built-in memory, although not so important, is recommended about 8 GB – due to the microSD card it can be significantly expanded.
  • The operating system is also important. Android-based models are usually cheaper, many useful applications have been created for them, gaming, social and office.

TOP 10 IPTV set-top boxes as of 2020

The table shows the TOP 10 IPTV receivers.

NameDescriptionPrice in rubles
Apple TV 4K 32GBOwn software system that supports the installation of applications from the AppStore. The set-top box does not have a hard drive. Connections over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are provided. AirPlay technology is supported. The device is equipped with a remote control, it is connected to the TV via HDMI. from 13900
Xiaomi Mi Box SNot only Apple’s AirPlay technology is supported, but also MiraCast for Chrome Android, there is DNLA. The number of formats that the set-top box understands covers almost all existing video and audio coding algorithms. The device supports radio, reads connected drives with NTFS, exFat file systems. from 5800
Dune Neo 4K PlusThe set-top box works with subtitles, reads 7 types of file systems of connected drives, has a download manager, a slot for memory cards and much more. Supports 4K ultra-high definition video at up to 60 frames per second. There is HDR technology. The operating system is Android.from 8000
Google Chromecast UltraEnsures the stability of the wireless connection. 3 antennas are installed inside the stylish compact case. The Premium version has support for 4K high definition television. The device works with all network services, supports AirPlay, has a microUSB connector for convenient OTG connection of various devices.from 7200
Invin W6 2Gb / 16GbThe model supports almost all video and graphic formats, works with FAT (16 b 32), NTFS file systems. You can connect a 3G modem to the set-top box to organize a data transmission channel outside the city.from 4700
IconBit XDS 94KOffers the possibility of wired or wireless connection via the WI-Fi module. Reproduces high-quality content on flash drives or memory cards. Multiple USB ports allow you to connect any device at the same time.from 3800
IPTV HD mini RostelecomThe advantage of completing this attachment is the presence of all the necessary wires. The user can connect the device to any TV model, as well as connect additional devices: an audio system, headphones, etc.from 3600

Vermax UHD250X

You can watch movies and TV channels through any type of Internet connection. The set-top box supports all popular video and audio formats, video playback in 4K HDR format and will allow you to enjoy bright and clear images.from 4000
DVB-T2 TELEFUNKEN TF-DVBT227The device allows the connection of a USB-drive for playback of multimedia files recorded on it in MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, VOB, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG formats. Supports Wi-Fi internet connection. The TimeShift function allows you to pause interesting TV shows, record them later. For connection to TV, the device provides HDMI and RCA video outputs.from 2000
DENN DDT134Allows recording to external media (connected to the USB port). Playback from external media is also possible. The delayed view function is supported. The set-top box has an electronic TV guide, teletext function, parental control and subtitle support.from 1400

IPTV set-top boxVideo reviews of several popular IPTV receivers: Apple TV 4K: https://youtu.be/NKMuo44cN-g Xiaomi Mi Box S: https://youtu.be/4nAYsIpBGSk Google Chromecast Ultra: https://youtu.be/HX_YIc4jsSM The IPTV box will transform your ordinary TV into a whole world of visual entertainment. This device will raise the process of viewing video content to a completely different degree of perception and will allow you to customize it to your personal needs as much as possible.

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